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Date Joined: April 13, 2016
Last Online: January 21, 2020
Birthday: January 18
Country: United States

About Me

08-2018 - Postmarks - I rarely look at those and most often cannot see them on postcards. I am interested in sending on time and getting rated when the recipient receives the swap. I do check off each swap when rated and when I rate what I receive. I try to keep records for what I sent so I do not duplicate and if needed to resend a swap.

I have found many swaps to be fun, challenging and rewarding. Thank you to all those participating. You are creating a fun experience.

I always rate, usually the day I receive a swap. I hope others treat swaps received from me the same way. I usually mail very soon after partners are assigned, so if you haven't received the swap from me, PM me, I'll resend. In US should be 2 weeks delivery and 3-4 weeks for international swaps.

I have been collecting whales for over 40 years, one day I will see one in real life. We tried once but rain for three days didn't allow the day trip. I have traveled all the states except Alaska. Sewing is my passion for costumes for grandchildren or machine embroidery for fun and sometimes for pay. Joann Fabrics, Michael's and Hobby Lobby are my kind of toy store!

Favorite Crafts

Love to sew and do machine embroidery. I have a granddaughter with very specific ideas for costumes and decorating her clothing. She gives me challenges for sewing projects.

I enjoy new techniques in my sewing and love to make the Free Standing Lace Angels to give to everyone who visits.

I am trying to do some quilting or at least table runners. Missouri Quilts on Youtube is a great place to get tutorials.

I learned to make Microwave Fabric Bowls and went nuts making over 200 sets of them so far. I use them instead of flat pot holders.

Counted Cross stitch is also a passion

Favorite Places to visit

I absolutely love to visit Mt Rushmore. Since 1963 it is the most visited spot ever for me and I find something new each time. One time my dog even went with me on my trips from Illinois to Montana. Animals are no longer allowed on the Presidential Walk or in the amphitheater. I have over 250 different postcards from that tourist place and welcome more.

2019 - October weekend I visited "My Men" again. The area is under construction and the Presidential walk is partially closed. I did get evening and sunrise photos. I visited local antique stores for more postcards. I was thrilled to find a Giant size Linen card! Did not know those were made.

2017 - Labor Day weekend, my granddaughter and I went to see my men with a focus to find the three tunnels that have the Mt Rushmore framed view. We found them and the three pig-tail bridges. I had thought there were only one of each. Those places are now on video and digital pictures.

I would go back to Europe in a heartbeat and revisit Castles and distant relatives in Switzerland.

New England historical sites are very much a fascination to me. The Whaling Museum is also on my bucket list.


Touristy are my Most Favorite!

I have been collecting post cards for years buying those instead of other souvenirs. I collect postcards from every place I visit. I put the date and who was with me on the back. I have boxes of them filed by states, countries and other themes. They can capture pictures that my camera cannot. I like city views, landmarks, country scenes, day and night themes, maps (state or country) and most any interesting pictures. I like the colorful pictures of places, map cards and information ones of places as well. I will trade animals or flowers if that is what is required in the swap. I would prefer touristy cards from places to see over the artsy or animal pictures with the exception for Whales - I collect all kinds of Whales. Postcard swaps with touristy or specific theme, but not animal or flowers. I have no filing boxes or folders for flowers or animals other than Whales. I like the places visited to inspire me to add to my bucket list.

I have Colorado cards galore, send me a different state card, please. I am a dog person - Dachshunds and I collect whales. Please send other animal cards to those displaying animal requests in their profiles.

Wishlist - State Capitol Building - AK, AR, MD,MA, MI, OK

Postcards --- Castles, City views, Covered Bridges, Historical sites/ or Historical people, Lantern Press, Large Letter State and City (Greetings from), Lighthouses, Linen, Map or map shape cards, PCs with cutouts, Hold up to the light cards, Busy Tourist's Correspondence Check Off, Vintage touristy, Pictorial Map, State Cards, Touristy of city state or country, Famous Places,


Likes --
Butterflies, Civil War/Revolutionary War, Counted Cross Stitch, Dachshunds, Dragonflies, Embroidery, Ladybugs, Mount Rushmore, Owls, Patriotic themes, Pine cones, Scooby Doo, Sewing notions, Snowmen, Statue of Liberty, Trains, US Presidents and Whales,

Dislikes or not into-- Tea or cocoa, rather have my Boyer's coffee made in Denver.
Make-up not allergic - just not into it, Color Orange, but I am trying (pumpkins are cute)

Sad to say dislikes or disappointments are the flakers and non-raters. I am getting my share.

