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Birthday: March 14
Country: United Kingdom

About Me


Hello, my name is Carol and I am married and have two grown up sons and three grandchildren.

I live in a seaside town and I enjoy strolling on the beach and in the sea, collecting shells, bits of interesting glass and pottery or just relaxing with a book near the harbour whenever I find the time to do so :)

Reading is my all time favourite pastime. Once I pick up a book, that's it, nothing else usually stands a chance!

I also enjoy all types of art/craft projects, gardening and visiting art galleries and museums.I enjoy live theatre shows, I have just recently seen 'West Side Story'. I saw Agatha Christies 'The Mouse Trap' on it's 60th year anniversary! Other stage performances I have seen include 'Priscilla Queen Of The Desert', Mama Mia, Les Miserables and Blood Brothers. I would thoroughly recommend them all :)

I like to collect used and unused stamps from any where in the world and I share this hobby with my Dad who also likes to collect UK First Day Covers. My liking of stamps combines the pleasure I get from sending and receiving postcards and letters.

I also participate on the Postcrossing site, sending and receiving postcards from all over the World. Snail mail rules ok!

Postboxes delight me. My Husband and my Dad also share my enthusiasm for them. We are interested in the history and location of them. Between us we have photo albums full of lovely red (UK) postboxes and we have a few photos of postboxes from further afield. And now since the 2012 Olympics, here in the UK, we have Gold postboxes in honour of each athlete that won a Gold medal.

So if you have a postage stamp/postcard showing a postbox (or any other mail related item) I would be very delighted to receive it and the same applies for any postcards or postage stamps that feature trains or railway stations, thankyou.

I also like postcards featuring a map of any type. I would welcome additions to my USA State map/flag/flower bird postcard collection.

Postcards showing lighthouses, interesting landmarks,Royalty,Presidents and other famous people are also of interest to me. In fact all postcards are welcome, if you like it, then please send it :)

Unless a swap asks for postcards in an envelope, I prefer my postcards to be written on and stamped. Ta.

Please, when ever possible, when you send mail to me I would appreciate it very much if you stick on postage stamps to cover the cost of postage, instead of those postage labels. It just doubles the pleasure I get whenever I receive my mail. Stamps always make me smile!! Thankyou.

About Me

On a Tuesday afternoon after I finish work, I join my Mum at a card crafting class which is held in a church hall. All participants either work on their own projects or make a card or two from the craft items provided, paying a small fee for the materials used. It is good to meet other like minded people and 'bounce ideas' off each other.

I am a hoarder I can never throw any thing away that I think may come in useful sometime or other. My family laugh at me for this but they always come to me before heading to the shops if they want something.

I prefer to make and mend an item rather than buy a new one. I like to recycle everything I possibly can.

In my garden I have a worm bin. The worms 'eat' veggie peelings and turn this into usable compost. Marvellous!

Just being in my garden relaxes me, I love to just potter about and can loose a good few hours without realising it.Sunflowers, poppies and daffodils are my favourite flowers. I like all fragrant herbs especially Thyme.I grow Lavender and I have a Chamomile lawn.

Favorite Books

Enid Blyton was my favourite author as a child, I devoured every book. Then when my children were small I enjoyed re-reading them all again!

I have a few Ladybird books and do like to come across other titles to pick up while I am out and about.

I have enjoyed reading 'A Town Like Alice', Anne of Green Gables and 'The Little House on the Prairie' books. I have seen adaptations of these on tv and they have me blubbering every time. I was the same when I watched 'The Waltons' on tv.

My first Catherine Cookson novel had me hooked and I have long since read everyone of them.

Gervaise Phinn makes me laugh.

Linwood Barclay is my current favourite author. I also like to read books by Harlen Coben,James Patterson, John Grisham,Lee Child and Stephen King.

I belong to a book group and there I have read many a book I wouldn't necessarily have picked for myself. When you have read and really enjoyed a book its good to share that experience with others in the group.

My library ticket is used on a regular basis and is a wonderful access to free reading material.


I was born in March, so I am a Pisces. The symbol for this zodiac sign is two fish swimming in opposite directions. I find this quite apt as I am very undecisive and can never make up my mind straight away.

Likes: 'Free' pens. I like to collect pens that are 'given' away in banks, hotels etc. Especially the ones with the company name/brand on them.

Pencils; these I like to collect from my travels, from towns/cities/countries I've visited, usually bought from the gift shop in museums/art galleries/churches. They are usually inexpensive and of course like the pens are very useful, although I am somewhat reluctant to use any of them.

Other than letter writing or form filling, I always use a pencil.

I like keeping a diary and have done so for many years. I also like to keep a seperate journel in which to record my travels/days out, places of interest visited. I prefer journals that have pockets in which to keep all the trivia I collect along the way like admission tickets, bus/train tickets etc, etc, etc. I never knew that collecting used items such as these had a name - ephemera!

I would love to see some Post Office stationery from other countries, especially Air Mail labels.

I like making lists for shopping, things to do, books to read or look out for. Love to tick items off as I complete the list. So nice note books/pads would be put to good use.

