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About Me

Hi! I'm Jaimie, i'm 20 and I live in England, UK. I'm quite new here, but am loving it so far! I've hosted a few swaps and have some groups i've created so have a look if you'd like to join! I'd noticed there wasn't many UK-based swaps so for those of us that want swaps to be a little less expensive postage-wise, feel free to join! I'm trying to keep swaps up 99% of the time so they should be pretty active groups!

I absolutely love animals. I currently have two chihuahua dogs, a 6 year old short-hair female called Tink, who my family re-homed 4 years back (but over time she just sort of became mine!) - she only has one eye but as she's a rescue we aren't 100% sure what happened to her! She's not affected by it whatsoever and is just adorable.

I then also have a 13 week old (as i'm writing this - he was born in September 2019) long-hair male puppy who myself and my boyfriend picked up 2nd December, who we called Lucky. My pups are definitely some of the best bits about my life and I couldn't imagine life without them!

I've linked 2 Instagram accounts which I use as often as I can, as well as my Pinterest where i've started creating boards quite often now, so let me know if you follow any and i'll follow you all back!

My Hobbies

Some things I enjoy doing are:

-Spending time with my boyfriend and our doggies

-Taking photos and using Pinterest for inspiration (I've got a few boards on the account linked if you'd like to see- I have a thing for aesthetics aha!)

-Writing pen-pal letters both handwritten and on the app 'Slowly'.

-Planning decoratively (Instagram account linked)

-Shopping (Mostly online as I don't go out too much due to anxieties etc).

-Creating crafty blog posts, which is something new I've been doing. My blog is linked if you'd like to see!

Things I Love

Some things I love that might help give you an idea of me and things to send if you're personalizing swaps, are:

-Animals- especially dogs, foxes, hedgehogs, and any cute pictures of all animals!

-Anything craft/planner/pen pal related - stickers, washi tapes, writing papers and envelopes, sticky notes, die cuts, postcards, notecards etc.

-fashion, makeup & hair related things (I love things like bandanas & flower crowns especially).

-drawing/art- digital especially!

-Quotes- motivational, positivity, inspirational, mental health positives, self care related etc

-Nature-related things, especially cacti and succulent plants

-Pastel colours - i'm not too keen on too bright or too dull things

-Christmas! It's my favourite time of the year for sure

-Autumn/Winter time, and anything to do with them

-Aesthetic photos

-Anything cute!

-Marble/geometric patterns

-candles - i'm sensitive to smells so if you'd like to do a candles/smellies-based swap, please mention to me - i'm really not sure why this is!

Of course i'll appreciate anything sent, but these are just a few ideas i've had!

A-Z I Like

I saw a few profiles do an A-Z of things they like to make swaps easier and to add more information and I loved the idea of it! (Will be added to over time).

A- Aesthetics, Animals, Autumn, Art,

B- Botanical, Baby Animals,

C- Candles, Chihuahuas, Crafts, Cute Things, Cacti Plants,

D- DOGS! Decorated Mail, Drawing, Digital Art,

E- X

F- Flowers/Floral Things, Flowers, Family, Flipbooks,

G- Gifts, Geometric,

H- Handmade, Happiness-Based,

I- Inspirational,

J- X

K- Kittens,

L- Leaves, Lists,

M- Motivational, Make-Up, Marble Patterns,

N- Nature, Notecards, Notepads,

O- X

P- Pastel Colours, Pets, Personalised Swaps, Pen Pals, Pinterest-Related, Postcards, Profile Decoration Swaps, Photos & Photography, Plants

Q- Quotes

R- Roses,

S- Stickers, Snow/Snowflakes, Self-Care, Stationery, Socks, Snow,

T- Thoughtful, Tea-Related (Not Actual Tea Bags),

U- X

V- X

W- Writing Sets, Washi Tape, Winter, Water Colour,

X- X

Y- X

Z- X



The address I've added for posted items to be sent out is my grandparents. The reason for this is that I am living between there and my boyfriends for the moment.

Due to having our new puppy (mentioned before in the about me section) and not wanting to disturb his living arrangements, especially while he settles in, i'm mostly at my boyfriends!

For this reason, any posted swaps sent to me may have a bit of a delay in ratings back to you. I get my mail from them at least weekly, usually more often, but just in case for whatever reason it's more of a wait, this is the reason for it!

I will rate pretty much instantly when I've got the swap with me, so please try to be patient when waiting for your rates, I will get round to them I promise!

