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Christmas Card Swap

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Swap Coordinator:LipsLikeSugar (contact)
Swap categories: Themed  Seasonal  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:308
Last day to signup/drop:November 15, 2007
Date items must be sent by:December 10, 2007
Number of swap partners:3

There was one on here but it has since been cancelled? Christmas time is one of the best times in the year. Especially for card giving. So I have resurrected it.

Cards can be bought or handmade. 3 partners each. You will sign these as if you were sending them to family or friends.

Newbies, international, everyone is allowed.

Stickers and extra effort should get hearts.

Have fun!! HO HO HO!!

also check out: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/7280 & http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/7138

PLEASE NOTE ALTHOUGH THIS IS JUST FOR CARDS..DO NOT JOIN IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTIONS ON HONORING THIS SWAP. CONSTANT NO-SENDS==BAN. too many people have contacted me about questionable users. and i've banned accordingly and will continue. flakers need not join.


evieroz 09/ 5/2007 #

Are we suppose to sign these cards? Or do we leave them unsigned so they can be signed by the person we send them to?

LipsLikeSugar 09/ 5/2007 #

you sign them. and send them as if they're family or friends. good question.

pootle 09/19/2007 #

Hopefully this'll be third time lucky for me - this is the third christmas card swap I've joined after the first 2 were cancelled!

Must. Make. Chrisrtmas. Cards!!!!!!

LipsLikeSugar 09/19/2007 #

i won't cancel this!! :]

swapbotaholic 10/ 1/2007 #

When will we get a list of our 3 swap partners for this?


LipsLikeSugar 10/ 1/2007 #

the last day for signups for this swap isn't until november 15. you will receive your partners the following day.

thanks to everyone who has joined so far. you warm my heart :}

bettysoo 10/ 3/2007 #

I'm really looking forward to this swap ...I love making Christmas card's....:0)..

tannermom 10/ 5/2007 #

How many cards do we need for each partner?

LipsLikeSugar 10/ 7/2007 #

1 card per partner. 3 partners. so you will need to send a total of 3 cards.

yarnpie 10/19/2007 #

All you fellow Christmas lovers, please check out my Christmas photography swap @ http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/8391 Thanks for looking! Joanne

clydeesmom 10/25/2007 #


niecedenise 10/25/2007 #

You did a really good job filling out your profile. That does help. Usually you dont know if you are in a swap until partners are assigned, or the host contacts you. Be sure to read your mail when the messages icon is on at the top of your profile. Message me if you need anything. Denise

Brighteyes1028 11/ 3/2007 #

This will be my first swap on swat-bot. I have been swapping on other sites for away. I can't wait. I love Christmas!

Zefaniya 11/ 7/2007 #

I'm game!

honeya9705 11/ 7/2007 #

I have signed up for a few card swaps! For any of you that has a Walgreens Drug store by them (US only) they have a sale on box cards! Buy 1 get 2 FREE! They have like 20+ cards in there set the sale ends this Sat. on Nov. 10th

Fruitmyload 11/ 8/2007 #

I have bought some cards to sign and send with stickers :D can't wait to find out my paretners.

Tori xx

bert001 11/ 8/2007 #

I cant wait to start! I love cards. :-)

Mesmereyes 11/ 8/2007 #

I went out and bought my cards today! I think they're very cool and I hope that my partners will like them!

I can't wait to get partners and get them sent out!!!!

smileytrishy 11/ 8/2007 #

Really looking forward to this swap and my 3 yr old is excited too, in my family is me trisha, stefan my partner and kaitlyn my daughter if you want to write our name on the card. Cant wait to know who my partners are, Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. :)

lovingmommy3 11/10/2007 #

how do i join this swap

enjoycraft 11/11/2007 #

hello everyone!

i totally looking forward to this exchange as it is international. i cant wait to see the variety of cards i receive! i also cant wait to see how people will react to the cards i send! mmm

diane :-)

scrapcat 11/11/2007 #

This is my first time to swap anywhere. Just wondering, do we add treasures in the cards?

sometimesmary 11/12/2007 #

Hello, I'm new here! I'd really like to participate in the Christmas swap, but I was just wondering: 1) how does it work; and 2) where do I send my Christmas posties to?


