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Updated & current as of March 9, 2018

I took a bit of a break, but am slowly coming back. :) Rather hard to stay away from swap-bot!

If you don't get a swap from me, please PM me! I am happy to re-send, and know that things do get lost in the mail. Sadly, the mail here in Western MA is rough - I get more and more mail that is torn open and damaged. If sending me anything thicker than a letter, please reinforce the envelope with tape - a few times, only well-placed Washi tape has kept a letter in the envelope!

I mark swaps sent after I drop them in the blue box, but the USPS doesn't always pick up on schedule. Sad but true! (Our post office even admits that!) So!! there may be times the dates don't match.

I am not a postmark reader. If I get the swap from you, thank you, and I will rate you according to the swap guidelines. If you haven't gotten a rating from me, I didn't get your swap.


Hearts - I give hearts based on the swap, not on the extra bits that you include. I would rather not receive odd bits of paper and post-its or word search pages, odd stickers. Unless it is an item listed in my 'likes', please do not send extras! :) If you have a Garfield card or sticker - something along those lines, listed in my likes - that you would like to add, that is fine. I give 'hearts' for the swap, if you spell my name right, etc - not for extra added bits. Please do not try to 'bully' me into giving hearts! It will not work.

I get rather annoyed when people spell my name wrong. It's Cindi, NOT Cindy! Seriously, if you are addressing mail to me, it's right there in black and white, typed out. Take the second to spell my name correctly! Thanks!

About Me

First and foremost - I'm a letter writer. I started pen palling around 1988.

So, about me: I am a "Bicentennial Baby" & turned 42 this year, & married mom of 3 teenagers, and really a "USAF wife" for 15 years now. We have used an online public school for the kids for 7 years and counting now. It's not the traditional 'homeschool' - where I am the teacher, set the schedule, etc .... - this system has a school body with principal, teachers, counselors who set the standards and classes, and we do the state standardized tests as well.

We have 3 pets, all rescues that have traveled the country with us. Ben is a Turkish Van cat, Jack is an orange tiger cat, and Falcon is a Husky mix dog.

I'm afraid of owls. If you could skip sending me owl images, stickers, washi tape and not decorate the envelope with owls I'd appreciate it.

I love to read and to share recommendations about books. I prefer printed books to e-books, but I'm not a collector. I trade or swap my books when I've finished with them, and if I buy a book, it's almost always used rather than new. I prefer mysteries, but read a wide variety of genres, and all 3 kids are big readers as well.
Also love audio books, and keep well supplied from our library and the Overdrive app!

Favorites & what I like

I LOVE Garfield. I've loved Garfield all my life, and dearly enjoy getting anything related.
I like butterfly shapes, trees, and prefer stars and moons to heart shapes. My favorite color is blue (dark rather than pastel) Favorite animals are cats, hamsters, sloths, giraffes, and bulldogs. Cartoon images are ok, but not the big-eyed type - those scare me!

I love stationery and letter sets.

I am addicted to pens - and collect the promotional type pens printed with business names and such. My favorite ink color is purple.

I collect book marks - especially love Garfield themed ones, and hand made are fine, as well as they are neat.

Favorites from my childhood: Scooby Doo, Garfield, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Muppets (esp Animal & Miss Piggy), the Flintstones, Sesame Street (esp Cookie Monster).

MUSIC I have been a fan of The Monkees and Menudo for more than 30 years! We listen to music by Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Matthew Sweet, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Adele, Billy Joel, John Mayer. Also music from the 80's & 90's, as well as parodies from Al Yankovic & other similar

TV shows I watch/like: Are You Being Served?, Supernatural, Grimm, Law & Order SVU, CSI, Dr Who, Father Ted, Sherlock (w/ Benedict Cumberbatch), Stranger Things, Penny Dreadful, Turn, Man in the High Castle, Dark Shadows (original soap opera), Garfield & Friends

Favorite movies: The Mummy (w/ Brendan Fraser & Rachel Weisz), The Haunting, Disney's Emperor's New Groove, Disney's Hercules, Disney's Aladdin, Ghostbusters, James Bond movies, Agatha Christie movies, Alfred Hitchcock movies. I"m familiar with all the Star Wars movies, because the family are fans, but I'm not as 'into' them as others.

