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Holiday Ornament Swap presented by cake & pie and

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Holiday Ornament Swap presented by cake & pie and
Swap Coordinator:freshlyblended (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts 
Number of people in swap:434
Last day to signup/drop:November 10, 2008
Date items must be sent by:December 10, 2008
Number of swap partners:10

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Holiday Ornament Swap hosted by cake & pie and freshlyblended! The swap has gotten so big that we've had to move to a new venue this year. The basic idea of the swap is still the same but a few rules may have changed so read accordingly.

GUIDELINES The guidelines are simple: 1. Sign up for the swap by creating an account at swap bot, you will be walked through the whole process making it very easy and quick to sign up for the swap.

  1. On November 12th you'll receive an email from us containing the addresses of 8-10 other swap participants to send your ornaments to.

  2. Design a handmade ornament that you can create multiples of and make your ornaments.

  3. Package your ornaments well...especially if you create anything fragile.

  4. Send one of your ornaments to each person on the list of 8-10 other swap participants in your group by December 10th.

  5. Sit back, relax and wait as you receive 8-10 fabulous handcrafted ornaments in the mail!

  6. If you would like to share photos of the ornaments you make and receive, you can now do that right here at swap bot, how convenient!

*A note on international shipping. This year we do not have the ability to specify how many international addresses you will get so please plan for that. We also do not have the ability to create U.S. domestic-only swap groups. If you create lightweight ornaments that can be shipped in a padded envelope or small lightweight box, shipping prices really are not that much more international, but we encourage everyone to check with their local post office about shipping rates, or even bring your ornament to the post office to be weighed etc, if you are concerned about postal costs.


freshlyblended 10/27/2008 #

happy swapping!

mikodesign 11/ 1/2008 #

i'm so happy to be a part of it this year!

karenzatom 11/ 1/2008 #

Whoohooo! I missed last year, so I'm extra revved up and ready to go this year!

kilauren 11/ 1/2008 #

Thank you for doing this again! This is the only swap I do, and I can't wait to get started! =)

LuvQuilts 11/ 1/2008 #

My first year, can't wait, already have all of my ornaments ready to mail.

QuiltyQT 11/ 1/2008 #

It's going to be fun. This is the first year for me and my mom "LuvQuilts".

Craftykimmy 11/ 1/2008 #

This will be my 2nd year, and I'm so excited. I'm not sure what I want to make yet, I have time still to do some sketching and thinking. :-)

kitkabbit 11/ 1/2008 #

I can't wait to get my 3d round of ornaments! This just gets bigger and better! I'm looking forward to this SO MUCH again!

candybuttons 11/ 1/2008 #

YAY! I'm so excited to be a part of this for the 3rd time! :)

lekki 11/ 1/2008 #

Hi, thanks for organizing this again, so much fun.

poketypatch 11/ 2/2008 #

I loved it last year and was looking forward to doing it again. Thanks for organizing!

parallelbotany 11/ 2/2008 #

Yay, three years running! Thanks so much for doing this again :)

I've never used this website before. As far as sharing photos, is there going to be a members-only forum or some such?

freshlyblended 11/ 2/2008 #

not sure how the photo sharing goes yet, we'll have to see when it's time to post

marlomarizza 11/ 2/2008 #

This is my first time and I am excited to get some gorgeous ornaments (my collection is quite lacking). I can't wait to make some pretties either!

daisychain 11/ 2/2008 #

This was so great last year. I received some lovely ornaments-thanks for organising it again!

tamaradesigns 11/ 2/2008 #

I'm really looking forward to doing this again... I received some great ornaments last year, and discovered some pretty cool crafters/bloggers too. I'm also a newbie at swap-bot so any instructions on posting pictures would be greatly welcomed.

tigerluxe 11/ 2/2008 #

this is wonderful! thanks for organizing this event...i'm looking forward to getting started on my ornaments :)

tigerluxe 11/ 2/2008 #

this is wonderful! thanks for organizing this event...i'm looking forward to getting started on my ornaments :)

jude 11/ 2/2008 #

So happy to be participating for the third year in a row. Thank you again for organizing this.