Chic 11/13/2007 #

Yey, I became person 300 to join this swap. So looking forward to this!!

sometimesmary 11/13/2007 #

Hello, my postcards are ready for mailing. Whom do I address them to? My email address is [email protected] Woo hoo!

CuppieCake 11/13/2007 #

Partners havent been given yet. The last day to sign up is Thursday so partners should be ahortly after that date!

LipsLikeSugar 11/13/2007 #

i'll answer the questions above.

to sign up for this swap..toward the end of the information it will say..'sign up for this swap'. just click that. then on the next screen you will have to confirm you want to join the swap. hurry. signups end THIS THURSDAY.

you arent required to send anything BUT a card, to earn hearts and be sweet; feel free to include goodies. candy canes, stickers, gift tags..erc. BUT THESE ARE NOT REQUIRED.


for the newbies, heres how it works: on friday i will assign partners. when you log into swapbot, in 'your swaps' section you will see the swaps you're in. to the left of each swap you will see some options. you need to click 'see my partners'. it will give the names and addresses of who you send a card to. be sure to include your swapbot id name. when you have sent yours off ... you need to return to the 'your swaps' page and click the link that says 'i've sent my swap'. ** then as you receive cards, you go to the 'your swaps' page once more. click 'view' to enter the swap, and then click 'rate your partner and coordinator'. that is where you rate your partners and myself. do this as you receive ANYTHING via swapbot. it is very important. it's kinda like ebay feedback. others need to know how good we are at trading.

if you have any questions not covered, please go to my page and send me a message or comment. i'm on swapbot several times a day. i have no problem helping anyone. all you have to do is ask.

Thank you all for joining. I hope you enjoy this swap as much as I'm sure I will.

Happy Swapping, LipsLikeSugar (jen)

Ilsa 11/17/2007 #

May i join the swap? Please let me . I discovered it today Regards Ilsa

CuppieCake 11/17/2007 #

Sign ups ended! And partners were already given!

ozrob 11/18/2007 #

my cards went in the mail today (Nov 19)

bluecrayons 11/18/2007 #

cards mailed..enjoy

bettysoo 11/19/2007 #

I've made my partners cards and put a few little goodies in . Hope they like !!...Can't wait to receive mine .. HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL YOU LOVELY SWAPPERS.. bettysoo ....

Sunshine9905 11/20/2007 #

They are addressed, signed, and on the way to you!!! Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

foreverpackrat 11/21/2007 #

I can't believe I actually mailed out Christmas cards already! This is truly a first for me! Hope everyone enjoys them and happy holidays to everyone!

scolak 11/27/2007 #

mine are out and on their way - YEAH!

dollymama 11/27/2007 #

Christmas card received from Pam Coburn---thanks Pam akadollymama

lannoe 11/28/2007 #

I mailed out my cards today.

Lori (lannoe)

jakfrostwife 11/28/2007 #

Mine are on the way!

Saoirse 11/28/2007 #

I sent all my cards a few days ago, I just forgot to click sent. My partners should get the cards soon, I hope they will like them!

dollymama 11/29/2007 #

Christmas Cards sent today to Karen Hupp (bear), Meghan Hatari (mjhatari) and Yvonne Neis (Kantorka from Christine Young, akadollymama

boatingbelle 11/30/2007 #

Misserin, disneyninja and susieq, your cards are in the post from UK. Happy Christmas everyone!!

XAnim3Qu33nX 11/30/2007 #

All 3 Of My Cards Were Sent About 3 Days After The Sign Up Deadline.

yarnpie 11/30/2007 #

tripleplay, GrooveyKat, Bonnie - they are in the mail!

Cherry 12/ 1/2007 #

Hi, Betty,Irene, and Josephine. I have sent your Christmas Cardsand goodies. The post net was so busy. It will get to you soon. FYI. Peace, Cherry )aka) Spiritlily

Dieuwertje 12/ 2/2007 #


I'm so sorry for my partners that i mis understand the swap information and that i didn't read the discussion.

So i send a postcard to my partners in place off a greeting card. (did not now there was a difference between them.)

I will send my partners a real greeting card in a few days to make it good with them.

