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Musical Scavenger Hunt 2

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Swap Coordinator:Gayle (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Music 
Number of people in swap:89
Last day to signup/drop:September 15, 2007
Date items must be sent by:October 1, 2007
Number of swap partners:2


Edited to reflect the fact that the original send date was a Sunday, so it's been pushed to the Monday after

Since so many people loved the idea the first time around, let's try it again!

Those who have nice sized music collections might have fun doing this. The job is to find songs that fit at least 15 of the categories below and put them on a CD. Don't repeat a category (unless you want to make a second CD, of course). You must use at least 15 different categories for this (although you're always welcome to make another CD and repeat categories from the first one!). You can use more than 15 categories on a CD, but you have to use at least that many.

Make sure to let your partner know which category each song fits into! And please do let them know the artist and title of the song, just in case they love it enough to want more!

You'll have two partners for this, and it's international since CDs aren't that expensive to send even internationally.

The categories are:

1 Song from an unusual perspective

2 Song that could be interpreted as both/either happy and/or sad

3 Song that brings back a childhood memory

4 Song with a colour in the title

5 Song about your country

6 Song about young love

7 Song for which you really love the video

8 Song from anyone who was an American Idol contestant (or Australian Idol, or whatever one your country might have)

9 Song about a real person, living or dead (specific person)

10 Song that inspires you

11 Song about something you love to do

12 Song about an inanimate object

13 Song that mentions a geographical landmark (mountain, ocean, etc)

14 Song that was recorded by someone besides that artist first

15 Song about/related to/mentioning any weather

16 Sweet Song

17 Song about an historical event

18 Song by an unknown/little known/or defunct artist

19 Song by an artist who is now dead

20 Song you grew up with

21 Song that was played at an important event in your life

22 Spooky song

23 Song with some form of sound effect (thunder, rain, etc)

24 Song that can lull you to sleep

25 Song from a TV show

It's been suggested to me, and I think it's a good suggestion, that people try to explain why they chose certain songs for each category. It's not required, but it'd be nice!

Just so people know, copying tracks off of iTunes can sometimes make it difficult for things to be heard in certain stereos. I've found that this happens sometimes with me and it doesn't with others, so I thought I'd just warn you that if you do that, your partner might not get to hear the music!


  1. Rating of 4.5 or better, with no more than one no send in six months. Go ahead and message me if you’ve been rated unfairly at any point or have a good reason for your lower rating or the no sends, and we’ll talk. I’m certainly open to listening.

  2. Newbies allowed, but fill out your profiles.

  3. Communication is key. If you’re going to be late with the swap, let your partner know. If your partner tells you he/she is going to be late, and keeps up the communication, give him/her a break. Sometimes things come up that just can’t be helped.


symphonie 08/20/2007 #

Can the idol one be Australian Idol, whatever country idol, popstars, etc?

Gayle 08/20/2007 #

Sure, I don't see why not! Go for it, I hadn't even thought about that.

Strawberry 08/20/2007 #

Can there be more then one song from the same artists?

Gayle 08/20/2007 #

Yes, there can. There aren't any restrictions on how many songs by who at all. Mixing it up is good, but sometimes a single artist has more than one or two great songs that fit.

Strawberry 08/20/2007 #

great, thanks! this is gunna be alot of fun. :D

lucindalynn 08/22/2007 #

Yeah #2!! I loved the first one. Thanks Gayle for hosting again! The categories look awesome!

Gayle 08/23/2007 #

It's definitely my pleasure. I have a lot of fun coming up with categories and love seeing what people come up with!

user10446 08/26/2007 #

This might be a silly question, but I'm wondering how you mail your CDs? In an envelope or in a package? I want to join but I'm scared the CD might get smashed in a package...

ScarlettNicole 08/26/2007 #

For the cds swap I've done I usually just put them in a case or envelope and in a small bubble envelope :)

Gayle 08/26/2007 #

I tend to just send mine in sleeves in a big normal envelope and haven't had any trouble yet, but a bubble envelope is a good way to do it too.

user10446 08/27/2007 #

Thanks! As soon as I can find an envelope big enough I'm signing up for this challenge! :)

aprettyfailure 08/28/2007 #

a 6x9 bubble-padded envelope is what i always use. it fits two cds and my notecard that i usually fill with extras like stickers & tea. and they're cheap to send so it's a win win situation for me!

kameko 09/ 1/2007 #

This sounds like a fun swap! I'm new here, so I am just signing up for some swaps and I'm glad that you are allowing newbies! Thanks! :D

Gayle 09/ 1/2007 #


You're very welcome1 Glad to have you aboard!

zebra3175 09/ 2/2007 #

Hi Gayle, is it ok if I sign up, but my husband does the cds? He is excited about this swap, but doesn't want to join up with swap_bot since it is probably the only swap he would do. Is that alright?

Gayle 09/ 3/2007 #

I have no problem at all with your husband doing it. Hope he has a lot of fun with it!