racheljohnson 11/ 2/2008 #

Hi freshly{blended}/cake & pie swappers! We are very excited that you are swapping on Swap-bot this year! Any of you with old Swap-bot accounts whose display names were switched to a default (user###), contact me (rachel [at] swap-bot.com) and I can help you change it to the username of your choice. As for the photo sharing, we have a very rudimentary photo gallery system on the site to use, but many swappers also set up groups on sites like Flickr for sharing their photos. We are currently working on a new Swap-bot gallery system, but I am not sure that it will be ready in time for your swap... maybe...

Again, welcome and happy swapping!

Rachel Johnson
Swap-bot Admin

kaffy 11/ 2/2008 #

i LOVE making ornaments. What a great swap :)

christinef 11/ 3/2008 #

first year entrant here......can't wait for the fun.

kazza70uk 11/ 3/2008 #


This is my second year. Last year was great. I received some really original ornaments and it was so exciting opeing the post each day.

I'm looking forward to this year's fun.

supercoolchic 11/ 3/2008 #

its aaaaaaaaaaaasome

freshlyblended 11/ 3/2008 #

we may have to set up a flickr account for posting photos again, i'll get back to all of you about this!

Peacewytch 11/ 3/2008 #

I spent HOURS last night looking at your ornaments from last year, wow! Did you think you'd be creating a Christmas monster swap of this magnitude? Yay!

Peacewytch 11/ 3/2008 #

I spent HOURS last night looking at your ornaments from last year, wow! Did you think you'd be creating a Christmas monster swap of this magnitude? Yay!

freshlyblended 11/ 3/2008 #

If you would like to post photos of the ornaments you are creating and eventually receiving, we've started a flickr group for the swap. You will need a flickr account to join and upload photos to the group (accounts are easy to set up and free!)


ShinySuitcase 11/ 3/2008 #

Woot! Returning for a third year! Can't wait. Always lovely ideas and such lovely ornaments.

Momalah 11/ 4/2008 #

How do I start? I'd love to join in the swap this year. Just tell me what to do.

MisterKite 11/ 4/2008 #

This swap gets better each year.

tinyfishes 11/ 5/2008 #

Third year for me too! Thanks for making it happen!

simo3086 11/ 5/2008 #

Hi, can I join this wonderful swap? Thanks Simona

loa 11/ 5/2008 #

Hello I'm happy to be part of it! See you

flamehair 11/ 5/2008 #

Woo! I had a ball last year and I already have a great idea for my ornaments this year.

kgeslab 11/ 6/2008 #

Wow! this should really be fun! Thanks for such a great swap!

cupcakeguru 11/ 6/2008 #

I did this on Craftster last year - is this the same swap?

tkittle28 11/ 6/2008 #

First timer! I am so excited to get started!

SillyStringPancakePixie 11/ 6/2008 #

My first time too! Hooray for ornament swaps!

tkittle28 11/ 6/2008 #

I wish I had as cute a name as SillyStringPancakePixie!!!

SillyStringPancakePixie 11/ 6/2008 #

Don't worry tkittle your profile picture is VERY cute!

camelama 11/ 6/2008 #


nysa 11/ 7/2008 #

I'm glad I remembered to google this. I really enjoyed participating last year and am sorry I didn't get an email reminder of some sort. I feel lucky to have thought of it before the deadline. This will be fun!!

Okate 11/ 7/2008 #

Thanks, Nysa, for notifying me that the Swap sign up was posted!

Becky 11/ 8/2008 #

I'm new to Swap Bot. Would love to join.


CindyCraftyBites 11/ 9/2008 #

This my second swap here, ..hmm, ornaments huh..

Anyone kind enaugh to tell what can I make, or what you guys like to receive??

Regards -Cindy@CraftyBites-

nichole2203 11/ 9/2008 #

Can't wait! :o)

nichole2203 11/ 9/2008 #

Can't wait! :o)

angelan 11/ 9/2008 #

I'm in! I can't wait!

