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Country: United States
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Likes & Dislikes, holidays

Updated & current as of Jan 1, 2024

Please no owls! I am very scared of owls in all forms, and wish to not receive owl images. If you send owls - I will not give a heart. Yeah, it's that big of a deal for me.

My name is spelled Cindi not 'Cindy' - just like on my address. If you spell my name wrong, no matter what you are sending, you will not get a heart. Yeah - it's that much of a thing for me and I don't think it's too much to ask.

Jan 2024 - I (barely) survived Fall quarter and winter quarter starts Jan 2nd. I won't be around much - accounting is not coming naturally to my old brain! I won't have as much free time, but I'm still here if you need something! Just send me a PM - I always see those!

I would rather not receive random 'extras' or tuck ins. If you would like to add something extra to a swap, feel free to recommend a book, podcast, or write a personal note. :) I'm a letter loving nerd, and always appreciate a personal note. :)

ABC's of my likes, interests & preferences

A - astronomy, Animaniacs, Addams Family (TV show esp and original cartoons), Agatha Christie, audiobooks, American history, (US) Air Force, Aggretsuko, Angela Lansbury

B - Books, Buddhism, Buddhist Bootcamp, blue things, bullet journals, "Boredwalk" store (love their Grievance Journal!!), Barbie dolls (stickers, stationery), Betty White, Bea Arthur

C - COFFEE, cats, Charles Addams, cemeteries/grave yards, crystal balls, A Christmas Carol by Dickens (& all the movies - all of them), Caitlin Doughty (Ask a Mortician), comedy/comedians, cooking (most of the time!), Clue (movie & board game), celestial images

D - Disney (esp Aladdin, Emperor's New Groove, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Haunted Mansion, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Brother Bear, and the Villain's - esp Malcifient & Evil Queen/crone from Snow White, Hades.), David Tennant (actor), documentaries, Dark Shadows (esp the OLD 1960's soap opera), Dracula (the book)

E - Edward Gorey/Charles Addams/The Addams Family, ancient Egypt/pyramids

F - fall/autumn, Fairy Tales & Folklore (such as Grimm Brother's), Family history, frogs, Friendship Books, fountain pens, Faithfully Religionless, frogs (stickers, cards, washi - to send to my son), Flying Spaghetti Monster

G - Garfield!!, Ghosts/stories, giraffes, Golden Age Detectives (Agatha Christie), Golden Girls, Goddesses/Gods, Greek mythology, Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas), GRIEVANCE JOURNAL, Gautama (the lazy egg), GI Joe (12 inch size figures)

H - History (local, family, US/pioneer), handmade (willing to accept handmade cards even if the swap doesn't call for it), hamsters, haunted houses/abandoned buildings, holiday customs & traditions from other countries, History Goes Bump (podcast), The Haunting (book, movie and TV series),

I - Iceland, Imagine Dragons (music group), Inspector Lynley (TV series), InCoWriMo

J - journals (buying, at least, if not actually using)

K - Keys! (decorative like skeleton keys or on washi, stickers, etc), Krampus, Knives Out (movie)

L - llamas, libraries, Lore (podcast, show, books), letters & challenges, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little Golden Books, Laurel Burch (artist), Luna/lunar anything (moon)

M - moon & stars, moon phases, Muppets/Sesame Street, Movies, Monstrum/Storied on PBS, The Monkees (since I was 3!!), mythology, Midsommer Murders (TV series), Murder She Wrote (TV series), The Mummy (1999), mysteries, Mildred D Taylor, Mental health awareness, Magpie Journals

N - Nightmare Before Christmas, Nathaniel Parker (actor & voice actor), National Geographic, Northern Exposure (TV series), (US) Navy, notebook pals

O - ouija boards

P - Paranormal, Paganism, podcasts, Pepsi, pen pals, pens, purple ink pens, personal notes, Percy Jackson series, Poirot (TV series & book character series), printables (stationery, journal pages, etc.), playing cards, Pink Panther, Peanuts/Snoopy

Q - quick mail?, quiche, quotes

R - rainbows, Rocky & Bullwinkle (original only), Robert Downey Jr (actor), recipes, Rose Red/Ellen Rimbauer (TV movie series), Rick Riordan (author, and Presents line), rubber stamps, reading, Ravens (the bird, not the sports team)

S - stars, sloths, Scooby Doo (esp from 1960's- 70's), Supernatural (TV show - fave characters are Dean and Crowley, Charlie), Sesame Street, Simon's cat, Spiritualism, Salem Witch Trials, Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, stickers, stationery, silver anything, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow (book, TV show & movies), Shedunit Show (podcast), (postage) stamps - new, Snoopy/Peanuts, anything spooky, The Sims (daughter plays), Starbucks/gift cards

T - Tarot cards (happy to receive stray tarot cards), trees/woods, Tiny Toons, Tim Holtz & similar, Tim Burton, Travel Channel (esp Josh Gates shows), 10 Things I Hate About You (movie), tarot readings (feel free to do one for me!), Timber Hawkeye,

U - Unicorns, used books

V - Vintage Social Media (snail mail!!), Vintage Text Messages (short notes in cards just to say hi)

W - Wicca & Witchcraft, Write On Challenge, washi tape

X - x-ray images, x-slips (exchange slips)

Y - Yule, Yule Cat, Yule Lads

Z - Ziggy, zentangle

1980's & 1990's - music, popular movies, Lisa Frank, etc. (Can't believe it's 'vintage' now!)