Favorite Books: This year, my goal is to read more NEW books and have joined the Book of the Month Club. So far, so good! Favorite books (that I will happily go on & on about and re-read) The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, The Haunting by Shirley Jackson, The Themis Files series by Sylvain Nuevel, the Original Grimm Brothers fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers, and my very favorite story/book is probably "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. Favorite authors: Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Simone St. James, Agatha Christie

I love audio books and listen to several a month. We also listen to audio books during dinner time, together as a family. Audio books require you to hear everything the author wants to tell you. I feel that it leaves you with a much different story than when you read the book yourself. Stephen King agrees with that. ;)

Favorite Crafts

I HATE it when someone tells me to "just Google it"! If you want to introduce me to something new, that's fine, but I need directions! Refer me to a specific web site, that's ok, but don't tell me to "just Google it" - first of all, I've probably already done that! And second, sometimes dear old Google will give wildly different items!

I don't do many crafts, but usually when I try something out, it is paper craft related. However, I dislike crafts that require me to spend lots of money for special items and equipment. I don't have a lot of room for crafting. :(

THE COOLEST journals ever made: http://bookjournals.com

Seriously, check them out. Each one is hand made, and unique. They are GREAT for magpie journals, and I use them as much as I can.

I always prefer an item that is HANDMADE rather than store bought. Even if you are still learning, or aren't a "master" of craft, I would love to see your attempts. I'm not a crafty person, and enjoy admiring others attempts. :)
Items that are hand made as a fund raiser or for a charity organization are all very welcomed. I often shop online at www.greatergood.org for hand made gifts and special items.


