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Swap Coordinator:Cherry (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:96
Last day to signup/drop:January 15, 2008
Date items must be sent by:January 31, 2008
Number of swap partners:2



KIMKAN2 10/ 8/2007 #

Do you send 25 to each partner, so a total of 50 stamps are needed?

boatbird 10/ 9/2007 #

Whoohoo! A swap I can join :) it's far enough away so I can get a good collection for my partners :))

3YorkieMom 10/12/2007 #

I have a huge collection of International stamps. I saved from my mail at work. I am sharing them even though I live in Alabama. Is that OK? 3YorkieMom

crimsoncat05 10/13/2007 #

I love stamps; since mailing is a ways off, it will give me a chance to collect some over the holidays!

Cherry 10/15/2007 #

Hi Everyone. Thank you for joining my swap. You send 25 used postage to each partner. International stamps are welcome. And yes we will have a good time collecting stamps since it is a swap in the future. Peace, Cherry (aka) Spiritlily

mag 10/23/2007 #

Do we need to separate the stamps from the paper? Thanks.

CelestialFreak 11/27/2007 #

To sleepwoven: Personally I'd leave that up to the recipient. I know I personally like to have the canceled stamp image as well as the postage stamp, so I can see what P.O. canceled the stamp, sometimes they have interesting images they put on them. So I'd say leave the paper... But I wouldn't send entire envies... Just my two cents.

viccy761 12/ 3/2007 #

are stamps to be all different?

solarts 12/ 4/2007 #

I have old stamps that I kept ever since I was a kid. Stamps that were bought for me to collect. Walt Disney stamps galore! ...and some variety of others. I would be glad to give away the Disney stamps. They are not used stamps so could we swap those?

Blurg 12/ 8/2007 #

Life is too short to use boring stamps! Have you seen the Northern Lights stamps? beautiful. I'm in.

candyfloss 12/13/2007 #

Can I join?as I am a newbie here. I come from Malaysia..our stamps usually have the picture that shown the cultural background of our country=)

rachel26 12/18/2007 #

Anyone wanna swap stamps privately with me? I can send 25 or more Singapore stamps. Pm me if you're interested.. Thanks

Ilsa 12/31/2007 #

I have sent a message to Chery. I would like to be in the swap. Only send me the addresses where I have to send the stamps. I have a lot of from Finland, Holland, Germany, USA, Spain. It`s a fantastic swap. Kisses to everyboy Stella Maris

qmock 01/ 3/2008 #

I would love to get some fun stamps! International would be great! My husband has collected stamps since he was a kid - so I'm going to ask him to go through his stuff while he's watching football! Looking forward to this one! Susan (qmock)

kraftytanya 01/ 3/2008 #

well im an aussie lol and got heaps of stamps ready got the whole family collecting them for me hope you will let me swap cheers Tanya xxx

lyninoz 01/10/2008 #

this is my first swapbot swap. who are my partners and what are their addresses, sorry if i sound a bit dense lol. pleeeease help me out.

starrycat 01/10/2008 #

I love to use stamps for decos and atc's!!! My partners, please...pretty please...I would love it if you would send me international stamps...I have too many USA stamps, unless they are specialty stamps!!! Soo...please...no stamps with the US flag unless it's foreign. This is just a request, my partners feel free to send me whatever they decide.

AnniePhil 01/11/2008 #

Lyninoz, after the last day to sign up (Jan 15), swap-bot will assign your partners and list their addresses. It will appear in the yellow box at the top of the page where it currently says "view list of participants" and "drop from swap"

crimsoncat05 01/12/2008 #

how cool is this! This swap is the #1 swap today!!!

gwilliams 01/15/2008 #

I have TONS of used postage stamps that I would love to swpa for something other then postage stamps. I don't even collect them, they were given to me.

