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My Stationery is Not Stationary

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My Stationery is Not Stationary
Swap Coordinator:PostMuse (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:116
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:July 1, 2010
Date items must be sent by:July 15, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

I don't know about you, but my lovely stationery rarely stays stationary for long. Almost as soon as it is in my house, it's on its way to some one of my fellow mail enthusiasts.

This swap is just a simple stationery exchange. Send three (3) different blank pieces of stationery (which includes lettersets, notecards, correspondence cards, aerogrammes (fold & mail), but not postcards) to one (1) partner. The stationery should be crisp, clean, attractive with coordinating envelopes (except for aerogrammes, which are their own envelopes). No homemade stationery for this swap, please. No religious, birthday, holiday or other special event sentiments.

By all means check your partner's profile for preferences, but this is a sender's choice swap.

Open to all, but please have a completely filled out profile.

NEW! I've decided to give away to one random participant the very cool stationery tote bag featured on the Felt and Wire blog. It is a Sapling Press creation and I'm really excited to be able to offer this as a special treat. The winner will be chosen from all participants on July 17, 2010. And the winner is LoloWalker, in South Korea! Congratulations!

EDIT: I want to clarify "homemade." There are lots of gorgeous homemade/handmade stationery available online in places like etsy and independent stationery shops. That isn't what I mean by no homemade. Beautifully crafted stationery that is not mass produced is what I use for most of my correspondence, and I will for sure be sending some of that to my partner. I hope that makes my intentions clearer.


GingerChewRaccoon 05/22/2010 #

Lovely idea. If you ever do a version that includes (or is even exclusive to) homemade, I'd love to join! I'm just more of a "make it myself" kind of swapper. :)

PostMuse 05/26/2010 #

I've updated the swap description with an edit about homemade.

craftgasm 05/27/2010 #

I joined this swap specifically for its title. The mix-up of these two words is one of my biggest pet-peeves! :)

MissiveMaven 06/ 2/2010 #

Oh wow... How can I resist? My life is going to be crazy busy at that time, but with only one partner, I think I can swing it. LOVE the name, and thanks for keeping the rules open to notecards etc and keeping the number small. I often don't participate in other stationery swaps because I don't have 7 envelopes with 2 coordinating sheets each for 3 partners, etc...

Okami 06/ 2/2010 #

This sounds fun - I think that I can handle the small number - what about fold and mails - you did not mention those

PostMuse 06/ 2/2010 #

I think "fold and mail" is like the old fashion aerograms and I think those would be fine but let me poll the group tonight via message system.

kap397 06/ 2/2010 #

i have absolutely no clue what this means! Don't you usually fold it before you put it in an envelope??

MissiveMaven 06/ 2/2010 #

Fold and mail, aka aerogramme, aka postalette, aka fold and seal - I think they're great and I'd love to receive them. I vote enthusiastically for their inclusion. I don't think html is allowed, but here is an unwieldy-long url to a fold and mail: http://www.chroniclebooks.com/index/main,book-info/store,books/products_id,5584/title,Star-Trek-Fold-and-Mail-Stationery/

PostMuse 06/ 2/2010 #

I knew I wasn't spelling aerogramme correctly! And I love the ones here at International Girl.

To make a URL in Swap-Bot you have to enclose the words you want linked in brackets, [ and the ], and then the URL follows with no space in parentheses ( URL ). No spaces after either the brackets or parentheses.

craftgasm 06/ 2/2010 #

I love the fold and mails -- especially vintage ones. I say they're good!

kap397 06/ 2/2010 #

i vote for their inclusion, but i don't have any to share, and don't know if i'll have any...

hamsterguppies 06/ 3/2010 #

i think fold and mail sets are cool! haven't seen them in the longest time. i'm all for them. =)

girlzoot 06/ 3/2010 #

I am for fold an mails, they sound fine to me, I always love seeing more of them floating about. They make great envelopes and letter starters.

memtree 06/ 4/2010 #

lol! i love the title of this swap!

MissiveMaven 06/ 5/2010 #

PostMuse, thanks for the link tip. Let's see if this works: here's the link to a fold and mail example

I wish the preview actually worked to check it out!

PostMuse 06/ 5/2010 #

It works! And I love that Star Trek fold and mail!

Do you have pop-ups blocked? The preview works for me, but it is a pop-up and it may not work with a strong pop-up blocker.

starrgazer 06/ 6/2010 #

So what if we are capable of making quality stationery sets? Is that still not allowed? I guess I am still confused. I carve my own stamps and use quality paper or notecards with envies. I am interested, but also would like to be crafty if possible.

ginigin 06/ 6/2010 #

Taking a chance again - kept getting malware attacks last time. This sounds like fun though and would love to share stationery. Fold and mail is a go for me too.

PostMuse 06/ 6/2010 #

I don't really have an answer for those who have contacted me letting me know they do create professional stationery. In the Notecards to Go group I founded 2 years ago, homemade is always wonderful, and encouraged. However, for every wonderful experience someone had with handmade notecards in my group, there were more people who did not have a wonderful experience.

For this swap I wanted to attract a wider variety of participants, and to do that I felt I had to limited the stationery to store-bought. I did so with reservations, and I still have those reservations. I'm trying to work out a compromise, but I haven't any idea of what that might be quite yet.

Ryleighsmom 06/ 6/2010 #

FINALLY! Someone who knows how to use the spellings of stationery and stationary properly! lol Love that!

