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Date Joined: January 28, 2012
Last Online: December 13, 2017
Birthday: September 20, 1954
Country: United States

Favorite Music

Dec. 9, 2017-Got Brand new Computer today and in process of learning all about it .. Getting more snow tonight ? .. I go back to Doc on Dec 12 to get final check up and Release back to work.. Other computer - hard drive took a dump and the guy said he couldn't get it to work at all.. so sad for all the photos I lost and items I had saved...Will save up to see if the Geeks at Best Buy can save any....

Love Most Any Country Western Music- I love to Sing Hymns right from the Hymnal. Not too much into modern Christian Music ( I will listen to some ) ..There is a lot of meaning in the old Hymns... Instrumental-Guitar, Piano,Dulcimer, Folk Music, Listen to mostly top 40 on Country Radio while in Car... ..

Favorite Books

Mostly Fiction- Books about: Amish Life, Cook books, Old West, American Indians, Paperback Historical Romances, poetry, Gardening, Bread Baking, any Crafts- Crochet, Quilting. Paper Crafts, DIY -- Christian Fiction, Old Devotionals, I am at Library every other Week...
+ Kindle and Book Bub. Getting so Large Print is much easier to Read..

Favorite Movies

Hallmark Movies, Old Westerns, ...Martial Arts, History, some chick flicks. Family Type Movies. and PixL Channel for Faith and Family Type Movies - Really haven't had time to sit down to watch many movies, Going to check out Pure Flix.

Favorite Television

HGTV, DIY, Cooking channel, Food, History Channel, Hallmark shows... Discovery and Travel Channels, National Geographic... I Do Not like anything SCAREY...zombies etc.. Not too much Syfy either..

America's Got Talent, ,, American Idol, The Voice,,, Bachelor etc. Restaurant Impossible, Mystery Diners, Undercover Boss, Master Chef, Chopped etc...Life Below Zero , Mountain Men, Preppers....Alaskan Frontier, Gold Rush, Sons of Winter, Barnwood Builders, Fixer Upper, Remodeling Shows, Yard Crashers etc... Quilting Shows if I can find them...


Don't need any Paper Products for a while I have a huge tote full..

Check out Rug Mugs and Prim style on Pinterest Oh MY could look on there for hours.. Refinishing Furniture....

Crochet, Quilting ( I am a Wannabe), Sewing, Card making. Bookmark making, a little Painting..Pen and Ink... Love Decoupage

Wishing for: Different Textured Card stock, Mulberry papers, Parchment type paper, Old Linen Paper, ..Paper with Birds or flowers ( even pieces of Wrapping paper ) . I recycle lots...

Pieces of old Lace or crocheted edgings, Doilies, Ribbons any size or color, New or Vintage Postcards from your State, Small Flat Charms to hang off Bookmarks, embellishments, 4"x6" Recipe Cards, , Unique Buttons, Small Scraps of Fabric at least 4 inches Square, Different kinds of Twine and Cording Raffia, Hemp, Jute, Vintage Labels -- Easy Crochet Pattern instructions,....Small Leather scraps, .. Love Anything Hand Made by You

Like to do

We have 40+ Blueberry Bushes as well as other Berries
Anything about Gardening, Flowers, Plants, Birds, Mother Earth News, Prevention, Organic Gardening, 2016- New Planter Boxes for the Garden SEED SAVING

Check out Hometalk.com on line for ideas on recycling, upcycling furniture and stuff for the house- as well as other Topics etc and am on Pinterest
Love Wood shelves etc. Little pottery vases, ( small for the Windowsill) Wendel August Forge Products., Love Hand made Wood Baskets or Wicker Baskets., Picnic Baskets. I love Baking Pies, Scones, Home made Bread and Muffins. "Did I forget to tell you that I make Home made Cheesecake"..

, I collect old Children's Grade School Readers and other Books that catch my eye at yard sales etc., Old household Linens - Old dishtowels, doilies, dresser scarves with crocheted edgings, Hand made wood crafts- We have a hand carved wood hay fork. and big Carved Wooden Spoon. and Wood Saw. Vintage Kitchen tools and Rolling pins. and antique early American furniture. Love Yard and Estate sales, Auctions..., Flea Markets,Thrift Stores, I found some 5 More pieces of Pottery at an Antique Store-this summer that have Blueberries on them.

About Me

I have 3 sons, Justin, Adam, Zach -- Husband Bill is 65. He's A Tool&Die Maker at a Molded Plastics Plant. and the Chief Lawn Mower/tiller Man. ( and dishwasher :D ) ! ! ! I have 4 Grandchildren- 3 grandsons( 15,11,8) and 1 Granddaughter age 8 ( she is into Ballet,Tap and jazz Dancing and has decided to take Swimming Lessons so she can do Synchronized Swimming. ).
I drink mostly Water and Green Tea- Love this made into Sun Tea ! ! , White Tea, Herbal Tea, Love Raspberry, Blueberry,Blackberry, Peach,other similar Fruity Teas, , don't care for the Strong Flavor of black teas or the Spicy ones

NON SMOKER Please do not send me swap items that smell like Cigarette Smoke

RECYCLE What ever I can.... Raised on a Farm, Nature Lover, Wildflowers, Wildlife... like the outdoors when I am not at work.

