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welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome

Hello! My name is Jessica. I’m a wife to a wonderful husband, a mommy to a sweet boy and a dog mom to a cute (and spoiled) Yorkie, Coco. 💙

I'm a true girly girl with a love for any and everything pastel pink and extra girly. IMO there can never be enough pink...the more pink, the better!

To make a long story short- My definition of perfection is being surrounded by girly things and laying in a bed w/ a fluffy blanket, wine, snacks and a good book or binge watching Netflix.

I created an Instagram account just for Swaps! I used to use Tumbler, but I decided to switch to Instagram! Instagram: WARNING:SPOILERS

Awesome Swappers

I used to have a “Wall of Shame” but have decided to create a list of awesome swappers I’ve had the pleasure of swapping with instead ❤️ I’m not “shaming” the “Wall of Shame” I just personally don’t need the negative vibes on my profile. Swap-Bot is one of my favorite hobbies. This site should be a place of positivity and I feel like great swappers should be recognized more than flakers, non-raters and late senders (there are groups for those type of swappers!):





Favorite Music

music music music music music

My favorite music...I listen to just about anything with a catchy beat, but if I had to narrow it down the categories would be: Top 40, hip hop, R&B (90's-Present day) and Pop.

Favorite Books


I enjoy reading self help, romance or books that are funny. I've also recently started reading mysteries

TV and Movies


American Horror Story, Gilmore Girls, Between, Lucifer, Supergirl, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Americans, Bates Motel, Salem, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, Scandal, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Power, Last Ship, Grimm, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, Modern Family, Bob's Burgers, Turn: Washington's Spies, Twilight Zone, Pawn Stars


I love crude comedies and old horror movies. I may sometimes watch an occasional chick flick :)

A few of my favorite movies:

The Interview, This is the End, Nightmare Before Christmas, Psycho, All the Halloweens, The Exorcist, The Conjuring, Poltergeist, Neighbors 1 & 2, Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sausage Party, Bad Moms

And the list can go on...

Glam Planning and Crafts

Planning out my week gives me inner peace or as the planner community would say, "Planner Peace." I love to decorate weekly layouts with lots of planner stickers and washi tape. I’ve just went back to using my personal size rings planner! I can’t help it...I love rings! I still use my B6 travelers notebook though!!

I run Coco Love Printing Co. on Etsy! If you like pretty planner stickers, click on the hyperlink above

You can also check out Coco Love Printing Co. on Instagram for new releases and giveaway contest!

Other craft obsessions:

  • Flipbooks

  • Loaded envelopes

  • Card making

Wish List

  • A pen pal(s) who has the same interests as me. I love anything girly, makeup, home decorating and small DIYs. I absolutely love to papercraft and plan in my planner. I like to read different genres of books and love magazines like Glamour, Cosmo and vogue. I also like any Interior design and cooking magazines. I like watching Netflix, TV shows and movies (see list above ☺️). I’m looking for long term pen pal(s) who love to write letters and send happy mail packages throughout the year. I would prefer pen pals to be at least 27+ years old and from the United States or any other country ☺️

  • Candy


  • Anything with HEARTS

  • Black and White office supplies to match my home office decor

  • Hot Chocolate, tea, coffee

  • Candles- I love sweet scents like cotton candy or marshmallow.

  • Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs - Any sweet or "Candy - like" scents.

  • Flipbooks

  • Decorated pocket letters

  • Girly household / lifestyle items

  • Functional planner stickers

  • Chic fashion illustrations

  • Candy/snacks from my food "likes" list

  • makeup samples

  • Bath items (rubber duckies, mini bubble baths etc.)

  • LUSH lip scrubs and bath products

  • Nightmare Before Christmas anything

  • Coco Chanel inspired/themed items (illustrations, stationary, candles, stickers etc.)

  • Lisa Frank, Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Pon and Zi, Anything Nightmare Before Christmas, Kawaii

  • Scratch Offs

  • Breakfast at Tiffanys anything

  • Girly journals, pens and stationary

  • Allen's Party Mix w/milk bottles and bananas (To all my Swap partners in Australia...I would love you for life!!

