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Date Joined: December 30, 2012
Last Online: December 3, 2020
Birthday: February 26
Country: Netherlands
My hibernating blog Graasland

About Me

My nickname "Gnoe" is Dutch for gnu or wildebeest.

I'm an animal loving museum information specialist adoring her (rescue) cats Kuki and Sumi. And I love our current foster cat Fleurtje (Effie for short) just as much!

I volunteer at a donkey sanctuary = my happy place!!! :))



My goal when sending out swaps is to put a smile on your face. I personally think swapping should be fun and make us happy; there's too much drama in the world already.

I mark my items sent after I've dropped them in the mailbox. Where I live mail is only collected on weekdays at 5pm. Naturally I mail in time for pick-up when sending out on the last day of the swap. Swap-Bot rules speak for themselves.

I reuse -clean- packaging and such as much as possible.


If possible, I prefer to receive postcards in an envelope so I can reuse the stamps for journalling or mail art :) Love special stamps!

I have No thanks & I'd rather not receive lists at the bottom of this page. They're there to aid you, not restrict! Of course I'll appreciate anyhing you send :-) I will never rate down for getting something from those lists (the thought alone is absurd to me!) If possible I will just pass along what I cannot use -- but it seems such a waste of postage and effort on your side that can be avoided. So please don't worry about it, nor be offended?!


I'm vegan, which means I employ a compassionate & eco-friendly lifestyle using no animal products whatsoever. No meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatine (gelli plate), bee's wax etcetera, nor wool, leather, silk, wool-felt or products for either crafts or personal care tested on animals or containing animal ingredients. I find this makes me feel at peace with the world. :)

Interests and themes

  • mail art and art journalling / (trashy) junk journals
  • dabbling in textile arts (visible mending, fiber mail = fabric mail art, crochet and embroidery)
  • Asia (Japan and Indonesia); Japanese and Scandinavian design
  • donkeys
  • peacocks, kingfishers and other brightly multicoloured birds for their iridescent plumage
  • bling (I probably was a magpie in a previous life ;-)
  • small and fragrant flowers like snowdrops, freesia, sweet pea, purple crocus, lavender and cherry blossom (sakura)
  • peacock palette colours
  • museums
  • reusing, recycling and repurposing / zero waste society

I'm into cinema, books (literary fiction, J-Lit, mystery/thriller with clever female protagonist), and hiking. I used to make bentos, postcross and geocache but hardly do so these days.

For tea swaps my tea of choice is green or rooibos. Preferred fruit is citrus.


These are not requests, just a few things that will make me happy. I love looking at other people's wish-lists to help me pick something nice, and I hope that's the same for you.

  • a letter -- I looooove reading letters!
  • vintage letter paper
  • postalettes
  • anything DONKEY! (though not a fan of caricature/Disney)
  • washi stickers
  • rub-ons
  • embroidery thread; variegated and shiny make my heart leap and currently low on reds, purples 'n blues
  • haberdashery in general
  • glass, wooden or metallic beads
  • pieces of fun fabric (dying for some scraps of sari, batik and kimono fabric!)
  • quality handmade postcard
  • clothes patch made by you, including Teesha Moore style puffy scrap patches
  • handmade pincushion or kit/easy instruction
  • handmade needle book with room for threader
  • sea glass
  • washi, foil, chiyogami and duo origami paper
  • did I mention a letter? ;-)

Sorry, but No Thanks...

  • it probably goes without saying but anything containing animal ingredients or animal cruelty
  • girly, cutesy, children's/childish stuff (YA), kawaii, Diddle, Care Bears, Disney... you get the picture ;)
  • "keep calm" & other motivational quotes (not the desired effect LOL)
  • crap quality stickers (seems obvious to me but apparently it's not?)
  • ugly plastic clothes buttons
  • touristy postcards (views) / souvenirs
  • hibiscus and red / forest fruit flavoured tea
  • jewelry and make-up; I hardly ever wear any
  • contemporary leaflets -- I have a NO JUNK MAIL sticker on my mailbox and recycle/upcycle the things that come into my house as much as possible; so please don't add to the pile LOL

I'd rather not receive

  • poetry
  • sports theme (except hiking and aesthetic kinds e.g. water ballet, figure skating)
  • book pages (except extremely pretty) -- I'm already drowning! LOL
  • sticky notes / page flags -- I received so many the will last me a lifetime
  • alphabet stickers / rub-ons
  • I prefer not to receive anything edible unless you're 100% sure it's vegan