I like the Darker Blues like navy, Blue Denim colors, Jewel tones, Not really into pinks or Yellow to wear, but finding I am liking shades of Purple, Violet, Plum. lavender, lilac.

Don't care for the "Chocolate Browns" or the "Grays" that decorators use...
I love the look and feel of Natural woods. Oak and other grained woods. +Barn wood.

sort of independent, sometimes conservative, prefer to stay out of the lead or limelight..Don't like Controlling people or wimps.... I don't Care for People who don't have COMMON SENSE or know how to use it... or Swappers who can't follow the Swap Requirements I am 62 yr old, hard to believe that I don't feel like 62.. I feel like I am about 35... :D (Most Days! ).

Always look Forward to receiving a Note or Letter you have Written to me included in the Card or package..Love Reading about YOU , your family, Your Day, what you are Reading or watching on TV or Movies....

My Work... and Education

I work for Comfort Keepers. Non-Medical In-Home Care for Seniors... I have been with this company for 13 yrs as of 9-9-2016, We do on line classes we take to keep us up to date... This Agency is all around the USA and in other Countries... I worked almost 9 yrs in a Nursing/Rehab Home in the Activity Dept. / Recreational Activities with Residents. I am a State Tested Nursing Assistant (License with State of Ohio-since 1996), and attended a Wonderful Seminar in Dublin, Ohio as well as in Cleveland, Ohio..for Alzheimer's Patients and Music.

I used to Volunteer with Hospice of The Western Reserve here in Northeastern Ohio.

Never could afford to go to college. Did take a Cake Decorating Class and did that out of my Home for several Years.. Any skills have been self taught.

Where I Have Been....

Pennsylvania, New York State, Maryland, Colorado, Oklahoma, Four Corners Area out West, Washington DC area, Family Cottage on Middle Bass Island, Ohio,-- Arkansas, I have been to Bogota, Columbia SA, Texas and the New England States.

.Would like to go visit the State of Michigan, Alaska and Washington State and Oregon and Alaska. maybe the Dakotas .... Maybe Florida to see the Orange Trees.. also would like to see Ireland and Scotland and Australia.

Rating.... and Flakers

Nov.23, 2017 -- I will always Rate you same day/next day that I Receive the Swap in the mail... I will always put my Swap-bot name and the name of the Swap on my package or Envelope**.
I love Hosting Swaps and try to make them interesting...and I check Your Ratings and Comments before Assigning Partners

"NOTE: I rate according to the criteria set for the Swap, so please follow it. I will PM you...

If you are going to be late, please let me know. I am very Understanding IF YOU Communicate with me BEFORE the Due Date.

If You do Not Contact me, I will not contact you before I rate. Also, I will not be Pressured into giving you a better rating just because you send Extras, so please don't try.".

If there is a Problem with anything I have sent you for a Swap - Please PM me ...before Commenting and I will contact you likewise

I have been Very Pleased with all of my Swaps and Thank You for the Wonderful Ratings and Hearts. and for the new Friends I have Made... ! ! ! I love Hosting Swaps too..