  • Favorite Stores : Lush, Ulta, Sephora, Michaels, Target, Etsy, Dollar Tree, Forever21, Marshalls, TJMAXX, Homegoods

Holiday Swapping Wish List

Halloween Swaps


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I tend to be attracted to vintage/victorian style Halloween decorations for the house, but love cutesy/fun Halloween supplies to use when crafting. Below are my Halloween "likes" for inspiration:

  • Nightmare Before Christmas items (automatic heart!!

  • Edgar Allan Poe items

  • I usually decorate the house in the colors : Black, Orange, and purple. I also LOVE that deep blood/burgundy red color you see on chic & creepy Halloween Deco. Love Halloween themed candles, figurines, fridge magnets, non - cutesy picture frames etc.

  • Halloween Candy!!

  • Halloween socks

  • Halloween paper crafting supplies!!

  • Halloween baking supplies

  • Any Halloween desk accessories or stationary

Christmas Swaps

christmas christmas

I begin getting ready for the holiday season in July (I know, I know. Crazy, right?!). I love Christmas! Although Christmas has become so commercialized, I still think that the holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Below are my Christmas likes for inspiration:

  • Christmas baking supplies

  • I prefer Christmas "Wonderland" themed decor. So anything in the color White, Ice Blue, Gold and Silver. Shimmery and shiny things ALWAYS catch my eye

  • Christmas paper crafting supplies

  • mini snow globes

  • Christmas gift tags (I always run out!)

  • Candles

  • Pretty Ornaments

Pet Related Swaps

My dog, Coco is a Yorkshire Terrier! She is small, but thinks she is "BIG and BAD"! Grrrrr LOL Below are some of her favorite things:

  • Ropes! Her favorite! Big or small :-)

  • She loves balls! Especially ones that bounce

  • Squeaky Chew Toys (they are so annoying, but she loves them LOL)

  • Treats

  • Bones for small dogs

Likes and Dislikes



  • I love to look at my assigned partners profile for their likes, dislikes and wish list! I even look at my partners prolfile for senders choice swaps! I want my partner to enjoy and possibly LOVE the swap I send them

  • I love profile-based swaps! Most of the swaps I join will be "Type 3" - profile based or "Type 2/1" Happy Flat Mail Swaps.

  • Private Swaps!!

Favorite Foods:

  • Bubblegum flavored Jelly bellys

  • Gaint Chewy Sweettarts (the 4 pack)

  • Airheads

  • Marshmallows

  • Gummi candy

  • Regular Rice Krispie Treats (no flavors like chocolate etc. )

  • Bubble gum and bubblegum flavored candies

  • Cotton candy (actual cotton candy and cotton candy flavored edibles)

  • Cheese curls

  • Project 7 Rainbow Ice gum

  • Popcorn

  • Pringles, Lays or UTZ plain or salt and vinegar chips( not a big fan of the different flavors)

  • Intense fruit flavored candies like Starburst, Jolly Ranchers etc.

  • Tea, Coffee and Hot chocolate (I love all 3!). Side note- I don’t have a Keurig anymore, so I cannot use K-Cups. I plan on getting a Nescafé machine, but as of right now I use a regular coffee pot ☺️

  • Macarons (not macaroons...I hate coconut!)

  • Slim Jims (but please no beef jerky- I don't like it)

  • Ice cream flavored edibles.

  • plain Milk chocolate, chocolate covered graham crackers, Reese's, Nestle Crunch Bars, Cadbury eggs, Hershey Snack bites almond Cluster (these are the only chocolates I eat, but I'm willing to try something new that's similar to my chocolate likes!

  • Any candy that looks girly and pretty (like from Sugarfina)

I'm definitely a foodie and love to try new things. It always makes me happy to receive little surprise treats in a swap- from the US or a different country. I love to try those crazy/wacky flavored edibles :)

Favorite Colors:

  • Pale Pink

  • Black

  • Black and White


  • perfume, blush, bronzer, lipglosses, lipstick, makeup setting spray, eyeliner and mascara.

  • Favorite Holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter annnnnnnd My Birthday (yep...my birthday is a holiday in my head LoL!)