Becki 11/10/2008 #

Wow! 358 people in this swap?!?! That is awesome! Hope we don't need too many swap angels! :-) I looked for days and changed mind half a dozen times & am now working on mine! Almost done with first one. :-)

Becki 11/10/2008 #

Wow! 358 people in this swap?!?! That is awesome! Hope we don't need too many swap angels! :-) I looked for days and changed mind half a dozen times & am now working on mine! Almost done with first one. :-)

Becki 11/10/2008 #

Why does it post 2 times when I only hit enter once??? Anyone know?

mabrodeur 11/10/2008 #

I'm new to this swap, but very much looking forward to it!

sherrykadan 11/10/2008 #

I am so excited. I have my ornaments made and am just waiting on buddies so I can get to painting.

Smandrea 11/10/2008 #

I am so excited! It was so much fun last year!

trayyan 11/10/2008 #

This should be interesting!!YAH

MixedMangos 11/10/2008 #

This is all new to me, but I'm so excited!! I love making just about anything and have a quite a few ideas brewing for my ornaments! Hooray for Christmas crafting!

sweetiemom 11/11/2008 #

i am so excited about this swap. got my oranements ready

318amandab 11/11/2008 #

Oh no! I just found out about this and signed up, but I think I'm too late. Is there any kind of late sign-up extension?

peihan17 11/11/2008 #

Holy cow on people who already have their ornaments done! I've got some ideas- gonna work on them this weekend =D This is going to be awesome!

Mariekuniek 11/11/2008 #

It's my first time and I'm so excited to be parth of such a fun swap!

sarahjefferis 11/11/2008 #

Can't wait to get started. I love supporting and seeing creativity around the world! Go handmade!

SillyStringPancakePixie 11/11/2008 #

First timer to Swap Bot here. Just trying to understand how it works Do you receive ornaments from the same people you send them to? A direct swap?

JacquiMcR 11/11/2008 #

As a first time swopper, I'm very excited and a tiny bit scared. I really hope my ornaments are good enough for everyone. Fingers crossed xx

kgeslab 11/11/2008 #

Sillystring - you will not have the people who have you. I think this swap has set a record for the most people ever in a swap!!!!! I can't wait to see what I get. Now off to working on mine!

ChelaArtista 11/11/2008 #

So, sorry, I thought deadline was 12th. I'm hoping I can still participate. Thanks!

cpate 11/11/2008 #

Thanks for organizing this for another year! I had a blast doing it last time. I can't wait to send and receive hand made ornaments soon.

pbeancraft 11/11/2008 #

I'm so sad. I signed up, successfully, even got a confirmation email... But swap bot says I didn't verify my email address when I signed up, so I was booted off the list and now the deadline is over... =( If there is anyone else who had this happen, and needs swappers, comment here! This has been one of my favorite things about the holidays since it started!

Percy2626 11/12/2008 #

Is kgeslab right that we don't have the same people that have us? We always have before! I a, so excited to do this for the third year!!! Happy swapping all.

Becki 11/12/2008 #

Hi Percy2626, I believe Swap Bot randomly picks the people you send to. So far all my swaps, I don't have the people I send to. I was always used to a 'partner' being I send to them... they send to me. I never know who is sending to me until I receive it. Does anyone know, is there a ways to see who is supposed to send to us?

Becki 11/12/2008 #

Hi Percy2626, I believe Swap Bot randomly picks the people you send to. So far all my swaps, I don't have the people I send to. I was always used to a 'partner' being I send to them... they send to me. I never know who is sending to me until I receive it. Does anyone know, is there a ways to see who is supposed to send to us?

Panj 11/12/2008 #

Yes Becki. if you click on the Rate your partner and coordinator up in the yellow box you can see who sends to you.

sarahjefferis 11/12/2008 #

So technically we aren't 'partners'. I am so used to doing it penpal style. I give you something, you give me something.

I emailed the people on my list and they emailed me back confused, saying I wasn't on THEIR list....Very weird system

bzellerholland 11/13/2008 #

The "Put this image on your site!" code isn't working for me. The image seems to be a dead link?

