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12 NOVEMBER 2012




Please take a moment to read!!!!

ATTENTION!!! I DO NOT have a late swap on my dash! I sent out my 3 envies for 3x3 Friendship Books - #12 on either the day of partner assignment, or the day after and duly marked as sent. All 3 had been received and rated (4th, 7th & 11th September) well before the send by date.

However, after rating the last one today and going to archive the swap; it is showing as "not sent"! I marked as sent as soon as I mailed them ( I do it on my phone as soon as I leave the PO counter, so I don't forget which ones I sent!!) When I noticed this, I tried to mark as sent by clicking on it, but nothing happened! Also, because it is showing "not sent", it won't allow me to unmark then re-mark as sent....

I assume it's just some sort of glitch - maybe I lost internet connection when I originally did it or something?? Anyway, it's stuck on my dashboard as late/unsent when in reality I had been rated for all 3, days before the send by deadline. Any suggestions as to how I can fix it would be greatly appreciated!!

I take pride in my swaps. I enjoy reading your profile and take time trying to create something I hope will please you. I assume everyone feels the same and therefore I rate as soon as I receive, not within a couple of days, not when i get a minute, not next month. I ratew as soon as I open. YOU have gone to the effort and spent time & money sending this to me, it is only common courtesy that I then take the 2 mins to rate, so you know I have received and to say "Thanks". I ask that if I am sending to you, you extend me the same courtesy. Thank You. :D

A word on HEARTS & EXTRAS:

I appreciate each and every heart I have earned. But I want to earn them for THE SWAP ITEM, not any extras I have added. I'd like to believe that I have been awarded a heart because someone opened my parcel and appreciated what I had sent them. Perhaps you noticed that although a swap was senders choice, I had taken the time to read your profile and created something using your favourite colour, or i hunted out some stickers of your favourite animal. If you feel like giving me a heart PLEASE make it because you love the swap part of the package, NOT because I sent you some extras. I often do- i figure if I've got something in my stash that I think you'll like, why not send it. I will NEVER use all the stuff I have, so why not share it? I also work on the principle that if the postage is the same for 60g as it is for 99g, and I've read that you like notecards with pandas on them, I may as well... This may seem a bit strange, but recently I received a message from someone, after I had rated them a 5 and said thank you for the swap item and the extra stickers, asking why I hadn't given them a heart. They asked what inclusions (exact words used) were neccessary to get a heart. That really upset me. I always rate on whether you meet swap requirements, my own personal feelings don't come in to it. If I open the package and it makes me squee, or giggle or takes my breath away - you've earned your heart, simple as that. Hearts are meant to be for special, they are NOT required to be given with every 5.

Jubilee Weekend (erm...more like week :( )

ALL my swaps with a send by up to and including June 4th (plus a few later) HAVE BEEN POSTED. Some went from 1 of 2 different post office, some went in the box. The last to go left my hands around 10am on Sat 2nd June. I have been told that some may not be postmarked until after the holidays. Please be aware of this.

Hi, I'm a crafty paper&fabric-addicted, book-loving, cookery-mad, movie-watching, history-loving, letter-writing 30something mother to 2 teenagers. I originally hail from Glasgow, but lived in Dundee for the last 12 years.

I work part-time as a Catering Assistant in an Education Establishment (that's a school dinnerlady to the rest of us!! :D ) to help pay the bills and make and sell jewellery, minibooks, cards, gifts and decorative items to fund my crafty habits - guess which I spend most on!!

I love all kinds of papercrafts, especially cardmaking, scrapping & creating minibooks. I also enjoy various jewellery-making techniques. I love cooking and baking, and especially like creating handbaked gifts for friends & family.

I don't think i have a particular "style"- i tend to try a bit of everything and love creating pieces tailored to the person who is going to receive it.

I am currently suffering from an extreme fabric flower fetish (who doesn't?!!) and can't resist "putting a bird on it"

When I'm not crafting i enjoy spending time with my special people, movies, reading, history, music and pretty shoes :-D

I enjoy meeting people, and swapping ideas and inspiration.

Although I'm new to Swap-bot, I've swapped other places, and am looking forward to meeting lots of new friends :D

I'm never quite sure what to put on these kinda things, so I guess I'll add to and amend as I find my way around!

Anything else you wanna know - just ask!!


I swap : *Handcrafted items, including, but not limited to... Jewellery Accessories Dotee Dolls Minibooks ATCs Chunkybook / journal pages Things made from fabric or paper

*postcards *quotes- love them!! *used postage stamps *stationery *recipes *stash

*I have recently fallen down the rabbithole of swapbags & books.... I love to see the different variations people come up with and ALWAYS pass them on - feel free to send me any that you are looking to pass on!


