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Date Joined: February 3, 2010
Last Online: October 30, 2020
Birthday: January 21
Country: United States

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Updated & current as of August 20, 2020

I rate as soon as I open the swap. If I can't rate right away, I hold off opening the mail until I can rate. I do believe in giving hearts, even for e-mail swaps. The amount of time you put in is what earns a heart, and am a believer that email swaps can earn hearts as well. All swaps are welcome for me.

For postcard swaps, I"m ok with just about anything. If you have a handmade card you'd like to send, I'd be happy to receive it. I don't collect them, but they are fun to send and see all the options. :)

If you're going to be late, just tell me. It's ok. I am more annoyed with a lack of communication than I am about being a few days late (or whatever) in sending a swap.

I'm not really big on holidays, but I do enjoy haunted houses and ghosts and psychic images that can usually only be found around Halloween. So anything Spiritualism, fortune telling, ghost, haunted house, black cat, silver moon & stars - you get the idea - is greatly enjoyed. Fall is my favorite season, followed by winter. Prefer seasonal images to holiday related ones, though. :)

About Me

So, about me & mine:

I've been a letter writer and a snail mailer for all of my life! I started swapping by snail mail in the late 1980's with Friendship Books and the like, but I wrote to family members before that. Snail mail is one of the few constants in my life. And as much as I love snail mail & swapping, - swap-bot isn't my life. It adds to my life, but my world does not revolve around it. I don't immediately reply to a PM or comment. I'd love to hear from you, feel free to send me a PM or comment on my profile. But give me a chance to reply - it might take a few days.

I'm 44 years old , married 25 years this year, a mom to 3 teens (18 & older now!) and really am a USAF wife. (USAF = United States Air Force) We are currently in Washington (state), originally from Michigan, and have lived in 13 states (and counting!) I'm not thrilled with the current presidency or their politics, but I am an American.

I love to hear from people in other countries or with other customs or beliefs than mine, other lifestyles. I'm LGBTQ+ friendly, and am one of the 'you're safe with me' people who still wears a safety pin.

I'm not Christian, but am 'Faithfully Religionless'. :) I have read a lot and participated in Wiccan celebrations, and enjoy reading about Buddhism. I sometimes miss the old traditions of the Lutheran services I used to attend, but that's not where my beliefs are.

Holidays: We don't do many holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - love to cook! - and we put up a Christmas tree in December, but don't attend services. For holiday swaps, I'll be happy with whatever you send me

I deal with anxiety, migraines and depression, and it sucks. I'm also an Adult Child of Alcoholics. My children have varying levels of "special needs", including anxiety, Autism spectrum, and TBI. I'm a 'caregiver' for those who need it, and it is exhausting most days. I"m not looking for drama, I have enough of it in my daily life, thanks.

We have 3 pets, all rescues that have traveled the country with us. 2 cats and a dog.

I've participated in the Write On Challenge since 2016, and have done the InCoWriMo challenge since 2019! I LOVE the USPS - yeah, they have issues, but how else can you meet the world, one little postage stamp at a time?! :) Support the USPS!!

I hate Face book. I do have an account, and I remember to check it about once a year. I'm fully anti-social media.

Favorite Crafts

My 'mail art' is usually limited to washi tape and/or stickers - or printed paper, as I make some envelopes, usually from book pages or calendar pages. I like to re-use items when possible.

Planners I'm not a planner person, but have recently started a Bullet Journal. Not interested in planner stickers, washi or other items

Likes & Dislikes

Please no owls!


Garfield!! Books: haunted houses, ghosts, mysteries. Historical fiction (esp American & Czech), memoirs, Salem Witch Trials Audiobooks Authors: Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, JL Bryan, Simone St James, Agatha Christie, Rick Riordan, Grimm Brother's fairy tales, mythology & folklore.

Stationery & stickers: pens (esp purple ink) & love advertising & promotional pens; stickers, washi tape, handmade envelopes, rubber stamps

images: moon & stars, rainbows, unicorns, coffee themed, anything book themed. Cats over dogs, hamsters, hummingbirds, trees, fall/autumn, butterflies, Lisa Frank, sloths, giraffes, llamas, Little Golden Books, Tom & Jerry (the Chuck Jones era was the BEST!), Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, and the REAL Scooby Doo, The Muppets & Sesame Street, Simon's cat & Ziggy. Snowmen, snowflakes. Edward Gorey & Charles Addams/The Addams Family type art work.