I will no longer seek out a rating. If you do not receive the swap, let me know and I can resend.

I will sometimes use washi tape and stickers on envelopes and postcards. I do not use the puffy style and would rather you send those to other people. I have to take them off so I can file postcards. Instead of lots of stickers, use the area for writing interesting ideas or topics.

Favorite Quotes

Growing old is Mandatory, Growing up is Optional!! Want to play Hopscotch?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Don't Sweat the petty things and Don't Pet the sweaty things!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §(-¿o)§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time - John Lydate


International Swaps and envelope swaps are taken to the post office. Envelopes are weighed and checked for thickness. I print the address by copy paste from the swap. Your address is then exactly how it is in Swap-bot. My end I feel is secure by handing the swap directly to the postal worker. I will reconsider doing International swaps if resends become an ongoing issue. It gets too costly.

If you do receive a swap from me, would you be so kind as to rate so that I know you received it.

Please leave the bottom half-inch on the front and back for the postal service to mark the card with the bar codes. Writing in that area is difficult to read or completely blurred.

Thank you


Suzyanner rated for Lantern press blank envie 17 on Jan 17, 2020
Comment: Thanks so much for the Lantern Press cards! They are so nice, especially the one with a camper---my parents love camper cards!
Response: Very welcome - Lantern press are not as easy to find, but when I do I get extras. Thank you for rating and for the heart.
shirleyinCA rated for PH: Lighthouse Postcards #6 on Jan 4, 2020
Comment: Thanks for lovely lighthouse pc's. I think Racine is lovely also - I like that it stands tall all alone in the photo!
Response: Very welcome, I like to walk around the grounds at Racine Windpoint since it is so close to family on visits. Thank you for the heart.
MamaMangrove rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #87 on Jan 4, 2020
Comment: First off, I love all those vintage stamps you used on the envie! My favorite of the cards you sent is the Zion Nat'l Park illustration, but that spider web is dazzling as well!.Thank you!
Response: You are very welcome. I just mailed that! - thank you for the very quick rating and the heart.
mamajoy rated for PH: Opposites Scavenger Hunt #4 on Jan 3, 2020
Comment: What a fun swap this was. Loved your choices. Especially Alfie, the wine dog. Who knew? Hugs from Ohio.
Response: You are very welcome - yes fun swap. Just mailed that out - thank you for rating so quickly and for the heart.
MamaMangrove rated for PH: Send 4 Postcards #20 on Dec 31, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much for checking my profile & choosing some cards that match my preferences. As a child of the 60's I'm a fan of both Dylan & the Stones! The vintage Bok Tower card is charming (& it's still as beautiful as that). By the way, I don't mind smaller than 4x6 vintage PCs. The reason I stated on my profile that I preferred standard 4x6 cards is because I've gotten some that are too small to meet USPS mailing requirements & some so big they don't fit in my storage boxes. Guess I should edit & clarify that. Sadly my wicked mail delivery person slashed through all your cool vintage stamps with her broad black marker, but I appreciate your using them nonetheless. Happy New Year!
Response: You are very welcome. I do read the profiles to get a sense of what the partner would like. Sometimes I can send those on their list. Shaking head - Post Office people seem to be in their own world. Sorry that happened. Thank you for rating quickly and for the heart.
Cheshie6 rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #86 on Dec 29, 2019
Comment: I loved the stamps you put on this envelop! I really liked the Pixar pc and the Christmas pc. Thank-you!
Response: You are very welcome, happy you like what I sent. Thank you for rating so quickly and for the heart.
shirleyinCA rated for 4 Map Postcards on Dec 17, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the map cards, especially like Route 66 through Oklahoma!
Response: You are very welcome, seems we are on a same path lately with swaps. Another envie is in the mail. Thank you for the heart.
Comment: Wow, Frieda you made some great postcards! They are cheerful and full of images. I like them so much, I may not send them ;) I thought this was a fun challenge. I wish you a very merry holiday! Take care, RJ