HaleyG 11/14/2008 #

First time swapper!!! So excited. Last year my room-mate swapper and I loved seeing all the things she recieved. So excited to be a part of this!!!! Yay!

sjiraff 11/14/2008 #

I'm a little dissapointed that we don't have groups this year, but super excited about everything else! :) Can't wait to start swapping! :)

Becki 11/14/2008 #

Will there be a place to upload pics of the ones we made & the ones we receive like last year? I am only 2 ornaments away from being done! And I am SUPER excited about this swap! I really stressed, because I want the ornaments I make to make someone say "Oh, I am so glad I got this!" and hang it on their tree every year. :-) So.... I am hoping I succeeded.
Panj, thanks for the reply, that was so dumb of me! I realized I go in and rate & it didn't 'click' in my poor over worked brain! lol

smallfox 11/17/2008 #

I'm a little disappointed that we aren't in groups this year. That was a huge part of the fun in year's past. Knowing who was sending to you and getting to know them on their blogs and having a group of people who got the same/similar ornaments as you and seeing them all together.

I know that Cake and Fresh had nothing to do with that, but I think it's a real oversight on the part of swap bot not to have that as an option.

tkittle28 11/17/2008 #

I know this may be a dumb question but how do I find the addresses of my swap partners?

tkittle28 11/17/2008 #

nevermind! I found the link .. Sorry!!!

sewliberated 11/17/2008 #

I received an email from someone who was supposed to send me an ornament saying that she had to drop out of the swap and that I was only to make 9 ornaments. No big deal, I thought - one less to make, one less received. But no! I still have to send out 10 ornaments, and I guess I'll only be receiving 9. Bummer! This is a HUGE disadvantage of not being in swap groups. Is there any way to remedy this?

cupcakeguru 11/18/2008 #

smallfox - you can still see who is sending to you if you click on the rate your partners and coordinators button.

sixaguilars 11/18/2008 #

sewliberated! I'll send you an ornament. I don't mind sending out an extra one. I'll email your site. :)

parallelbotany 11/19/2008 #

Hey fellow swappers! In case you don't know, there is a Flickr photo group for this swap.


Stop on by and join the group if you haven't already. If you don't have a Flickr account, signing up is easy and free! Come share your photos of the ornaments you make and the ornaments you receive. It's fun!

heyk8 11/19/2008 #

rats! i just found this and would have loved to participate. sounds like it is too late. maybe next year. have fun!

peihan17 11/21/2008 #

I sent yesterday, but I didn't have a camera to take pictures, doh. Can't wait to see what everyone else is sending!

boatingbelle 11/21/2008 #

All my ornaments have been posted. I am in UK so please allow a few extra days for your package to arrive.

sighfoo 11/21/2008 #

shipped my ornaments yesterday. my first ornament swap. so fun!

rachwms 11/21/2008 #

I just have three more to make! I am so excited!

nicolekrystyn 11/25/2008 #

I just sent my ornaments out this morning! I hope my people like them! I'll post pictures in the flickr group soon. I've already received one of my ornaments, and it's wonderful! I'm so glad I found this site!

Plaidpepper 11/27/2008 #

One of the people I am to send to is partially suspended and has not sent out resent swap things. What do I do? I am getting ready to send out the ornaments.

nichole2203 11/28/2008 #

Mine are done and getting ready to go out in the mail on Monday. Yay!

nichole2203 11/28/2008 #

Mine are done and getting ready to go out in the mail on Monday. Yay!

