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Date Joined: February 25, 2010
Last Online: December 31, 2015
Birthday: February 6
Country: France
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For anyone who has just got me as a swap partner and is peeping at this, my surname really is Waker, not Walker! I know it's a bit unusual, but I blame it on my husband....

An Englishwoman now living in rural France.

I've just realized I'm completely useless at describing myself, despite the fact that I can ramble on ad infinitum about almost anything else. That probably means I'm shy!

I'm an erstwhile student of literature, love Shakespeare (on the page or on the stage) and would one day like to pursue my studies further. Also interested in Elizabethan history (Elizabeth I, that is).

I'm a vegetarian - no meat, no fish. I'm not sure if swaps involve food, but for recipes, please try to find something that doesn't involve killing another living creature.

I'd like to be more creative in more areas and am trying to get over the hurdle of letting other people see what I like to make, so perhaps I need to stop rambling and sign up for a few swaps.....

Favorite Music

My iPod contains music by Mozart, Toby Keith, Neil Diamond, Charles Trenet, MIKA, Raphael, and many more.....

....... and a LOT of talking books!

Among my favourite songs ever are

"Malaika" sung by Angelique Kidjo

"Captain Sunshine" by Neil Diamond

"When I am laid in earth..." (Dido's Lament) by Henry Purcell

"Back in the Saddle" by Matraca Berg (now there's a contrast to Purcell!!)

"Et dans 150 ans" by Raphael

Mozart's Requiem (not a "song", but you know what I mean)

... and when a Barry White song comes on the radio, I invariably squeal, "Oh, yes! It's the walrus!" and start dancing about the kitchen like a strangely possessed woman.

Favorite Books

"Jane Eyre" - boring, I know, as it's the favourite of so many people, but it is fab!!

I also enjoy Tim Moore's travel writing, Alexander McCall Smith's Scotland Street novels, Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy, and so on.

Not much of a fan of "chick lit", don't really read crime fiction (other than Lord Peter Wimsey), and have so often found "blockbuster novels" so disappointing that in future I'm just going to save time by waiting for the film!

Favorite Movies

Or films, as I call them. "A Matter of Life and Death" (with David Niven) "Pimpernel Smith" (Leslie Howard) "Charade" (Cary Grant and the divine Audrey Hepburn) "Rear Window" "Gladiator" (still can't work out why, but I love the film!!) "Indiscreet" "Random Harvest" "Breakfast at Tiffany's" "The Million Pound Note" "The Thomas Crown Affair" (the remake rather than the original) just about anything with Cary Grant or Ronald Colman. You've probably realized I like the old stuff.....

Favorite Television

I love "Top Gear", even though I don't know how to drive!!

"Plus Belle la Vie" - France's most preposterous soap opera.

"University Challenge", my other half and I have been known to do "the granny dance" (as we call it) if we answer a difficult question correctly.

British comedy - "Green Wing", Mitchell and Webb, Armstrong and Miller.

BBC period drama ("Pride & Prejudice", "North & South", and so on).

Oh, and "Family Guy" - every episode contains something that will have me helpless with laughter. And I so want a cocktail-drinking dog like Brian!

Favorite Crafts

I love scrapbooking and am just getting into other papercrafts (cardmaking, handmade books, etc.). One of these days I'm going to have a go at ATCs!

Also cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, crochet.

Is cooking a craft?

Things I don't like...

Religious polemic - for any religion. Please keep it secular.

Profanity - improve your vocabulary and you won't need it!

"isms" - as in sexism, racism, or any other point of view that disparages others.

The colour green.



Things I do like...


Blue is my favourite colour. I also like purples, strong pinks, and "jewel" colours.


Playing Scrabble on my Nintendo DS.

Free downloads of Old Time Radio on iTunes.

Gardening - when the seeds I plant grow. When they don't I'm less fond of it as a hobby!

Cooking - trying out new recipes.

Photography - and making nice things with the photos.

I've just discovered that I love handmade postcards - all styles, all techniques. There are so many talented people making so many beautiful things out there.........

Wall of Shame!

I've seen this on one or two other profiles and thought I'd add one to mine. These are "swappers" who have flaked on me. In all cases I PMd the person in question to find out what was happening, but got nothing in response. I have put their swap-bot name first, followed by their real name in brackets, in case they decide to sign up again under another pseudonym.

prettypoetstacy (Stacy Mar) March 2010 "Mini Journal of Randomness"

YV (Azure Ellis) March 2010 "Send a Cheerful Greeting Card"

jencrest (Jen Briasco) April 2010 "Pride and Prejudice Character ATC"

hkz1985 (Holly Zajac) April 2010 "100 ways to feel better about life"

aquila (Sandrine Vasseur) Sept 2010 "Basic Postcard Swap #2"

PepperDust (Frances Boero) October 2010 "Send Me You #2"

Blakkhawkk (Kt Sharkey) October 2010 "7 Words"

Non-raters (a minor irritant, but an irritant nonetheless!). If I'm missing a rating, I always PM the person to ask if they have received the swap and offering to re-send if it has been lost. Those listed below never replied to the PM.

melkj2 (Melissa Johns)

Mushwad (Chelsea Delmont)

movietiffany (Tiffany Robinson)

maritxp (Mari Perez) - for a swap she hosted!!!

