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About Me

** PROFILE UPDATED ** 109/03/20

My name is Suzanne. I am 52 years old. I've been married to my husband, for 19 years, He is my Clark Gable, McIver and James Bond all rolled into one.We have three adult children from my previous marriage, Aaron ( BD:4/12/87), Jeremi (BD9/18/89)and Courtney (BD 8/5/90). I have six grandkids. Scarlett (BD 8/12/09) Serenity "Wren"(BD 6/21/11) Saige (5/20/13) Toby (BD 5/29/15) Willow ( BD 8/7/15) and Juniper (BD 08/020.) I am a retired nurse.I retired after 20+ years due to health reasons ( fibromyalgia, hypothyrodism, depression, etc.) I joined swap-bot for the interaction with others and have not been disappointed. I have met some wonderful people on here. I have also met some not so wonderful people, but such is life. My favorite color is red. Sometimes I can't believe that I am a "NaNa. I am still such a kid at heart.. I love dolls, stuffed animals, mystical/mythological creatures such as unicorns, gnomes, Elves, leprechauns, pixies, faeries (esp Tinkerbell) as well as the not so nice mystical creatures dragons, trolls, Medusa etc. I love to read. I enjoy most any type of book. My least favorite read would have to be romances, but I'm sure there are even some of those that I enjoy. I have always been a huge fan of true crime and trivia based books, but lately have enjoyed the different Young Adult Vampires books . If a person has led an interesting life then I enjoy their Autobiography/Biography. I am a book collector and find it hard to get a rid of any of them. I still enjoy the feel of the real thing as opposed to electronic devices.Maybe one day I'll give in, but not today. I have several favorite books. ( Gone With the Wind, The Giving Tree, The Little Prince, Dr. Seuss, Whoever fights Monsters, Uncle John's bathroom reader and so many more) I also love butterflies, long flowing scarfs, Ladybugs,penpals, music, netflix,Adult Coloring Books and thrift stores. I'm usually fairly easy to get along with, but I do not like to feel like someone is trying to take advantage of me. I encourage everyone to join Swapbot .I love swap-bot!!

I have two short haired cream colored Chihuahuas . Bitsy( female), PeeWee (Male) and a spotted blue chiwennie, Peanut (male)

My Town

I live in a small town, Climax, Georgia. The population is only about 300 people and the one store is a convenience store. Let me add that we got a Dollar General store this year.(They are around every corner aren't they?!.) I am glad that we have one though. The towns around us are slightly larger. They do have a Walmart and various Dollar Stores. What we don't have is Post Cards and a wide selection of stickers, stationary, pretty envelopes and other cute PenPal supplies. I am a loyal, long letter writing person who enjoys the art of letter writing. So if you are like me and enjoy the actual letter more than the add ins or the type of paper I use, then I am the one you need.🥀😊😊

Favorite Music

When I was young, one of my favorite memories was listening to the oldies rock and roll radio show on Sunday night with my Mama. We competed for tapes or records and won so much they wouldn't let us play some weeks. My Daddy listened to Country. Then there were the times when the whole family would get in the car and drive to an all night Gospel sing. My favorite group is Aerosmith and I love Steven Tyler. I have an older brother/younger sister and three kids, plus various friends. So They all introduced me to a part of the music I love today. I was a teenager in the 80's and that music is still great.I have a huge crush on Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. I realize I already said that, but it's worth repeating.lol The only music that I really have to dig to find something I like is Rap/hiphop/heavy metal /Opera and what people like to call music as they stand and scream into a microphone, but with that being said I can still find a few songs I like in those genras too ( I really just love music). I could never make money with my voice as people would constantly change the station when I came on, but I love to sing and I love to crank up the music and sing with whoever is willing to subject themselves to my singing , especially my grandkids. I listen to music alot of time related to my mood. My go-to music is music from the 80's. I was a teenager then so it holds alot of memories. It's hard sometimes to believe that the 80's qualifies as classics.a

