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Here is a questionaire for all you movie lovers to share with one another. There are 75 questions and I want you to fill them out to the best of your ability & honesty. 4.5 and above may participate. Newbies with filled profiles. No recent 1's/no sends. I will angel any flaked on. This should be something all can fulfill since it costs you no money to create or to send. Just copy or cut and paste this questionaire below into your note/word pad and fill out. Then save it and when the due date arrives e-mail it to your 4 partners. Have fun!

01) How many movies do you go to the theater to see a year (estimate)?

02) Have you ever stayed to see the movie again?

03) Have you ever snuck into a movie? How? What movie(s) was it for?

04) Have you ever worked at a movie theater? Do you work there now?

05) Do you sneak in your snacks or buy them there?

06) Do you prefer matinees or night showings?

07) Have you ever snuck a pet into the theater? If yes, what kind of animal?

08) Have you ever bought the posters for sale at the theater?

09) Have you ever bought the movie programs for sale at the theater? If so, for what movie(s)?

10) What is the most unique food offering you've had at a theater (Ex: Dippin Dots)?

11) If you could have whatever you wanted, what would be your favorite movie goers snackfest?

12) Do you ever go to "discount" theaters (where they just charge $2 or $3 dollars)?

13) Do you Fandango?

14) Have you ever went to the theater in a large group (say more than 10 people), for what movie?

15) Have you ever went to the midnight premiere viewing of a movie(s)? Can you give an example or more?

16) Have you ever bought Movie Premiere Books/Souvineers on the secondary market (eBay, Amazon, e.g)?

17) Have you ever sold your Movie Premiere Books/Souvineers on the secondary market? For which movie(s)?

18) Is there still a Drive-In near where you live? Do you go to it?

19) What was your favorite theater you saw a movie in?

20) Have you ever won movie tickets? For which movie?

21) Have you ever lost any item in the movie theater? Did you get it back?

22) Have you ever dressed up as a movie character at the premiere showing? Which character?

23) Which is your favorite movie you've seen so far this year?

24) Name your three favorite comedy movies?

25) Name your three favorite drama movies?

26) Name your all time three favorite movies?

27) Do you ever go to a foriegn film with subtitles? Have a favorite?

28) Are you comfortable going it alone to a "G" film or are you more at ease with a kid in tow?

29) Do the theaters near you have baby rooms inside the theaters?

30) What are your three favorite movie genres?

31) Have you ever reviewed a movie(s)? Which one(s)?

32) When is your favorite time to see a movie (Premiere night, first week, 2-3 weeks, before it leaves the theater, when it is in the cheap seats, when it's a rental)?

33) What is the furthest distance you ever traveled to see a movie (estimate)? Was it worth it?

34) Do you save your ticket stubs? How do you keep them (glued in a book, in a drawer, etc..)?

35) Have you ever written a star? A movie studio? Did you get an answer?

36) Do you have any movie star's autograph(s)? Any example(s)?

37) Have you ever had a chance encounter with a star? Did you talk to them?

38) If you were on the Red Carpet which actor would you most like to interview?

39) If you were on the Red Carpet which actress would you most like to interview?

40) What movie would you most like to see remade?

41) What movie do you never want to see remade again?

42) Which sequel are you most looking forward to coming out?

43) Has a movie been so horrible to you, you left before it was through? What movie was it?

44) Do you like the previews? Do you like the commercials? Do you like those movie quizzes they run before the movie?

45) Have you ever had a bizarre movie/theater experience memory?

46) Have you ever been rude to someone (even unintentionally) at the movies?

47) Has someone been especially rude to you at the movies? What happened?

48) How large is your movie library (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, Disc, Beta,..) estimate.

49) What genre do you have the most movies of?

50) Do you like scary movies? Any favorites?

51) Ever watch movie on your computer (remember Movies, not TV). Example(s)?

52) Ever belong to a movie club?

53) Ever been asked by the theater staff to leave a theater? During what movie?

54) Do you like to spend time in the theater lobby (at say the arcade) before the show?

55) For movies do you tend to - arrive way early, a few minutes before, just on time, during the previews, always late?

56) When you go to the movies is it USUALLY with Family, Friends, or Dates?

57) Do you like to read reviews BEFORE seeing a movie (Y or N)?

58) Do you read books that are movies? If so do you read the book before or after you see that movie?

59) Do you like B&W movies?

60) Ever watch a silent film?

61) Do you tend to know what is going to happen at the end before it happens? Estimate what percent of the time you do.

62) What movies can you watch over and over again?

63) Have you thrown popcorn in the theater? Spitwads at the screen?

64) Do you ever remove your shoes inside the theater? Do you put your shoes on the seats in front of you - even if someone is sitting there?

65) Have you ever cried hysterically at a movie? Were you with someone else who did? Remember which movie?

66) Do you burn movies?

67) Which no longer in print movie(s) would you most long to own?

68) Have you ever went to see a movie on a re-release (example: It has been brought back out for an anniversary or because it is Oscar nominated)?

69) Which movie did you pay to see the most times while in the theater?

70) Name the movies you have rewatched the most in your life:

71) Is there any movie(s) that you prefered the "sequel?"

72) Did you ever go to the theaters to see a movie on a holiday? Which holiday & movie?

73) Do you have any films that are annual "tradition" that you watch?

74) Have you borrowed a movie and failed to return it?

75) Which story/book that hasn't been made into a movie yet, would you most like to see made?


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