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About Me

Hi! My name is Lynda and I live in the north west of England with my partner. I am not religious but if pushed would say I lean towards paganism/wicca. I am an Empath, which can be quite emotionally draining. My favourite colours are purples, pinks and aquamarine. I'm an Aries/chinese wood dragon. My favourite season is Spring. I love silver jewellery, especially earrings. I am mad about rats and have kept them as pets on and off for over 30 years. I have a thing for medieval style unicorns, and tigers. I love fantasy art, especially Anne Stokes. I do a lot of cake baking. I took early retirement from my job as an Executive Officer for the Department for Work and Pensions in July 2019. I love being by the sea and lived on the south coast for 22 years. Can't wait to move back to Plymouth. I'm not much of a drinker but like dry white wine and gin. I'm a full blown fresh ground coffee addict. I was widowed on 1st March 2015 but didn't find out he'd died until 16th June 2017, having separated in 2010 , which was strange to say the least. I am a member of several FB cross stitch and Zentangle groups and regularly take part in their monthly swaps. I have a significant number of tattoos, from my shins upwards, including a full sleeve, and 11 piercings. I'm on Postcrossing and Ravelry as Minxy1964. I lost my mum to lung and bone cancer on 24/02/20. Since then I've spent a lot of time cooking and shopping for dad, and generally helping him out. It is nigh on impossible to offend me, so don't worry on that front....

Favorite Crafts

I knit and crochet. I cross stitch, embroider and hand sew. I make felt stuffies. I have made Dotee Dolls in the past. I draw and Zentangle. I make ATCs. I own a Gemini die cutter and a sewing machine ( and I am slightly terrified of both!!). I'm not really a paper crafter, but I will have a dabble....

Favorite Music

I will listen to anything apart from opera. I'm a big fan of Amber Run, Skinny Living and Glass Caves. I don't mind a bit of folk music or blue grass occasionally. I am a sucker (still lol) for 80s music. It's an age thing hahaha.

Favorite Books

I will read anything and everything! Give me an encyclopaedia and you won't see me for a week. My favourite authors are too many to mention. I have a bit of a weakness for erotica. I have a Kindle Paperwhite which goes everywhere with me.

Favorite Television

I like documentaries, especially crime and history. I don't watch soaps. I don't watch many films as I have an annoying habit of falling asleep 20 minutes in.

Likes and Dislikes


Embroidery threads

Glass seed beads

Anything dark/gothic/steampunk

Unicorns (not cutesy ones)




Purples and Pinks

Aquamine and Teal

Fresh ground coffee/coffee beans

Hello Kitty



Gorjuss Girls

Anne Stokes artwork



Anything religious



Green tea

When making something for me, unless it is a profile based swap, please don't worry if your taste doesn't reflect mine. I am grateful to receive anything that you have taken the time and trouble to make for me!


I have a six year rescue cat (long haired Red Tabby) called Amber, a Chilean Rose Tarantula called Rosie and one elderly, nameless goldfish.

Swap info

I will mark my swaps as sent once I have either put them in the Post Box or handed them over the Post Office counter. I always obtain proof of posting from the Post Office. I will not, however, send anything international by tracked mail due to the ridiculously high additional cost. I take and keep a photo of every swap before I post it. I am organised to the point of being anal, so all my swaps are made in advance of allocation, unless profile based. If your swap doesn't arrive, please message me before rating. I am in the UK and international post can take up to six weeks, probably longer during the Covid pandemic.

Flakers Non Raters and Angels

Flaked on by BrookeTrout in Beginner's Handmade Fabric Heart. She told the host she would not be sending after looking at my profile and has not been online since 2.1.15. Rated 1 on 12.2.15. This was Angel'd by mustluvdoggies.

Not rated by amyjo for Beginner's Crafting: Handmade Fabric Heart. No contact and she hasn't been online since 12.1.14.

Not rated by Alicer for Team Darkness: Gargoyle ATC swap. No contact and she hasn't been online since 2.3.15.

Not rated by JP for CL: Book Quote#5. A replacement was sent on 4.4.15, along with proof of postage for the original which was sent on 26.2.15. Profile comment and pm enquiring about this have been removed or not replied to.

