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Journal of Lists- US version

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Journal of Lists- US version
Swap Coordinator:CaseyErin (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Journals 
Number of people in swap:60
Location:Regional - USA only
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:August 2, 2010
Date items must be sent by:September 2, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

With permission from @influctuate I am hosting her Journal of Lists Swap. This version, however, will be open to the US only.

  • The cover-- You can go two ways on this one, either buy a journal with a pretty cover or decorate your own. The cover cannot be plain.

  • The contents--Lists, lists and more lists. Atleast 30 to be exact. My required number is half of the original swap. If you had your heart set on 60 lists, by all means, do 60. Requirement is 30. You come up with the topics and you fill in the lists.

List Examples:

  1. Your Favortie Movies
  2. Your Favorite Books
  3. Names of Pets You've Had
  4. Places You'd Love to Travel to
  5. Movies You Hated

You will send one journal to one partner.

You have one month to complete and send your journal.

US only Swap
Newbies welcome with a well filled profile
All other swappers-4.8 or above
No poor ratings within the last 3 months

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to pm me or comment below. I check my account daily while hosting a swap.

Swap Happy!


AsAlwaysAngela 07/26/2010 #

SO excited about this one! My husband makes fun of me for writing lists for EVERYTHING- I once even made a list of lists I needed to make when I was in charge of a social function in our community. Lol.

PS> If anyone needs help with list ideas, I recently saw a journal of lists at my local Barnes&Noble... I thought it would be perfect for something like this.

CaseyErin 07/26/2010 #

I have had a couple of questions asked and I thought I would comment here in case anyone had the same questions...

The journal can be any size. However, I wouldn't get anything too small. A tiny journal is hard to write in and hard to read.

The topics for the lists can be anything you choose. A few examples:

Favorite Musicians
Favorite Books
Places you have traveled to
Foods you hate

brighid82 07/26/2010 #

Ive signed up and am soooo excited to get started. I promise I wont disappoint my partner if you let me remain in the swap :) yay!!

leighlo 07/26/2010 #

I don't mean to sound stupid, but lists of what? Used grocery lists, or what? Thanks for explaining ahead of time. :)

OfficeWeed 07/26/2010 #

Just to clarify...We make the Lists, AND fill them in, right? I just want to make sure I get this right. The 'international' directions were that way, so just double checking :D Thanks!!

Artistic 07/26/2010 #

thanks for the US version.

occasiongb6557 07/26/2010 #

Im confused a bit too, can you explain the idea further

bruxbaby 07/26/2010 #

Can we make our own crafty journal?

CaseyErin 07/26/2010 #

About the lists....
@leighlo -- You make up the lists. The lists can be for anything.

For example you could make a list of...

Your Favorite Musicians
Books You Have Read
Foods You Love
Places You Want See
Things You Want To Acomplish This Year
Your Favorite Movies

Be creative and make up the lists yourself. Come up with atleast 30 different lists.

@OfficeWeed -- Yes, you make the list and fill them, too.

CaseyErin 07/26/2010 #

@bruxbaby -- Yes, your journal can be handmade.

Vendetti 07/26/2010 #

I think it would be cool to make the lists with my answers then leave space for my partner to fill in as well. I think I'll do that for my partner! =)

And how does everyone feel about Lists that a little dirty? Like: Favorite swear words or favorite sex positions? Haha! Just wanted to ask before I go too crazy, and have too much fun with this. =P

AsAlwaysAngela 07/26/2010 #

I think that's a fun idea Vendetti... of course I guess it really all depends on the person you send to because everyone is going to have a different opinion on that. ;-)

CaseyErin 07/26/2010 #

@Vendetti -- After partners are assigned, I don't see any harm in asking your partner if they mind a few R rated lists. :D

OfficeWeed 07/27/2010 #

@ Vendetti...love the idea about leaving spaces. I would personally prefer no 'r' rated only because my family WILL want to read it LOL It's just the way we are...nosey? curious? you decide LOL

OfficeWeed 07/27/2010 #

oh! FYI anyone who lives near wal mart...they have composition notebooks for 25 cents right now :) back to school specials I suppose

savannahjan 07/29/2010 #

I bought my journal at Barnes and Noble. I'm excited!

ccomrie23 08/ 1/2010 #

I think I will leave room for my partner to fill in the lists as well and it would be great if my partner did the same. I love lists!

DavesMom 08/ 1/2010 #

Can lists be typed out? Say if we made our own book, and attached the typed-out lists to the pages...?

