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member of Swap-Bot since March 3, 2007!

Hello and Welcome to my profile! If you are here just to have a look around, enjoy! My profile is an almost constant state of change! profile updated 11/14/2019

My name is Mikki!

I am a 42 yr old married mom of 3 kids (age 26, 17 and 13) and married for 19 yrs. I am a [email protected] Currently living in Montgomery, Alabama but I am originally from a small town in Louisiana.

I am a HUGE geek. I am a multi-fandom fangirl. I'm also a HUGE Trekkie!

LQQK! I made this!!

I love swapping here. I started on Yahoo groups around 2002, then moved to Live Journal, which is where i found out about Swap-Bot. I mainly swap postcards now, but I will occasionally do other swaps. I believe in rating as required and will do it.

I am a devotee of Hekate for over 15 yrs now. I am a Witch. I walk with the Goddess and I honor Her on a daily basis. I walk a fine line between the dark and the light. I've been a Pagan for 30+, practicing for well over 20. I consider myself Eclectic. I will not and do not hesitate to do what some consider darker magic.

My geek girl randomness:
* Supernatural
* Star Trek
* Harry Potter
* Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
* Nightmare Before Christmas
* Hocus Pocus
* Firefly/Serenity
* Star Wars
* Doctor Who
* Game of Thrones
* Goosebumps
* Sherlock BBC
* It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
* The Golden Girls
* Stranger Things
* Godzilla
* The Avengers
* Mars Attacks
* Batman
* The Walking Dead
* Leonard Nimoy
* Brent Spiner
* Sir Patrick Stewart
* Benedict Cumberbatch
* David Tennant
* Deadpool
* Disney Villains, specifically Ursula, Maleficent, Evil Queen and Scar.
* The Addams Family...specifically Wednesday and Morticia.
* Beetlejuice....Beetlejuice.....Beetle......


More about me


Collector of tchotchkes

I like to collect random things of stuff that I like. Some of my more specific collections are:
* Star Trek memorabilia
* Goosebumps books (only for a year now)
* Funko Pops (for a few years now and most are in storage)
* Horror movie stuff
* postcards and used stamps (since I'm 11)
* Enamel pins, specifically Star Trek from Fansets and horror ones
* pressed pennies, especially ones from Disney

Those are the bulk of my collection but I do like to collect other odds and ends from my likes. Like a random Deadpool figure or Niffler plush.

Crafty Stuff

I am currently on a cross stitch kick. Here is my Pinterest board of stuff I've made. You can also keep up with my current projects on Instagram, linked ^^^ up there.


Anne Rice, bats, black cats, Bride of Frankenstein, crochet, candles, Dracula, Dean Koontz, Edgar Allan Poe, full moons, Frankenstein, flea markets, fabric, ghosts, Halloween, horror movies, incense, quilting, quilts, ravens, Rue Morgue, Star Trek, Stephen King, thunderstorms, thrift stores, tattoos, Universal Movie Monsters, vampires, Vincent Price, witches, yarn, zombies

Five Finger Death Punch, Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, AFI, Tiger Army, The Misfits, Elvis, Stevie Nicks, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly, Hank Williams Sr, Hank Williams Jr, Alice in Chains, Volbeat....a good bit of the grunge music from the 90s and the 80s hair metal. This list could get too long.......

Star Trek, Anything with Vincent price, Dracula (1931), Frankenstein....all Universal Classic Movie Monsters basically.......Practical Magic, Nightmare Before Christmas, all Star Wars, all Lord of the Rings, all Harry Potters, Legend, Mists of Avalon, Alexander, Interview with the Vampire, Queen of the Damned. I LOVE horror movies.


Star Trek, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Firefly, Game of Thrones, The Flash, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Bates Motel, Justified

pretty much anything Star Trek, HUGE Stephen King fan, Harry Potter, JRR Tolkien, Dean Koontz, Goosebumps, Anne Rice, Edgar Allan Poe, Mists of Avalon series, Cliver Barker, Neil Gaiman, Robert McCammon, Rick Riordan, Karen Marie Moning, George RR Martin, Arthur C. Clark, John Saul, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Charlaine Harris, Cassandra Clare


please no tarot cards. I do not read them or collect them. Also, I am allergic to sage. kawaii, floral prints, the smell of vanilla, cucumber or melon (i.e. candles), fairy art, things that say "diva" or "princess", Western or Romance books, overly religious stuff, skin care products, paper bits and pieces

More about me


Regarding Swaps....

PLEASE do not send any extras in swaps. I appreciate the thought. I do not have the space for storing extra bits and bobs which will most likely be tossed out. Please save your money on me and send them to someone who may use them. I also, I rate on the swap itself, not on extras sent. I always have and I always will.
Also, if I have not rated you for a swap, please do not hesitate to message me about it.

If you're going to be late sending a swap, just tell me. I would rather you communicate with me than say nothing at all. Believe it or not, I'm pretty understanding and forgiving! Also, a small pet peeve of mine is that you please spell my name correctly, especially on postcards. My name is Mikki, not Mikkie or Nikki. My name is spelled correctly on my address information and I would greatly appreciate it if you spell it appropriately.