TennesseeSannie 12/ 1/2008 #

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say, that I have truely enjoyed making my christmas ornaments and getting them ready and sending them out to people who are anxiously waiting!! Everyday I go to the mailbox to see if a new ornament has come today! I have gotten a few already and am looking forward to the rest! I love this swap!! And you guys are some really crafly people!

karenzatom 12/ 2/2008 #

I'm finally done! Now the hard part... finding the right size boxes for shipping

sricher808 12/ 2/2008 #

Hi Everyone-I have a question and welcome any ideas.One of the people sending to me e-mailed that she is dropping out because of a health issue so won't be sending ornaments.No problem if it was set up like last year-but this year when that happens I'm still sending out 10 ornaments and getting one less.I'm really disapointed and wondered if there is a way to replace someone who drops out? Thanks! Looking forward to seeing all the ornaments this year.Happy holidays!

amnesia 12/ 2/2008 #

This is such a huge group! I have to put the finishing touches on a couple pieces this weekend (I'm out of thread!) but I was thinking about sending the ornaments off to the one international address on my list tomorrow so everyone receives closer to the same time... hope that's ok?

amnesia 12/ 2/2008 #

This is such a huge group! I have to put the finishing touches on a couple pieces this weekend (I'm out of thread!) but I was thinking about sending the ornaments off to the one international address on my list tomorrow so everyone receives closer to the same time... hope that's ok?

JacquiMcR 12/ 3/2008 #

Hi, just to say I've posted mine off today. As I'm in Scotland, I really hope they don't take too long to arrive and that you all like them. Have a fab day!

nichole2203 12/ 3/2008 #

Mine were picked up by the mailman this morning. Whew!

PaperLadyInvites 12/ 3/2008 #

All mine are in the mail! Good luck to everyone else~


Jeckabee 12/ 4/2008 #

Hi Everyone, I'm with the other two comments above with SewLiberated & Sricher808 where one of the folks who was supposed to send me an ornament dropped out, but I still send out 10 (receiving only 9 in return.) I find that disheartening. As I'm sure, life happens, any token would have been appreciated rather than a dis!

Hope you can remedy situations like this one in the future or make amends, esp. late in the game.

nysa 12/ 4/2008 #

I mailed off my ornaments today! Happy holidays everyone!

TC 12/ 5/2008 #

I can't see the photos in the gallery; I get a message that says the file does not exist. ???

sherrykadan 12/ 6/2008 #

I just started a new swap. My first one if anyone wants to check it out.


nichole2203 12/ 6/2008 #

Yeah, there are a lot of people who haven't mailed theirs yet, but they still have 4 more days so maybe they will. :o) I've gotten one so far and love it so I'm hoping for some more. It was fun making the ornaments!

elizabethofcourse 12/ 8/2008 #

I received a very pretty painted chickadee with no name...? Who can i rate for this pretty little thing?

littlemisssewnsew 12/ 8/2008 #

I received a stunning origami star. My hubby was cleaning this weekend and threw away the card that came with it. Who created this beautiful piece?

Okate 12/ 8/2008 #

I mailed off my ornaments today. Happy holidays to all swapsters.

SandraD 12/ 9/2008 #

Just posted all my decorations this morning (9th Dec.) Hope everyone receives theirs o.k. They're being sent out from the U.K. so it's all in the lap of the gods (or at least Royal Mail). Happy festivities to all!

loa 12/ 9/2008 #

hi i'm not using much of internet lately. also i moved recently and started a new job. i prepared my ornaments and wanted to pick up the address list to send them when i realise that i'm not included! is that so? can anyone help me? i think i missed the link to confirm my mail address... :-( what do i do now?

peihan17 12/ 9/2008 #

Aw, loa, that sucks. Maybe email the organizer just to confirm what happened? (There's a link that says "Contact" next to the name of the swap organizer- freshlyblended.) I'd be happy to do a personal swap with you... I've been making bunches of ornaments for family and coworkers =)

loa 12/ 9/2008 #

hi thanks so much peihan17 i just left a message to admin i hope they can help me through this... i'm pretty sad with myself but i didn't imagine i must confirm anything more..... since i was already in or so i thought :-( good luck by swapping

whiteway 12/ 9/2008 #

I just got my ornaments in the mail this morning! Merry Christmas everyone! :)

karenzatom 12/ 9/2008 #

whew! packaged, addressed, taped up in every direction, ready to hit the post office tomorrow!

jenkinkn 12/ 9/2008 #

Got my ornaments in the mail today! Two have come to me so far- I'm loving this!