Snack cakes (e.g. Tastycakes, Little Debbie etc.), Coconut, raisins or dried fruit, Valentines Day conversational hearts candy, Strawberry flavored sweets/food, Jelly filled sweets, I ABSOLUTELY HATE Peeps!! Yuck!, Scrap pieces of paper or partially used sticky notes/notepads, ATCs (Artist Trading Cards).

  • old or worn looking items. I hate that. I’m talking about the items that look like they have been sitting in a drawer for years that a person just wants to get rid of, so they decide to throw them in a swap package. IMO it is rude and inconsiderate. Send me items that you would want to receive. Unless it is vintage or an antique, please send me USABLE items that are in good quality when swapping with me.

  • Themes and topics that I don't care for: state/country souvenirs, birds, landscapes/scenery, wilderness, insects and pictures of animals (with the exception of puppies, small dogs and cute cats

  • I love receiving different snacks and sweets! BUT please only send STORE BOUGHT/FACTORY SEALED edibles...nothing homemade. Thanks :)

I will never rate down if I receive something from my dislike list. As long as the swap meets the requirements you will always receive a "5" rating from me.

How I rate & Swap Information

As soon as I receive a swap, I open it! What can I say - I LOVE happy mail! I rate the same day I receive a swap for two reasons- 1. Because I know there are some people who want to get rated asap (nothing wrong with that- I'm the same way) and 2. So my partner knows I received the swap!!

I will always rate for quality not quantity. IMHO sending extras is a very nice gesture, but if they are on my "dislike" list then the "extras" aren't really extras. I rather recieve a swap that doesn't include extras, but contains quality items that I love, than to recieve a swap full of extras that I will never use. And I know a lot of swappers will say, "well you can just pass the "extras" on in another swap." But, I feel that swapping should be fun and tailored towards your assigned partner, not your assigned partner's "future" partner.

10-1-2016 : How I will begin rating:

  • 5 rating w/heart : A swap that makes me happy and smile. I can tell my partner looked at my profile for ideas and sent something I REALLY love. I like to give hearts for thoughtful, well put together swaps.

  • 5 rating : The swap I received met the requirements.

  • 3 rating : Swap was late or didn't meet the requirements. (Life happens and sometimes takes precedence over a swap "send by" date lol Just communicate with me. I'm very understanding and hate rating under a five)

  • 1 rating : Never received swap.

I DO NOT FLAKE!! I usually try to mail off my swaps well before the "deadline date." If there is an issue with a swap that I have sent or if you haven’t received a swap from me, please consider messaging or emailing me first BEFORE rating me below a 5. Give me chance to rectify/resolve the issue. When swapping, communication is a big factor. I vow to respond to all messages I receive in a timely manner.

I'm VERY selective when joining swaps. I ALWAYS make sure of three things: 1. I can send the items on time 2. I can (hopefully) make my partner happy and 3. I can afford to participate in the swap.