If anyone would be interested, please send me a message.

jennhx 01/15/2008 #

I live in the U.S., but have tons of international stamps which my grandmother collected for years and years when she worked at a French book company. I have never done anything with them, so I joined this swap to get me motivated to get them out and do something with them. I would like to make ATC cards or other artwork with them.

About half of mine have already been "steamed" from their backing, so no paper and no postal cancellation stamp on those...

Thanks for creating this swap!

CARROLL 01/15/2008 #

I'm always looking for animals and plants on stamps from any country. Especially searching for bugs, frogs, and salamanders...

AnniePhil 01/16/2008 #

I have collected stamps since a kid and have some of my grandparents' collection, all of which have been removed from the papers. However, since reading that some like the cancellation stamps, I've left newer stamps on the paper. So you'll get a combo from me. I would be happy to receive mint or used, old or new stamps, with or without backing. Thanks for swapping with me!

bcdebinbc 01/17/2008 #

Swap host Cherry, please please pretty please....post the partners. Sign up ended 15th, then swap bot organizes it for the host next day, correct? (I'm a newbie but I read the forums sometimes and I think that's how it works, right?) Now it's 17th, I love this swap but need to know the partners!! Luv ya! :-)

apeystar 01/17/2008 #

Are we getting our partners soon?

angelstar 01/17/2008 #

yeah, when are we getting our partners? Not to be impatient or anything. I hope we get them soon!

viccy761 01/17/2008 #

okay so I am not the only one wondering what is going on with this swap...has anyone contacted Cherry directly so that we know what is happenning?

PeppermintChick 01/17/2008 #


bcdebinbc 01/17/2008 #

I haven't heard directly from Cherry or here in the comments...I wonder whatz up? I am impatient, I admit it!

bcdebinbc 01/17/2008 #

ohoh, maybe not good signs ....on her profile is says Cherry last signed in Jan 2nd, and someone today just posted her a 1 on her profile for a swap overdue by a month...the person says that Cherry left some folks hanging and hopes everything is ok with her.

Newbie question from me: What happens if no partners are ever assigned for this swap, does it just disappear eventually from our swap lists? Or does some other Moderator or someone else assign them?

oopsoops 01/17/2008 #

Hi Cherry, where are you? I also thought smth was amiss when I received no email from swap-bot telling us about our partners. This is only my 2nd swap and smth has to go wrong. =( All my stamps are waiting to be sent out... Get back to us soon & hope all are well.

mnsqb 01/17/2008 #

Does anyone know if swap-bot can start the swap if Cherry doesn't? Has anyone contacted swap-bot about this delayed start?

CARROLL 01/17/2008 #

Hey Y'all, As I understand it, after three days, Swap-bot assigns partners even without the host's input. There have been a few AWOL hosts recently. Even if Cherry is missing, the swap will go on...

hellovader 01/17/2008 #

I read something recently that swap-bot is no longer assigning partners after 3 days and that it's the coordinator's responsibility.

hellovader 01/17/2008 #

This is actually what it says:

How do coordinators assign swap partners?

Swap coordinators are now responsible for initiating the assignment of swap partners after the signup deadline. Once the signup deadline has passed, the coordinator must come back to Swap-bot to check over the list of swappers who have signed up for their swap. Any unwanted swappers can be banned at this time. It is then the coordinator's responsibility to click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link. Swap-bot does all of the actual partner assignments, the coordinators simply initiate the process after they have had a chance to check over the list of swap participants. IMPORTANT: Partners will not be assigned for your swap until you click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link. Swap-bot will send you an email after the sign-up deadline reminding you to come initiate the partner assignment process. If the coordinator does not click on the 'assign partners for this swap' link, partners will automatically be assigned three days after the signup deadline.

kraftytanya 01/18/2008 #

well i will not be joining anymore of Cherry's swaps

PeppermintChick 01/18/2008 #

Awwwwww KraftyTanya maybe something serious happened. Let's try to be understanding.

