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Squashed pennies!!

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Squashed pennies!!
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Last day to signup/drop:February 28, 2007
Date items must be sent by:March 15, 2007
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Have you ever put a penny into one of those souvenir squashing machines? My mom and I collect them like crazy, (the pennies, not the machines). There\'s a website at http://www.pennycollector.com that has a huge list of machine locations, and chances are there\'s one near you! Most of the machines are in the U.S. but there are a few in different countries, so this will be an international swap.

Each person will have 2 partners, and this swap will be to send 1 squashed penny to each swap partner. It would be fun if the penny was from a machine local to you, but it can be from anywhere. Including a little note about your penny would be extra appreciated! This is the first swap I\'ve coordinated, and if this one goes well, there will be more of these in the future!

Just one tip-the best pennies for squashing in these machines are 1981 or older. Those pennies are all copper, unlike later pennies which are primarily zinc. Newer pennies tend to get all silver-streaky in the press, and the silver parts turn black if you try to clean them. So if possible, please use an old penny if you have one. But really, any penny will do!

New members are more than welcome! However, please don\'t sign up for this one if you have no intention of sending a squashed penny. Please contact me if you have any questions! This should be fun!!


FridaKahlo 02/12/2007 #

What a cool idea for a swap. I am in Lancaster PA and will probably use the one in Intercourse, however, i am from philadelphia and if i can score one from there i may do that, or maybe both!! Dianne

mercuriousmith 02/12/2007 #

Hi, my 4 year old really covets these pennies. Of course, he loses them within a week, but while he has them HE REALLY LOVES THEM. His name is Revi in case you read this and are able to address it to him. Thanks!

flubadub 02/12/2007 #

this should be fun! the Milwaukee Public Museum has several machines and often brings in machines specific to the theme of special exhibits..I can't wait to see what turns up!

user5957 02/12/2007 #

This sounds like a fun swap. My kids and I collect them every where we go on vacation. Interesting fact about using the old pennies. Count me in.

user5779 02/13/2007 #

WOW! I'm so excited about the great turnout for this swap so far! This is going to be fun!

SueFitz 02/13/2007 #

I love these - I'll see what extras I have for now.

I have some from train and carosel in Los Gatos.

user6083 02/14/2007 #

This is great, there's actually a machine down the street from my workplace - good thing I know where my squashed penny collection book is so I have a place to put the ones I get in return. :)

millsgrad 02/16/2007 #

this is so cool!!! I love these too and have just recently started to do a better job of keeping track of the ones I have. that site is awesome!

moowee 02/24/2007 #

I got my pennies today. I am so excited!

Stmpnmnga 02/27/2007 #

Hello penny swappers! In viewing some of the comments I see that some are having probs. keeping track of them. At some of the machines they have a little book w/ pockets in which to place the pennies. Hope you can find one in your area. If not, maybe try the website.

takeabreak 02/27/2007 #

Sounds like fun! Will purchase my pennies on Saturday from Smithfield, Virginia.....the ham capital.....they will have pig imprints on them.

Zefaniya 02/27/2007 #

Oh! My husband I always get those pennies whenever we see the machines so I have a ton of them. I am new to swapbot so I am not entirely postive how to go about this swap. I'd appreciate any help given! :)

user5779 02/28/2007 #

Hi Harmonic_melody! Welcome! The addresses of your partners will be given to you, tomorrow, I think. (This is my first time hosting a swap so I'm sort of learning it from this end.) Anyway, once you get your recipients' addresses, you can send your items. They should be mailed by March 15. A week after the "send by" date, you will be able to rate your partners who sent you something. I hope this helps!! :)

user6639 03/ 1/2007 #

Hi all. I'm excited about my first swap-bot swap! And I love smashed pennies!! I signed up at the last minute, as I just joined swap-bot yesterday, but I found two local smashed pennies already in my collection that I can send. Here's a little question: Since the pennies are mostly flat, do you think a regular envelope would suffice? With some card stock, or a couple index cards on either side of the coin, but still, I think, it would end up regular weight for mailling. Please, more-experienced-swappers, let me know if you think this would work. Thanks!!

user5779 03/ 1/2007 #

Seeshells, welcome! I'm pretty sure it'll work. I hope so, anyway, since I sent mine out this morning without any card stock! LOL. I just put mine inside the notepaper. If I get them returned to me I'll let you know!

millsgrad 03/ 1/2007 #

mine will be ready to go out tomorrow! :)

Aerochik 03/ 2/2007 #

This is a great swap idea, my children and I collect them whenever we see a machine. I always have quarters and pennies in my pocket when we travel, you never know where you'll find a penny squasher!!!

user6083 03/ 3/2007 #

A regular envelope will suffice for squashed pennies, just please note that the US Postal Service charges something like an extra 15 cents if you send an envelope with something hard in it that can't go through their machines. They WILL charge you this extra fee for a squashed penny (I asked).

user5779 03/ 4/2007 #

Oh, man. Thanks for checking, crankytiger. PJKat and g-girl--You were my swap partners, so if you read this message please let me know if you get your pennies!! If they come back to me I will let you know too. Either way, I'll make sure you guys get your pennies!