I absolutely love Scooby-Doo!

I like scarecrows :)

I will never have enough bookmarks.

My favourite colour is Blue. Think jeans! But I also like the combination of red,white and blue.

My favourite fragrances are Sandal Wood and Patchouli. Also Lavendar which I have growing in my garden. I prefer the smell of aftershaves to perfume.

My favourite animals are the hippopotamus, orangutans,donkeys,sloths,aardvarks, armadillos and pangolins.

I have a few pressed pennies, mostly from the UK I would love some more for my collection, from anywhere in the world. I have a few USA State quarters and National Park quarters, I would like to add more of them to my collection. I would also like to start a collection of the Canadian equivalant to these. Here in the UK the coins in circulation are designed to represent something of interest so they are well sought after by everyone, including me!

I also collect foreign coins/bank notes. Remember holiday money before the Euro was introduced, what fun!

I can't resist re-usable shopping bags, any type, size or colour, shop bought or hand-made. Some I do use for shopping but others, if sturdy, make good storage containers for magazines etc. I'm even using a couple from the supermarket, the plastic coated ones, to grow vegetables in. These are very sturdy and I got the idea because they have pictures of vegetables on them and they are practically the same as the ones available from the garden centre but they are much cheaper to buy.

I would be very happy to receive anything that is hand-made.

Absolutely any type of crafting items would be most welcome.

Discovering swap bot has opened my eyes to other types of crafts/swaps I would like to join, so I am open to new ideas.

Since joining swap-bot I have discovered ATC's and Dotee Dolls and I have enjoyed the ones I have made and received.

My sons interests include football, music and computer technology. Between them they like Sponge bob, The Simpsons, Scooby-Doo, lego and anything pirate related.


Dislikes: Not that many really.

I don't like wastefulness, so am happy for you to re-cycle 'stuff' when making or packaging a swap to me.

I do not like the smell of vanilla or coconut.

Not keen on fruit flavoured tea's.

Please do not send me any sweeties, the last toffee I ate cost me a trip to the dentist!

My wish list. Peace On Earth And Good Will To All Mankind!


