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tiggerkitn25 on Apr 9, 2013:

ColoradoKate on Dec 24, 2012:

I hope you're well! We miss you!

tiggerkitn25 on Sep 26, 2012:

Happy Fall from the I LOVE Kawaii group!

rachelcdoyle on Jun 28, 2012:

Hey! You sent me my 300th 5 rating. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiggerkitn25 on Jun 28, 2012:

strawberrymilkmade on Apr 23, 2012:

I was really sorry to relay the news. I can take a photo, if you'd like to see, but I think I tossed the pin already. (Safety precaution. I didn't want my daughter to get her sticky little fingers on it.)

tiggerkitn25 on Mar 15, 2012:

Happy Spring from the I LOVE Kawaii group!

CupcakeSprinkles on Feb 13, 2012:

Happy BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY FRIEND :D <3 -BIG BIG HUGS- I hope you have a wonderful day today

ColoradoKate on Jan 15, 2012:

Hey there! I sent a letter to you last week. I hope you get it soon. ^_^

tiggerkitn25 on Jan 13, 2012:

Thanks for being a member of the I LOVE Kawaii group!

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