Disclaimer: This is not a shopping list. If you have me as a partner in a swap, I am not at all expecting you to send me any of these things. (If you choose to it will obviously be much appreciated.) This is more of a guide of things I like and would like to have!!

  • postcard stamps
  • International stamps...so I can send some postcards out of the US
  • Star Trek postage stamps
  • basically anything Star Trek
  • Star Trek Christmas ornaments...my FIL has a Christmas tree of just Star Trek ornaments and my goal is to have one one year also!! I've only recently started my collection with a small Spock one from Walmart and a light up Voyager.
  • Goosebumps books...we do have a few, so please ask before sending.
  • anything Goosebumps
  • anything from my geek girl randomness list
  • anything with Vincent Price
  • Godzilla
  • Universal Classic Horror Monsters...Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Creature, etc.
  • items from my Etsy list or based on them
  • items from my Amazon wishlist above. Doesn't have to come from there is you can get it elsewhere.

Postcard wishlist

I've been collecting postcards since I'm 11...so for over 30 yrs now. And I never had an issue with postcard tears until I started getting them with stickers and washi tape. It was only recently pointed out to me by another swapper's profile as to what is causing them.
* geeky
* horror
* just plain weird
* any vintage from anywhere
* touristy pcs from your area
* homemade is fine. So is zazzle.
* Halloween at anytime of the year
* those strange PCs you don't know who to send to...here, me. I'll accept them!! (This does NOT include images that would be considered sexually explicit, to include dick pics, coitus, rape, porn, etc. Also, nothing racist, sexist or homophobic either. And no, not even in an envelope.)

If you don't know what to say on the back of a pc to me, just write down your favorite quote. Or any quote for that matter. And please, don't worry to much about what kind of PC you send me. I collect any and all PCs.


SkaGirl rated for HALLOWEEN POSTCARD SWAP on Oct 30, 2019
Comment: I love the postcard, thanks!!!
kfaye rated for Halloween postcard swap USA only on Oct 20, 2019
Comment: Thank you 😊
Ruthless rated for Halloween postcard on Oct 10, 2019
Comment: Great postcard! Great quote! Thank you!
saturatedinink rated for Halloween Postcard #1 on Sep 23, 2019
Comment: What a cute card and great quote. Thank you so so much!
Rosa1 rated for Halloween themed 20 questions! on Aug 19, 2019
Comment: fun to read ~ thanks!
Rithinking77 rated for Halloween themed 20 questions! on Aug 18, 2019
Comment: Thank you! I enjoyed reading your responses. Happy Halloween!
kfaye rated for Halloween/MOnster postcard in JUly on Aug 11, 2019
Comment: Thank you! :D
ContraryHousewife rated for FS: Send a PC, Get a PC on Jul 16, 2019
Comment: What a lovely view, thank you.
CookieMomster78 rated for ATD: Postcard Swap on Jun 20, 2019
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Cool stamps! I like them both! Thanks so much!
SilverD rated for NYUP More Than One Stamp PC #1 USA on May 31, 2019
Comment: Thank you!
earthnk rated for NYUP USA Only #48 on May 26, 2019
Comment: Thank you postcard with quote from Charles R. Swindoll.
marinda rated for NYUP USA Only #48 on May 22, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! :)
Comment: Love the quote! Thanks so much!
bluehairedmary rated for NYUP USA Only #48 on May 18, 2019
Comment: Great postcard! Great to swap with you again!
annim rated for May the 4th Be With You Profile Deco on May 14, 2019
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thanks for the postcard and the neat stamps!
nannydino rated for "May the fourth be with you" on May 9, 2019
Comment: Hi Mikki thank you for the PC #107 1986 Marvel Comics...lol...I sent the same one out to my partner :) peace love light
dchance rated for CPG: Easy Postcard on Apr 28, 2019

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May the 4th Be With You Profile Deco

Hello, I am your partner for this swap

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Lishmo on Apr 25, 2019:

Hey Mikki, my son is doing okay, chemo has been rough, hopefully he will only have a few more weeks of it. I saw your comment, thank you for asking. I just realized y'all have had your own tough time of it. Car wrecks are so scary. ((Hugs))

Paige1900 on Apr 21, 2019:

Bhindblueeyes on Apr 16, 2019:

Hey hey there! Thank you so much for the patch! I'll be posting it on IG soon. I've been IG lazy lately!! Much appreciated!!! :)

tcornell on Apr 12, 2019:

Oh my Goodness! Thank you so much for the calligraphy pens from my Amazon wish list! I can’t wait to try them!!! WW April This really is too sweet of you! Tracy

jenmcjen on Mar 17, 2019:

CurlyTea on Feb 25, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

Paige1900 on Feb 14, 2019:

UGH! I meant thinking! I can't type for sh*t.

Paige1900 on Feb 13, 2019:

Thing about ya'll. Hope your hubby heals soon!

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