I rate as soon as I recieve, I believe it's only common courtesy to let someone know that I received the item that they chose to send me, and thank them for it.

I ask that you extend me the same courtesy - let's face it- clicking the ratings box is WAY easier than having me message you everyday to see if it has arrived!!! LOL

For stash swaps, I usually try to send out within 48 hours of partners being assigned

(obviously, long swaps that require personalising crafted items, like journals or sewn pieces etc or profile-based ones will take longer) I try to always send well before the deadline.

I do not flake! If you feel you haven't received from me, please message me.

If something has truly gone missing in the post (it does happen!) I will try to resend)


I'd also like to say that I craft for pleasure and swap for fun. I don't claim to be a professional at anything, I'd much rather dabble than specialise in one area, however whatever i make is created with love, care and passion, and i hope u can overlook the odd wonky stitch- someone once told me that handcrafted HAD to have a slight imperfection in it, just so it can't be mistaken for perfectly and soulessly machine produced. I like that idea ;)

Favorite Crafts

I've crafted on and off for over 30 years, and in that time I've tried a fair few, but at the moment a few favourites are...

PAPER CRAFTS Anything from cards & scrapbooking to sculpture, I love trying lots of different techniques rather than sticking to one or two.

FABRIC CRAFTS I hand and machine sew, everything from tiny stuffed owls to bags.

MIXED MEDIA/ COLLAGE I'm a bit of a butterfly, and like dipping in to this and that, so this kind of thing pleases me because I can incorporate lots of things I like :) My OH calls me his Thali-girl, cos if theres a choice where you can have a mixture, I ALWAYS take it, rather than choose ;P

ALTERED ART I guess this stems from the point above - chopping & changing & repurposing something with lots of different techniques & embellishments??? Does it sound like something I would like??

I'm also into RECYCLING/UPCYCLING/REPURPOSING: % cos it's environmentally friendly % cos its challenging to see what I can come up with % cos the end product is different & cool & unique % cos I'm too cheap to fork out for a brand new whatever, especially if the hefty pricetag is just cos it is a "designer label" - HELLO!!! I DESIGN AND MAKE AND SELL MY OWN STUFF ALL THE TIME, the fact that I don't label myself as a "designer" brand doesn't mean people are getting anything made with any less time and care and attention, they just get a better bargain from me :D



I've noticed some of you have posted a long list of likes/dislikes/would like/can dos, and i'll get round to doing something similar at some point, but in the mean time....

Colours: green & blue & everything in between, browns & earthy tones, purple, red, black, black n white, black n white n a contrast....i'm a bit of a Rainbow Brite!

Patterns: anything goes! but especially like polka dots, stripes & tartany checks. Style-wise I'm a real hodgepodge! Vintage, gothic, anime, cute, kawaii...

Love baking(anything cupcake themed)

shoes(i'm an irregular choice/iron fist girl) so anything funky shoe related

red wine



40s/50s glamour - think pinup meets domestic godeess (of which, sadly, I'm neither!)

black coffee

MATRYOSHKA Russian dolls


vampires (proper ones - not fairies that sparkle)



Hello Kitty




heavy eye makeup

Alice in wonderland

Nightmare before Christmas


Muppets - esp. Elmo


spicy food


Cherries & strawberries - to eat, to wear, to cut & stick & sew.....


I HATE: Celebrity culture- i have NO interest in who is dating who or people who are "famous" or who is wearing what

Soaps (the Corrie-enders type! I LOVE the yummy smelling kind :D )

OVERLY FAKE PEOPLE. If you feel you need fake hair nails teeth bodies to make urself feel better or to be accepted, thats fair enough, BUT ITS NOT FOR ME! If your entire persona is as fake as your antique pine tan and your ratty hair extensions then I can't be bothered with you!


I'm not gonna type a whole list of don't like colours, styles, etc, the reason I signed up to Swap-bot to swap with other people. I WANT to know what you like, what you enjoy doing and making and creating. I want to know about your life, so please, send me what you enjoy making or altering or collecting. If I recieve something that isn't to my taste, I will appreciate the thought behind it, and then pass it on to someone who WILL love it. Who knows - maybe you might even change my mind about something I thought I didn't like!!!