Favorite Movies/TV shows

I always list" Gone With The Wind" as my favorite movie. It is a classic. Sure over the years they have improved the sound, lighting,and visual effects of movies. For the era GWTW was amazing and for me, being a southern belle myself, who wouldn't daydream (or nightdream either for that matter) about a dashing Rhett Butler sweeping us off our feet and carrying us up those stairs.If you have never seen Gone with the Wind, I highly suggest you watch it atleast once. You will not be dissapointed and you will probably want to watch it again.There are numerous other movies I enjoy eg. The Sound of Music, The King and I, The Original True Grit,(I love alot of musicals). Disney movies are always good, Dirty Dancing, Forrest Gump, American Graffiti, Grease, Xanadu, Breakfast Club,16 Candles, Ghost., Most any Stephen King movie has my vote. While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless In Seatle, You've Got Mail, Footloose ( original), Interview With A Vampire, Mrs. Doubtfire. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.The original Cartoon Grinch and Hocus Pocus ( there are far too many to list). Seems like all they have done recently is remake the old movies. Some examples of TV shows: any of the crime type shows Law & Order(and their spinoffs), The true crime shows ( Murderous Woman, Corrupt Crime, People who kill etc.), AHS, SOA, The Walking Dead, Call The Midwife, The Big Bang Theory, Two & a half men(Charlie Sheen Version) and so on.I watch regular TV, Netflix, YouTube, Disney Channel, HBO now, Amazon prime, use Red Box and go to the movies.( Of course not recently with the pandemic).

Dislikes/.... misc. stuff

DISLIKES: *Liars *People who are mean *Unnecessary Drama *Fibromyalgia ( Chronic Pain in general) *Depression *Being Broke (don't we all dislike this one lol) *People who don't give hearts even when they know you worked extra hard on a swap. *People who assume things without asking you * People who don't attemp to even read your profile prior to a swap ( I do realize mine is long,but I tried to include as much as possible to make swaps with me easier.


*ONIONS!! * Seasonal Allergies I know it seems strange for me to list this here, but I'm really allergic to onions and it seems like everything in the world has onions in some form in it. The last two recipe swaps I joined, people still sent me recipes with onions even though I have this listed as an allergy on my profile. I know that I could just not include them when I make the recipe, but it makes me wonder if they even bothered to read my profile.I feel like shouting like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland " OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" Who's been painting my roses red? WHO'S BEEN PAINTING MY ROSES RED? /Who dares to taint / With vulgar paint / The royal flower bed? / For painting my roses red / Someone will lose his head!"


My ears are pierced,but I can't wear the gold plated Rings, ear rings necklaces. I do ofter wear the little cheap bracelets, but they have to be other materials besides gold plated (string, elastic, leather, silver, surgical steel,gold, plastic) I love bracelets, chokers and other baubles. I have 2 piercings in each ear lobe a single piercing at the top of my right ear and an industrial in my left ear. Very easy to please. very few dislikes. Regret sensitivities/allergies.

GROUPS I join groups because they offer more swaps and I hope this will allow me to have a bigger variety of swaps to join. I don't join them to make my profile look better. Just because my profile doesn't mention the general concept that a group is about does not mean that I don't have an interest in those things. I'm 5 2 years old and have a wide variety of interests and if I listed each and every one in my profile, it would take you years to get through the stuff. If a request to join a certain group is not sufficient proof of my interest, then I guess I shouldn't be a member of your group. Thanks to those groups that allow me to be a member.


I recently got a cricut air 2, a cup tumbler and a machine to be able to make T-Shirts, hats and not sure what else. I am learning as I go. Right now I am enjoying making decals ( for like car windows) and tumblers with personalized decals on them. If you would like to do a swap related to that, just let me know. If you want to do any type of private swap with me, send me a PM and we'll see what we can come up with.

My Swap For Some One Else

My Husband, John likes peanut butter & chocolate candy * *movie butter microwave popcorn computer war games pringles chocolate covered cherries butterscotch candy soft peppermint interesting vegetable seeds hot pepper seeds interesting melon seeds *we live in southwest Ga which is 8/9 planting zone *magazines:popular mechanics, science, Mother Earth. Gardening.( Can be older and of course previously read). * Hot Salsa * Mexican food

**MY Grand Daughter Scarlett*

  • Birth date 8/12/09*

*Goosebumps books, Nancy Drew, books about Animals, Coloring Books,art Supplies cooking shows, mine craft and Roblox. Favorite color, blue. Wears hair bows. * Has pierced ears *loves to draw/color

  • Granddaughter Serenity*

*bd 6/21/11

  • Coloring books,art supplies, books, play make-up, fingernail polish, hair bows, small purses.lip gloss/chap stick
  • Minecraft
  • Favorite colors:Pink, Lavender *Dolls, unicorns, foxes *Also likes to draw. *Pierced ears

Granddaughter Saige *BD 5/20/2013

*Favorite colors: pink, purple and green * Coloring books, art supplies * Minecraft *Hairbows *Dolls * Pierced ears