Tuck ins/extras: bookmarks (esp the local library type or the free promotional bookmarks that are sometimes handed out). Magnetic ones are awesome, too! I Love bookmarks from local places, promos for books and such, anything usual and unique. Something I can't just buy at Barnes & Noble. //Also really like Tarot cards - can't read them well, but I love the art work on them, so just stray cards are good too. //

TV/movies: Supernatural, Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, Northern Exposure, Murder She Wrote, Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Sherlock, Dr Who (David Tennant years), Golden Girls, Broadchurch, Travel Channel shows with Josh Gates, Ghost Hunters & similar shows (but not Ghost Adventurers). Movies: The Mummy (1999), The Haunting (1999), 10 Things I Hate About You, Clue,

Disney: Especially: Aladdin, Emperor's New Groove, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Haunted Mansion

Actors/actresses: Robert Downey Jr, Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, David Tennant, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Nathaniel Parker, Benedict Cumberbatch, Angela Lansbury

Music: The Monkees (since I was about 3 years old),Imagine Dragons, John Mayer, Joan Baez, Soul Asylum, Enigma, Billy Joel, Daft Punk, Bjork, Edwyn Collins, Counting Crows, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin (yes, really. I was a fan of Menudo when he joined, so that lingers). Also 1980's & 1990's music

Comedians: Jim Gaffigan, Kathleen Madigan, John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Brian Regan.

Podcasts: Lore, Cabinet of Curiosities and Unobscured by Aaron Mahnke, Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye, History Goes Bump by Diane Student.


Anything with my name spelled wrong - It's CINDI, not Cindy.

Anything with cigarette smoke smell or other strong smells - it triggers migraines

Religious information - I'm cool w/ my beliefs, not interested in preaching.

Please no food items - I have an odd assortment of allergies, so I'll probably have to throw anything away. Also, please no make up/lip balm type items, either.

Not a fan of 'God Bless America' themed items or flag items. Rather not receive items with scriptures or Christian themed items.