Favorite Music

I've got a really varied taste in music, but mostly rock, indie, cheesy stuff to dance to :D

Everything from 30 Seconds to Mars to Jonathon Coulton, via First Aid Kit, and travelling by the Vengabus :D

Coheed & Cambria



80s/90s rock

Favorite Movies

Tend to prefer thrillers/horror

Zombies Vampires Thrillers but watch all the big blockbusters too :D

I've been off work for the past four months so i've worked my way through a fair few made for tv films in the afternoons. One of the movie channels was doing Disaster Month last month, so I now know how to del with ANY near Apocaliptical event that may befall us!

I also love oldies like The African Queen and The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, and PROPER musicals, like The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.

Also anything by Tim Burton

Little Shop of Horrors

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW(friends bought me tickets for the stageshow a couple of years back,a minibus of us headed off, fully costumed. It was hilarious. Not least the big burly fireman who borrowed my corset to complete his frankenfurter outfit!)

Studio Ghibli - Japanese animation (My Neighbour Tortoro, spirited away


The Lord of the Rings

Favorite Books

Craft books Cookery Thriller/Horror - the goryer, the better! SciFi/Fantasy

Recently enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy and The House of Night books (pinched off my kids' bookshelves)


Favorite Television

Just now I'm not really watching anything, but awaiting the next series of:

Game of Thrones Grimm Unforgettable Fringe Homeland Walking Dead

I watch pretty much anything on THE HISTORY CHANNEL etc


Ultimately, knowing that someone has spent their time and effort (and hardearned money!) on choosing, creating or selecting items especially for me is what pleases me :) BUT, if you want to make me really happy, taking some inspiration from my likes & dislikes is the way to go. To make me TRULY ECSTATIC, pop in a wee something from my WISHLIST:

Anything STEAMPUNK, KAWAII or 40s/50s


USEABLE UK POSTAGE STAMPS!!!! (SERIOUSLY, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE THAT!!! my mum gave me an awesome birthday present this year - I opened my card and out fluttered the usual £amount but in lots and lots of pretty pictured stamps :D )

STATIONERY- lettersets, pens, stickers, badges, labels. Any of the above themes, plus cute foodstuff, icecream, ladybird, comic book characters.


DECOPATCH Stuff- papers, glues, blanks

STASH- fabric, paper, embellishments. Ribbons & buttons especially :)

Journalling pens

JEWELLERY FINDINGS, chains, charms, beads


VINTAGE EPHEMERA/ VICTORIANA - postcards, photos, labels, product/shop advertisements etc. anything up to 1950s

HANDMADE CANDLES OR SOAPS - i like vanilla, citrus, woody or candy scent


Interesting "finds"

NOTEBOOKS/JOURNALS (especially handbound or blank pages)


Dies/embossing folders that would fit BIG SHOT

ALPHABETS- stamps, chipboard, other chunky letters.

RUBBER/CLEAR STAMPS: Tim Holtz, vintage, steampunk or some other theme I like. I'd also love stamped images, preferably on white or almost white card, in black stazon or similar.

CANDY!!! Japanese candy, jelly babies, jelly beans

CHOCOLATE - Dark, milk or white (NOT HERSHEY'S) REECE's cups

Interesting candy from your country

JEWELLERY,( pierced ears, nose, tongue ) long necklaces, hair accessories, bangles


Socks: Fun, cosy, stripy, ridiculous. UK 6 or 7 for the girls, 5 or 7 for the boys.

eye/lip/nail makeup - maybe a funky brand from your country!

I did wonder what all the fuss was about Celestial Seasonings Tea, but having received some recently - I'd love some more!!! :D



HIM: My Other Half is a games programmer, tech geek, biker. He's addicted to Battlefield 3, Halo, jelly babies, LAZERS and Zombies. He likes 80s electronic music like THE THE and DEPECHE MODE, MC Frontalot, folky stuff and various stuff he stumbles over on Spotify :) His favourite colour is blue. He is currently working on a prototype for his first ATC - it has flashing lights, and brings a whole new meaning to the term "Interactive" !

THEM: I have 2 kids. They both enjoy swapping, and would also be interested in taking part in the 'for kids' swaps on here too. They both love Studio Ghibli anime, Harry Potter, Narnia and Lord of the Rings. My 16yo daughter (AKA The Teen) plans to study History at University. She likes crafting, and has recently discovered "proper" sewing after designing & making herself a skirt to complete a design project at school. She enjoys making cards and recently made her first DIY Smash book. She loves all things Tatty Teddy (Me to You bears) and Gorguss. Her Disney favourites are Piglet & Roo, Mulan(especially mushuu), Pocahontas, Hercules. She appreciates stationery, notebooks & pens etc. She also likes movies and reading. Her favourite authors are Garth Nix and Phillip Pullman. Her favourite colours are black, purple, blue. Red. Brick/rust. She is hooked on ATCs and is always up for a swap. She is also looking for penpals.

