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Dec 2016 - I was pretty active in 2010-2011, but took a break and it just extended. I'm thinking about trying it again, just not as active as I used to be. Got to feel like "work" there after a while. And I was flaked on, big time, in a very long term swap. So, now time to update! I've deleted a lot of what was here from years back, but left some.

**Here in Western MA, it seems the mail is not a priority. We generally don't get our mail delivered until 7 pm - sometimes later. Not sure really when mail dropped off in the blue boxes goes out. I swap books on Paperback Swap and BookMooch, and so far nothing has gone missing, BUT it could happen.
If there's an issue, please let me know.

Now that that unpleasantness is done ... on to 'about me' -->

I'm a married mom of 3 teenagers, native of Michigan, but living in Western Massachusetts now. All 3 kiddos are in high school and doing an online school currently, called MAVA. ("It's not homeschool, it's schooling at home" - virtual public school, not a traditional homeschool). Wedding anniversary is March 25, 1995 - we're both originally from SouthWestern Michigan - and my kiddos were born Dec 4, 2000 and July 15, 2002 (twins).

I like cats, Garfield, sloths (animal), Bulldogs (animal), Giraffes (animal), coffee, stationery (even nicely printed, free printable style), receiving (but not collecting) post cards, Dr Who (new TV show series), Supernatural (Tv show), ghosts, haunted houses (stories, not the Halloween sort), books & book marks, old buildings/architecture/abandoned buildings, Buddhist Bootcamp & Faithfully Religionless (by Timber Hawkeye), Disney's Uncle Remus & Brer Rabbit (From "Song of the South"), Disney's Aladdin, Disney's Emperor's New Groove, Ziggy (cartoon character), earrings (no gold colored or the metal), The Muppet Show (original ones), Dark Shadows (original TV soap opera from 1960's & 70's), Colorado (state) & Rocky Mountains, pretty paper, recycled paper, Pepsi, purple ink pens (though my favorite color is blue), The Dark Tower (book series by Stephen King)

Dislikes: vampires, heart - shaped things, preachy religion, smoke smell, North Dakota, foul language, sex & violence in books/movies/songs

My oldest son is physically disabled, and my younger son is on the Autism Spectrum. Getting through the day is sometimes more than challenging & emotionally draining. Sending & receiving some 'happy mail' is what I'm looking for. I have some long-term pen pals that are great friends, but sometimes sitting down to write a full letter is too much. Looking for lightweight International mail and fun local swaps.

Oldest son enjoys Lego sets, origami, Star Wars.

Youngest son is nearly obsessed with the original GI Joe figures - the 12 inch ones, similar to the Barbie dolls. He's always looking for various bits and pieces of 'realistic' uniforms to make his figures as realistic as possible. Also likes Superman (more so the older, more original than the newer styles).

Daughter collects Barbie dolls, and "Lammily" dolls - the realistic Barbie doll. If you haven't heard of Lammily, please ask! She loves The Sims (computer game) and loves cats and space-y type astronomy. Oh, and Winnie the Pooh - original or Disney - and really loves Wonder Woman (more so the older versions than the newer, more 'kiddish' styles)

We have 3 pets, all rescues that have traveled the country with us. Falcon is a Husky mix, about 7 years old; Ben is a Turkish Van (though no papers), almost 6 years old and Jack is a short hair tiger cat, almost 6 years old.

I'm a long-time pen-paller, started writing letters back in 1988 or so, and prefer old fashioned pen and paper. My first pen pal was a great aunt that I sadly never got to meet, but then I discovered the "Pen Pals" series of books by Shannon Dennis Wyeth. Anyone remember those? I've been reading a lot in the recent years, usually mysteries, but there are lots of interests there.

Books/movies/TV/ music

I have been a fan of The Monkees and Menudo for more than 30 years! Besides those ... I like *Billy Joel, *John Mayer, *80's & 90's, *Maroon 5, *Imagine Dragons, *One Republic, and basically anything the kids can listen to and I can understand the words to.

Kids are into *Daft Punk a lot right now, and *Deadmau5, so I hear some of that.

Daughter also likes *Adele, *Katy Perry, *Taylor Swift.
And I do NOT like country!