SarahZeitgeist 09/ 4/2007 #

This might be a dumb question, but is it a different cd for each swap buddy, or do we make two copies of the same mix and send them out to two different people?

Gayle 09/ 5/2007 #


Not a dumb question at all! You can do it either way, though most people make two copies of one.

starrycat 09/ 5/2007 #

Question! Can the song from a TV show, be an opening or closing song from an anime? Since they are...more or less, TV shows (in their native Japan of course)

Gayle 09/ 5/2007 #

Sure thing, StarryKat. Go for it!

Phoenyx 09/ 5/2007 #


hyperoma 09/ 7/2007 #

I've got my songs already! I just need to get more CD-Rs!

ViridianMuse 09/ 7/2007 #

with the song by an someone other than the artist first...is that meaning a song written by an singer and sung/recorded before the artist did it themselves? or are you talking covers of songs?

onehappyrobot 09/ 8/2007 #

YEEEY! I loved loved loved doing the first one - thank you so so much for hosting a second!

i'll be waiting for #3 now... XDDD

Gayle 09/ 8/2007 #

Viridian Muse, I'm talking about songs that were recorded by a different artist than the one you'd be putting on the CD.

Onehappyrobot, I'm so glad you like it! There will definitely be a third, and probably more after so long as people keep enjoying it and as long as I don't run out of good categories!

Hyperoma, I know just what you mean. Mine are listed out, but I have to wait for payday to burn them! It's hard to wait.

PlasticCrocodile 09/10/2007 #

if I get a partner that wants an mp3 disk rather than a regular cd let me know..

PlasticCrocodile 09/11/2007 #

i loved this swap so much. i cant wait to get partners. I am already done with my cds.

MrSelfLoathing 09/11/2007 #

sorry...had to drop from this swap..severely allergic to American Idol in all it's evil incarnations...

flutterby 09/13/2007 #

i'm going to be super awkward but am moving on the 22nd sept. Will message my partners but since i don't know who you'll be until the 15th, am putting it here. It's not a super big deal if someone sends to my current (old) address, just would be lots easier if you didn't. :)

sknittymama 09/13/2007 #

I was all set to join this swap (loved the first one!) until I saw your note about iTunes. I don't know of any other way to make a mix CD other than using iTunes (and that's where all my music is stored!) Can you clarify a little more on this problem, as I'd hate to go to all the effort of making a mix and have my partner be disappointed.

Gayle 09/14/2007 #

I honestly don't know exactly what happens with iTunes, but I've been told that sometimes, and I think it's mostly with older stereos and CD players, it doesn't play right. Now, it does on the computer. I've gotten some recently that wouldn't play in my stereo, which is at least 5 years old, but it plays just fine in the computer. I'd imagine that should be just fine for your purposes, really. Most people will probably copy the songs to their computer anyway, or listen to the CDs on there. I haven't heard of any problems with it on computers, just stereo equipment.

sknittymama 09/14/2007 #

Thanks, Gayle, I think you're probably right. . .

sknittymama 09/14/2007 #

I'm so excited! I have the perfect song about something I love to do. . . ; )

amberbrosovich 09/18/2007 #

Vanessa Vianna and MStedil-

Your CD's are on their way from Texas, USA in about five minutes. Enjoy them!

symphonie 09/19/2007 #

Cds sent today Thursday 20th Sept to twisted03raven and katya, from Melbourne Australia.

Twisted03Raven 09/21/2007 #

My CD'S to Gayle Schoen and Toliet Roll Art went in the mail today! :)

JaneR 09/22/2007 #

I sent mixes to Tricia and phunkykola today, I hope you like them!

MAM 09/24/2007 #

CDs went out today to rubypickles (that name makes me giggle)and Symphonie&hearts. Enjoy you two!

kameko 09/24/2007 #

My CDs went out today (Monday, Sept. 24th) to abendbrot and boschloyalist.

flutterby 09/27/2007 #

CDs are going tomorrow to Niniane & Scarlett Nicole from UK. x

MissK186 10/ 1/2007 #

My mix cd's are in the mail to: saucygirl and Lavender.

alyssa 10/ 1/2007 #

chelle523 and lindalee - i sent your cds today. hope you get them soon!

liviaog 10/ 2/2007 #

My Cds are in the mail to: stephanie and Scarlet

sknittymama 10/ 5/2007 #

I love your CD swaps, Gayle! Can't wait for #3. . .

AnkeArnold 10/ 6/2007 #

Chris and Brooke, your CDs are on their way, but I just want to let you know that we had our national Holiday this week and I don't know how quick the German post works when half of the staff is off :o) Usually it takes 7-12 days for a letter to the US, so please don't get nervous before the end of next week.

Lex 10/19/2007 #

CDs sent off to Ritterfan and kameko, really sorry for the late send!

AlexandBeckysMom1 11/ 7/2007 #

Still no cd from CathyG. I notice that she did sent one cd to other partner. I'm confused.

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