chickydanger 12/ 9/2008 #

This swap is so fantastic but I also think that it's a bummer that there aren't swap groups. As I was addressing my envelopes I realized that I'm not sending to anyone I received from and I think that is so disappointing! I hope this can be fixed for next year.

mammaknits 12/ 9/2008 #

done and sent! phew! gotta confess i had some help - my 6 year old daughter helped with the sewing...so they are a bit wonky, but i had to let her! she was so excited! so...when you receive mine...know a lotta heart went into it!

also - i received my first one yesterday! so excited! (and thanks, TC!)

rileyabbott 12/10/2008 #

I have received two ornaments so far -- one from Portugal!

But I made a promise not to open any until mine are sent out...and they WILL go out on time, if only just barely.

SEMOkraftee 12/10/2008 #

Sent mine out yesterday. I've received 3 so far.

madebymilla 12/10/2008 #

Sent! They're travelling from the UK, mainly to the US so i'm not sure how long they will take to reach their new homes. I've received one ornament back so far.

JacquiMcR 12/10/2008 #

As this is my first swop, I just wondered if it was usual for so many not to have met the deadline (or maybe just not updated the list). I havent received anything so far although if looks as if five of my prospective senders have sent their ornaments. I understand they might take a while to get to Scotland, although I am happy to report that my South African partner received hers today.

imakecutestuff 12/10/2008 #

I finally finished my ornaments...but will probably not make it to the post office today --- augh! I'll send them out for sure tomorrow (I've already emailed my co-swappers). I love the ornaments I've gotten so far! Thanks for putting on the swap :)

Percy2626 12/10/2008 #

Is there a way to find out who is supposed to send ornaments to you before you actually receive them?

My ornaments are all going out today. Finally!

camelama 12/10/2008 #

Just sent my ornaments out today! Woo!

Panj 12/10/2008 #

Can the partner that sent me an awesome horse ornament please send me her name, there was no note or anything and the return addy label I saved, but has disappeared!!!:(

Panj 12/10/2008 #

Never mind found it! lol It was stuck to a Christmas card!!

niecedenise 12/10/2008 #

Percy-click on Rate your partners.It will show everyones name.

lauriecoyle 12/10/2008 #

oh boy... so sorry to say I'm going to be a little late this year! Bummer... but will get them out soon soon soon. Have been busy with holiday craft fairs -- it's my first year doing them and I underestimated the time required. Oh well -- better late than never, right? I hope everyone loves their ornaments -- I have enjoyed the few I've gotten already!

PaperLadyInvites 12/11/2008 #

Most of my people sending to me are new to Swap-Bot, as am I, and have not completed any swaps. I'm hoping that they just haven't clicked "completed" yet. I have received a couple sweet ornaments so far! Can't wait for the others!

Want to swap your shop? Check this swap out: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/26507


user1733 12/11/2008 #

I am late in mailing my ornaments, but should be able to get them out in the next couple of days. I am sorry to be mailing late, but my father died two days before Thanksgiving and I have been a bit overwhelmed with family reponsibilities. I have been out of town 8 of the last 16 days, so that hasn't helped in completing this swap.
I received two of my ornaments already, a wonderful linen mini-apron and a beautiful red and gold beaded snowflake/star design (I'm sorry, I don't have the names with me right now). They are lovely, and the quality is amazing. I know they will look wonderful on our tree (if it ever makes it up this year).

user1733 12/11/2008 #

That last comment was from me, Cindy Ericsson, email addy ericssonATchristianlivingDOTnet. I still need to change the Swap-Bot generated name. Cindy

starlawill 12/12/2008 #

hi everyone! not sure if the people receiving from me will see this, but i will be sending just a couple days late. no good excuse other than i grossly underestimated the drying time on these suckers. so sorry! they WILL go out monday. i swear! i think they're worth it! :)

Panj 12/13/2008 #

My partners have created amazingl ornaments! You are so talented! Totally amazing! I am excited everytime I open a package! The ideas you have come up with and the media youve used is just great!!! Thank you Thank you!!!!