Bats (Lauren Green)


user6937 rated for Beverage Box PC on Aug 9, 2013
Comment: I'm surprised you didn't use a French beverage case! Wish it was a bit hotter here; seems always to be cloudy. Of course, then I'd complain that it was too hot. Hawaii is the only perfect place (that I've been to).
Response: If only! I never get any French beverage cases that can be used to make postcards, only the dull boxes that bottles of wine come in. I had bemoaned my inability to participate in beverage box PC swaps to Lu, who very kindly send me a couple of PC sized pieces, so in her honour, I used one of them for this swap.
luleemik rated for June ATC: Your Fave Cocktail on Jun 29, 2013
Comment: Luv the atc/recipe...made me thirsty for a "marg"!! Thanks for all the labels too...I'm using them as wall-paper in my dollhouse...LOL!
Response: Glad you liked the ATC - hope you've tried the recipe by now!! I want to move to your dollhouse!!! Many thanks for the heart.
luleemik rated for May ATC: Humorous on May 20, 2013
Comment: "How do I love thee....??" The amazing mail art envie (a true work of art), the ATC with one of my fave quotes, or all of the fabulous labels??? I love all of it and thank you from the bottom of my little inebriated heart...LOL!
Response: Ah, I'm so glad you liked it all. I had SUCH fun making the envie!!! And the Post Office must have liked it, because it got to you super fast! Have fun with the labels - I'm now starting a new collection on your behalf!
grumpylaura rated for April swap - MAILBOXES! on Apr 26, 2013
Comment: Loved seeing your mailbox, Lisa! Even if it gave me a bit of mailbox envy...."Hmmmph, why isn't my mailbox as nice?!" ;) Also, wonderful letter! Thanks so much.
Response: Sorry I've taken so long to thank you for the heart! I'm pleased you enjoyed meeting my mailbox and hope that our swapping paths cross again soon!
sillysusie rated for Honest Introductions on Apr 9, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the ephemera,and long letter.
Response: Sorry not to have thanked you sooner for the heart. Thanks to you for your letter. I will reply, I'm just very busy at the moment!
stampmom9 rated for February ATC: Beer on Mar 15, 2013
Comment: Oh my I love the ATC, so well made....I completely understand what you wrote in your note....but on the other hand I was the 100th swap.....Doing the happy dance for ya!!! I have had to step back myself....I'm so glad you did this swap!!! I'm not much of a beer drinker either but do love wine and a mixed drink any day....It's Five O' Clock some where, right??? Thanks agian and I love the labels you sent soooo kind!!! <3
Response: Sorry not to have responded sooner.... I'm delighted you enjoyed the swap. Thanks SO much for the heart.
Comment: Thanks so much for the lovely notecard. I'm impressed that you stitched the additional sheets in yourself.. and the story behind it. I wish you and your husband every success in your B&B business. South of France is beautiful. I loved spending time in and around Perpignan.
Response: Thanks so much for such a lovely comment and for the heart. I really enjoyed making some extra space on the notecard - I may have to do that with all my notecards in future.
abominblesnowglobe rated for Quotecard Postcard #37 on May 10, 2012
Comment: Sorry it's late, but thank you!
Response: I'm glad you liked the card. All ratings, even late ones, are gratefully received. Many thanks for the heart.
Comment: I absolutely LOVE the letter! The photos are brilliant, the way you incorporated everything was so creative. I suspect the next letter you get from me will be more of a missive, but thank you for such a wonderful swap, Lisa!
Response: I'm pleased you had as much fun reading it as I did making it!! When your days are all pretty much like each other, you have to let your creativity loose in other ways. Looking forward to a letter, missive, postcard, whatever. Anything from you is a joy! Many thanks for the heart.
Comment: Actually my dear Lisa, the real shock wasn't in getting another letter from you (snerk) - it was that you used something approximating a letterset! :D In all seriousness though, I absolutely loved it. And we have so much more in common, as I learned today, than it might appear on the surface. I'll be writing one huge, long letter (possibly using a journal at this rate!) to respond to all of those I've since received from you - but this was great. I learned so much, loved the papers, and did laugh out loud more than once. ♥ x 1,000 - once again, that's how many hearts that I wish I could give to you!
Response: Aw, thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed my ramblings. I was about to write "if I could afford lettersets, I'd use them", but then I remembered that lettersets are too small for my endless ramblings! The approximation you received was unused pages from a composition book decorated by the Xyron Design Runner I won several years ago in a competition in a scrapbooking magazine!! I'm flabbergasted that we have more in common than you thought - you must be weirder than I suspected!!! Hugely looking forward to your letter - but only when you're fully recovered and fit enough to write without risking confusion and headaches!
flugella rated for Childhood Memories Letter on Mar 16, 2012
Comment: Really LOVED your letter - stand by for a reply very soon!!!!
Response: So glad you enjoyed it. I actually had more fun writing it than I thought I was going to! Many thanks for the heart. Hanging around by the letter box awaiting your reply!!!
MichelleWillow rated for Free Theme - Send a Letter! on Feb 25, 2012
Comment: Interesting letter. I wouldn't think of doing that but of course, I'm totally new to pen paling. :) If you don't mind, I would like to respond to your letter. (I know you have lots of letters to respond right now...)
Response: I would be thrilled for you to respond to my letter - in any way that you like! I enjoyed writing something a bit "random" after all the effort of the 31 Letter Challenge and am really glad you enjoyed it. My other letters are nearly all up to date...... Many thanks for the heart.
luleemik rated for liquor LOVE valentine on Feb 22, 2012
Comment: Love, love, love the card and envie! I used the same quote...lol! Your extra cute exercise quote is going on my board at work:) {{hugs}}
Response: I'm really glad you liked it. Somehow that quote made me think of you!! And I knew that one day I would find the right home for the exercise quote!! Many thanks for the hugs and the heart.
BerlinGeorgia rated for The 31-Day Letter Challenge on Feb 22, 2012
Comment: I must already give you the heart.. and many more: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 ;)
Response: Aw, thanks! Actually, I think everyone who actually finished this challenge deserves a heart, because it really was a challenge. Hope you enjoy reading all the letters.
turtlelady45 rated for liquor LOVE valentine on Feb 19, 2012
Comment: Card arrived!! You are so talented...love the card...can't wait to try the drink you sent recipe for...Data & Geordi thank you [meow meow] for the kitty PC...HUGS!!
Response: So pleased you liked it. I've been so busy with the dogs and horses these past couple of weeks that I haven't even had time to thank you for the heart. Thank you for the heart!!!
spinweaver rated for A Postcard from Avalon on Jan 30, 2012
Comment: Such a wonderful piece of art! The longer I looked at it, the more was revealed... like magic! Thank you
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to reflect the winter setting of the story and the green element, and managed to find two photos that seemed just right. Your reaction to the art was the same as mine to the original poem. Many thanks for the heart.
renmagpie rated for Keeping Them With Us on Jan 18, 2012
Comment: Your letter was absolutely beautiful and I must say that you and your father have the same wonderful smile. I'm so happy to have met him. Thank you for sharing such a lovely journey with me. ♥
Response: Ah, I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting my Dad. At first I thought it was going to be a difficult letter to write, but once I started, I really enjoyed spending time with him - and you! Many thanks for the heart.
alteredreality rated for Post Card with a Quote Swap on Jan 10, 2012
Comment: I apologize for the late rating. It is a gorgeous card. You have very nice handwriting, I am jealous :P
Response: I'm glad you liked the card. Picking a long guote helps - you have to write neatly or it won't fit on a postcard!! Many thanks for the heart.
Swan rated for Expats swap on Jan 9, 2012
Comment: Thank you, your letter is very interesting, and I can always use postcards. I think I will keep two and use the other two for swaps or postcrossing :)
Response: I'm glad you liked the postcards. It's nice to think of them going on yet another journey somewhere in the world! Many thanks for the heart.
bookwormAL rated for Label Art on Dec 16, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much. If I could give you a second heart I would. The note, the postcard, the envelope and especially the bookmark are all fantastic. Not too sure that the postcard is going anywhere. It might just go into my faves book!!
Response: Ah, thank you very much for a lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the contents of the envelope - I certainly enjoyed putting them together. Thanks a million for the heart.