Anything with cigarette smoke Or ANY smoke smell or other strong smells - it triggers migraines, and I throw it all in the trash.

Not a fan of 'God Bless America' themed items or flag items. Rather not receive items with scriptures or Christian themed items.

Not interested in Christian themed items/pictures/verses. If I want to be saved or have questions, I promise I'll contact YOU.

Please no alcohol related items such as 'wine time' stickers or alcoholic drink recipes, martini glass stickers, etc. (I'm an Adult Child of Alcoholics, and these things are actually offensive to me.)

Not really a fan of stamps, postcards or washi samples (unless it's for a swap)

About Me

I've been a letter writer and a snail mailer for all of my life! I started swapping by snail mail in the late 1980's, but I wrote to family members before that. Snail mail is one of the few constants in my life. I enjoy swap-bot, and am happy to receive a message from you, But give me a chance to reply - it might take a few days.

I'm 47 years old , married 28 years this year, a mom to 3 (18 & older now! ) and really am a USAF wife. (USAF = United States Air Force). And now, I'm a VERY proud momma of a US Navy Sailor!

I'm not Christian, but am 'Faithfully Religionless'. (Click to link to see what I mean. This is a book title, one of my very favorites) :) I have read about and participated in Wiccan celebrations, and enjoy reading about Buddhism. I sometimes miss the old traditions of the Lutheran services I used to attend, but that's not where my beliefs are.

I deal with anxiety, migraines and depression, and it sucks. I'm also an Adult Child of Alcoholics. My children have varying levels of "special needs", including anxiety, Autism spectrum, and TBI. I'm a 'caregiver' for those who need it, and it is exhausting most days. I'm not looking for drama, I have enough of it in my daily life, thanks.

We have 2 cats, both rescues that have traveled the country with us.

I hate Facebook. I do have an account, and I remember to check it once in a while, when I have to. I'm fully anti-social media.

Favorite Books

SOME favorite books: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett; The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson; The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón; The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie; Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor; Faithfully Religionless by Timber Hawkeye Duma Key by Stephen King; A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens;

Ratings, hearts & late

I rate as soon as I open the swap. If I can't rate right away, I hold off opening the mail until I can rate. I do believe in giving hearts, even for e-mail swaps. The amount of time you put in is what earns a heart, and am a believer that email swaps can earn hearts as well.

If you're going to be late, just tell me. It's ok. I am more annoyed with a lack of communication than I am about being a few days late (or whatever) in sending a swap. If you send late and don't communicate with me I WILL rate you down! And, no, I won't consider changing the rating! Just communicate! It makes everything easier!

holidays & cards

Holiday card swaps I'm not Christian and do not celebrate that aspect of a holiday, so I prefer seasonal images to holiday related ones.
If you want to make a holiday card 'spooky' - go for it! Not really a fan of Santa, heart shapes (though anatomical hearts are fine!), crosses, etc ...

If you hand-make cards, I am very happy to receive those in place for a store bought card.

wish lists

If I'm in a swap for sending items from wish lists, please check these links:

Amazon wish list -- feel free to choose the 'used' option if one exists. I don't mind if a gift is not in the original packaging.

