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I am looking for a Becky Doherty from Lake Luzerne, I have an old Traveling PC Swap postcard of hers that I would like to return to her as the swap is no longer running.

I have redone my to trade pc collection. The link is above. Its a work in progress and I have started with the easiest stuff, and add more as I get time. Please PM me if you are interested in any :)

I have some Label bags and a postcard bag that I have had for longer than I should. I have had no one to send them on to. If you are interested please let me know so I can get these moving. Thanks :D

30 Dec 17: After spending Christmas with Dom's sister in Dunedin we are thinking of making a huge trek down to the near bottom of the South Island. Probably some time in 2018. We have probably over talked about it the last few days, but for us it seems like a good move. There are more people in Dunedin and also a larger variety of jobs. It is a big decision and will probably need some more hashing out before the final decision is made. Decisions, decisions.

There is not a single mail box in New Zealand that gets emptied on a Saturday or Sunday. If I mark the item as sent on a Saturday or Sunday, it is because I am off to the post office for stamps (if I have run out) and will drop my mail in the box when I am there. If you are going to be stuffy about a day or two difference in the postmark, then I feel sorry for you. Life for you must be hell.

Now onto the serious stuff:

Hello my name is Cindy and I am addicted to postcards.

I am in my 40s. I moved to New Zealand 10 years ago from South Africa with my now hubby Dominick, we married on 20st April 2011. My husband has Multiple Sclerosis, which he manages very well (fingers crossed). We have no children by choice. We have a male cat called Kwali and as from 2 Dec 2016 a little black female cat I have named Poppy. I don't smoke or drink alcohol (just don't have a taste for either). I follow a refined suger free, gluten free, egg free, soy free, dairy free and chemical free diet. We make 99% of our own food. I do like organic sugar free chocolate, how can I not have some kind of chocolate, life just wouldnt be worth living. And I love to try herbal infused organic teas with no false "flavours" in them.

And I love skulls. Any kind of skulls, cute skulls, scary skulls, pirate skulls, funny skulls, skelanimals, you find a skull, I will like it.

I also love science fiction and fantasy books and movies. And am an avid RPG gamer.

Spring is my favourite time of the year, just between the cold of winter and the heat of summer, where all the pretty flowers start to bloom and baby animals are being born.

I love tea, black being my favourite, Especially Earl Grey. I dont drink Camomile, for some reason it gives me stomach cramps when I drink it. I LOVE cinnemon!

My favourite movies / tv are: Equilibrium, Avatar, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Appleseed, Witchblade (the anime version), Ghost in the Shell, The Hobbit, Kungfu Panda, Pirates of the Carribean series, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix Trilogy, all the Riddick's, Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries, Midsommer Murders, Ancient Aliens, Downton Abbey, Poirot, Miss Marple, Vera..... just to name a few.

Im a bit of a Harry Potter fan, I have all the books and one day hope to have extended versions of the movies on DVD and to also go visit Harry Potter world (either UK or US I don't mind).

I am part of Postcrossing too, and I love it. One of the ladies I received a postcard from mentioned Swap-bot, that's how I came to be here. I never thought I would love swapping soooo much....

My favourite colours are: Dark blues, dark purples, dark pinks, dark greens, reds and black.

I would love to do private PC swaps and am always looking for postcard pals.

I have a pile of postcards that I would love sent back to me. If anyone is interested in doing a private "Return to sender" swap please let me know.

I like to host swaps, should you not receive your swap from your partner even after you may have managed to get hold of them for a resend, I will happily Angel just let me know.

Favourite Stuff

I am a HUGE Star Wars fan.

I love good old fashioned murder mysteries and period dramas.

Skelanimals/skulls - also absolutely anything

Bumblebees and bees and ladybugs. Im always rescuing bumblebees and bees in the garden with sugar water.


Asian Art

Ancient and old Asian buildings & temples


Belly dancing, I haven't done it for years, but I would still love to someday.

Dita Von Teese or any Burlesque for that matter.

Deftones is my most favourite favourite band.

I love kung fu movies, I have seen so many that I love that it would take forever to list them.



I dont like receiving PCs that are a cut out from a cereal box or some other random thing. I only send out store bought PCs so I kind of expect to receive store bought or very nicely hand made/art PCs. I will give a 3 if I get a PC cut out from some random box you got out of your kitchen cupboard.

I do not mind handmade, but only if the swap allows them.

I am not religeous, so please don't sent me religeous or spiritual stuff.

PCs Im looking for

I prefer my postcards sent stamped and naked, or naked and stamped (that is sent not in an envelope). I have this thing that a postcard is not complete unless it has been written on.

I have decided to collect a postcard of each an every animal in the world. A momentous task you say! Yes it is! Challenge accepted :)

I am looking for the following (I will update this list regularly), I have a folder with all my animail postcards in the "My collections" link at the top of the page here, just in case you want to double check what I have, or just out of curiosity. I will update it regularly.

Here is what I am looking for:

Bats, yes the flying kind.