Easing back into swapping

I began easing myself back into swapping after having had major reconstructive knee surgery on 5th August 2016. My mobility still isn't fantastic and it's a bit of a walk to the Post Office, so although I am back participating, it won't be to the extent I did pre op. If anyone wants the gory details of a total knee replacement, that you don't get told beforehand, feel free to ask...


AmaranthSpirit rated for UKPP: B... on Nov 28, 2020
Comment: What a fantastic card Lynda, thank you so much :-) I can't say that I am a fan of 'Nice' biscuits, however, like you, I NEVER, EVER dunk! I don't see why you would want soggy biscuit bits in your tea! Thank you so much, I love the card <3
Response: Unusual, isn't it? From The Range ages ago. Dunking should be a crime lol xx
denimblu14 rated for UKCA: Craft the Rainbow: Indigo on Nov 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much Lynda I love the colour it is in my favourite colour palette and what a perfectly useful gift, I love them! I smiled at you treating yourself I would have hated to have gone through that procedure too and would have done the same, take care my friend :)
Response: Glad you like the colour. Not sure I'll knit with that slubbed yarn again though! I wanted to pull all the slubby bits off... xx
Comment: How amazing Lynda, thank you so much! I love it! Weird and wonderful swaps, eh... now you've got me thinking! Have a fab week!
Response: Glad it got there in one piece! Looking forward to more unusual swaps xx
Ladybird2490 rated for UKCA: Craft the Rainbow: Blue on Nov 13, 2020
Comment: I love the owl so much, he’s so cute. Thank you if I could give you more hearts I would ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Response: You're very welcome. So pleased you like him! Xx
denimblu14 rated for UKPP: A... on Nov 12, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much Lynda for the fabulous Beatrix Potter postcard. I love visiting the Lake District especially since it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017 :)
Response: Glad you liked the card. The Lakes are just a short drive up the M6 from here, so hopefully more trips for me post Covid xx
Comment: Lynda, what a beautiful Christmas card, thank you so much! I love the little snowman! I have had a sneak peek, so now I will pop him back in the envelope and open him up again nearer to Christmas! <3
Response: Cute, isn't he? So glad you like him xx
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas decorations <3 They will look fantastic on my tree in pride of place this year! I love them!
Response: Glad you like them. My friend saw them and promptly ordered six in different colours! You have the originals though.. xx
Comment: Oh my goodness Lynda 💕💕💕 I recieved little Christmas Totoro today and he is beautiful!!! What a perfect, perfect creation!!!! I LOVE it so much and I am so so excited to hang him on my tree!!! There is no was he is just for Christmas though...he will be out in pride of place all year! Xx
Response: Well, Totoro is for life, not just Christmas lol. He was fun to make and so glad you like him xx
Comment: Thank you so much for the postcard, Amber was very generous! I'll definitely aim to run more of these :-)
Response: Please do! And Amber says you're welcome xx
CzechFriend rated for PIE: Themed swap - Map on Oct 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great map card!
Response: You're welcome xx
craftynut rated for UKPP: Astronomy/Space Postcard on Oct 22, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the postcard. Jodrell Bank does look quite impressive, not that I have seen it for real, just pictures.
Response: I'll get there one day, Covid permitting!
AmaranthSpirit rated for UKCA: Fabric Scrappies #1 on Oct 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the amazing scrappies! I will treasure these because of the buttons <3 I love them! Perfect for my new journal! Thanks so much :-)
Response: Glad you like them xx
LondonWriting rated for UKPP: Halloween Postcard on Oct 14, 2020
Comment: Thanks Lynda for the 'vintage' Halloween card. I like it a lot. Now I want to see images of carved Swedes. I'm going to google that.
Response: Try carved turnips if nothing comes up. Swede/ turnip seem to be interchangeable names for the same vegetable! Xx
denimblu14 rated for UKCA: Craft the Rainbow: Yellow on Oct 7, 2020
Comment: I love sunflowers so thank you very much Lynda for this super ray of loveliness. Ta also for the Gracie Field statue location. I guess Paddington Bear will not be coming round for lunch then, ha ha :)
Response: If Paddington likes Christmas cake, he's more than welcome. I've baked three in the last week lol. Glad you liked the flower. I was worried it was a bit bright... xx
denimblu14 rated for UKPP: Wild Animal Postcard on Oct 1, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much Lynda for the postcard of the stoat and great to have the info on the card too. Do you remember when Richard Whiteley handled a ferret and it bit him while on live tv? :)
Response: Oh yes! My biggest one used to chase the dog round the living room then curl up in the dog basket lol. Looking forward to our next swap ;)
Comment: Oh my goodness what a lovely mail To receive. Thank you so much
Response: You're welcome xx
denimblu14 rated for UKCA: Craft the Rainbow: Orange on Sep 23, 2020
Comment: Well that was a lovely surprise Lynda, I thought the package looked a bit flat to contain a bear! Your patience to be able to stitch such an intricate pattern has me in awe it truly is a work of art, thank you very much for sharing your crafting skills with me. Good luck with your cake baking :)
Response: Glad you like it. Currently got what looks three tons of dried fruit soaking in brandy, for the Christmas cake, and a Victoria sponge in the oven... xx
LetterFairy rated for UKCA: Introduce Yourself Craft on Sep 11, 2020
Comment: Lynda thank you so so SO MUCH for my beautiful Totoro coaster! I was so happy when I opened it I cried!!! I wish I could give you 100 hearts!!! It is so beautifully made and I love it so much...I will treasure it forever! Thank you again for such a beautiful, thoughtful craft, I love it so much and I'm so grateful! You are very talented! ❤ Hollie xx
Response: I'm glad you like it. I'd never heard of him, but once I'd Googled, I knew I had to make him. Enjoy looking at him whenever you have a cup of tea! Xx
denimblu14 rated for UKCA: Craft the Rainbow: Red on Sep 11, 2020
Comment: What a lovely surprise Lynda, I am absolutely delighted with the little red teddy bear that you knitted for me. I have had a go at knitted toys also and they are always received with love, lol, but your bear is beyond perfect! Here we have had sunshine all week long. I hope that your weekend ahead is a good one also :)
Response: I'm so glad you like him. He was fiddly to put together, but worth it xx
laurarc rated for UKPP: Introduce Yourself Postcard on Sep 3, 2020
Comment: Hi Lynda, thanks for the beautiful postcard. I was supposed to go on holiday this year to the Lake District so it’s nice to have a little piece of it now.
Response: Glad I could help with that! Xx

