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teabag & letter

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teabag & letter
Swap Coordinator:reauk (contact)
Swap categories: Seasonal 
Number of people in swap:153
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.09 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:January 30, 2011
Date items must be sent by:February 7, 2011
Number of swap partners:3

send 1 teabag 1letter .. you have 3 partners. newbies welcome.you can send 1 teabag and notelet if you want.senders choice.

if your into palling join cuppa and letter group... always loads of swaps going on from snail mail ,to parcel post.to forum games.


kikilala 12/24/2010 #

Can the letter be written on a notecard or greetings card?

reauk 12/24/2010 #

its up to you can be on notelet or card or fancy paper.

Charis 01/11/2011 #

just a letter with hi and stuff or should it be decorated or inclode some info?

reauk 01/11/2011 #

letter saying a little bit about yourself. and how your days been.

Charis 01/11/2011 #

sounds interesting! I'll join.

onecellinthesea 01/12/2011 #

Is it a profile swap or senders choice?

reauk 01/12/2011 #

senders choice

Allyb 01/13/2011 #

sounds like great fun

Allyb 01/13/2011 #

loves tea very English

wizzer3245 01/16/2011 #

Can newbies join? :)

Vanillacreamteas 01/16/2011 #

Please contact me before sending!!!!! My address is incorrect! I have to wait until it can be fixed!! Please do not send to my Belgium address!!! Please ask for my address!! x

justsaysmith 01/16/2011 #

I already have my partners package ready to go! I'm super excited about this swap :)

Sweetlatte2427 01/17/2011 #

this sounds like a fun little swap! i'm excited to send my swap!!

reauk 01/18/2011 #

yes they can @wizzer3245

EmmaPaperclip 01/18/2011 #

OK then....so what is the teabag for? Should the note card be distressed or aged? Should the teabag be unused?

ColoradoKate 01/18/2011 #

@Emmapaperclip - Good point! My interpretation is that the teabag is for drinking, although I suppose you could use it to destress stuff later too! Drink, then destress? ;)

Charis 01/19/2011 #

@ColoradoKate Depends on how shocking the letter will be :P When in doubt; send 2 tea bags

ssshauna 01/22/2011 #

do I have to write it or can I print it?

ssshauna 01/22/2011 #

do I have to write it left to right? will my reciever know to read it left to right?

ssshauna 01/22/2011 #

can I fill it with dumb-ass questions?

ssshauna 01/22/2011 #

when a comment enters my head should just post it as a comment automatically?

ssshauna 01/22/2011 #

also, should I write on white paper or can I use coloured paper?

Charis 01/24/2011 #

@ssshauna I'm not the host but I think: -writing is more personal, -anyway you want :P as long it's readable -YES, at least, I'd like that -rather put it in one -any type

Stacieb10 01/24/2011 #

Okay, I'm new & this is my first swap. I received an email stating this swap would begin soon. My question is, how do I know who I'm sending to?? Thanks!

Allyb 01/24/2011 #

You get a swap partner given to you and at the moment there has not been a assigned partners yet.

really 01/24/2011 #

sorry had to drop out. just realised that my teabag will be nabbed by customs. australia has strict policies about these things. poo.

artisan 01/25/2011 #

Oh I love tea and letter, this is perfect... im joining in... =)

Stacieb10 01/25/2011 #

Thanks Allyb!

miragedw 01/26/2011 #

Is there only going to be 1 partner per person for this swap? Can you sign up for more than that?

darcilena 01/27/2011 #

Since there are over 130 people would anyone consider sending to 2 partners?? I would love to and then I'd get 2 back as well! Just a thought! Can't wait to meet my partner! ;)

birdiepoop 01/28/2011 #

Hey! im new to this so bear with me, was just wondering: does the swap-bot system automatically give you a partner or do you have to find one on the site? if the latter someone add me! lxxxx

mienkintoshfairie 01/28/2011 #

May I send 2 teabags, different flavors?

mienkintoshfairie 01/28/2011 #

May I send more than 1 teabags, different flavors?