farmerswife 12/13/2008 #

Loving all the new ornaments for my tree, Was wondering if anyone had any patterns for horses or farm animal, my children love them, Thanks

loa 12/14/2008 #

hello everybody, i needed to come back here and express myself! i can accept i made a mistake by not having confirmed my mail address here in swapbot... but i left messages here, to the admin and to the organiser's blog.... and i haven't had a single answer! what makes me even more sad is that i already participated in the past two ornament swaps! once from bosnia wid a sort of guirland made of 3 figures in dark felt and a wood star decorated with napkin technic while i was in germany. Now i'm in switzerland, working 100% and with this new procedure at swapbot i lost myself a little and because i didn't confirm my mail address i didn't receive a list to send the items i made! it would have been nice to have some feedback though.... i'm really really sad! have a nice christmas! let the spirit of christmas be all over your soul and have peace the all new year long! loa/maria

sricher808 12/14/2008 #

To Loa and anyone else who might not have gotten their em address confirmed to participate:if you go to the Flickr group there is a discussion topic for side swaps-you might be able to do some swapping that way-just click on the discussion link on the top of the page. Happy Holidays!


bluecornflower 12/15/2008 #

I am loving this swop - I got three ornaments today! And we love all of them - thank you!

pandascandles 12/15/2008 #

I am very very sorry that my ornaments are late, but they will be sent, my car got totaled and now we all have the flu! I will send I NEVER flake!!

peihan17 12/15/2008 #

Pandascandles- glad you're okay! (flu not counting) I'm sure your partners will understand.

I am getting a little concerned though... 3 of my 10 partners are still listed as not sent =/ I hope my flake rate won't be that high! I have received 4 ornaments so far, and they've all been awesome though. Gotta take pictures and post them =)

starlawill 12/16/2008 #

i just received from one of my swap partners. a cupcake ornament. but didn't have a name or anything, so i have no way to rate them.

farmerswife 12/18/2008 #

How do you make a cupcake ornament. This sounds neat.

SillyStringPancakePixie 12/18/2008 #

Hey starlawill: Check on the flickr site (http://www.flickr.com/groups/holidayornamentswap08/) I know that I saw pictures from someone who made cupcake ornaments there.

Thanislas 12/18/2008 #

this is my first swap and would like to say sorry but my decs have been sent out late as the whole of my family have been ill with the flu bug for the last 2 weeks and under quarentine but all of my decs are wining there way across the sea to the USA now. Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for all of my decs.

JacquiMcR 12/19/2008 #

Hi, as a first time swapper I was wondering if someone could advise me whether swap partners Not rating, affects your overall score. The reason I am asking is because although I have sent out my ornaments, four or maybe five of my partners havent sent theirs and I think its unlikely that they will rate mine, if they can't be bothered to make their own (hopefully some just haven't clicked sent). Luckily for me I wasnt paired up with any of them, so its just the rating part I am querying. Can anyone help?

mn29 12/19/2008 #

Hi! I sent my ornaments out on the 6th of December and haven't been rated yet. I'm not so much concerned about being rated as I am that people may not have received my crafts! Has anyone received a shell ornament from Philadelphia? It's from me! Please let me know you at least got them so I can stop worrying, high marks are not required :-)

Peacewytch 12/20/2008 #

This has been a fun swap, aside from one item that I won't rate that arrived with postage due, the majority of my recepients not rating or acknowledging their ornies, and TWO no-sends. Some folks should be ashamed of themselves. To my other partners, thanks for a wonderful experience!

Peacewytch 12/20/2008 #

This has been a fun swap, aside from one item that I won't rate that arrived with postage due, the majority of my recepients not rating or acknowledging their ornies, and TWO no-sends. Some folks should be ashamed of themselves. To my other partners, thanks for a wonderful experience!

karmologyclinic 12/21/2008 #

I've already got 9 out of 10 and they were all beautiful and creative ornaments. I feel so spoiled. Christmas tree will be looking gorgeous this year. I'm sure the 10th ornament will arrive soon, I've seen it comes from far far away.