Greetings, Dieuwertje

scolak 12/ 3/2007 #

Cards are in the trusty hands of the PO - Happy Holidays!

LunaGirl 12/ 3/2007 #

All my cards are mailed! Happy Holidays!

dollymama 12/ 4/2007 #

Received card from Jane Boston(alphabet. Very pretty, Thanks Jane....Merry Christmas

dollymama 12/ 4/2007 #

Received card from Jane Boston(alphabet. Very pretty, Thanks Jane....Merry Christmas

lolacat 12/ 5/2007 #

sent my cards today (finally!). also received cards from barb and sharone! thanks so much!

blackbody 12/ 5/2007 #

Hi! Had sent it last week. Hopefully it will arrive to my partners before Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone!

blackbody 12/ 5/2007 #

Hi! Had sent them last week. Hopefully it will arrive to my partners before Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone!

blackbody 12/ 5/2007 #

Hi! Have sent them last week. Hopefully it will arrive to my partners before Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone!

blackbody 12/ 5/2007 #

Oops, sorry for the multiple post.. :p

mag 12/ 7/2007 #

cards are on the way to Nina, Aletha and Leslie. Happy Holidays!!

pootle 12/10/2007 #

Sent mine today - I think today is the last posting day for UK to US, so hopefully they'll all arrive in time for Christmas!

Jingle bells, jingle bells... fa la la la la, la la la laa!

Tatiswaps 12/10/2007 #

Just sent my items to my dear partners!!! With a little tiny extra... =) Hope youร‚ยดll like!!

Hugs and Merry Christmas, Tatiswaps. =D

Mesmereyes 12/11/2007 #

My cards have gone out with a little extra inside. Hope everyone likes what they're getting!

HartFelt 12/11/2007 #

I received on lovely card. Unfortunately I have no idea how this works or where my list is so I just sent a card back to the nice person that sent me one.

This is totaly confusing to me.

MicheleoneL 12/11/2007 #

My cards went out on Friday the 7th. I hope that they arrive safe and sound! Michele

Pikaboo 12/11/2007 #

I sent my cards out yesterday but I have a feeling that the two going international didn't get the right postage on them. Hopefully they don't get sent back to me!

evieroz 12/11/2007 #

Can you tell me if I signed up for this swap. I can't find it listed in my swaps but I keep getting Christmas cards from swap-bot people? And none of them say anything except it's from swap-bot

TexyDeb 12/12/2007 #

I am having computer problems. I will rate my partners at a later date.

GemMedia 12/13/2007 #

Can anyone tell me what happened to xDISAx....she was one of my send to partners for this swap and her account now says 'suspended'? All her information was there when I sent to her., thanks.

ASWOJO 12/13/2007 #

Hi Jessica, Naomi and Cassi, I have sent my cards, just have not had time to hit the sent button. Sorry for the delay in the update.

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas


MANATIMUM 12/16/2007 #

Didnร‚ยดt get any cards till now : ((( Two of my partners have still "not sent" What can I do?? H E L P !!!

blackbody 12/19/2007 #

I haven't receive any cards yet too. Could I possibly ask those who had picked me as a partner to send me a message? Thanks! :)

blackbody 12/20/2007 #

I just got two. One more card to go. :)

Mesmereyes 12/22/2007 #

I've only heard back from one person who said they received my cards. Didn't anyone else get them? I did send them with Christmas stickers inside.

LunaGirl 12/24/2007 #

Hope my partners got their cards ... ! I am still waiting for one and I expect it's doubtful since this person has no feedback, and an empty bio. :-( Bummer.

disneyninja 12/24/2007 #

I'm still missing one card, and I'm just hoping that without rating all of my partners the ratings for the others still work....

MANATIMUM 12/25/2007 #

Finally I got two out of three chritmsacards... but Iร‚ยดm a bit disapointed. I put so much effort into it and one card was really crap the other one was nice. Something is wrong with my rating-system too. I have one partner listed, thatร‚ยดs actually not my partner?? But I get no response on my emails??? Last swap for me!!

olivia50 12/29/2007 #

I received one out of 3 Christmas cards. The one I received was adorable! Would have liked to gotten all 3 since all my cards were handmade. Bummer

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