TamiTam55 rated for 19: Collected Journal Pages on Feb 8, 2018
Comment: As always, love getting your swaps! Nice getting to know you.
Comment: Hi Cindi, this is the second time you have been my partner for this swap and I'm so glad! I love the way you write and I find you very relatable. I yet again really enjoyed reading your pages and making envelopes out of old calendars is a great idea! I'd like to write back to you soon if that's ok? =)
Response: Hi! :) Glad you liked what I sent, and I would love to hear from you, if you would like to reply. :) Thank you for rating, and thanks for the heart too. :)
Comment: Thank you! I love love LOVE the journal you sent! The journal itself was so cool and all that you added made it even more fun. All the recipes are definitely something I'll be trying. You've also no introduced me to rescue box. I see happy mail in the future for my pups! Thank you once again for a fantastic swap!
Response: I'm really glad the journal made it to you, and that you liked it. :) Rescue Box is the best, too - and they work well for gifts too. I love sharing those little 'internet finds' with others. Thank you for the heart :)
Comment: Thank you so much for such a deeply personal swap. My heart broke and sang at the same time. xoxo
Response: Thank you - I thought you might understand. Not the 'fluffy journal' entry of a swap, right? Sorry about that. Thanks for the heart. :)
smadronia rated for CL: Traveling Book Card - Round 4 on Jan 14, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thank you for the heart :)
Response: Thanks for rating and for the heart :)
Buecherwurm rated for 19: Handmade envelopes! on Jan 10, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful envelopes, I love that they are are "science ones"! :) ♥ And thank you for the book pages, so many great insect pictures :) When the envelope arrived, I was surprised, I'd never before received a transparent envelope, that was a cool experience! :D Oh, and I love the stamps of course :) Best wishes!
Response: Hi! I'm so glad you liked the envelopes I sent, as well as the book pages. I hope you enjoy both. :) The envelope I sent in - that's just me recycling. :) When I buy stamps online, each sheet comes in that clear plastic. I think they make rather fun envelopes! :) Just something to make the fun mail stand out, right? :) Thanks for joining the swap, and for the rating and 5. :)
Nserviam rated for This year I'm going to ... on Jan 10, 2018
Comment: Good luck this year!
Response: To you as well. :) Thank you for the heart :)
bombardiette rated for 19: 2017 in review on Jan 9, 2018
Comment: Oh wow, Cindi. I LOVED the way you packaged this, and the fact that you made the journal from envelopes (a skill I have not mastered *at all*). Reading your lists was great - and we have some similar goals for 2018 as well! So, here's to 2018 being our best year yet - and thank you so much for such a wonderful swap! xoxo
Response: Oh, I *am* glad you liked my journal. :) You're so much more creative and artistic than I am, I'm usually nervous sending to you. :) Thank you for the kind words and the heart. :)
Comment: I've only had a chance to leaf through it so far, but it's really cool. I really like the Christmas flips and the little recipes as well as your slice of life stories (Barbie makes a fine angel).
Response: Hi! Glad you like it so far. :) I'm always a bit worried when I send my 'creations' out to the world. :) Thank you for joining the swap, and thank you for the heart :)
Comment: Thank you for the awesome Washi sample & extra goodies. I love the golf foiled washi you used on the outside of the envelope too!
Response: Hi, glad you liked what I sent. :) The gold foil washi I bought to decorate my holiday cards & I discovered it works well for envelopes. :) Thank you for the heart :)
AynE rated for This year I'm going to ... on Jan 8, 2018
Comment: I sent out note cards as well. And yes, I always am buying new craft supplies and never using them up. Our goals are very similar so I can completely relate. Love the Washi Tape. Thank you so much
Response: Thanks for the heart :) A few of my pals have talked about a 'finish up' project, encouraging people to finish up projects that they'd started and such. Sounds like a good idea. :) Good luck with your goals this year. :)
Response: Thanks for the heart. :) Hope you had a nice holiday season!
Evelynswap rated for 19 stickers and washi tape on Dec 31, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely envie I got last week! A very lovely surprise when I got out of the hospital :D I enjoy the stickers very much. They are so different then what I have got at home so it is very nice to enlarge my stock. I love the colors in the washi tapes! A bit vintage look, I can use very well in my round robin project. Oh and don't be scared to send your crafts! I love it :) And I love the envies you made!
Response: So sorry to hear you had another hospital visit! Hope you recover well. Glad I could provide some mail to surprise you on your return home. :) Thanks for the rating, and thanks for the heart :)
Comment: Thank you for the journal entry, I had fun reading it. Thanks for letting me be in your swap.
Response: Thank you for joining the swap, and thanks for the rating and the heart :) Happy new year!
Comment: Thank you for your letter/journal pages. I love the way you write, even though some of it made me sad and angry (not at you, at other people) you write openly and honestly and that's very admirable.
Response: Thank you for your kind words. :) People tend to say I share too much, but a journal doesn't seem like the time to make 'polite conversation' to me. :) Thank you for rating, and thank you for the heart :) Happy new year!
aspens rated for 19: This week I ... notecard on Dec 27, 2017
Comment: What a busy week you've had! Your productivity is so inspiring, haha! How annoying that you need bifocals though! Other than that it sounds like you've had a holly jolly holiday season so I hope that doesn't stop for you :)
Response: You're too kind! :) Seems more 'manic' than busy sometimes, and always surprises me when I look at what I've done. :) Thanks for rating, and for the heart :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful card, I loved the peace dove and your note about National Parks. Believe it or not, I haven't been to any MA parks! Guess I need to get traveling :) I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
Response: Thanks for the heart, and for the rating. :)
Onibah3 rated for Blind Envelope - International #14 on Dec 24, 2017
Comment: Hi! I wanted to thank you and share my happiness regarding the wonderful Blind Envelope you have put together for me. It is extra special, especially at this time of the year. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!!
Response: So glad you enjoyed what I put together. :) Thanks for the rating, and for the heart :)

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bblue on Jan 11, 2018:

Hello! I received your amazing happy mail! The clear envelope was very fun to receive, and the washi tape collage is now decorating my desk.

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ladydy5 on Dec 22, 2017:

Welcome to Thriftstore Find Group. Enjoy the holidays and our swaps

Ryleighsmom on Dec 16, 2017:

Thank you so much for sending Christmas wishes to my daughter. She LOVES Peanuts and the Snoopy card is adorable! She loved the mail! Happy Holidays!

anrtist on Dec 7, 2017:

Thank you so much for the extra crafty postage you sent me! I love all the stamps you sent! I just love using them to decorate my envies and for making bookmarks and other crafty things too!
THANK YOU so much for the


Blessings! cc

TamiTam55 on Dec 6, 2017:

ChrisAnne on Nov 30, 2017:

Welcome to Planner Partners. We are on a bit of a swapping break until the first of the year, but please jump in and look around. If you are interested in hosting or have ideas for great swaps, please let me know.

simcoe54 on Nov 21, 2017:

Thanks for the envie of stamps. They have found a home in my collection.

Babsmomof5 on Nov 18, 2017:

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

racheljohnson on Nov 16, 2017:

It is so good to hear from another parent of boy/girl twins! We are so thrilled, but it is definitely not easy. I don't totally dress them alike, but sometimes they wear corresponding outfits.... they are too young to protest at this point. ha!!

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