Grandson Toby

*BD: 5/29/15 *Action Figures especially Super Heroes *Toy Cars *Coloring Books " Minecraft * Dress up masks

Granddaughter Willow *BD: 8/7/15 "Hairbows *Dress up costumes *Care bears *Dolls *Books to read & Coloring books * Pierced ears * Favorite color pink

  • Granddaughter; Juniper (June Bug)
  • BD:08/03/20 If you have any baby clothes boy or girl that you'd like to get rid of or older boy or girls clothes or other things I listed, send me a PM and maybe we can work something out. I have a grand niece due in September and a grand nephew due in November.

my wants/likes


  • Pretty Envelopes

  • long flowing scarfs

*Things with butterflies

  • Pretty Stickers

  • Blank Journals

*Pretty Composition Notebooks

*Dark Writing Ink pens prefer medium point,but love any glittery ink pens, markers,colors, colored pencils

*Wide Lined Notebook Paper

  • Punches Of All Sizes



*Good Friends

*PenPal Supplies

*bookmarks/ books

*Anything to do with Steven Tyler or Aerosmith (including pictures,posters, articles cut out of books and magazines, and books about them)


*Adult Coloring books



*Handmade gifts

*Decorative Boxes

  • Posters, pictures,tin signs etc. Of Older Movie Stars ( famous people)

  • Drawings/artwork : if you have a talent that coincides with my internet, send me a PM I love getting pictures drawn of things and people I like.

Lessons learned on here

  1. Snail Mail maybe outdated and slow to some people, but it still remains one of the greatest things in the world.

  2. There are so few things that I dislike. Sometimes, I get these little things in the mail that so far I haven't figured out what they are used for, but I love them. When someone takes their time to send me something it is special to me.

  3. I work really hard on my swaps and I stress about disappointing people. My town is small and places to buy things are very limited. Almost everything I send in the type 3 swaps I've had to order online. I even had to order post cards because there were none in my small town and believe me I researched (even e-mailed my mayor and he responded). For every swap I try to meet and exceed the requirements. Due to my health, my family has one income and that is my husbands. When someone doesn't rate me or doesn't leave a comment, I wonder why. Not getting a heart bothered me at first until I realized that sometimes people may like what you send and just don't think to give a heart.(no heart, but a great e-mail thank you note). Oh I can't tell a lie to be the bigger person here, not getting a heart when I put all of my heart into the swap still bothers me.A new friend I met here told me a quote "It is what it is" to help me work on this stressor. After I've done everything I can to please my partner and can do nothing else, just realize "it is what it is" so this is a work in progress, but I thank them.

  4. There is a children's song that goes "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold" I know it means people, but here I'm going to apply it to swaps. I know that type 2 and 3 swaps is like moving up the ladder and I'm doing those, but I still enjoy several type 1 swaps so because I enjoy these swaps I've learned I don't have to stop doing them. I can enjoy both.

  5. I've learned that my friend on live journal,(Hi Alyssa, if you are reading this)was right. She is the first pen pal that I've had in ages and she told me if I was interested in meeting other people, making new friends and getting some great pen pals, join swap bot. I tip my hat to her. She is a beautiful person and a great friend.

  6. I'll add this for grins and giggles. What others have learned about me. It is unnecessary to worry that I will write a letter that is too short in a letter swap. What my partner worries about more: 1. Did this person escape from the nut house 2. Are there any trees left, after she wrote her letter there must be a huge paper shortage.3. Will I have time to do anything this week besides reading the letter that she wrote. I'm just joking, but those of you who penpal with me know that I can get carried away.

7.Casey Kasem was the voice of shaggy on Scooby Doo for many years and also the host of the popular radio program America's top 40 count down. Every week at the close of the program he had a signature sign off "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars." without even realizing it, my signature sign off has become "Keep Smiling and Keep Swapping"

  1. I've learned I can make bookmarks, although not as beautiful in my opinion as those I have received. I will keep trying.

  2. Many people do not read profiles before swaps..... "No Onions"!

  3. I've found that some people find me/my profile interesting.... Go figure. Anyway If you'd like to drop me some mail, please message me for my address I look forward to hearing from you.You don't have to send extras in letters to me although I love them, I love letters too.