Her 13yo brother (The Kid) is obsessed with internet memes, minecraft, PS3/X-Box360. Favourite games are skyrim, little big planet. Anything with skulls. He is very musical -plays piano, guitar, cello & euphonium. ZOMBIES!!! He also likes action comedy movies. And is a complete bookworm. Favourite books/authors are Hunger Games, Skullduggery Pleasant, Darren Shan, Anthony Horowitz. Favourite colours are BRIGHT orange and yellow, or blue. He's obsessed with LISTS and Useless Trivia & funny quotes. Collects pressed pennies. He also loves making (& swapping!) ATCs, bookmarks, magnets etc. He loves postcards and pictures of funny/cute cats. Like the rest of the family, he HAS NO INTEREST in football etc - so keep anything sport related for someone who would appreciate it! :)

My Mum is lovely :) She knits us all sorts of amazing stuff and any knitting related stash would be greatly appreciated.


This is really just to help me keep track of what & who I've tagged! You can also check to see when I posted out. (list was getting to long, so edited to ONLY show those where receipt has still to be confirmed)

Newspaper snippets to CarrieLynn (sent 22 May)

Make an ATC for my favourite theme:

I tagged darkshines (I sent 18/05/12)

Tag You're It! :

leashingfear tagged me (sent)

Thrift Store Tag:

Scarf to Misha852456

Music Themed Envies to:

curlysue (plus ATC papers etc), whit763 (sent)

Example FB and DIY kit to Artdragon (sent)

Pick 2 Tag:

Foreign text pages & 3 random PCs to Draco (sent)

cheap postage - pay it back:

to @devilyn , from @FifisHQ2012

Group Tags I'm in

Craftaholics : JULY WTA - Red, White & Blue to @BennysMumma - confirmed received

Paper Cutz : July WTA - Vacation Extravaganza to ME!! ALL RECEIVED

Hosting August WTA: Put A Bird (In) It! :D - winner to be drawn 1 Sept : Winner is @wickedred

SENG: WTA 9# July-August to be drawn 31 Aug €3 profile surprise :winner is @rhynah

Rainbows & Rainclouds August WTA 28/08/12 @littlepinkflamingo4 $8 sweet girlie & pampering


This is a reminder to myself NOT to swap with these people again:

@Majannaise for Three Favorite Tracks

@yencow for Foodie Mail Swap #1 - Bakeries/dessert theme (Newb

LATE BUT PROMISED IT WILL COME (Not Flaked): @MadameCupcake for ATC Crafting...That Goes Over the Edge!

NON-RATERS - These swappers are all at least partially suspended, so I don't hold out much hope...

@HisuiHaru for 6 pencils

@marxxiana for Gift Tags Swap

@Ingelill for Alice in Wonderland themed ATC


(The ones I think SHOULD have arrived)

Vintage Circus ATC to @Artbysonya - originally sent 9 July, returned to sender 18 July, resent 20 July

