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Nov 14 - I actually still need to be on hiatus. I am not going to ask anyone to be patient with me. I don't ask for things that are common courtesy when someone has not actually been unreliable, and at most is not communicative for a week or two. I am looking forward to, realistically, coming back in capacity early next year.

I am open for messages about admin duties, past swap issues, or just chatting. I will be catching up on my few outstanding communications in the meantime, and hopefully can ease back into this site without being overcome by the dread of unrealistic expectations. Thanks for understanding!

My old account is benevolentghost -- I cannot access it and was hoping to merge it with this one, but recently learned that admins don't read site email and need to be contacted on their personal Facebook accounts. As such, this obnoxious section will likely remain on my profile forever. In the past few years, I have gotten my mental health in check and gotten better at communication, so I'm excited to be swapping again. I made up the swap to damilola but was not rated. I cannot reach the others. My cumulative rating between both profiles would be approx 4.95 -- if properly rated, three 3's and two 1's from inactive users -- which is what I keep in mind when joining swaps.

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Please consider joining the group I run with @feverfawn if you live in the US!: Monsters, Myths, & Legends. It started as an ATC-only group, but we now host all types of swaps -- email, postcards, book and wishlist exchanges, assemblage, letter writing prompts, etc!

Meet the gang!


They are all precious to me and have very complex lives.

My apartment building does not have an outgoing mail slot, and we are advised not to use the outdoor blue mailboxes because of the frequency of theft, so here is where I send my mail every time (unless I take it to the counter): the indoor lobby of my post office. This box was not broken into, a car swerved into the lobby last year and they have not fixed it yet.


Just a lil piece of my life for ya ;)

Btw, I have my old profile saved in a document but I will probably rewrite it when I return in full. Apologies it's so devoid of info currently.


Comment: I love the ATC, the Squonk is adorable. :) Thanks for the stamps as well.
Response: So glad it made it there safe! Thank you for rating!
Comment: Hi Lisa ! Many thanks for the postcard and telling me your favorite is Vapula. I read up on him in my "The lesser key of Solomon". He is quite interesting. Esp. with his Philosophy & science. My favorite is Andras and has been some time now. He is Grand Marquis in the underworld. I love how the body is a an Angel and head of an Owl and he's riding a black wolf. All 3 of my favorites.
Response: I am so glad you liked the postcard and enjoyed looking up Vapula! Andras is great, I love the owl/angel/wolf combo. Thank you for the heart! I'll probably be messaging you about some other stuff!
Byn0604 rated for MM&L: Yokai ATC #1 on Sep 15, 2022
Comment: I absolutely love the Abura Sumashi face. He looks so over pressing the oil.
Response: I'm so glad you liked him!! Can you blame him? Ty for rating! <3
Byn0604 rated for MM&L: Ammit (Ancient Egypt #4) on Sep 10, 2022
Comment: I can't believe I forgot to rate for this... Better late than never right?
Response: Thank you so much for rating! And no worries, it happens lol. I just appreciate that you took the time to come back after all this time!
Comment: Thanks for the email! It was fun to read and I appreciate the added pictures and links. I had never heard of Men Behind the Sun previously (as evidenced by the fact I thought maybe it was a cannibal movie too lol) and though it sounds horrible I admit I am tempted to watch it...however since you took one for the team by watching I may not lol. Also never heard of the other movie you recommended, Benny's Video. Seems there's a lot of horror out there for me still to explore! I have heard of Cannibal Holocaust, just haven't watched it yet unfortunately. Thanks again for a fun exchange!!
Response: Honestly, you should actually watch it. The dubbing makes it way easier to pay attention and you've seen Kelly's legs and lived so it won't bother you lol. I really want to find Benny's Video again! Ty for rating and the heart! Ok actually bf told me that we have it on an external HD somewhere, which is good because the DVD is literally $50.
Comment: HAHA, glad you found some silly people to hang out with back there in the past. The scarab design is really nice. And I love the Egyptian cats washi tape.
Response: I'm glad the message went over well! It's a shame I couldn't stay longer, but honestly, their approach to life got a bit boring. So glad you liked the design, too! Thank you for the heart!
Comment: That is definitely some advice I've been needing to hear; I am getting overwhelmed by lots of half-finished things. And the postcard is pretty neat!
Response: I'm glad you found it pertinent! Ty for rating! :)
wolfeagle rated for Pvt Swamp Creature on Aug 31, 2022
Comment: Thank you. Love everything. I had no idea about the wild thing song being about a swamp creature. And what a dream! It's funny what comes out in dreams. The worst is when your dreams scare you, and then wake you up.
Response: LMAO, the Wild Thing part may have been a white lie, based on me googling "swamp thing lyrics" over and over and wondering why I couldn't find it. I'm so glad you liked everything and that it arrived safe! Thank you for the heart :)
becait rated for Medusa ATC (Folklore ATC #8) on Aug 28, 2022
Comment: great art! this one was a lot of fun, right? happy swapping!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it and I'm very glad it arrived! Thank you for the heart!
CraftyKat rated for Hamster ATC intl on Aug 21, 2022
Comment: I loved the super cute hamster ATC!! Also, thanks for the extras, such happy mail! <3
Response: Yay! I am so happy you liked it! I was so excited when you said that you also like guinea pigs lol, that washi is not often topical!
PrairieKittin rated for MM&L: Quick Bibliomancy PC #2 on Aug 20, 2022
Comment: I never thought about using the I Ching for bibliomancy! Interesting quote. Thank you!
Response: Glad you liked it! :)
aspens rated for Ruin My Week Notecard #3 on Aug 16, 2022
Comment: Wow! What a swap! I had only kind of heard of this struggle and I want to thank you for educating me more on this. You write so academically but still in a way that's easy to digest. And many thanks for the postcards, they are lovely. Thanks again, Lisa!! <3
Response: This was such a nice comment to receive, thank you! I was a little worried that I wrote too much, but I ended up needing to research waaay more than I expected to even figure out what was going on! I didn't realize it was THAT important to the UK. I'm glad you liked the postcards, too! I'm hoping to host a similar swap soon and I hope you join!
tatntole rated for MM&L: $10 Wishlist Surprise! on Aug 15, 2022
Comment: I love both of the gifts you sent for me. Thank you so much!
Response: Yay!! I'm so glad everything arrived safe! Please message me the ghost's name btw lol
ccmmsu rated for Wendigo ATC (Folklore ATC #10) on Aug 6, 2022
Comment: Ooooh, your Wendigo is so creepy cool. I love it! Thank you!! This series is awesome. I hope to do more in the future. :) Thank you so much for hosting it!
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed my Wendigo and the series :) I can't believe I never tried white gel pens until a couple months ago -- too much fun. Thanks so much for participating and thank you for the heart! Hope to swap again!
Comment: My apologies, I thought I left feedback already! Let me just say that these are absolutely beautiful, and I love them so much. I love the meanings and the care you put into crafting them. I also LOVE the mushroom card 🥰 Thank you so much!
Response: No need for apologies, I'm just happy that they arrived safely and that you like them! :) They were my first oracle cards and I had so much fun designing both sides. I appreciate the kind comment and the heart! Hope we cross swap paths again!
ChinaCat rated for MM&L: Quick Bibliomancy PC on Jul 23, 2022
Comment: I LOVED what my postcard said! It kind of gave me the chills. =) Thanks so much for my introduction to Bibliomancy.
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed the card and the swap! I really vibed with the quote I got for you, and I'm happy that came across. :) Thank you for the heart, I'll def be hosting this one again!
Comment: thanks so much! great read. The Empress is one of those cards that tend to come up for me. Fancy you being my swap again! lol
Response: I think you broke my deck wrt The Empress. I think you also broke the SB algorithm! That, or I'm destined to be your consultant and there's nothing either of us can do about it, LMAO. No but really, I'm so glad you've taken to the site! Thank you for the heart!
Comment: THANK YOU SO MUCH. The postcards arrived a few weeks ago but I misplaced them, but now have them with me again. I love Katt's message and also the drawings of her and Flurry. They are the best postcards I've received this year =D
Response: This was such a kind and heartwarming response, thank you :) I am very much looking forward to what you send me! Thank you for the heart! <3
Djevara rated for Mythical Pokemon ATC on Jul 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you, I love the mew ATC, I will put it as a decoration in my office ^^. I love the extra washi tape, they are so cute <3
Response: I'm so glad! And very honored that Mew has a place in your office :) I've had a lot of fun making Pokemon cards, hope we cross swap paths again! If not, I will def message you for a private swap down the line!
chimerix rated for MM&L: Handmade Postcard #1 on Jul 21, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the absolutely wonderful dragon stamp PC. I am in absolute LOVE with it! Aloha!!
Response: I was really excited to send it to you, and I'm so glad you like it! It was definitely a bit outside of my comfort zone but one of those things I'm really glad I tried :) Thank you for the heart! Aloha!