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MichelleWillow on Apr 20, 2012:

Hello! Sent you a letter on Wednesday (response on Free Theme - Send a Letter! swap). Please let me know when it arrives :) And I have another to send to you for a swap by the end of the month... :)

Bee1981 on Mar 19, 2012:

wohoo:-) Do you have a 31-letter update for me... I am SO curious and extied if you like it :-) And when not, how I can make it better! Have a great week! Bee

MichelleWillow on Feb 15, 2012:

Hi! I have set up a sequel for green booklet swap if you're still interested to join: Inspired by postage stamps green booklet #3. :)

MystyxMya on Feb 7, 2012:

Just popped by to say Boo!

furkids3 on Feb 2, 2012:

Thank you so much for the Bead and Bells!HUGS!!

spinweaver on Jan 30, 2012:

I really love your Avalon postcard, thank you! Really, the longer I looked the more I saw. And the story- well, now you have me hanging on a hook! Did you keep a copy of it? So how are you going to know how it ends? I need to know!! LOL Maybe I should finish it for you, and send my part to you. Thanks for a wonderful swap!

Bee1981 on Jan 30, 2012:

21 letters are written to you:-) Wish you a great start in the week:-)

MichelleWillow on Jan 27, 2012:

Hi! I have set up a sequel for green booklet swap if you're still interested to join: RED: Love Quotes - Green Booklet #2. :)

gooseberry on Jan 27, 2012:

Just letting you know I sent you a letter (yes, I did!) last Friday, January 20th. Be on the lookout! ♥

luleemik on Dec 30, 2011:


Warm wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous 2012!

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