  4. If you made it this far, thank you for taking your time to know more about me. I hope that I sound likable.


If you have any questions that I didn't cover please ask. I don't mind questions.


howdyholly rated for list journal of lists on Nov 30, 2020
Comment: I love your lists!
Comment: Thanks! I look forward to reading through the lists you picked.
Comment: I loved your letter~! I will be writing back within the month!
Response: I look forward to it. Ty
PegOGood rated for David's Deliverer Bible Study on Oct 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sharing your answers. Yes Peggy Goodenough is really my name. You would be surprised at how people try to make it difficult when it is pronounced good enough.
Pei04 rated for Happy Songs on Oct 14, 2020
Comment: Thanks for sharing your list of songs. Some of them were new to me and I love getting new things to listen to. If they make me happy, that's a bonus ;) Sorry for a late rating. All the best <3
Response: Ty so much.
Comment: So sorry you didn't win this journal. I loved your response and appreciate all you do as a nurse! Blessings to you!
Response: Ty
Rapsy rated for Happy Songs on Oct 4, 2020
Comment: Loved your list! "No Rain" was on my "Geez, now I have to knock this down to 10 songs" List and I'm so glad one of my partners included it. All Meghan Trainor songs and videos are just so much fun :) The Mac Davis song... years ago I worked in a real honky tonk type bar and this brought back memories! Aerosmith was also on my list- I read your profile- I was actually a Joe Perry girl 'til I saw them live and then I was like, Steven Tyler, yes please!! Gosh can that man move! :) Some people will want to crush me for this, but see Aerosmith live and you will be like, Mick who?? Take Care :)
Response: I get picked at all the time about Steven Tyler being my celebrity crush, but you are right, not only can he sing, he is all over that stage. Thank you for your rating and response.
Jenicat rated for Happy Songs on Oct 2, 2020
Comment: All great songs! I love “It’s Hard To Be Humble”. I’m going to listen to it now. ❤️
Response: I know it's an older song, but I was trying to pick songs that I love that maybe wouldn't easily pop into others heads. Thank you for the rating.
kammy rated for Happy Songs on Oct 1, 2020
Comment: I received your list of songs. I like Aerosmith a lot too. I know three other artists on your playlist but the rest never heard of. I will listen to it better this weekend
Response: I hope you like some of the others too. Thank you for the rating.
denisedecker58 rated for Halloween mail <3 on Sep 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome swap! I really enjoyed reading all your answers and the effort you put into writing them! I have been to both the Winchester House and the Lizzie Borden house! They were both amazing and interesting! Thank you also for the stickers!
Response: Wow, I wish that I could see them. Maybe one day. Thank you for the rating and the heart.
KaliOya rated for Psalm 138 Bible Study on Sep 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the Bible Study. It is always nice to see answers from another version of the Bible. Happy swapping.
Response: Thank you
amandat0913 rated for Private Recipe Exchange on Sep 21, 2020
Comment: Oooooh that taco pie is going in my grocery list!!! Thank you so much!
Response: I'm happy you got it. How you enjoy the Taco pie, it really is delicious. Thank you for the rating.
aurelas rated for Little Girl Pen Pal on Jan 31, 2019
Comment: Eowyn received Scarlett's letter today and was just thrilled. She is writing a letter back right now!
Response: 😊 ❤️ Scarlett is really excited. thanks for the rating.
Comment: Very interesting list, had to look up a couple to see who they were. Thanks.
Response: Thank you
Comment: I loved your description of Helen - it sounds like my kind of place!
junemoon rated for Letter Swap #1 on Oct 21, 2017
Comment: Thanks for a nice long letter with lots of information in it. It seems sometimes a black cloud sits on one making lots of nasty things happen. I had such a couple of weeks earlier this month and I think all your family distresses fit in that category. It does pass but not fun to live through.
Response: Thank you. Im sorry that you had a bad ti.e too. If you have any words of wisdom or insights, I'd love to hear them.🙂
Tasia570 rated for Introduction Letter - USA on Jul 29, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for your letter! I really enjoyed reading it and I will write back soon!
Kitty2cats rated for June 2017 Journal Swap on Jul 11, 2017
Comment: Hi Suzanne, Thank you so much for your interesting June Journal! Yay! You put in such fun stuff. I love it! I've been reading it the last couple evenings. You put a lot of work into it and there is so much variety. Very cool. Love the song lyrics, qoutes,trivia, poems, movies, music...Wow! I know that I'll be referring back to it for info. Thanks also for sharing about yourself! Thanks again!
Response: I'm so happy you liked it
Comment: I have decided to re-rate this. Even though it was late, you did keep in touch, and there was a lot of time and effort put into the letter. Thank you.
Response: Thank you for your kindness.
SJ1 rated for Summer Penpals- International on Oct 28, 2016
Comment: Will be writing back

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