SueFitz 03/ 5/2007 #

Will be sending my this week, but want to acknowledge that I've already gotten some from Anita. What great examples.

PS - How does everyone store their coins?

millsgrad 03/ 5/2007 #

leloo, I got my penny today! thanks!! cute stationery too. :)

user5779 03/ 6/2007 #

G-girl, COOL!!!! I'm glad it went through-especially considering I didn't put extra postage on! Thanks for complimenting my stationery, too. I'm a kawaii freak.

Hey, suefitz-I have about a dozen special books that hold pennies. Sometimes they sell them near the machines, especially if the machines are located in a gift shop.

millsgrad 03/ 6/2007 #

leloo, I didn't put extra postage on mine either. I don't think the pennies make it weigh that much more. thanks again..and thanks for hosting this swap. :)

user3766 03/ 6/2007 #

I got my penny from Kim in Alaska! It was squashed at the North Pole- right in Santa's Workshop. How cool is that! I'm such a Christmas nut - it couldn't have been more perfect! Thanks Kim! KellyS

pandagirl 03/ 9/2007 #

I received my pennies today. :)marie

Clayshaper 03/ 9/2007 #

We got the Squashed Pennies for this swap down on the wharf in Seattle- there aren't anymore machines that we could find here in Everett, and I had to be down in Seattle anyway for a Doctor/Hospital thing anyway. It made my day to be able to end it by getting some squashed pennies (it makes ME want to collect them! hrmf.) and to take some pictures of our temporary 'stuffie mascot' swap buddy on Seattle's famous wharf... it was a nice end to an otherwise difficult day! My partners should be seeing their pennies in the mail as soon as the postal office delivers them! They're on the way now!

user5779 03/ 9/2007 #

Cool, Clayshaper! I'm glad this swap is making people happy! :) I got both my pennies-one from the Houston Zoo and one from the Garden of the Gods in CO. COOL!! Thank you guys so much!! :-D

moowee 03/ 9/2007 #

I got my penny today from New Orleans and a Mardi Gras dubloon too. Very Cool. Hugs and Kisses to Margee for a great swap.

millsgrad 03/ 9/2007 #

pandagirl, i received my penny today! Very cool envelope! :)

user6083 03/10/2007 #

Suefitz, glad you got them! As far as storing them, I actually have a pressed coin book that I bought in Monterey Bay, though you can buy them all over the Internet.

Leeloo, I hope you do this again in a couple months - I'm going to Disneyland for my birthday and I KNOW they have pressed coin machines there. :)

Aerochik 03/10/2007 #

S Stacey I received your penny a few days ago, it was a nice surprise, Puerto Rico. Thnx a bunch

Aerochik 03/10/2007 #

Seeshells, Your package arrived today (on my birthday), it was such a nice surprise. I love squashed pennys!! Thnx a bunch

Aerochik 03/10/2007 #

Karine & La Vita Bella Your pennies were shipped yesterday, but I couldn't access my internet to let you know sooner. I included a little something with them for more info.... This was a fun swap!!! Thanks

user3766 03/12/2007 #

Meg - I got my penny and pamphlet today. What a beautiful place. Thanks! Kelly

jakfrostwife 03/12/2007 #

Seeshells & threebbbs1

Your pennies are on their way......I feel really bad as BOTH of my partners were on the ball and I've gotten both set's already~jakfrostwife

user5689 03/13/2007 #

Your pennies have been sent....Hope you enjoy them. Kathy

kvidas 03/14/2007 #

mailed to my partners today(can't say who though, don't want to ruin the surprise!)

charolette33 03/14/2007 #

Liz- thanks for the pennies and the fun extras! It came last weekend and was just the treat I needed. :)

alwaysjoy 03/14/2007 #

wildcargo and honeybee your pennies are in the mail

FridaKahlo 03/15/2007 #

I received pennies from julie from texas! thanks so much! Dianne

SueFitz 03/15/2007 #

Mine when out today to CA and VA. Hope you like them.

takeabreak 03/16/2007 #

I know that one of my partners received their penny (stmpnmnga - I am glad your granddaughter will enjoy the coloring book).
alissao, I hope you received yours. If not, please let me know and I will mail out another packet.

Zefaniya 03/16/2007 #

I got my WDW penny from Ninety Viana!

takeabreak 03/17/2007 #

I received my Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad penny from suefitz. Thank you and it sounds like a neat idea that you will be using extras for charms.

Zefaniya 03/19/2007 #

I also got my other pressed penny from Jeannie. That place you sent a brochure of looks like a ton of fun! :)

takeabreak 03/23/2007 #

aliasso - still haven't heard from you and hope all is well. did you receive my packet? if not let me know and i will send another. i mailed to you on 3/4. take care, joanne - take a break

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