KraftyKaren 08/ 2/2010 #

I personally would prefer no R rated lists either.

conniebobear 08/ 2/2010 #

I absolutely wouldn't have ANY problem with R rated lists... also, i cant be paired up with @forcelover cuz shes my sister, and thatd b lame lol, is there anyway you can not be paired up with someone?

chelle523 08/ 2/2010 #

@Angela - I love it - a list of lists!!! That's wicked cool. hahaha

CraftyTweetie 08/ 2/2010 #

My mom and I are list makers. When I was in college I had to list in my datebook everything I had to do or had due each day or I couldxn't fall asleep at night for fear I'd forget something. Mom also keeps the current page of a hanging calendar on our refrigerator to keep track of things. She's always said that a burglar could come and take anything he/she wanted, but DON'T take our calendar! :)

CraftyTweetie 08/ 2/2010 #

Ooops! I almost forgot to add...R rated lists are ok for me, as long as all of the lists aren't that way and they aren't completely gross, vulgar, or mean spirited.

beenebag 08/ 2/2010 #

Is there a minimum number of items that have to be on each list?

CaseyErin 08/ 2/2010 #

@Davesmom -- Yes, you can type out a list and attach it to the journal.

@beenebag -- Not a minimum number, however as a suggestion, I would try and shoot for atleast 10. Some lists may have more or less but I think 10 is a fair number.

Craftymom85 08/ 2/2010 #

Is there a certain number of things that need to be in each list

Craftymom85 08/ 2/2010 #

Oh I'm sorry I didn't see that that had already been answered

Craftymom85 08/ 2/2010 #

Is it ok if we decorate the pages a little too?

CaseyErin 08/ 2/2010 #

@Craftymom85 -- Yes, that would be great. I am sure your partner would love decorated pages!

StardustForThePoet 08/ 3/2010 #

I'm so excited to get started!!! and also i do not mind R rated.

Craftymom85 08/ 3/2010 #

I'm sorry I'm new at this and I'm not sure how to figure out who my partner is.

CaseyErin 08/ 3/2010 #

@Craftymom85 -- On the top right hand side of this page is a pale yellow box. Click on the "See partners you send to" and your partern's address will be shown. That pale yellow box is also where you click after you send your swap and to rate your partner that sent a swap to you. Hope that helps.

melzenitram 08/ 3/2010 #

i don't mind anything r rated...quirky...random...weird...odd....out of the ordinary...tell me your secrets...whatever you want to tell me...i think it would make the lists that much more interesting!!

savannahjan 08/ 3/2010 #

Oh man! My journal is still going to look so empty once I've completed this. Should've bought a smaller journal.

CuppieCake 08/ 4/2010 #

I need some more ideas!!! Anyone(s) want to list some they used?!

bruxbaby 08/ 4/2010 #

I am going to steal melzenitram's response.

i don't mind anything r rated...quirky...random...weird...odd....out of the ordinary...tell me your secrets...whatever you want to tell me...i think it would make the lists that much more interesting!!

bruxbaby 08/ 4/2010 #

If anyone has any other list ideas, please post them. I am halfway in and don't know what to do!

OfficeWeed 08/ 4/2010 #

I'm running out of list ideas also...but I have : important dates ; favorite fonts ( I LOVE fonts!!) of course the beginning is my 'list of lists LOL ;O)

bruxbaby 08/ 4/2010 #

List of Lists! LOL I am using that one.

For those of you who are doing quirky, random, weird, odd, out of the ordinary, please share your ideas. : )

savannahjan 08/ 5/2010 #

I Watched Juno and wrote down everything I saw that was orange. How weird is that? laugh

I watched Some Kind of Wonderful and filled a page with nouns that were spoken in the dialogue.

From work I wrote down what accounts I worked that day.

Artistic 08/ 9/2010 #

A fat envelope was mailed out to my partner today. Enjoy!

AsAlwaysAngela 08/11/2010 #

My sister is getting married so I am going to make a list of items she registered for...

megapanda 08/11/2010 #

listography.com is a good place to get ideas, i was already signed up before this but a couple of my lists i am going to use for my journal. you can ask it for a list prompt and it'll give you pretty cool ideas. here are a bunch just to give you an idea and maybe a few ideas!: favorite artsy movies, favorite NPR shows, favorite beauty items, notable events this week, friends names from childhood, most memorable childhood gifts, i can never have enough of..., local activities i should get involved with, restaurants to try out

savannahjan 08/17/2010 #

60 lists is turning out to be extremely easy. It's lists that take up more than one page I'm struggling with since my goal is to completely fill my journal!

Vendetti 08/22/2010 #

@savannahjan Great idea for watching Juno! Maybe I'll do one with all the made up words they use. Haha!

savannahjan 09/ 1/2010 #

I'd say about half of the participants are "last minute-ers" just like me! :)

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