Comment: What a delightful envelope of goodies you sent me Chanou! I love everything! The two map envelopes are so clever and the cat washi and stickers and everything!!! Many many hearts to you! We are doing well here but my daughter did contract Covid in California, she was sick for 2 weeks but has recovered with no lingering side effects that we know of so we are VERY GRATEFUL. Take care and stay well!
Response: I'm so glad to hear your daughter recovered from Covid without any lingering problems... You must have been so worried!!! Thank you for the heart and your lovely comment -- you are very welcome!
weatherwax rated for AMMM: Junk Journal Supplies Swap on Aug 28, 2020
Comment: Lovely Chanou!! Thank you so much for your coolio swap. I am in love with this breathtaking whale. I will not be able to use it. So fabulous!!! But I am so sorry to hear, that life is thus stressful at the moment. If you wish to do a tiny private swap with a really long time frame just for distraction and entertainment, then just pm me. Anytime :) Be well & stay safe!!!
Comment: I love your patch! I really do, I love how you did the stitching on the flowers. And the sparkles are just perfect. Much Aloha!
Lonestarchild rated for AN: Favorites (global) on Aug 14, 2020
Comment: This swap just made me giggle. I laughed out loud when I saw the front end of the whale. Yes, you sent me the back end before and I used it on an envie. I wish I knew who I sent it to because I'd send them the front end too! Such a fun swap -- so many cool things! (It arrived in a US Post envie -- the back of your envie had been torn off/damaged. I think everything was here and fine -- you had wrapped it in ribbon and I don't think anything got away and nothing is damaged. That might be why it took so long to arrive. But totally worth waiting for!) Thanks for a great swap!
Comment: Thank you for your lovely pack-full envelope! What nice choices you picked for me! Thank you! And I enjoyed reading your note as to how your are handling the virus. We are having trouble with governors running rough-shod over the Constitution and not being even-handed in applying the law. Fortunately, we live in a rural area and can pretty much do what we want as there are few people around us. I have been tested because I needed an invasive procedure and I tested negative. We know of 4 people who have had it and all report that it's like a cold and the four got over it in times that varied from 1-5 days. I think it is mutating and is only dangerous for those with a compromised immune system. Have fun with the donkeys - I didn't know they were an issue in The Netherands. At least you get to be outside, which is very healthy!
fairypretty7 rated for SSM: Find me #2 on Aug 6, 2020
Comment: Thanks for great items and the cool envelope, all these items will do great in my planner. Great idea to add the size of my planner, never thought about that. Also love the typed note, I think it is so great.
Comment: Thank you! I really love the map card and the Norweigan Forest! And the wee cat magnets!!!
Comment: OH MIss Gnoe! Thank you, thank you, thank you! TRuly making my Mailbox Merry! I so loved the envie esp. with the colourful Flamingo. BRilliant Idea to affix it on there. You sent so many goodies. Like the orgami! Thats not regular orgami. LOL I know. LOL Im a paperologist. lolololol How about that groovy recipe card? I will NEVER GIVE THAT AWAY. lol I have never seen one like that before. The darling whale postcard. Oh my gossssssssssssh, that one particular stamp? The harbour seen? Oh my! To die for! Ya know, the U.S.A does nice stamps but not like the Nederlands! Psssst, I looked for a whale in the scene. LOLOL. aDORABle typewriters. Cactus? Llama love. And it was all sealed in a lovely, crinkley plastic sleeve which I loooooooooooooove cuz I collect plastic. Sad but true. LOLOLOL. Again friend, thank you for all your time and generosity!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really did so much!
Comment: Your wonderful envelope of green arrived safely today! Thank you so much for the dragonfly postcards! You have beautiful handwriting.
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Teamwork PC #29 on Jul 7, 2020
Comment: Hoi Chanou, Wat een mooie envelop met inhoud viel er vandaag op mijn deurmat. Een prachtige envelop en super leuke paarse en Iris-bloemen. Past helemaal bij mij!! En dan natuurlijk je PC kaartje. Eigenlijk had je in het eerste vakje al iets van jezelf mogen schrijven. Maar zo gaat ie een ronde langer mee... Leuk met de naaimachine. Ga eens puzzelen wat ik er bij kan maken. De facebooksite van deze groep heet trouwens Nederlandse Swappers
Response: Hoi Iris, dank voor je berichtje en hart! Ik had begrepen dat je 3 of 4 vakjes maakt en er eentje mag invullen. Omdat ik geen verdere voorkeuren heb, had ik niet het idee dat ik per se nog iets moest opschrijven naast mijn gegevens. En dus 3 (niet 4) vakjes gemaakt ;-) Ben benieuwd wat jij en de volgende deelenemers ervan maken. Alvast bedankt! :-)
Comment: Thank you for the absolutely beautiful postcard. I love it!
Response: You're welcome! I'm glad you like it.
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful patch! It is really stunning. I absolutely love how you worked all of the elements together. A big Aloha!
Response: Oh wow, I think our patches arrived on the same day! I found yours in my mailbox when I came home late last night. It's absolutely fabeltastic (and so neat!) and I was immediatelly worried you wouldn't like mine. So relieved to find your rating this morning :-)) Thank you and you're very welcome. I had so much fun with this swap!
USTravelingGirl rated for SSM: Red themed happy mail on Jun 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you! I love it all. Yes it is an orchid on the postcard and it's beautiful ❤
Response: Yay! I thought it was an orchid but couldn't be sure it wasn't an iris. So glad it found you quickly and you like what I've sent. Enjoy your weekend!
Comment: Ooohh, dank je wel voor de Kliban kattenkaart. Ik heb met ze kennisgemaakt via Swap-bot. Heb er ook wel eens een stickervelletje van ontvangen. Trouwens, de FB groep heet Nederlandse Swappers.
Response: Graag gedaan -- mazzel dat ik er eentje had! :-D En ik ben blij dat de post niet tegelijk kwam; goed dat ik niet een maar twéé dagen had gewacht haha. Fijn weekend!
uiltje rated for NS: Teamwork PC #28 on Jun 17, 2020
Comment: Dank je wel voor de kaart en de extra's. Er zat een sticker van PostNL op, hij heeft er een daje extra over gedaan. Welkom bij de club van Teamworkers. Het is maar een bescheiden groepje, dus iedere uitbreiding wordt gewaardeerd. En het werkt ook wel redelijk verslavend, ook al ben je geen groots kunstenaar. Je hebt er een creatief iets van gemaakt. We hebben ook een FB pagina. Is niet heel uitgebried, maar het is wel leuk om daar eindresultaten te zien. Sterkte met de privé situatie!
Response: Leuk, dank voor het hartje! Heet de FB pg Teamworkers? Kom niet veel daar maar dan zal ik eens kijken. Goed weekend!
hispanka77 rated for Ribbon Sampler Europe on Jun 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much for the ribbons, the postcard and another extra. 😍 Unfortunately, I do not have ribbons from Ukraine, I have not been going to my country for many many years! 😣 Hugs from Spain.
Response: You're welcome and thanks for the heart! I hope you'll get to go to Ukrania again soon (if you wish to).
Comment: Loving it! Thank you so very much for the care and thought you put into preparing this swap for me. Yes, it did bring a very big smile to my face going through all the wonderful goodies you sent. Happy swapping!
Response: Awww so glad to hear that! Thank you for the lovely comment and heart.
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful card and lovely letter! I am sorry you had to say goodbye to a feline friend recently, it is very hard to say goodbye to a furry friend. Your card was so sweet and personal! I really appreciated it! <3
Response: Thank you for your sweet comment and heart Amanda! Still trying to get used to not having Kemiri around.
Rainydancer rated for SSM: Pink themed happy mail on Jun 8, 2020
Comment: Wow! What a fantastic envelope! Thanks so much, I love everything.
Response: YAY! That makes my day :-)

