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About Me

Hi everyone!

My names is Tess and swapping is one of my favorite hobbies. I promise to rate and always send on time. If for some reason an emergency happens and it's not able to be sent on time, I promise to message you!

I ALWAYS send my swaps out, if you don't receive one from me, please message me and I'll get another out right away!

I will also try to always work out swaps before rating a 1 or a 3, because I know life happens regardless of your swapping habits!

I put time, love and extra care into all my swaps. I don't send things I wouldn't like to receive!


Disney (Winnie the Pooh, Big Hero 6, Sleeping Beauty, Lilo and Stitch, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmations, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, Anything Pixar related)

Star Wars. I love all things Star Wars.

I love the Tsum Tsum figurines because my sugar gliders, Raven and Binx love small things like that.

I love stickers, as long as they're not crappy or weird. I've gotten plenty of those in sticker swaps already. LOL.

Harry Potter-ANYTHING, here's my index: Luna Lovegood, Rubeus Hagrid, Dumbledore, any of the Weasleys, Buckbeak, Thestrals, the Horcruxes, Dobby, Winky, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch, animagi, Mad Eye Moody, the Deathly Hallows, Dumbledore, Basilisk, Sirius and Regulus Black, Borgin and Burke's, Buckbeak, Crookshanks, Dark Mark, Diagon Alley, Ravenclaw, Dragons, Patronus (Mine is a Dolphin!), The Fat Lady, Floo Powder, Hermione Granger, Goblins, Hedwig, Hippogriff, Hogwarts Express, Platform 9 3/4, Chocolate Frogs, Honedukes, Nevil Longbottom, Padfoot, Poppy Pomfrey, Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, Red Cap, Room of Requirement, Shrieking Shack, Severus Snape, Time Turner, Transfiguration, Lord Voldemort, Veela, Ministry of Magic, MACUSA,

Things I already have: Tom Marvolo Riddle's Ring, a Triwizard Champion light up Trophy, a Hogwarts Wax Seal, an acceptance letter, Hogwarts journal, a wand from Ollivanders, Butterbeer in my fridge (I can always use more butterbeer), all 7 books and a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, RAB Locket, a hagrids hut pin, a ravenclaw head girl pin and a fluffy pin from Universal.

Doctor Who, again, ANYTHING! My bedroom is very tastefully done in MeganLara's Doctor Who artwork as well as several TARDIS(es), a Super Moon on my wall.

Animals-Elephants and big cats are my favorites, but I really love all animals! I have 8 pets currently. I LOVE anything sugar glider related.

Favorite Books

*Harry Potter (faves: Luna Lovegood, Dobby, Hagrid, Tonks, All magical creatures and non-magical (Crookshanks, Hedwig), wands, the Weasley's, artifacts, Ministry of Magic, Hogwarts, anything Ravenclaw themed, Sirius Black, the Knight Bus, Animagi, Snape, etc.)

*Alice in Wonderland

*Gregor the Overlander

*Lord of the Rings


*The Maze Runner

*A Wrinkle in Time


*The House at the End of the Lane

*The Five People You Meet in Heaven

*Dark Tower series

*House of Leaves

*Where the Wild Things Are

*Winnie the Pooh

*Little Golden Books


*ANYTHING involving Children's Literature

Favorite Movies

*Harry Potter series

*Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them

*Any Batman (love Bane)

*X-Men series

*Lord of the Rings Series

*The Hobbit

*Star Trek series

*Star Wars series

*The Fall

*Wizard of Oz

*Alice in Wonderland

*Hocus Pocus



*Rear Window

*Singing in the Rain

*White Christmas

*Meet me in St. Louis

*Little Women

*Toy Story series


*Howl's Moving Castle

*Pan's Labyrinth

Favorite Television

*Doctor Who

*Game of Thrones

*The OA


*Gilmore Girls



*Duck Dynasty

*Jim Henson's Creature Shop

*The Twilight Zone (Rod Sterling)

*I Love Lucy

*Planet Earth


*Anything involving Cosmos

Favorite Crafts

Crafts/supplies I love:

*Stickers-I mainly use them on envelopes and inside cards I send to my partners, I spend a fortune on stickers. :)

*Washi tape

*Hair bows-I love all hair accessories, especially the decorative head pieces that wrap all the way around your head.

*Jewelry making items (I love the Fairytale line that Hobby Lobby has, I've been making book themed necklaces)

I love anything that's handmade and has had time and love put into it. I appreciate everything that's sent to me, but I won't give out fives and hearts for just anything that's sticker slapped or barely glued together.