reauk 01/29/2011 #

changed it to 3 partners...if your in to palling or snailmail join my cuppa and letter group.

darcilena 01/30/2011 #

Wow, good thing I checked back. I better get writing. I had my one letter done! Now do I have enough tea bags!! LOl! Just kidding! If your sending my way...I don't like Earl Grey at all! Oh ya or lemon!! ;) see ya soon!

mienkintoshfairie 01/30/2011 #

I can't wait to get my partners!!!!! I am not writing until i get my partners, I love to write and all and I want it to be personal instead of some droll letter,lol

gewalli 01/31/2011 #

Did we get an email or something about the change of the number of partners? I just popped in to get my partners address, I already have the envelope ready since I will be away from home for a while, and purely by chance I saw that there was a change... Just wonder if I missed something? Of course I'll finish the swap anyway!!

TryshaH81 01/31/2011 #

@gewalli ~ Yeah an email would have been nice cause I would have dropped the swap. Like you I had my one letter and teabags already ready to go and just popped back in to grab it quickly to find out there was 2 more partners added. Yikes I will have to grab some time tonight hopefully and scribble out two more letters.

snarkystitches 01/31/2011 #

@TryshaH81 I am also a little grumpy as this swap was changed at the last second. I also would have dropped it.

manfalovesyou 01/31/2011 #

When did it go from 1 partner to 3? What if someone didn't have enough teabags? Or didn't have the time would they even be able to drop once partners are assigned? I'll manage to get all the letters out I'm just worried with the amount of people how it's going to work out. Best of luck to everyone :)

LilyM 01/31/2011 #

I agree that an email would have been nice. But, because a tea bag and a letter is not to complicated I wouldn't have dropped out. I would have liked a little warning as I also had my envelope ready to go minus the little personal touch.

electricrobots 02/ 1/2011 #

Woah, this caught me by surprise! I am totally new to this website so I thought I'd join in on this wonderful swap with one partner, but now I feel a little scared with three, haha. I will of course go through with it. :)

reauk 02/ 1/2011 #

sorry about that... hope you all enjoy the swap

JustAddGlitter 02/ 1/2011 #

Oh crud, 3 partners?! Well, that's what I get for not checking in before the deadline to drop. lol Guess I better get to writing again!

tralen33 02/ 1/2011 #

Changing the number of partners without telling us, is not cool. Especially when it's international.

reauk 02/ 1/2011 #

hey im sorry about this .changed the partners from 1 to 3 about 5 days ago... people normally check in. ...if anyone has a problem. please let me know.. i changed it as a few people said they like more than one partner.

tralen33 02/ 1/2011 #

I have a problem because normally we are sent an email when there is a change, I check into swap- bot regularly , but not to see if the number of partners have changed on a swap. If they are, there is usually an "EDITED" or an email which would be the courteous thing to do.

miragedw 02/ 1/2011 #

Well I for one am happy that it changed from 1 to 3, I think that it will be more fun to give and receive this way. I do agree though that this is not the number one priority in life so checking back was just a fluke. If possible an e-mail if things change would be a welcome notification but thanks for hosting this swap and I hope to be involved in many more to come!

EmmaPaperclip 02/ 1/2011 #

The change in number of partners....really not cool. Would have been nice if an email had been sent. I for one would have dropped.

ladytiger7647 02/ 1/2011 #

Some warning that it had changed from one to three would have been nice. I for one would have been irritated if i had gotten three international people! Thankfully i got all domestic.

onecellinthesea 02/ 2/2011 #

I agree that it was wrong to change the number of swap partners without notifying! Not that I really mind having three (though I am in UK and two out of three partners are across the pond), but I would've liked to be told before!

