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Date Joined: October 18, 2010
Last Online: February 4, 2011
Birthday: April 6, 1981
Country: United States

About Me

Trying to try the WWW in a less digital method to have a bit of pen-and paper, hold in my hands enrichment. Penpals were something I LOVED when young and a friend of mine nudged me to this site! I'll be thrilled when I'm not a 'newbie' so the more involved swaps will welcome me!

Texas-born, half Texas bred(hahah, Mom's from North Carolina), and quarter Texas raised...and yet I have NO love for the bulk of the stereotypical 'Texan' things, go figure.

Dallas is now home for myself and my son(he and I were made into a single parent family soon after his birth via a car wreck...life happens).

Truth be told I'm at a loss for what to write in here, I'm never any good at profiles. In a nutshell I am:

a pseudo-hippie -- being born and raised Pagan helped this front a fair bit(and man does it help with developing a concept of openmindedness!!) the 'queen of CL' according to my friends -- I've gotten to where almost 80% of what I own is from Craigslist. The car? Yep. Couch? You betchya! Fishtank? Of course. Moonflower seeds grown on my patio this year? Was there ever a doubt??

Seriously...even the moon flower seeds were a CL 'kill', I love it!

If it's organic I will probably appreciate it, I try to support my locals over the big chains in everything I do.

Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in early 2007 makes me the third generation female in a ROW to be diagnosed with it; watching my mother and grandmother progress through the disease has prepared me for what to expect.

If it's nice outside and I'm off work the kiddo and I are outside in some fashion, be it just wandering through the farmer's market or taking a road trip to a state park or just having a picnic on the patio of our apartment. Thrift stores are under-rated here and that is a good thing(for me ha!) I try to limit the red meat in my diet for health reasons but pork and chicken and turkey are my friends.

I work for a major city in a field I love but it decidedly has it's ups and downs, especially when my employer can NOT budget for a hill of beans >.<

I want to learn about geocaching, even if it's no fun with a 4.5 year old(hahahaha)

Favorite Music

Truth be told I am a fan of a little bit of everything but am not too big on things like modern country(if it's Reba or the like it's not modern to me, the stuff within the past 15 years is modern) and Tejano....but everything in small doses is the rule and law for music.

Favorite Television

I work nights(2pm-11pm) with Sunday and Monday as my days off and no longer have cable so almost every single show I like to watch is via Hulu. I do miss SciFi(before they changed it to SyFy!!) and the National Geographic channels to name a pai.

Grey's Anatomy is by far one of my favorite shows -- I've NEVER gotten hooked on a show in my life and have not missed a single episode in the 7 seasons of it!

the rundown/nutshell

Basics not covered above:

Favorite colors: purple(all shades), orange(tangerine!) are tops...along with greens and black. Not too fond of reds and yellows, blue isn't too bad at all. Almost NO pinks, sometimes 50's poodleskirt pink but RARELY.
Favorite animal/s: badger and ocelot are my Totems so they take this slot for sure. Almost all animals though -- coyotes, ducks, ravens, owls, mice are all in the top favorites. Favorite scents: warm, spicy things...clove, sage, amber, blackberries...you get the idea.
Favorite hobbies: fishing, camping, collecting handmade pottery(friend of mine is a potter, all are badger-themed save one piece.) Likes: the rain, big dogs(but I own a 12 pounder, go figure), blowing bubbles, gardening, cooking, meditation, herbal medicine/science.

This profile will likely be modified often, bear with me!

Favorite Crafts

This section will, for now, be the 'things I want to try to do/used to do' as I've gotten almost totally out of the crafty side of myself.

I'd love to take a stab at: jewelrymaking, woodburning, stained glass, painting and pottery.

I used to bake a LOT and can't wait to get into the recipe swaps!