angelstar 01/18/2008 #

Yeah, I agree with PeppermintChick. We should be understanding. Cherry hasn't logged in since Jan. 2nd. Something unforeseen could have happened.
I just contacted admin. We shall see what will happen. Linda

aladyde 01/18/2008 #

Can't anybody else overtake the responsibility for this swap? I was so happy to be able to trade. If anybody needs some German stamps for his/her collection,please contact me. Inga

angelstar 01/18/2008 #

I just read the comment above by hellovander. I guess we should be assigned soon.

kraftytanya 01/18/2008 #

It is not that i am not understanding I am and i dont think i said anything wrong sorry i even posted now but thank you for the lesson I will keep quiet from now on

Ilsa 01/19/2008 #

Please help!!! I received a message telling me that I had my partners information to send the stamps, but I can't find them. I would like to prepare the stamps and letters this weekend. Please tell me where I can find the information. Bye Stella

evieroz 01/19/2008 #

Kraftytanya, don't apologize. You have a right to your opinion. I for one am with you on this. If they want to sponsor then they should take the responsibity for it. Takes a few seconds to leave a message if some unforseen thing happened. It happens to everyone. We all survive. I received my names to send and of course both are international (which I seem to always get) At least I did get one international for me and one from U.S.

bcdebinbc 01/19/2008 #

Ilsa....up near the top of this webpage is a yellow box titled 'as a member of this swap you can', with a list of links, click 'see the partners to send to', and the info will come up in a new window for you. :-)

bcdebinbc 01/19/2008 #

Ramona and Bettina, yours are all set to be mailed Monday (from Bc, Canada). Enjoy! :-)

bcdebinbc 01/19/2008 #

And a big THANK YOU to whomever/SwapBotautomatically did the partners list.

evieroz 01/19/2008 #

Inga in Germany and Lillian in Canada, I have mailed yours today, Saturday, Jan. 19th. They are coming by pony express.

hellovader 01/19/2008 #

Cherry still hasn't signed into swap-bot. Does anyone want to volunteer to angel the people she's partnered with if she doesn't come back?

bcdebinbc 01/20/2008 #

Hellovader...I can angel Cherry's, I have plenty extras. Just let me know the addys/info of who to send to (or where would I find that info? is there a link to who Cherry's partners are?). :-)

hellovader 01/20/2008 #

Hopefully they'll read the comments. I don't know how else, unless admin can tell you. Thanks for being an angel, btw.

Blurg 01/21/2008 #

Hey friends, Let's cut her a bit of slack. She created this, and we'll have fun with it. Swap-bot jumps in after a few days, and now, we're ready to go! I can help angel if there are some no-sends at the end. I won't claim to be real quick, but I do get around to things.

I can say for sure that I've had some road bumps, and late sends, very late. Let's give Cheryl a chance to come through.

bcdebinbc 01/21/2008 #

Blurg, you're right. If after 2 weeks Cherry still hasn't signed in and sent to her 2 partners, then you and/or I can angel. It's just Cherry was so helpful in messages to me last month, and now....nothing? Gotta wonder what's up and thinking maybe she's not coming back. But will wait 2 weeks, you're right, she may come back, who knows?

starrycat 01/21/2008 #

I know Cherry semi-personally from having been in a yahoo group with her, and this is typical for her, she has a tendiacy to disappear for long periods of time, and her swaps tend to always be late, though she normally sends at some point. I personally think that if you host a swap...you should take care of it, you know? Anyway, I can also angel a few people who's partners are no sends, since I HIGHLY Doubt flakers got weeded out of this swap, lol.

starrycat 01/21/2008 #

Ah yeah, and I forgot to mention, Smokeandmirrors, and Halleday, your stamps are on their way to you!

kraftytanya 01/22/2008 #

Drenka and Viccy761 your stamps are in the mail today they may take awhile to get to you as i am in Australia anyway hope you like them

trixboth 01/22/2008 #

Happypup & Kellidgrimes your packages of postal stamps are on their way to you!

angelstar 01/24/2008 #

I sent mine January 20th to SamiE and CARROLL. :-) I hope you get them soon.

tannermom 01/25/2008 #

Hi all,

I am sorry for my delayed reaction on this swap issue. The FAQ statement about partner assignments is confusing and not quite accurate. Auto-partner assignments after three days are NOT supposed to be happening, but it looks like it did in this case. We are looking into that.