Angels and flakers.


@art3osb due to my partner not sending swap requirements angeled me some street art photos!

Flakers: Had to angel two packages for Stocking Stuffers #1, not going to tag these girls, because I think they may both be legitimately ill, they're both rated nothing but 5's when they joined and then dropped off swap-bot.

@SaffyDuckSW flaked on Disney Princess Postcard International on 3/31/17 as a newbie.


Comment: Belated thank you for the bold Mary Blair/Disney Alice concept art card and nautical stickers that match the stamp (which reminds me of Ursula's/Vanessa's shell necklace :) so well!
Comment: Thank you for the postcards, I'll send them on next round!
Comment: Thank you so much for the nice postcard of letter soup of Texas, it's great! The crawfish boil sounds fantastic, by the way ... greetings from Chile!
Comment: Beautiful. Thank you!
mariewilliams810 rated for Keep a PC, Mail a PC #4 on May 18, 2017
Comment: Thanks. I will pop this into the mail later today.
Larina rated for Harry Potter PC Swap #4 on May 17, 2017
Comment: Never read the Cursed Child but definitely saw Fantastic Beasts! Can't wait for the sequel! Thanks for the postcard!
YooperHill rated for Freaky Friday Swap #2 on May 16, 2017
Comment: Yes, I do find it a freaky cool PC! Thank you
Nnyla rated for Alice in Wonderland PC Swap #5 on May 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and for hosting and allowing me to share some of my AIW postcard stash!
Comment: After two months I've finally got your PC! Thank you very much, it's new to my collection !
bluecrayons rated for Wild Animal PC Swap #2 on May 14, 2017
emilynhr rated for Disney PC Swap #5 on May 14, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the Sorcerer Mickey pc!
Larina rated for Fairy Tale PC Swap #3 on May 13, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the postcard! I love Beauty and the Beast and want to see the new release but I haven't had any time.I'll add it to my must sees this summer.
PostcardAl rated for Whimsical PC Swap #3 on May 13, 2017
Comment: hello, thanks for the nice card. I love those illustrations from old children's books. Best, al
Comment: Loved everything you sent me. Thank you!
Stahlrala rated for Happy Notecard May #1 on May 12, 2017
Comment: thank u
Comment: Thank you for a great postcard!
Response: Absolutely! Glad you liked it! <3 Thank you for the rating and the heart!
Comment: I love this! Thank you so much!
Response: Yay! So glad you enjoyed it!! :)
Comment: I received my swap, Saturday, April 29, 2017, Thank you.
Response: Thanks for rating!
squince rated for Fairytale PC Swap #2 USA on May 2, 2017
Comment: Cute card. Haven't heard of the Little Match Girl!
Response: If you have Netflix there's a Pixar short films collection and they did a depiction of it, it's wonderful.

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Laney520 on May 7, 2017:

Thank you, for sending my postcard back!!! Mail a PC, Keep a PC. Laney520

sem6727 on May 1, 2017:

Tess, Thanks for sending me my Totoro PC back. I'm glad you liked the HP postcard :) Happy Swapping!

yvonne401 on Apr 14, 2017:

Welcome to Christian Swappers Group! It's great to have you here.



CHOWEFACE on Mar 16, 2017:

Hi! I got your message & I joined both HP swaps hahah. Thanks for the recommend!

PaulandLeezy on Mar 8, 2017:

Thank you for sending my postcard back with a nice note for Send it Home Swap #2! 😊❀

bellyjewel on Mar 13, 2015:

I'm always finding craft supplies at the dollar tree - colored file folders, stickers, or loose binder rings for mini albums. But if you think you need one of something get two or three they run out or sell out quickly!

drgngirl on Feb 25, 2015:

Hi! You are my partner for the Geeky Flat Surprise Swap so I thought I'd peruse your profile and I noticed that you like the show, FaceOff. My sister-in-law's sister is on this season! Her name is Jamie and she won last week's challenge (the Troll challenge)! I find this show really cool and creative. I love watching it! I can't wait to find something to send you!

PookiePie1307 on Feb 9, 2015:

I missed the sign up date for the first by accident lol will check out the second!

LaLaLove on Feb 9, 2015:

Sure, I'd love to do a profile based swap, but it'll have to be after Valentine's Day. I own a bakery and it's our busiest week by far!

namelessgirl on Feb 7, 2015:

Hey! Yes, please just give me a shout when you've got some time and we can get started writing back and forth :)

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