Cupcake ATC Series - #2 Chocolate to @leighthalzombie - sent 6 July

Sticker Books and Bags! to @autumnbreezzz - sent 28 June

Fill it! A minizine project : Issue 4 to @papercaper - sent 30 June


CroLaneyL rated for Sticker Books and Bags! on Mar 13, 2013
Comment: Sorry this is late, but THANK YOU :) I love seeing the different kinds of stickers :)
Comment: Well Heather! You marked your swap sent on Nov 19, 2012. Today is January 31, 2012. NO SWAP ITEM FROM YOU HAS ARRIVED HERE. You have not replied to any of my PM's about this swap. You have made NO attempt to follow through with this swap. I am amazed to see that you still have swaps being rated. Why do you persist? Is it guilt or bad karma? If you ever return to SB, please do contact me about all of this! Very Sad.
Pookledo rated for Uk Shared Journal Experiment #6 on Jan 20, 2013
Comment: Cheers!
blazespirit rated for Scavenger Hunt ATC # 3 on Jan 13, 2013
Comment: Very sad to have to do this, I never received this ATC. I will rerate if I ever receive anything.
Comment: Looking forward to re-rating if I receive the envelope journal. Life happens.
pennypuppy rated for Miniature Christmas Decoration on Dec 8, 2012
Comment: Recd Dec 8th, so I am rerating. What a darling little ornament and the large one to match! I am impressed with your quality of workmanship. The only problem, I don't know what Christmas pudding is--lol :-)
siouxx05 rated for Smashbook Swap Int'l Round 2 on Dec 7, 2012
Comment: I am sorry to do this, but I haven't received anything. Of course I will change it if anything turns up.. :)
diem rated for Uk Shared Journal Experiment #7 on Dec 7, 2012
Comment: thanks :D
Comment: I hate to Rate down another Heather cause, WE Heathers are so awesome. Get back to me when you can. Many of us are worried about you cause you are usually an awesome swapper.
macfeat rated for Music ATC from A to Z - G! on Dec 1, 2012
Comment: I have waited months and have not gotten a thing. I'll rerate if I do.
Comment: Another lovely ATC to add to my collection. Thank you very much......and thank you for the violet sweets and the cards. Very thoughtful of you.
rhynah rated for Advent in Europe - Part 4 on Nov 30, 2012
Comment: Oh wow! I was blown away by the beauty of the gifts when I opened the box! The wrappings are so pretty! Thank you for the handmade sock ornament too. I loved it and I'm sure I'll love the gifts too! :)
Faun00 rated for Zombie ATC on Nov 27, 2012
Comment: I hate to do this but have waited 2 months now and tried to contact more then once. I think you said at first you sent it but we have yet to get anything. My kids are disappointed to have never received anything, I am more than willing to change the rating.
lilou rated for Christmas Matchbox Swap on Nov 27, 2012
Comment: Hi Heather, I receive your package... I only 2 words for you: Y-O-U R-O-C-K !!! I was so happy to see it was you again my partner because your package are so thoughful, a huge thank you to you. You're very talented with felt, I love so much my cute squishy... I am still "RAKing" for you at this moment but as I am pretty busy with christmas stuff I don't know when I will be able to sent, but working on it ^_~ Keep in touch, XOXO Lilou from France ^_^
flowerchild rated for Crafted Item From Tea Wrappings on Nov 25, 2012
Comment: will be happy to change if I ever receive my swap item.
tanjch rated for Stationery to Share on Nov 25, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the pacakge - it was perfect and so suited to my likes that it couldn't be any more brilliante!
TeaP rated for Starter Mix Bags #3 on Nov 23, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the nice bags.
kittylover rated for Lass & Kitty swapping it up on Nov 19, 2012
Comment: Heather I really hate to rate you a 1 but you haven't responded to any of my PMs and now that it's been over a month since you clicked "sent" I feel I'm justified in leaving a rating with the understanding that I will change it when I receive from you. After I changed the send by date to give you more time to catch up financially I noticed you continued to sign up for more swaps. Then you promised it would be sent on 9/24 and again on 10/06. Please fulfull your end of the deal so I can change this rating. Also since you've been logged on today you should read messages and respond.
margoartist rated for Music ATC from A to Z - H! on Nov 19, 2012
Comment: I'm sorry to do this because you don't seem like a flaker but you haven't responded to any of my messages and you were on line today. Perhaps it got lost in the mail. I will definitely change the rating when I hear from you.
Moni rated for Advent in Europe - Part 3 on Nov 18, 2012
Comment: Thanks a lot for this swap...it is so hard to not open it :) I will try to be good and come back in december to let you know.

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deviousdomi on Dec 6, 2013:

I received the envies and stickers from the x-slips today. Thank you so much! I do still play so I will get these moving as fast as I can. :)

kittylover on Jun 26, 2013:

Woo-Hoo Heather! You're no longer partially suspended! Are you going to be back to make up those swaps now? Please?

iLoveMail on Nov 27, 2012:

Hi - I hope you're okay. Can you please rate me for the envelope journal swap or let me know that you haven't received it? Thank you :)

kittylover on Nov 24, 2012:

Heather: I sincerely hope you get things cleared up here and get back to being the excellent swapper you used to be. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I'm anxious to change the rating on our private swap.

littlepinkflamingo4 on Nov 18, 2012:

Thank you so much for the gorgeous parcel you sent me for the rainbows and raincloud WTA. It was a lovely surprise and I adore everything. You are awesome. Cheers Helen

kittylover on Nov 10, 2012:

Heather - Please answer my PM. Are you OK?

RyeRye on Oct 31, 2012:

BeverlyBling on Oct 23, 2012:

Thank you Heather for the replacement Smashbook & ATC. I know that took a lot of time and I appreciate it. Genuine swappers like you are the reason I stay with Swap-bot. Loved the surprise gift too. :))

RyeRye on Sep 26, 2012:

devilyn on Sep 20, 2012:

Cheap postage Tag... i love all the goodies you sent.. my favourite chocolate flavour - coffee and lots and lots of wonderful stationery... thank you...

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