CuteTeaBunny 02/ 2/2011 #

Ugh. I also really wish we could gotten an email about the change. It stresses me out that now I have to write 3 letters when I thought it was 1. Oh well.

tralen33 02/ 3/2011 #

I am looking at postage rates for 2 extra international letters which will be minimum of 3.50 each if I don't go over 3.5 ounces. that is why i only wanted to take a chance of getting 1 international partner.

courtmm11 02/ 4/2011 #

Great Swap Rea..... 3 partners... are fun, and I received great ratings for them.... thank you for being such a great co-ordinator... Look forward to more like this. thank you thank you

Moonpoppy 02/ 4/2011 #

Loved this swap, really excited to be getting THREE different types of tea through my postbox! Admittedly I almost had a heart attack when I saw how much it cost to mail all three international letters (for just ONE teabag a-piece - come on Royal Mail in the UK, sort your life out!) so might just stick to Regional (Europe) for now! x

maryannr1742 02/ 4/2011 #

Your tea and letter swap was very nice. I like having who I send to and who sends to me. That way I can tell if my swappers have sent my stuff. You have been very helpful. I have rated you with a star > which I think is the highest score according to the question.

Thank you. maryannr1742

theonewhoknits 02/ 4/2011 #

Also disappointed that there was no notification about the three partners. You can't assume that everyone checks the page.

I have my letters done up and will be mailing them tomorrow.

Godsrockangel 02/ 6/2011 #

Mine are going in the mail tomorrow :) I've ticked them as sent.

SecretSerendipity 02/ 8/2011 #

Just wanted to send out an apology to my swap partners!! I got really sick last Thursday and have been completley down and out since then! Today im finally feeling better, not quite 100% but I can function! So I missed the mail deadline! But they are going out today!!! Again ladies IM really sorry! Ive never been late or flaked on anything!! So be on the lookout now they are on the way!!!

auntmaymay1221 02/11/2011 #

I was a little dismayed to find out I had more partners to send to but got right on it and sent them out...hopefully they enjoy their tea and are not unhappy that I did not send a long letter.

kittenred 02/14/2011 #

I thought this had always been 3 partners... am just waiting to get rated on mine.

tiamoty 02/14/2011 #

I'm very very sorry I'm sending my letters so late! I missed the deadline because I started my University term, and this two weeks of February were just crazy! It's my first swap, and I want to do right thing, so I'm sending more things in one envelope, hope my partners like them... and again, I'm very very sorry!

mienkintoshfairie 02/19/2011 #

I'm still waiting on feedback for one of my swaps. Mine were are in Florida, so I know that they arrived a week ago...as a newb I need people to leave feedback

mienkintoshfairie 02/19/2011 #

I'm still waiting on feedback for one of my swaps. Mine were are in Florida, so I know that they arrived a week ago...as a newb I need people to leave feedback

mienkintoshfairie 02/19/2011 #

I'm still waiting on feedback for one of my swaps. Mine were are in Florida, so I know that they arrived a week ago...as a newb I need people to leave feedback

LittleSnuggleMonkey 02/22/2011 #

I am still waiting to get 2 of my swaps :(

artisan 03/ 1/2011 #

I super love this swap. I enjoy that you have to write a note to your partner which I totally enjoy reading... still waiting for my last partner but no biggy... I hope my partners got my package... =)

Soulcracked 03/ 5/2011 #

got 1 of 3... and I suppose that no one of my envelops came, 'cause I haven't fot any rating... thinking of re-sending it after 8th of March..

Soulcracked 03/ 9/2011 #

today I've received the last 2 envelopes :) And also re-sent 3 mine ( as registered letters, i can write their tracking numbers). If it won't come at this time, I dunno what to do...

kittenred 03/11/2011 #

if anybody needs this angeling for them, just pm me! (one of my partners didn't rate me, but looks like her partners didn't rate her either, going off the 'sent' dates)

citygirl 03/15/2011 #

I got 2 out of 3, sent a message a few days ago about the other but not heard anything! Hopefully will turn up soon!

TryshaH81 03/16/2011 #

Same here ~ Got two of three but nothing from @Chronas plus no reply to PMs I have sent! I rated a 1 :(

Soulcracked 03/21/2011 #

whooh, finally I can archive this swap, today the last of my partners got envelope from me ))

mienkintoshfairie 03/24/2011 #

I received 2 out of 3 and @shalomsunrise has not been online since February 15, 2011. I have sent a few messages but nothing. My partners have theirs, and rated.

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