I like the show "Supernatural", getting a bit into
*"Grimm", *"Sherlock" and * "Dr Who". All time favorite show is ** "Are You Being Served?" from the BBC in the 1970's - that show always makes me laugh! Also a fan of *"M
ASH", *"Murder She Wrote", * "Northern Exposure", *the "Law & Order" shows, *original "CSI" show, *"Golden Girls", * Agatha Christie's "Poirot" from the BBC, and I'm re-watching *"Dark Shadows" - the original soap opera from the 1960's - a bit. Not really a fan of vampires, but Barnabas Collins is a character all on his own! :)
Don't go for a lot of romance, sex, swearing, drinking, violence, etc. Not a 'goody two shoes', and not into 'inspirational' exactly, I just like entertainment. "CSI" & "Law & Order" push that line enough for me.

Books: I have and have read all of * Stephen King, and his son, * Joe Hill. I've enjoyed the *Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, but feel like it's time to end that one.
*Sarah Rayne (a British author) is another that I follow. I enjoy some cozy mysteries, but am trying to mix others in so it doesn't get too monotonous.
**The Haunted Home Renovation series by Juliet Blackwell is one I'll always make time for, and really enjoyed **Victoria Laurie's Ghost Hunter Mysteries before the series ended. I love ghosts, haunted houses, old buildings & houses. The TV shows are ok, and I've watched those, but I'd rather have the book.
Listening to the audio books of the "In Death" series by JD Robb currently, and trying to make the most of my *kindle unlimited subscription. I log my books on Good Reads at: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5730733-cindi-moss and swap books on Paperback Swap at: http://www.paperbackswap.com/members/index.php If you can access my GoodReads account that will tell you more about me than I ever could. :) Though, my kids post on my account sometimes through our Kindles. Always on the look out for a 'good book'. I do enjoy some non fiction, some humor, historical fiction. OK, I basically read everything except romance, fantasy/sci-fi, and vampires. :) Again, check my Good Reads list.

I make simple books marks on occasion, and would enjoy a homemade bookmark from you, or a store bought one.

Favorites & what I'd like to g

I LOVE Garfield. I've loved Garfield all my life, and dearly enjoy getting anything related.
**stickers **letter paper, even if it's just one random sheet - I'll photo copy it. :) **Stationery paper - any style or design (prefer no scriptures, though). Loose sheets or 'set', but no bent/torn sheets. **Rubber stamps - w/ or w/out ink pads - of animals, flags, cute sayings ... **Book - one you read and really liked. Prefer used books to new, as long as they don't have a strong musty or smoke scent. **Bags - tote bags, reusable grocery bags **Washi tape - getting into this, using it to decorate stationery & such. Have found some cute cat and coffee designs on Amazon. **Coffee - not much into tea, but I'll do some swaps. If I drink tea, I prefer peppermint or fruit flavors. My husband prefers Earl Grey. I also like hot chocolate, but none with artificial sweeteners of any type.

Allergies Recently discovered I'm allergic to: dust mites, mold, seasonal grasses, horse dander, almonds, bananas, pecans, strawberry, pineapple, crab, latex, gold (metal), and cigarette smoke.

Collections I don't collect much b/c I don't like to dust it or move it! :)

I save/collect Garfield figurines & bookmarks. Any & all stationery sheets, stickers, note cards, post cards with Garfield Daughter collects Barbie dolls & Wonder Woman Youngest son collects GI Joe (12 inch figures) items & equipment

Dislikes Please, nothing with a strong smoke smell! Very allergic! **Nothing with scriptures, or religious tracts. A discussion about religion is fine, but please don't try to convert me. I am not a religious person, but do have my own personal beliefs.

I used to swap Friendship books (FB's), LB's (Label Bags) and the like here, but not really into that right now. Not sure if I'll ever go back to that type of swapping. so, if you have one made for me, please send it to me. But I'm not interested in getting any as a swap right now.

Misc ...

If you don't get a swap from me, please PM me and let me know. If you get something from me postage due, please let me know! I will reimburse you! I do not accept postage due mail, and don't expect you to, either.


As I said above, this is for fun, not work. I'm here to send and receive 'happy mail' and hopefully make some new mail friends. I will mail out before the due date or will contact you if that can't happen.