Things I Don't Like

There are also some things I'd rather not receive, and so I thought i'd add those (with the reasons why, don't want to sound ungrateful!) -

-Tea bags (I do drink tea, but only traditional English/breakfast teas, and I'm quite fussy too!)

-Unicorn/Mermaid/Mythical/Disney/Child-related etc items (Just isn't really something i'm into!)

-Scented Items (I'm quite picky and sensitive to smells)

-Religion-themed Things (I'm not religious and have no opinions either way about them, so any items related to this would probably be best sent to someone else! I am in no way against them or anything like that, just not something I really have a say on!)

-Politic-themed Things (Again, politics and things is also something I don't have a great deal of opinions on! I find it extremely hard to understand and as much as I get they're important, I'd rather not have them included in my swapping!)

-Cotton Wool / Wooden Lolly-Pop Sticks (Very random, but thought i'd add it in as a note just in case there comes a time where either of these things could possibly be included in a swap, as they make me cringe so much and for some reason I just reaaaally hate them haha!)

-Anything that could somehow be seen as offensive; I don't get offended easily but I wouldn't want a swap to be negative in any way!


Fabriqueen rated for 2020 Valentines Day greeting card on Feb 17, 2020
Comment: Wow! I love this card! Thank you so much! Thank you also for the postcards! Hugs, Diane
BluBerry rated for Profile Based #1: Common Interests on Feb 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much! I love the stickers and the washis!
Response: You're very welcome!
farangelinan rated for Swap 11: Pets on Feb 16, 2020
Comment: The chihuahuas are so precious. I had a baby applehead chihuahua too, but he is no longer with us anymore.
Response: Aww, I love them so much! I bet he was gorgeous, thank you for the rating!
Comment: Thank you very, very much for your mail and all the gorgeous washi tape samples! I can't wait to use them all to create more gorgeous mail. Thanks again for making my day better!
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely comment! You're welcome, glad you liked them!
mysmashbooklife rated for Swap 11: Pets on Feb 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the pictures! They are so cute!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the rating!
heyjoanahey rated for 15 washi samples international on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: Thank you! Love the blue one with little dashes!
Response: So glad you liked them!
Comment: Hi Jaimie! I was thrilled with the personalized card you sent - what a nice idea you had - even my husband was impressed with it and that is something, believe me! Also thank you for the postcards ....it all arrived right on time too!
Response: Haha that's great! So glad you liked it, I hope you and your husband had a lovely day!
Response: Thank you for the 5!
Kirkdebb rated for Sticker Sheet Swap #17 on Feb 14, 2020
Comment: I love the beautiful stickers you sent!! Thank you!!
Response: So glad you liked them, you're more than welcome!
KatKit rated for 2020 Valentines Day greeting card on Feb 14, 2020
Comment: What fun to receive a personalized card. I was quite surprised when I opened it. Thanks for the postcards and the swap. Happy Valentines Day.
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Happy Valentines!
zurdoswifey rated for Sticker Sheet Swap #17 on Feb 13, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the stickers 🙂
Response: You're welcome!
Comment: thanks for participation as ALWAYS
Response: Haha thank you!
Jorryn rated for Sticker Sheet Swap #17 on Feb 12, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the stickers. I've already used a lot of the happy mail stickers.
Response: You're welcome, so glad you got use out of them!
mysmashbooklife rated for Swap #9: Mail on Feb 12, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the pictures! I love the red mailbox!
Response: You're welcome, glad you liked the photos!
euniceq rated for Swap #10 Valentine on Feb 12, 2020
Comment: I love those pictures, thank you! And they got me in the mood to make some Valentine cookies :P
Response: Haha, glad you liked them :)
euniceq rated for Swap #9: Mail on Feb 12, 2020
Comment: I love the pictures you chose! Very aesthetically pleasing :)
Response: Glad you liked them, thank you for the rate!
nannycat rated for Swap #9: Mail on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: thank you for your lovely mail pics, we have red letter boxes here in Australia as well .regards Wendy
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Wonderful list you have! I hope you accomplish them all 💖 Thank you for the adorable extras!
Response: Thank you! So glad the swap reached you!
PeliKat rated for Organize This Craft Room!! on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: Jaimie, thanks for sharing your Pinterest craft room organization board with me. You have a lot of good ideas pinned, and there were several that might work for my craft area as well! This is my year for getting the house decluttered and my dream craft room set in motion. Thanks for contributing to my goal! Happy crafting to you!
Response: You're welcome! I love finding inspiration through Pinterest, thank you for the rating!

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