Comment: I'm so glad you enjoyed it and got some extra reading done! Thanks for joining the swap!
Response: Thanks for setting it up. And thanks for the heart :)
Rapsy rated for R&W: Thankful for the RIGHT TO VOTE!!! on Oct 29, 2020
Comment: Our families seem to have similar notions about the importance of voting. Also it is so neat that you had suffragettes in the family! Those were some of my favorite scenes in the Mary Poppins movie when I was little :) Take Care :)
Response: I wish I still had the photos my mom showed me. I think she had a newspaper with their picture on the front page - 'public enemy #1'! haha That is, by far, the coolest part of my family history! :) Thanks for the heart :)
Rapsy rated for R&W Dewey's 24-hr Readathon EMAIL on Oct 27, 2020
Comment: You got a lot of reading done! And it sounds as though you enjoyed it, like I did, even if we didn't fully get it beforehand ;) Take Care!
Response: Hopefully we'll be better prepared for next time, right? :) Thanks for the heart :)
Drachenfrau rated for Library Lovers E-Prompt #15 on Oct 27, 2020
Comment: Sounds cool, Cindi! ☺️
christywebb rated for R&W: Thankful for TECHNOLOGY! on Oct 26, 2020
Comment: I loved all the new things we could capitalize on with the technology solutions offered! We haven't felt anything was lacking except sizzling restaurant dishes and actual people interaction - books, movies, church services, etc. we never missed a beat!
Response: That's great to hear! I do miss going out to eat and getting hot food (rather than it being luke-warm by the time I'm home to eat it), but overall, I just keep thinking how fortunate we are to be living during a technological age while having do deal with the pandemic. Thanks for the heart :)
Rapsy rated for R&W: Thankful for TECHNOLOGY! on Oct 26, 2020
Comment: I'm glad you were able to do things online like we did and also for the kids to be able to do school. It's funny all the things we took for granted until this year! Take Care :)
Response: Yes, I think this year has been a big humbling for me, at least. Thinking of what I took for granted, but also all that I have as well. Thanks for the heart :)
colleenbUSA rated for R&W: Thankful for TECHNOLOGY! on Oct 26, 2020
Comment: I love the online library app to! I actually use both the Hoopla and the Overdrive apps from the library!
Response: I don't use Hoopla as much as Overdrive, but I do use that as well. I also have 4 different libraries I can tap into with Overdrive! haha Thanks for the heart.
KSENiA rated for R&W: Mystery Series week! on Oct 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sharing.
Response: Thanks for the heart :)
traceyj rated for LLU: Books for the Spooky Season on Oct 23, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the classic spooky read recommendations :) 👻
Response: My daughter reminded me of another one - "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman. It's a kids book, but it is so wonderfully & deliciously creepy! Thanks for the heart :)
Comment: I love the vintage Halloween stuff! I'm not into scary/horror movies at all, although I do like anything to do with ghosts and paranormal. Take Care! :)
Response: Yes, I'm much more Victorian Halloween, I think. Though, I do also love the idea of Día de los Muertos as well.
colleenbUSA rated for R&W Teen Read Week on Oct 18, 2020
Comment: We definitely have some reading overlaps, haha, thanks for the email!
Response: Just think, if we lived near each other, we could trade books back and forth! It could get 'dangerous' as my kids say. :)
colleenbUSA rated for R&W Halloween Card swap US only on Oct 18, 2020
Comment: Thanks so much for card and stamps! I haven't listened to that one yet.
Rapsy rated for R&W Teen Read Week on Oct 18, 2020
Comment: We are similar in age, you and I. I thought maybe it was Canada that was behind and didn't have many YA books, but I see it was the same for you. Lois Duncan, I'd forgotten all about her! I read her books. I couldn't do Hunger Games or Twilight... Twilight I tried three times :P Take Care :)
Response: It might have been my little town that was behind as well - the books were certainly called "teen" at our library. Lois Duncan had some of the spookiest books, too! :)
jessnewson98 rated for R&W: In Sept I read .... EMAIL on Oct 15, 2020
Comment: It's always a pleasure to be your swap partner, Cindi! Thanks a bunch for your email! And oh my goodness, that is seriously a lot of books! Have an awesome weekend :)
Response: Audiobooks tend to add up quite quickly! haha
efjellro rated for R&W: World Postcard Day on Oct 13, 2020
Comment: Thanks a lot, looks beautiful there! I miss living by the sea <3
colleenbUSA rated for R&W: Mystery Series week! on Oct 12, 2020
Comment: The only series I've read I'd the ones you've listed is Stephanie Plum and I agree she needs to end it but I'm sure sure makes a ton of $$ off of it. Plus I do want to see who Stephanie ends up with! So just one more book lol!
Response: I wish Evanovich would go back to the Wicked series she started a few years ago. I liked that one, but she only got 3 books into it. I think maybe she could end Stephanie and continue with something else and people would still automatically buy them. I mean, look at Nora Roberts! haha!
BrunetteBunny rated for TBR: Banned Book Week! on Oct 11, 2020
Comment: I read the Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian several years ago, and I can definitely see why it's on so many HS English class reading lists--there's a lot to dig into there--which of course is what puts it on so many parents' radar (mostly for the cussing it seems, which blows my mind because, have they ever set foot in a high school??). Love that you read that one!
Response: Yes, there is a lot to dig into with that book! It is heavy reading. But I agree, kids today aren't scandalized by cursing.
colleenbUSA rated for R&W: Thankful for BOOKS! on Oct 11, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the email! I really enjoyed this swap Anna an glad to see it's a series! We could all use some time to realize what we're grateful for!
Comment: Hi Cindi, sort your for the late rating! I thought I had already rated you.
Response: No problem. :) Thanks for the heart :)

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Hi! I was just thinking about you this morning - I hope all is well and you're enjoying your time in the PNW! :)

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Thanks so much for the sweet birthday card; I really appreciate it! :-)

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Omygosh! I LOVE them stickers!!! Thank you so much!!!

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Nice touch.

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Thank you so much for the angel card!!!! I did get a card from my partner, but it was so sweet for you to send me one just in case. It made me smile! :)

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Thanks for the card you angeled! You were a great host and the swap was fun! I appreciated receiving a card from you.

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Cindi, Thanks so much for the awesome letter! Lora

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My Seuss stuff arrived today. Thank you for all the goodies.

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Thank you so much for all the lovely paper for the RAK! This will make so much!

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Ooops! Thank you for all the stickers too. I missed them until I really unpacked everything yesterday! I really am spoiled!

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