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CurlyTea on Mar 25, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

luckycharms on Dec 22, 2016:

Merry Christmas

widelo123 on Nov 3, 2016:

Congratulations on winning the costume contest! Shirley

ContraryHousewife on Aug 8, 2016:

Happy International Cat Day!


myshoesdontmatch on Dec 24, 2014:

emilynhr on Dec 23, 2014:

anrtist on Dec 20, 2014:

You NEED Just a Little More CHRISTMAS BLING!
Blessings, cc

squince on Sep 29, 2014:

I feel like we should be friends! I have one kitty, Bella, and like a lot of the same PC sets as you! Let me know if you ever want to swap PCs regularly! :)

I also have you as a partner for the Non-Touristy Explosion and will send ASAP. :)

sassafrass on Apr 7, 2014:


I've sent you an invite to International Small Swaps. We have lots going on, and would love to have you join us if you feel the group is a good fit for you :)

saraphin on Dec 10, 2013:

hi there i just seant you as xmasa caard but i didn't reaaliaze i could reaad your profile first so i hope it appeal to you both a well a your cat. iyt in't an elephant or circu-thaemeda, im orry - nor a alaice in wondaerlaanda (my kaeyboarda i no gooda by thae aaalaooka…it migahat haave abeean thae cofafaeee i pilat on it thai morninga) ai'll be in touch…i'm orry faor now… MIAoW I LIKE YOURE CaAT THE WON'T WORAKa

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