Buttertoast 12/21/2008 #

I Have only been rated for 2 ornaments so far. I sent them all out. A cute snowgirl ball with a stocking hat. I also have not reicved all the ornaments due to me yet. I am a bit sad. Last years went so well this years well not so great.

peihan17 12/22/2008 #

I've received 9/10 ornaments and they've all been very sweet =) I sent mine over a month ago now (Nov 20) and have only been rated for 6 of them. So either they haven't been received, or I'm not getting rated for them. Oh well. Fun swap though!

PaperLadyInvites 12/23/2008 #

Hello! I've received 8 of my 10 ornaments. I know 1 is on the way (she was very nice and personally emailed everyone that the ornaments will be late, but on their way). So, I know I have one left. user2712 is all I'm waiting for. I hope she sent them out. I don't want to give anyone a low rating. Merry Christmas everyone!


Craftykimmy 12/27/2008 #

I'm very happy with this year's swap; everything I received was beautiful, original, and like nothing I would have ever thought of to make myself. Thank you so much to the coordinators of this swap!!

My only suggestion is that maybe next year suggest delivery confirmation, as I too only have been rated by 5 out of the 10 people I sent to, so I don't know if they got them or not. Also one of mine is missing in the mail, and I really hope it arrives soon, as the pictures that were posted on Flickr are beautiful and I really want mine!

Using swap-bot has been good imo; there are some kinks to be worked out, but only bc it is so different from how the swap used to work. This seems to be the best way to handle the huge number of people involved.

To those I received from, again, thank you all so much! And to those I sent to, I hope you enjoy my ornament!

niecedenise 12/29/2008 #

Ive gotten 9 of the 10 ornaments They were all very cute and wonderful. Thanks to all!

freshlyblended 12/30/2008 #


kgeslab 12/31/2008 #

It is so amazing to me that I got all 10 out of 10! Can't wait for next year!

parallelbotany 12/31/2008 #

I've received 8/10, and haven't heard a peep from the missing two participants, both of which are still marked "Not sent." The 8 that I did receive are all lovely, and they arrived well ahead of the deadline.

Also, I sent my ornaments way back in November, with delivery confirmation, and they all got delivered ages ago, but have only received five ratings. Will that affect my standing on Swap-bot, in the event that I want to participate in other swaps on this site?

sricher808 12/31/2008 #

I've only received 6/10,one person dropped out after the deadline to sign up/drop,have not heard from 2 of the folks after several e-mails to them and one person has said she will send late.Have received 6/10 ratings,no response to e-mails asking if ornaments were received for other 4.I sent ornaments in early December.Several of the non-raters are marked not sent and have no ratings and have not been checked in since November. Hope other people are having better luck than me this year with the swap.And yes,the number of ratings you have do impact which swaps you can participate in,just depends on the individual swap requirements.

Plaidpepper 01/ 4/2009 #

I've received 8/10, and have not heard anything from the missing two participants. I enjoyed making my ornaments and hope there is a way to solve the people who flake out on the rest of us.

PaperLadyInvites 01/ 5/2009 #

The good thing about next year on Swap Bot, the non-participants could be banned from the swap.


alyssam 01/15/2009 #

I was rated a one by one of my international people who won't reply to my e-mail trying to clear things up. All my ornaments were sent out at the same time, and it doesn't seem right that people can affect your participation in swaps because one person has a bug up their butt.

cpate 01/23/2009 #

"Lekki" left an unkind comment on my profile. I'm not sure what other people's experiences were with her, but I do not appreciate that.

bluecornflower 02/ 3/2009 #

To leave the swap on a more positive note, I received 10 great ornaments (some took 4 weeks to arrive). They were all so different and really made our Christmas! Thank you everyone!

Cherie 10/17/2009 #

Last year, I received 10 beautiful ornaments that I treasure! I really appreciate all of the artists who put so much time and care into their creations. It makes it such a fun rewarding experience!

shelovesmint 11/ 9/2011 #

Yay! Can't wait to participate again this year.

Ramonsowly 06/23/2021 #


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