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Hollycarole92 on Jul 14, 2016:

Oh no! I can't believe someone actually looked at my profile. xD It's been so long since I updated. I guess everything is mostly the same, though.

That's so weird about You've Got Mail! I never knew that!! I'll have to check them out.

oblivionspin on Jul 14, 2016:

I hope you own a magnifying glass. I have to send you a postcard with my actual tiny writing now.

oblivionspin on Jun 15, 2016:

Very good. I got your postcard yesterday ish and will be writing you back later today ish :D Thanks for keeping butts on my profile.

isabellasnow on Jun 14, 2016:

Hello! and thank you so much for the sweet kitty postcards you sent for the May WTA in the PTG. Kitties are my favorite!

denimblu14 on Jun 9, 2016:

I have one tiny tattoo of a hippopotamus as it is my favourite animal :)

denimblu14 on Jun 5, 2016:

Happy to hear that you have received and liked the items that I sent to you for the April PTG WTA, thank you for your patience Victoria :)

oblivionspin on May 9, 2016:

Postcard history lessons please me greatly. I am kinda hoping a part 2 is enroute, otherwise I will need to find you more history laden cards to send you...

oblivionspin on May 8, 2016:

I will admit to wearing eccentric eye make-up on occasion back when I kept my hair rather short... No lightning bolts specifically.

oblivionspin on May 7, 2016:

This is no less than the third occasion where my creative syntax has gotten me compared to Christopher Walken... and to think I have only been compared to David Bowie twice. What a world. I live. in.

oblivionspin on May 7, 2016:

Me, putting a postcard in the mail, for you. Misusing commas, because, I, can.

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