Etsy wish list


Comment: Thank you so much for the letter and card!
Comment: Thank you for sharing your reading list and good luck with studying! -- I plan to read Agatha Christie for ages now, but I don't seem to find the time :(
jandmterry rated for FLL: It's March already! on Mar 27, 2024
Comment: I enjoyed reading about what you are reading lately. Thank you for the bookish stickers. ❤️❤️
Aleesha rated for R&W Traveling notebook USA #6 on Mar 22, 2024
Comment: Thanks for passing along the journal and the de-stash!
denisedecker58 rated for FLL: InCoWriMo 2024 #4 on Mar 18, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderful, chatty letter! I always smile when I see mail from you! Loved catching up with you and hope all is well!
sebastian122 rated for The cookbook I'm reading on Mar 15, 2024
Comment: Wow!! Thanks for all the books! I'll be heading to the library baby!!
Karen07 rated for St Patrick's Day on Mar 15, 2024
Comment: Happy St Patrick's Day! Thank you for the super cute card and the Lunar New Year stamps!
tristitia rated for tPCC: Shadow Journal with me on Mar 13, 2024
Comment: Hi Cindi - I'm glad you got something out of the experience. I sometimes have a hard time writing in a journal, too - mostly because the times of day I have to write, I'm too tired to think, lol. I might try to revisit the shadow journal idea, too - maybe in the fall :)
MelissaLB rated for St Patrick's Day on Mar 12, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the nice card. I love Snoopy! And thanks for the postage stamps.
monsbrick rated for St Patrick's Day on Mar 9, 2024
Comment: You have the cutest Snoopy stationery and cards!
Fuchsi rated for G: Just found out ... Feb on Mar 6, 2024
Comment: Dear Cindi, another letter of you arrived today. XD And the hospital sounds like a scary place. Honestly, I'm not sure if I would like to do a tour there, but partly because I'm in Old buildings worried, the flour might broke down or other non-supernatural stuff happening. That's scary already! Yours, Maxi
Response: Yes, the building falling apart around you is a concern while touring old buildings! This one, I think, is kept up more, made for tours, so probably a lot safer! When I watch ghost investigation shows, I always think of all the dust and mold they are inhaling, too! :( Thanks for the heart!
Fuchsi rated for FLL: InCoWriMo 2024 #5 on Mar 6, 2024
Comment: Hello Cindi, thank you very much for your wonderful letter! ^-^ I already fortgot, that I haven't told you about my sweden vacation yet, so it will be the topic of another letter in the future. XD Have a great time! Yours, Maxi
Response: I haven't been in as many swaps this year, so I've missed out on the updates! :( Thanks for the heart!
Comment: I enjoyed hearing about what you’ve been up to lately.
jandmterry rated for FLL: InCoWriMo 2024 #6 on Mar 5, 2024
Comment: I enjoyed hearing about what you are reading/listening to lately. I loved hearing from you again.
Hunbun rated for R&W Traveling notebook USA #5 on Feb 26, 2024
Comment: Sorry you got my journal for a second time, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading through!
monsbrick rated for FLL: InCoWriMo 2024 #3 on Feb 17, 2024
Comment: Hi Cindi, thank you for writing again. I enjoy the frequency of letters during InCoWriMo but it’s almost breathtakingly intense! I just do it for fun and ki don’t take the full official challenge.
hellojett rated for FLL: InCoWriMo 2024 #2 on Feb 14, 2024
Comment: Hello, thank you so much for your nice letter! And I love the acorn notepapers :) Yes, we have heard of Groundhog Day, the movie is popular here too, but I don't actually know what people do on Groundhog Day?? I'm not in the main InCoWriMo just the swaps here. Thank you :)
Changeling rated for G: Just found out ... on Feb 12, 2024
Comment: Cool! I visited a plantation in Mississippi but can't remember if it was that one.
Comment: Thanks!
Mlhadder rated for G: Ghouls, Revenants on Feb 9, 2024

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sebastian122 on Mar 3, 2024:

You are such a sweetie! Thank you for the dragon postcard! It's been an awesome year of the dragon so far. Totally MY year. =D

Gnoe on Jan 30, 2024:

Thank you so much for your sweet & thoughtful bonus of another dragon postcard. I immediately knew to whom I should send it.. but then thought of someone else LOL. Eenie Meenie Miney mo ... :-)

Gnoe on Jan 30, 2024:

Thank you so much for your sweet & thoughtful bonus of another dragon postcard. I immediately knew to whom I should send it.. but then thought of someone else LOL. Eenie Meenie Miney mo ... :-)

jamicam on Dec 31, 2023:


Wishing you all the very best for 2024!

Changeling on Dec 26, 2023:

Thank you for thinking of me with the holiday card! It was a very nice surprise. Sending best wishes for 2024!

OrigamiGrace on Dec 25, 2023:


Have a wonderful holiday!

Lablauri57 on Dec 14, 2023:

Thank you for thinking of me. The Christmas card was so cute😀, LabLauri57

Fuchsi on Aug 12, 2023:

Dear Cindi, thank you very much for this journal in my mail! ^-^ Today the mailbox was filled to the fullest with so many mail and I will soon start with the diary entries. maybe you will get it filled out back, this would be fun XD Have a nice weekend, Maxi

lunatenchi on Aug 2, 2023:

Thanks so much again for the journals! Let me know when you wanna swap again ♡

Aumonae on Jul 11, 2023:

Thank you so very much for sending destash goodies to @kiddomerriweather She granted me a couple of the memo pads for my WW Wishlist. They were exactly what I was asking for. Just wanted to let you know that your kind generosity to one person touches more than them. You ROCK!

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