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Byn0604 on Nov 24, 2022:


Byn0604 on Sep 11, 2022:

Oh my word, I hope you are managing to stay dry right now. That flooding looks very scary.

ccmmsu on Sep 6, 2022:


Thank you so much for angeling the Medusa ATC swap for me and for being such an awesome host in general! I love her. And thank you for all the amazing foreign stamps. They are so cool! You ROCK!

wordlesspoetry86 on Aug 30, 2022:

Hello! I can't leave a rating for you for being my gnome angel so I just wanted to leave a comment letting you know how much I appreciate it. Thanks for all the great swaps and especially the group! I'm so happy to be a part of it.

tatntole on Aug 13, 2022:

I received the postcards you sent for 1/2 of my MM&L $10 wishlist surprise. Thank you, I love them and look forward to receiving the 2nd half soon. I will rate you then.

feverfawn on Jul 14, 2022:

Thank you for the wonderful Baba Yaga and Gremlin ATCs for the MM&L tag! I'm so happy to have these in my collection since I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't participate in those parts of the folklore series at the time. Love all the stamps and things you sent as well they have all found places in my album already :) Stay ICKE-Y my friend.

Byn0604 on Jul 11, 2022:

I'm so sorry I forgot to send you a thank you for the amazing stamps you sent me. They are so brightly printed I really love them.

Byn0604 on Jun 19, 2022:

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

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UndergroundReader on May 31, 2022:

Thanks so much for your comment! It's always encouraging to hear that my reading is meaningful and that it resonates. It's really cool to learn that it lined up with your other reading. Hopefully they help you make the most of June! Please keep me in mind for future tarot reading swaps, this is fun!

Byn0604 on May 29, 2022:

Alien on a Sunday Drive

This little dude will be on his way to you on Tuesday!

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