I am glad that partners got assigned and the swap is going forward. I hope you all have fun. I am sorry that your coordinator seems to be missing. Hopefully she will log in soon and get caught up on her swaps.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and confusion,

Swap-bot Admin

jennhx 01/27/2008 #

Thank you for your attention to this swap, Rachel!

aladyde 01/28/2008 #

Phoenix and eatpie, your stamps are on your way to you. Inga

5stars 01/28/2008 #

misslady and m2therh - I sent your stamps end of last week (Thursday 25th Jan).

MicheleoneL 01/29/2008 #

I have sent my stamps to missslady and 5stars but having a blonde moment, I didn't add enough stamps. I am sending out a second envie to these 2 ladies. Thanks for understanding! Thanks for replying Christina! Michele

m2therh 02/ 1/2008 #

Hello, I just went in to put in my SENT status and a date has already been posted. The incorrect date. I did not realize that I needed to do this, being my first time swapping. I am not a "daily on the computer person" and have been away until the 30th so sent them as soon as I got back and got my partners. Thank you for your patience. mj m2therh

Ilsa 02/ 2/2008 #

Hi, I have received the stamps from my partners. Thank you very much. I don't know if I can say who they are. But they know of course that they have sent. I have a question. Is there any place in the forum where we have to sign that the swap is OK and finished? regards Stella

Ilsa 02/ 3/2008 #


Where I have to put my sent status????

Somebody tell me

Thank you Ilsa

angelstar 02/ 5/2008 #

Cherry. No show for about a month. No "sorry" comment. I'll wait a while, but I don't think Cherry is going to get a star from me. Particularly after reading the comment above from Starrycat above. I won't be joining another swap by her, that's for sure.

angelstar 02/ 5/2008 #

Ilsa, to mark when you have sent your stamps, there should be clickable text at the top for you to click on. I forget what it says, I've already sent all mine, and clicked on the text on all my finished swaps. :-) If you don't see anything there, perhaps you've already clicked on the text? You can click on "View complete list of swap participants" to see if your name is marked as sent or not sent. :-) Since there are only two people on this swap, and you received from both of your partners, then just click on the link that says, "Rate your partners and coordinator" and give them both a rating. So far I haven't received anything from anyone where I can't figure out who it's from - thank goodness. :-)

CelestialFreak 02/13/2008 #

I agree with angelstar, I've dropped out of Cherry's swaps too. I was paired with her to receive from this swap and still don't have any stamps or communication from her. There's still time though, so I haven't added her to my tardy/flaker list yet.

frieslandmeid 02/15/2008 #

Celestial Freak...I agree with your frustrations. I guess we may never know what happened with her, but I am assuming it was something very dramatic. Anyway...I would be willing to angel this swap for you if you'd like...I will pm you.

CelestialFreak 02/15/2008 #

Thank you frieslandmeid, and I appreciated that you PM'd me as well.

myakov 09/29/2008 #

I try to find the collectioners in Sttutgart Germany for stamps exchange . Could someone help me to get their e-mail adresses? I'll be very grateful.

Stacia020 10/11/2008 #

can i swap, I collect from everywhere and i have from everywhere!! I am ready to exchange with whoever! message me!!

ruseugene 11/15/2010 #

Hello, My name is Eugene and I am from Russia. I collect stamps from all over the world and would like to exchange with anyone interested. I can offer from USSR, Russia and from other countries.

netwpro 12/19/2010 #

Greetings everyone. My name is Charlie and I am here in Pennsylvania. I collect postal stamps from all over the world. Will buy outright and use PayPal.

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