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Bhindblueeyes on Nov 6, 2020:

Thank you so very much for getting a Mother's Day card to me for my project :) I will be bringing this card and what others I have wrassled up thus far to my Gma this weekend, me thinks! I do hope that Gma rallies and the cards won't be needed for quite some time, but I know they will be appreciated and bring much comfort when they ARE needed.

Paige1900 on Jun 10, 2018:

Thanks for the explanation of the 1 pc. LOL The eden project looks amazing. :)

Snuggles555 on May 3, 2016:

Good Morning Lynda: I received the Shepard's pie seasoning mixes last night. Thank you so very much! I can't wait to try & make these.

You are the best!

Hugs & Love,

Susan ♥

anrtist on Feb 17, 2016:

THANK You @Minxy1964 for the precious woodland creatures sticky note package ;-) SO CUTE

Blessings, cc

zoev1975 on Jan 18, 2016:

Thank you so much for my ALBOL wish. Cross stitch has defeated me in the past, but I am determined to master it!

thriftymermaid on Jan 13, 2016:

Thank you so much for the etsy.com gift for my January Wishlist in the ALBOL Group. I'm so excited to make a snail!! he he

Poftoffel on Dec 25, 2015:

Thank you so much for the amazing handmade goodies!!! The neko kitty is hanging in the tree and I've put the fish aside for Loki. It's so sweet of you to make these for me! Merry Christmas!

sparkleboi on Nov 25, 2015:

Hello! I just received your cat ATC - thank you so much for being an angel =D It's so cute. And girly pink cards are A-OK, haha. (My username IS sparkleboi, after all). You're the best!

Ikran3 on Nov 4, 2015:

Thank you so much for angelling the Happy Envelope swap for me - it was so kind of you! :) what a cute package! It definitely made me smile!! Thank you!!! xx <3

institches on Sep 17, 2015:

Hi Lynda,

Thanks for the crochet unicorn directions RAK through Hell's Grannies. It's a cute pattern and a nice addition to my collection. Hope to make it soon.


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