Andean Cat

Clouded leopard

Siberian tiger

Bat-eared Fox

Indian or Benghal Fox

March Hare

Sun Bear


Rock hyrax

Tiger or Bull Shark (depending on where you are in the world)

Hammerhead shark

Any dolphin except common dolphin.

Comic book covers


Princess Diana

Space or science fiction


Ancient Egyptians

Erupting volcanoes

Dramatic weather scenes

Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings

Star Trek

Star Wars

Halloween (we don't get any Halloween stuff here in NZ)

Goth or Gothic scenes

Surfing (for the hubby)




Vampires (but the scary ones- please NOT Edward, or True Blood, I like the old school vampires)

Vintage comics / movies like Bride of Frankenstein and Vampirella

Crop Circles

Froy & Dind (I received one in a tag and I absolutely love it!)


Postcard with cut-outs

Eugen Hartung - see below


ainaignies rated for Send My Postcard Back - Week 13 on Jan 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you. Your pc will be posted tomorrow.
Fieke rated for Christmas Postcard - Santa on Jan 16, 2018
Comment: You postcard arrived today after a long journey.Thank you very much for the cute Santa
Nimue rated for Send a Naked Map Postcard #7 on Jan 12, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sending it arrived today and is definitely a new card for me! :D
jn6754 rated for City / Town / Village with V R2 on Jan 12, 2018
Comment: Your card made it. Love the picture. You are right, several I sent did not make it.
Comment: Thanks for the great Star Wars PC - I am amazed by Lando's outfit (among other things). Hope you enjoy(ed) TLJ!
widelo123 rated for SOMETHING DIFFERENT PC SWAP- WEEK7 on Jan 10, 2018
Comment: Cindy, thank you for the postcard. Shirley
Comment: Cindy, thank you for the Christmas card and the New Zealand postcards. Shirley
jezb750 rated for Science Fiction PC Swap #19 on Jan 8, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard, best regards!
Chaosfay rated for (PCG) P is for... on Jan 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card!
Comment: Thank you
Response: Glad you got it. I have already popped a resend in the mail for you :D
miia rated for Christmas Postcard - Snowman on Jan 3, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your snowman postcard! :) I'm sure it's hot there where you live! We have now little bit snow and weather is quite cold, but not freezing (yet). Have a wonderful year 2018!
Padoom rated for City / Town / Village with C R3 on Jan 1, 2018
Comment: Thank your for the beautiful postcard!! Happy New Year!! 🍾
Comment: Happy New Year Thank you for the beautiful colored postcard
perthbaby rated for City / Town / Village with B R3 on Dec 29, 2017
Comment: Hi Cindy, thank you so much for the delightful Barcelona postcard! I have ti agree with you - sometimes normal buildings ARE just boring! In my city (Perth), we have lots of weird and wonderful buildings and sculptures. People have taken inspiration for offices and houses from all over the world. Thanks again for this PC! From Sophie :)
Comment: Thanks for the Christmas Greeting cards and postcards. Happy New Year!
Stargazer008 rated for Holiday Season Postcards on Dec 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the postcard. And now enjoy these times: Have a happy festive season.
Mamamoose rated for Christmas Postcard - Reindeer on Dec 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard! Hope you had a great Christmas!
MelbourneGirl rated for Not a Christmas tree PC swap on Dec 27, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the cherry tree postcard - yes, we agree they are sooo pretty in blossom ❤️ Hope you are having a wonderful festive season!
KSENiA rated for Science Fiction PC Swap #18 on Dec 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cool and pretty postcard. Merry Christmas!
Comment: Ooh I love this Viking postcard, thank you! Very cool that you have a bit of Viking in you :D

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denimblu14 on Jan 9, 2018:

Hello Cindy, I just knew from reading your profile that you would enjoy the postcards that I chose for you for the PTG November WTA :)

aspens on Jan 9, 2018:

Got my PC back from the Send it Back #10 swap. I love the holiday stamp you included, makes it that much more special of the a postcard. Thank you!

PrairieKittin on Dec 26, 2017:

Thank you for working on my Collaborative Postcard!

collaboration PC

ContraryHousewife on Dec 21, 2017:

Happy Solstice

susieq11 on Nov 15, 2017:

Thank you for the fab postcards for PTG October WTA!!! You rock!! xoxo

denimblu14 on Oct 17, 2017:

Thank you very much Cindy for the super postcards, fun bookmarks and the cute cat notelets that you sent to me for the Sept PTG WTA. Ta for the wonderful stamp on the envie too :)

A123987 on Oct 16, 2017:

I just got my postcard back for week 2 of my "Send my postcard back" swaps - thank you.

Toby2017 on Sep 21, 2017:

A HUGE thank you for the coolest postcards ever for my August WTA!!!! And I have added Wellington to my bucket list of places to go! So COOL!!

Toby2017 on Sep 9, 2017:

Thank you so much for the awesome postcards..especially the Columbia, MO and Rte 66 ones...from your destash!! I love them!!!!

marinda on Sep 7, 2017:

Thank you so much for the awesome postcards! They are great. :-D

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