Response: Very welcome - first time making these, and hoped I did ok. It was fun, ones I received I may not send either. Thank you for rating and for the heart.
Comment: Hi Frieda, Your postcards turned out great. I am so happy to add them to my collection.
Response: You are very welcome. A different swap for me. I am glad you like them. Thank you for rating so promptly and for the heart.
Comment: Thank you. I always worry about sending duplicates too! Nice selection you sent.
Response: You are welcome. Thank you for rating quickly and for the heart.
Comment: Thanks for the California map! I had this card, but not in the vintage 3x5 size, so it's great to get another variation of it! Thanks, too, for joining my swap. :-)
Response: Very welcome - thank you for hosting and for the heart.
LadyJo rated for lantern press blank envie swap 15 on Nov 20, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the new Lantern cards that I added to my collection. I love the Pikes Peak postcard as well! Thanks again!
Response: Oh so glad new to you, very welcome. Thank you for rating and for the heart.
MamaMangrove rated for PSH: 3 Card Postcard Hunt #1 on Nov 19, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the charming cards you chose for the swap & the lovely extra Everglades card. I love the three scoops of sherbet & the sweet elephant poster!
Response: You are welcome, glad you like what I sent. I tried to stay away from touristy. Thank you for rating and for the heart.
Comment: I love the postcard and most of all the stamps that you used. Mt. Rushmore is definitely on my list to see in the next couple years!
Response: You are very welcome. I have fun matching stamps with the cards. 18 more months of construction on the Avenue of Flags and amphitheater. Go after that!
Comment: Thank you for all the great PC's, nice choices! Love them!
Response: Very welcome, glad you like them and thank you for rating so quickly and for the heart.
Comment: thank you for the vintage-stamped linen - it put Ventnor City on the map for me ... glad it is still there - wonderful that you have a local postcard club & lots of sewing, etc projects to keep you busy this season - keep on snailing, too!
Response: You are welcome, thank you for rating so quickly.
shirleyinCA rated for Two Maps + Two on Nov 16, 2019
Comment: I love that the maps are not the typical state maps! Thanks also for checking my profile and sending me clouds and a cut out. All keepers! Great swap and cool map envelope, too.
Response: Very welcome, I check profiles and if I have something my stash to match I include it. I like maps and always get extras. Thank you for rating so quickly and for the heart.
isabellasnow rated for SMSUSA: 4 SeAsOnS pOsTcArDs on Nov 15, 2019
Comment: Hi Frienda! Please forgive my late rating! I loved the cards you chose for me--they're all keepers ;+) Thanks so much and hope we get to swap together again soon.
Response: Very welcome, thank you for hosting and for the heart. Same here would like to match up again.
Arabella rated for PSH: 5 Card Hunt #2 on Nov 14, 2019
Comment: These are great postcards, Frieda! And extra credit for Smokey! I didn't have this Smokey pc! I went to college in Durango for year and one of my roommates lived in Cortez, so love the linen pc, too! Thank you so much for the great cards!
Response: You are very welcome. I think I just mailed that! Thank you for rating so quickly and for the heart. Fun swap!
Tricia22 rated for PH: 4 USA #2 on Nov 14, 2019
Comment: Thank you!!
Response: Very welcome, thank you for rating and for the heart.

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Hugs, Pam

catlingmex on Nov 29, 2019:

Many, many thanks for the LOVELY angel ornament you offered (and I won) in the RAK group. Your envelope brightened my day and will be enjoyed all season and for years to come.

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Thank you for the gorgeous Angel from the Nov. RAK group.

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Thank you so much for the Oct RAK stickers and stamps.....=)

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Thank you for the cute Halloween Decorations. My kids and I absolutely love them.... RAKS Only USA group

craftyone on Sep 25, 2019:

Thanks so much for the kokopelli dish towel!! Very nice and I love kokopelli with his flute. What a nice RAK for the RAKS only group

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Thank you for sending me the bonus postcard for the Lighthouse Postacrd swap! I love it and I love your story about visiting and climbing the lighthouse ❤️

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