Why not a swap that requires strictly store-bought stationery and another that allows handmade/homemade? Just a thought.

PostMuse 06/ 6/2010 #

I thought of doing two separate swaps, but coordinating, at least the way I do, takes so much time. Maybe I'll do a "mixed" one later, but with a different sort of theme. I like having a giveaway, so maybe it will be something that is related to creating cards ... hmmmm ... ideas are brewing!

starrgazer 06/ 6/2010 #

Don't change anything on my behalf! Everyone joins swaps for different reasons. I like the crafty aspect of this site which is what allures me to swapping. I will wait for something that better suits my personal taste and let you shoppers shop!

nermalski 06/ 7/2010 #

I'm watching swap and keeping myself from not overswapping. I am a paper addict...wrap, stationery, craft, scrap... I have three swaps now I'm in, and try not to go above five here. Course one is my dd's swap. So as soon as I get those off, I'm sure I'm diving in. I say keep store bought and could always do a handmade later.

aprettykitty84 06/ 7/2010 #

I have a silly question. Should we fold the paper so it fits in the coordinating envelope? or do we send in a larger envelope with the paper left unfolded?

PostMuse 06/ 7/2010 #

@aprettykitty84 ... I was thinking that we would send it unfolded. I don't think it is a silly question at all! I haven't had much experience with sending lettersets, I'm mostly a notecard fan, but unfolded seems to be safer.

robotgranny 06/ 8/2010 #

by ' Send three (3) blank pieces of stationery', do you mean we (let sa, we chose to send letter sets) send the same 3 pieces of paper w 3 envelopes or different ones?

PostMuse 06/ 8/2010 #

Different! I'll update the description.Thank you!

IndefatigableL 06/ 8/2010 #

I am SO HAPPY you are doing this swap! I always want to trade letter sets, but I only have one kind! I do however have note cards AND a cool fold and mail set as well. Super jazzed.

Ryleighsmom 06/ 8/2010 #

I've traded stationery for years and always love the unfolded sheets best!

MissiveMaven 06/ 8/2010 #

Thank you for the decision NOT to include handmade. That's not my cup of tea, and I would not have joined this swap if it were open to that.

PostMuse 06/ 8/2010 #

I am completely blown away by how popular this swap has become. I've coordinated many swaps, and some have had more than 100 participants, so I'm not at all overwhelmed by that, but I never expected this swap to attract so many. I'm thrilled!

Okami 06/11/2010 #

Yay! can't wait till the swapping begins, looking forward to what everyone has to share

sebastian122 06/17/2010 #

An English teacher friend of mine once gave me a pair of mnemonics for keeping the two words straight: You'll never get an A in penmanship (i.e. letters on stationery being handwritten). And StationAry's A can't wobble like the e in stationery.

rubyhousesliprs 06/19/2010 #

I have some vintage (we're talking 70's) fold-n-mails. Can't wait to share.

lilmissthrifty 06/23/2010 #

shabbypink, I do to! They are real cute!

lilmissthrifty 06/23/2010 #

and ps. POSTMUSE... love the bag!

goodmonkeymail 06/30/2010 #

I am obligated to sign up for this one ! I missed this word in the National spelling bee in the fourth grade....forgot to request the definition and clarify which word I was actually spelling....it took me a long time to get over it because I knew the difference and how to spell both of them ! I was competing at the regional level with high schoolers ! I was so mad at myself but learned a valuable lesson....before trying to answer or find and answer, be sure you know the question ! Learning this lesson so early....has served me well ! : ) Thanks for the fun swap ! Great idea !

pennyblack 06/30/2010 #

This is probably a silly question, but how many sheets of paper are considered to be in one letter set? 2? more?

rubyhousesliprs 06/30/2010 #

I believe 2-3 sheets and 1 envelope are acceptable for a letterset.

PostMuse 06/30/2010 #

I thought it was two sheets for a letterset. I hope no one gets too worried about the number of sheets :-/

MissiveMaven 07/ 1/2010 #

Oh pooh. I get irked at the 2-sheets-per-envelope stipulation, because a lot of the manufacturers from whom I purchase clearly do not follow this. All the Chronicle Books lettersets, for example, include only one sheet per envelope. So that was my plan going into this. Consider as well that if a fold and mail is acceptable, that is by nature one sheet and one envelope. Oh well. Suffice to say I intend to send cool things, and I hope that will do.

This is the #1 swap on swap-bot right now!!

rubyhousesliprs 07/ 1/2010 #

I usually end up writing more than 1-2 pages and I just use lined writing paper if that happens so I don't ruin my letterset. @greenvelvet I wouldn't get upset if the set was 1 sheet and one envelope, if you happened to have any plain writing paper maybe your partner would be fine with that as the second sheet of paper for the letterset?

PostMuse 07/ 1/2010 #

I think it is nice just to get nice stationery that is clean and crisp (vintage may not be quite as crisp, but should be clean) with a matching envelope, and I do hope all the participants agree.

MissiveMaven 07/ 2/2010 #

I will include plenty of extras to make up for 1-sheet stationery lettersets.

MissiveMaven 07/ 7/2010 #

Wow, I got such rockin' amazing things from my partner in this swap! WAY cool! Thanks for organizing such a great swap, PostMuse!

nermalski 07/15/2010 #

Mine's out today mate. :) Hope you like what I chose for ya.

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