Comment: My friend has 2 australian blue heelers, about 2 years old. She loves them,but they are very active! Thanks for the poem,and note about your dog!
Response: Thank you for the Heart ! ! Just got Computer today and Learning whole new system.
Comment: I am so glad you felt up to participating in this swap Jean! I LOVE your handmade stocking! Not opening til Christmas so I will come back and comment then! Thank you!!
Response: so glad you got it.. I just got back on New Computer today, just setting it up... what a challenge. thank you for the Heart...Love making The stocking for you..
Comment: i didn't open the gift yet, but the packaging and the wrapping and the tea make me confident i'll love it! thanks for such a beautiful swap!
Response: Glad it arrived Safely... and Thank you for the Heart ! ! !
rarjones rated for CF: PINK for October on Oct 27, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the PINK items you sent along:) I will be praying for you and your upcoming surgery. I had that same surgery about 10 years ago. Took me awhile to get back on my feet but after that it is ok :)
Response: Thank you for the Heart ! ! Hugs from Ohio...Yep only 2 more days..
Response: Thank you for the Heart, Hugs from OHIO.
ellie rated for PS - I love Halloween on Oct 20, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for making this swap so special!
Response: Hugs from Ohio..
Comment: Thank you so much
Response: WOW Thank you for the Heart . I sure hope they didn't take a whole month to arrive...
Comment: thank you for a nice swap. Just adorable. Sorry I forgot to hit save,,,!!♥♥♥
Response: Always worry if something arrives or not... I can't wait to open my gifts at Christmas... Enjoy... Thank you for the Heart...! ! !
Neenie rated for CF - Falling Leaves on Oct 5, 2017
Comment: Hi Jean 😊 Thanks SO much for the wonderful envelope full of falling leaves! Also the note! We have lots in common! Your swap was awesome, even the envelope had falling leaves and 🌻! Love that you read my profile! Wish I could give you more hearts!❤️❤️❤️ Happy swapping!📬🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
Response: Many Hugs and Thank You for the Hearts and Leaves... Glad you liked your envie .... just like potato chips , can't just do 1.....Smile..
Comment: Thank you so much
Response: Sure Glad you got it.. the other Gal got hers in a couple days.. Thank you for rating..
susieq40 rated for CF- Apple of His Eye on Sep 22, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the apple recipe,sounds so good, and I loved your notes included..we have nothing growing now,hubby is about to plant turnip greens....happy Fall
Response: Thank you for the Heart and Kind Comment. We just finished the Green and Yellow String Beans and pulled the plants.. if we ever get any rain we might get more Raspberries, Still have Beets and Carrots in the Garden and a few Cherry Tomatoes and lots of Kale and Basil...WE had Frost this morning, temp down to 31 degrees...
LavenderSprinkles rated for 10 list pad sheets!!!! on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the nice variety of list sheets. Have a great day. Happy swapping.
BeckyG56 rated for CF: Pretty Fall Paper Strips Card on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Another beautiful card from you! Thanks so much! Its great to read about your days, its busy time for you! Good luck with your dinner tonight. Thanks for the flower stamped images.
LadyJo rated for TCHH: Notecard Blessing on Sep 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the blessing notecard and of coarse the nice extras!
Comment: Jean! The mug rug is so cute! I do love cats and the colors are my fall favorites. Thanks for all the extra goodies too!
BeckyG56 rated for CF: Scavenger Hunt on Sep 15, 2017
Comment: Jean, I love the way you sent the Scavenger hunt to me!! Thanks for everything, it will be used. I love the delicate doiley, did you make it? Thanks for sending your bulletin, I enjoy seeing the news, and order of service. Thanks!
Response: Thank You for the Heart...No the Doily wasn't by me.. I can't really do that fine of work...When I saw the letter O in your word I thought of Oatmeal : ) but we couldn't send Food : ) ! !
deblew rated for CPG Made with Maps - US Only on Sep 9, 2017
Comment: On my gosh! If I could give 2 or 3 hearts I would! What a wonderful package.... you made so many cool items! I especially like the bag that you sewed together - so Cool Thank you so much for everything and all your creativeness!!
Response: Thank you so Much for the Kind Complements ,, for the Heart and Quick Rating... so Glad the Swap arrived Safely....Hugs from Ohio..
Comment: I enjoyed reading the quotes you sent! You're right, we aren't very far apart. Blueberries are one of my most favourite! We love picking our own berries (and any other u-picks we can find!).
Response: You are welcome ! ! We were in Mansfield at The Blueberry Patch when we were on Vacation this summer and bought 2 more bushes in Varieties we didn't Have. Thank you for the Heart. ! !
tovanns rated for August 2017- Hand Crafted Book Mark on Sep 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the bookmark and the extras. How did you know I needed more blue thread? Hehe. I look forward to try the Davidson's tea too, it's new for me. The blueberry is one of my all time favourite!
Response: Thank you and Glad you liked the Book mark and Tea....Thank you for the Heart..
Comment: Loved loved loved this swap - thank you for a wonderful peek at where you live!! My SIL is an avid quilter, I can't wait to share this with her!!
Response: Thank you very Much for the Heart and the Nice comment.

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rarjones on Nov 7, 2017:

Thinking of you this morning:) Hope you are recovering quickly and completely! Have a blessed week.

glennasgarden on Oct 31, 2017:

Praying you are recovering nicely this morning Jean and will be back to swapping very soon!

clutterfree on Oct 30, 2017:

Hope all is well with your surgery, post op and a complete and speedy recovery my dear friend!! Praying, Charlene

barbieloufromKY on Oct 29, 2017:

Hoping your surgery goes well and you are swapping again soon! Take care!

pattiairel on Oct 18, 2017:

glennasgarden on Sep 20, 2017:

Happy Birthday Jean! Blessings on your day!

bstitched on Jul 4, 2017:

Happy Independence Day!

allthingsregency on May 30, 2017:

You might not remember, but last year you recommended the Smoky Mountain Dreams series by Sandra Robbins to me. Well, I just want to thank you for your recommendation. I completed the last book yesterday and I just LOVED them (I read all 3 books in 5 days)!!! Though the last book was a bit sad when they had to leave the cove. I would have to say it's one of my favorite series ever and it totally reminded me of Christy. :) Thanks again!!!

cmdunderground on May 10, 2017:

Wow Jean! What an amazing package for the happy mail tag in the FF group. The FOE is awesome, I make hair ties with this for my daughter and I. The thread is super neat! All me thread is from the 60's I think. Great quality, I'm so excited to try it. The stamps- wow- so generous! Great pamphlets. I was interested in the coveted bridge one. I live right down the street from one (MIms Bottom covered bridge) and it was recently destroyed. Well, near destroyed. I haven't seen it as the road has been closed. Apparently a large truck tried to go through. It tore off the back then the front. So sad. It's such an iconic landmark here.

you are amazing! Thank you for making my week!

yvonne401 on Mar 20, 2017:



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