I rate when I open the swap. If you haven't gotten a rating from me, please contact me. I probably didn't get it. If you send me something that meets the requirements and it's on time, you'll probably get a "5" from me.

If I don't get a swap from you, I will contact you ONCE before rating. If I don't hear from you, then I'll rate according to the standards on swap-bot. I"m not 'free' with hearts, and I will no longer be bullied into giving them out!
I rate according to the standards established by swap-bot! If it's really late, I'll rate a 3, and I will NOT contact you a dozen times about it! If I don't get anything from you, you will get a 1 rating. Sorry, but my life isn't swap-bot, and I don't have time to chase you down to give you a rating!


simcoe54 rated for One Map PC (Blank or Naked) #2 on Jan 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the great map postcard and for the extra fun facts card.
Comment: LOOOVE the Harry Potta PC!!! Thank you for saving it for a HP fan like myself :) I still enjoy the scenic rides around WA. Take care. ~RS
rivermaiden rated for Postcard Swap #1 (USA) on Jan 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the card and book recommendations!
MissMargie rated for USA Blind Postcard Quick Swap #19 on Jan 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the nice P/C, I don't get many from Massachusetts.
gigigigi rated for Postcard Purge Jan 2017 on Jan 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you for passing these postcards on to me. They are all so great, especially the saguaro cactus postcard.
mchesser12 rated for USA Blind Postcard Quick Swap #19 on Jan 22, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the postcard with the beautiful house. I love historical looking buildings!
Comment: Thank you
jendoggie rated for TGIF Weekend NC #39 on Jan 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great postcards and stamps. I love reading other people's mail too. I guess I'm just nosey like that. So this was great.
Comment: Massachusetts is on my Bucket List!
Response: We have been here less than 6 months, so still lots to explore. It is very pretty. My kids love all the trees :)
Comment: Hullo Cindi - what an intereresting card you sent! I just listened to Trump's inaugural speech. We do live in interesting times! Take care... Best wishes for the New Year! Cheers, eepy
denisedecker58 rated for Pen Pal Hook-Up on Jan 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely letter Cindi. I will definitely be answering it in the next few days!
Comment: thank u for the beautiful cards and the extras that got here so fast love everything
CraftyMommaonaBUDGET rated for Backwards Day letter on Jan 18, 2017
Comment: Hello I received your letter today I will finish reading it tonight. I am behind in reading my letters not feeling well this week. Thanks so much for your letter and the tuck ins you sent, and love the homemade envie, you made this letter swap so happy :)
Comment: Fun card. Licorice is my favorite!
jendoggie rated for USA Blind Postcard Quick Swap #19 on Jan 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the Brahms pc. He now has a new home.
Comment: I love the penguin postcard. They're one of my favorite animals. Thank you so much!
Comment: I love the card, thanks for sending!
kweandee rated for Quote On A Postcard *INTL* #2 on Jan 17, 2017
Comment: Love the mapcard....Thanks hun :)
Silvie13 rated for 10 sticker swap #3 on Jan 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the stickers, they're so shiny!

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CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Jan 22, 2017:

YES, this was a super fun swap

We will do this again for sure

eel on Jan 21, 2017:


Grattis på födelsedagen! 🎉 🎂 🎉🎉🎉

Hope it was a great day.


jaimierandolph on Jan 7, 2017:

Profile Check for Any kind of washi !!!! Welcome to the swap!

joppagirl on Jan 5, 2017:

Its good to see you back in the swapping world!

OrigamiGrace on Jan 3, 2017:

From Cheap Postage Group!


RyeRye on Sep 29, 2012:

JensTreats on Sep 9, 2011:

Thanks so very much for the sock monkey- I want to email you a photo if you don't mind? Thanks again, jen

Ruthshi on Sep 2, 2011:

My daughter mentioned that I had a bulky piece of mail for me... and I'm thinking that it's from you. Thank you very much! I won't be home for a while, but I'll let you know when I get to see them.

As for the mean time, thank you for making me excited! Big smiles and hugs for you!

draco on Aug 19, 2011:

thanks for the lb's and addy labels.

joppagirl on May 27, 2011:

Thanks so much for the Colorado postcard and the note letting me know you've been thinking about me since the tornadoes struck Alabama. Its great to have friends like you.

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