Ladybird2490 rated for UKCA: Craft the Rainbow: Green on Oct 28, 2020
Comment: What a cute little frog thank you so much he now has pride of place on my mantle piece.
Response: Oh I am glad that you have finally received your parcel and I am happy to hear that you have him out on show. Thank you very much for the rating :)
Minxy1964 rated for UKPP: Cardboard Postcard Swap on Oct 22, 2020
Comment: Such a typically Yorkshire scene! I love it. Things are ok here and dad is in fine fettle xx
Response: That was a quick delivery. I'm glad that you liked the scene on the card,thank you very much for the rating.All ok here too.Had a nice stroll today with my dad,:)
Comment: Thanks, really windy today, but yesterday was beautiful. Rich
Response: Thank you very much for the rating. The weather here continues to surprise me for the time of the year :)
simcoe54 rated for Mini Scavenger Hunt 9/2020 on Oct 10, 2020
Comment: Love your choices. Thanks
Response: I am happy to hear that you liked the postcards that I chose for you, thank you very much for the rating :)
Comment: I love the little brooch decoration, Carol, thank you so much! I do love a daffodil! it's hanging in my window so that the sun catches the beads. The ATC is amazing too, and i love your crocodiles <3 Thank you so much!
Response: Thank you for the nice comments and rating Lucy. I am glad to hear that you like the felt daffodil and that you have found a place to hang it :)
CHOWEFACE rated for Naked Map PC #16 on Oct 8, 2020
Comment: Thanks for this Wales map! I have a few maps in this style but this Wales one is new to me :)
Response: I am happy to hear that you can add this Wales map to your collection, thank you very much for the rating :)
debbiespoms rated for Famous Person Postcard on Oct 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you Carol for PC of Grace Darling. I've heard of her & I actually remember her my history class in high school. Love this and also your stamps!
Response: Hey that's neat that you knew about Grace Darling as I only chose to send you that card because you listed a like of lighthouses in your profile, thank you very much for the rating :)
craftynut rated for UKPP: Wild Animal Postcard on Oct 3, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely fox card and the stamp.
Response: Super quick delivery! Thank you very much for the rating :)
Caithness rated for UKCA: Craft the Rainbow: Orange on Sep 26, 2020
Comment: Thanks ever so much for the fabulous Giraffe needle felting. It really is lovely and what a great first attempt. Thanks!
Response: I'm glad that you like the giraffe that I made especially for you for this swap. If you gently shape the legs it will stand up, thank you very much for the rating :)
Comment: Hi Carol! Wowza, thank you for the great selection of postcards, and your description of which one was for which theme. I love the rose stationery you wrote on. & a thousand thank you hearts ♥️ for the great Rhino postcard, I love it. Who knows what the delay was caused by, but this Happy Mail was worth the wait!! Take care & have FUN ;)
Response: Thank you very much for your patience and for the nice comments and rating. I am very happy that you have finally received this swap and that you thought it was well worth waiting for :)
Comment: What a great swap! The chicken stickers made me laugh! Thanks so much!
Response: The whole range of those stickers are quirky and fun! Happy to hear that you liked everything I chose to send to you, thank you very much for the rating :)
Comment: Carol: So sad that I can't get a copy of this book. I tried all the libraries in Ohio (really)and nothing. I never even heard of this book. And Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (original) is one of my favorite movies. The stamps are wonderful and on point. You are such a great partner. 💗
Response: Thank you very much for the nice comments and rating. I just knew that you would love that particular postcard with the Queen reference. I have looked and I must have nearly all of the Roald Dahl books but I've not got the BFG! It would be easy enough for me to pick a copy up for you though :)
armadillogal rated for Send a lighthouse on Sep 21, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the neat card and stamp. Sounds like a place I'd like to go.
Response: That lighthouse is a favourite for me I always buy a bunch of postcards when I visit that area of the coast I am glad that you liked the view too. Thank you very much for the rating :)
AmaranthSpirit rated for UKCA: Craft the Rainbow: Red on Sep 20, 2020
Comment: You are quite right, with only 95 sleeps until Christmas, it is never too early ;-) Thank you so much for the gorgeous Mrs Claus! She is amazing - I shared her on Facebook and some of my friends are already asking for one! She will hang on our tree this year (and above my desk until then!). Thank you so much, you are very talented <3
Response: Thank you for the lovely comments and rating Lucy, I am very happy to hear that my Mrs Claus was so well received :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the fab cards - I am a Harry Potter fan so it was lovely to see the Alnwick Castle card :-) And I also love an Armadillo! Loved them all! Thank you :-)
Response: I am glad that you liked the cards that I selected for you Lucy. Thank you very much for the rating :)
manders2280 rated for PTG: Entertainment on Sep 12, 2020
Comment: Thanks ever so much for a great swap! I love all the postcards and your nice note and entertainment postage stamps! Your note is dated 17 August -- it took its time in arriving. Next time let's wait longer. After all, these are not normal times.
Response: Yes, that certainly took its time to reach you! Thank you very much for the nice comments and rating Meredith. Maybe this is our new normal! I am just glad to have had such a patient partner in you :)
Comment: Thank you for the Northumberland card. So many details! Loved to go through it! Thank you <3
Response: I'm glad to hear that you found the map card that I sent to you of interest, thank you very much for the rating :)
marclively rated for CH: 3 Coins of Your Choice #3 on Sep 2, 2020
Comment: Such GREAT coins and I appreciate the description and explanation with each. A 5star rating! Marc L
Response: Thank you Marc for the rating. I am happy to know that you liked the coins and I do hope that the date on the thrupenny bit matched your birth date :)
Comment: Thanks for the great card from Edinburgh with such lovely doors and windows. Looks like such a cosy place to live. Haven't seen the matching Downing Street stamp yet! Great swap, thanks!
Response: I like these swaps it is always fun to find a card and stamp to match. I am glad to hear that you liked the combination that I sent to you, thank you very much for the rating :)
Comment: OMG... This is the most beautiful swap i had from UK in awhile, the cutest postcards which are now one of my favourites ❤💜💙 thank you so very much Carol 😁😁😁
Response: I thank you very much Lisa for your lovely comments, rating and your extreme patience too.So glad to hear that you finally received and liked the items I sent to you. I hope that you are keeping well :)

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simcoe54 on Jun 12, 2019:

Thanks for thinking of me while you were at the flower show. My husband would have been thrilled to be at the show and to be able to check out the lawn mowers. He enjoyed looking at the photos and the John Deere shopping bag made his day. Here in Ontario you would pay a nice bit for a bag like that and to think that you got it free!!! Thanks again! it was a lovely surprise in my mailbox.

Drachenfrau on Apr 16, 2019:


mgallardo68 on Apr 15, 2019:

Thank you so much for your lovely RAK dear Carol! I loved all but my big favorite was the notecards cuts! ♥♥ Hugs!

susieq11 on Mar 14, 2019:

Happy Birthday!! : )

thelocalman on Oct 28, 2018:

Thank you for the postcards from PTG September WTA!


Drachenfrau on Oct 19, 2018:

Just wishing you a wonderful weekend! :-*

anicka22 on Oct 11, 2018:

Thank you very , very much for the IFM-WTA prize. Especially love the Quentin Blake postcard!

susieq11 on Sep 19, 2018:

Hi Carol! I just adore what you sent me for the IFM August WTA!! What neat postcards! Beautiful stickers and a “tropical” Hello Kitty decorated envelope! Yay!!!! It has been around 29-31C since the weekend. Summer getting it’s last hurrah and I’m savoring it!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

xninolax on Aug 11, 2018:

Thank you ever so much for your amazing July PTG WTA mail! I loved all you've enclosed and such pretty Gorjuss wrapping!! I am in love with your mail <3 The maps are amazing and new ones to my collection and the postboxes are just rad. Thank you so much!

Ciska76 on Aug 10, 2018:

Thank you for the cute envelope and the lovely cards you’ve sent me for the IFM: July WTA. Have a lovely August 💕🌞.

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