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chimerix on Nov 29, 2020:

Thank you so much for the crafty goodness envie for my CPG Wishlist Dec. I love the stamp and the black glitter tissue will come in very handy. The other bits and bobs will get used in my crafting. Aloha!

Sternenfee on Nov 25, 2020:

Hi my dear, thank you for the CPG wish and for your letter. So nice to hear from you again. Will write back soon. Hugs.

Ciska76 on Oct 28, 2020:

Hoi Chanou, wat een super leuke verrassing vond ik in de brievenbus. Heerlijk om je brief te lezen en zo leuk ‘verpakt’ met leuke verrassinkjes erbij. Mijn innerlijke boekenwurm is aan het ontwaken na jouw brief (met een klein kind in huis is rustig lezen kansloos). Wat verdrietig om te lezen van je tante. Sterkte met alles! Binnenkort komt er een reactie 💌. Liefs en geniet van de herfst met regen, wind, super mooie herfstkleuren en niet te vergeten paddestoelen ❤️

tcornell on Oct 19, 2020:

I received your beautiful mail art envelope with such thoughtfully packaged goodies enclosed, in the mail today- thank you so very much! ♥ AN: August 2020 WTA

krismakes on Sep 22, 2020:

Thank you for the letter and Aug wishes from CPG. I loved your long letter and all the goodies. I will write back soon xx

Lonestarchild on Sep 3, 2020:

Oh -- what pure delight. I loved the envie when I saw it in the box and then, when I opened it and realized it was actually one I could use again, I was super excited. And your letter -- I love that it is typed on an old fashioned typewriter -- how cool is that?? And totally love the chatty letter -- what a treat! Thanks for such an extra special AN: WTA July prize!

anicka22 on Sep 2, 2020:

Dankjewel voor de prachtige verjaardagswens. Geniet van jouw mooie post en fijne brief. Hoop dat je ene fijne vakantie hebt!

SeleneW on Aug 28, 2020:

Thank you for the kind words. <3

Soph on Aug 15, 2020:

I am highly enjoying all the lovely goodies you sent me for the IFM - WTA July. Thank you so much, also for your nice letter. It was a great pleasure to hear from you.

OrigamiGrace on Aug 7, 2020:

Happy Friday!!


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