mwquilt rated for SOCK & COCOA or TEA swap #2 on Mar 7, 2011
Comment: New rating comment (7 March)............ Your package arrived today so I am gladly re-rating. The socks were very nice as was the hot drink selection. But it looks like I did not receive accurate info from you about when it was mailed. The envie has a postage sticker dated Feb 08, 2011, and in addition the hand-completed customs label, signed by you was filled in and dated Feb 8th. There is a note in red ink on the envie saying "missent to ...( somewhere I cannot read)", so that may explain some of the delay in it reaching me. However, this swap was due for mailing on 27th Jan..you put the note on my profile on 31 Jan, saying it had been mailed on "28th" (by which I took it you meant 28th Jan)............ So I am going to work with Feb 8th, the date that you wrote on the customs label and that is also on the postage label, as the date you actually mailed it. As you did not contact me to say you had for some reason after all mailed out later than the 28th which you originally quoted, I feel I have to rate a 3 for this, because of the lateness. I would not have rated down if it had been sent only 1 day late. I am disappointed about the mailing issues. Without them, I would have given a 5 and a heart...................................................................................... Original rating comment:You did put a note ( 31 Jan) on my profile to say that you had sent on 28th Jan , but forgot to log in to press "sent". I have still not received my swap, and although it may still be in transit, I am also concerned that you have not logged in since Feb 4. I am therefore reluctantly rating a 1 for the time being, in the hope that the swap will arrive so that I can re-rate.
AlphaChick rated for Favorite Animal Whimsey Jar on Feb 23, 2011
Comment: plently of communication, but after 3 months I still have not received this swap :(
dawnu rated for Random Envie Swap #1 on Feb 22, 2011
Comment: Thanks!
showniez rated for Intl Big Fat Stuffed Envelope #7 on Feb 21, 2011
Comment: allright dear, thank u so much for ur beautiful package :) im having a hard time to find out what swap is this hahaha. . . Because u forgot to write about it, but anyway thank u so much. All are pretty, esp the stickers and the notecard. Thank u so much.
DixieDiane rated for 1 More Time Christmas Card Swap on Jan 24, 2011
evary rated for SOCK & COCOA or TEA swap! on Jan 18, 2011
Comment: Thank you very much for the lovely tea and cocoa and amazing socks with pirates :)) I like it very much :)
Response: I'm SO glad it made it to you, even more so that you liked the socks! My son, who is four, picked them out! :)
Comment: Thank you for the card and the great quote.
andannabegins rated for Anything Goes sticker Swap #2 on Dec 19, 2010
Comment: thank you!
Response: I'm glad you liked it! My son picked those out this year(he's 4, his first year to pick!)
jacque rated for 1 More Time Christmas Card Swap on Dec 18, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card!
jlalonde rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 14, 2010
Snoeshi rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 10, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much!
tattyteddy rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 9, 2010
decogirl rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 9, 2010
Madsmom99731 rated for Halloween e-card swap on Nov 4, 2010
lukrecja rated for Anything Goes sticker Swap #2 on Nov 3, 2010
Comment: got it! :) thanks for the stickers! :)
Response: SO glad they made it to you -- first International mailing too!
JBrooke12 rated for Anything Goes sticker Swap #2 on Nov 3, 2010
Comment: Loved them, thanks :)
badandknowsit2 rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 31, 2010
Poiisen rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 31, 2010
Comment: My favorite!!!!! Oh so funny!
julianapena rated for Halloween e-card swap on Oct 30, 2010
Comment: Thank You! I loved the card! :)

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mwquilt on Mar 3, 2011:

Hope you are ok as again you have not been on swapbot for a while. ( not since Feb 4th, at the time of typing this note).

As I have not received from you for the socks &cocoa#2 swap, I have rated accordingly. I will be happy to rerate if I receive something.

mwquilt on Feb 19, 2011:

Just to let you know that your sock package for socks and cocoa#2 swap hasn't arrived yet, but as it is coming to the uk, it could still be in transit. I'll be sure to let you know when it gets here.

PariahPoet on Dec 19, 2010:

Yay, I know you! :3

PrincessB on Dec 13, 2010:

Really? That's awesome! Gotta get some furry love goin on round here! :)

AlphaChick on Dec 6, 2010:

No problem. Just thought I'd check. ;)

AmaraGayle on Dec 6, 2010:

Urf -- out of the state for 3 weeks -- SO SORRY to those who were mid-swap with me. Only one swap failed to make it to it's person(but it IS in my possession...postage issue somehow) and I've got all ratings caught up.

In hindsight I should have bothered to remember passwords...not being logged in since the 14th is kinda bonkers.

AlphaChick on Dec 5, 2010:

hey there! Just checking on the favorite animal whimsey jar, says it was sent on the 16th...I'm in Texas too so it should've been here by now....do you have a tracking number?

cherryarch on Dec 1, 2010:

kinda bummed that you havent rated me yet... for the favorite animal whimsey jar swap! hope you liked it!

wulfgirl on Oct 26, 2010:

Thank you for the heads up about the mandala, I look forward to getting it! I love coloring too. Welcome to swap-bot, hope you have a ton of fun swapping. Maybe we'll get paired again on another swap. :)

PrincessB on Oct 20, 2010:

Hey, I just started my first swap that I organize. It's a button swap! Last day to sign up is November 3rd so if you are able to join in by then feel free to. :) http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/75736

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