milamilamura rated for Birthday Babes on Aug 31, 2018
Comment: Omg you really nailed it! This package arrived exactly 1 day before my birthday and it’s beyond amazing!!! You’ve really spoilt me girl! Thank you for the gorgeous presents, that huge bow is amazing, thanks for making it for me and the snacks and teas are to die for! Can’t wait to try the makeup goodies too and the facial masks. I simply adored the candle and will be using it soon and the stamps! Omg, the cutest things ever! As usual, you rock and made so happy!! Thanks for such a wonderful birthday present, it’s always such a pleasure to swap with you!!
Response: Happy belated birthday girl! I’m so happy you like your birthday gifts :) I hope you had a fabulous and relaxing birthday ❤️
Chelle rated for Girly Happy Mail on Aug 14, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You’re welcome!! I’m happy both of your items finally showed up! Maybe one day you will actually receive the original happy mail! Happy Swapping! ❤️
yukapinku rated for Happy Mail, Yay! #25 on Aug 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you soo much Jessica :D I really loved everything :D
Response: You’re welcome! So happy you like everything! Happy Swapping ❤️
SusanSpooky rated for May Lucky Parcel - Yellow on Jul 4, 2018
Comment: I'm sorry for the late rating on this one, I actually moved out of state very suddenly and haven't been on swap-bot. I greatly enjoyed your lovely yellow LP! Thanks so much!
Response: You’re welcome! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying life in a new state ❤️
Beckysheldon38 rated for Private Profile Based Swap on Jul 2, 2018
Comment: This package was awesome! You went above and beyond. I really did love everything you sent.❤️❤️❤️
Response: Glad you liked your box. I look forward to swapping with you in the future ❤️
kfaye rated for Girls Night In Swap - USA on May 1, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the great stuff for my girl's night in! I love it all :D I look forward to spending a night in my cozy nightie & comfy socks, drinking tea in my pretty cup while practicing my calligraphy :D
Response: You’re so welcome! Enjoy ❤️
MCGalaxy rated for Girly Pinterest Board on Apr 29, 2018
Comment: Sorry I thought I had rated you for this. Thank you though for sharing your board.
Response: Thank you ❤️
Comment: Thank you so much for the fun variety of stickers! I appreciate the washi tape sample as well. ♥
Response: You’re welcome!! Happy swapping ☺️
pattiairel rated for Girly Happy Mail - USA on Apr 24, 2018
Comment: LOVE my swap thanks so very much♥♥♥
Response: You’re welcome, Patti! I love when you are my assigned partner! It’s always fun to swap with you ☺️
Comment: Thank you!! I loved all the little goodies you picked out for me!!!
Response: You’re welcome! Glad you liked the lucky parcel ☺️
fairypretty7 rated for Planner Stickers! on Apr 14, 2018
Comment: Gee! You make your own stickers thats cool and you sell them on etsy. Thanks.
Response: You’re welcome!! Happy Swapping ☺️
ladyfluorspar rated for Happy Mail, Yay! #23 on Apr 4, 2018
Comment: I will enjoy the tea :)
Response: Good! Happy swapping.
kfaye rated for GT: “Easter Basket” Swap on Mar 30, 2018
Comment: Thank you! I am going to open it up tomorrow :)
Response: I hope you like everything. Happy Easter! ☺️
Comment: Oh wow!! I love this package! You got to tell me where you got the pink golden heart wrapping paper from! The lotion (love that scent!) and coffee/drinks will be definitely be used, and the GUDETAMA cosmetic bag is the cutest! Then the EGG... such lovely surprises!!! I adore the charms and goodies! The watermelon coin purse matches a large watermelon wristlet I bought recently for summer!! I'll probably use it for my lip balm and lipstick! Such a wonderful swap! Thank you so much!!! <3
Response: I’m so happy you like everything! I bought the wrapping paper from HomeGoods about 3 years ago. I actually used the last of it to wrap your box ☺️ I was worried about the lotion, but I’m relieved you like it! I had so much fun putting your swap together! Thanks for doing a private swap with me ❤️
snickerdoodle21 rated for PP ~ Planner Goodies on Mar 26, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much Jessica. Love the stickers from your Etsy shop as well as the rest of the lovely items.
Response: You’re welcome! So happy you like everything. Happy swapping ❤️
Comment: Thank you so much for sending me some things from your shop. Have a great Easter!
Response: Your welcome! Enjoy Easter weekend ❤️
milamilamura rated for Christmas Swap for Girly Girls on Feb 12, 2018
Comment: Hey girl, I'm SO happy to say I've finally received your swap, yay! This one took over three months because our Customs office had to move their warehouse to another area in the airport and most of my mail was delayed because of that. Having said that, I'm still glad I got your package safe and sound and it's the most amazing thing ever! Thank you so much for all the fun goodies, I loved the kitty porcelain tray, and I was just wondering lately what to put on this new little table I got and this will look perfect! I also loved everything else, the makeup, the craft goodies, the tea and the presents for the kitties, they LOVED them! Thank you so much! Hope it's all going well with you and we can keep on swapping :) Have a fun February!
Response: Yay! Happy your gifts arrived safely! I had so much fun picking everything out for you! I hope you are enjoying your new apartment and you enjoyed Valentine’s Day. I will email you soon! XOXO 😘
Comment: Sweet Jessica, what an amazing swap this was! I loved the pretty envelope and the amazing goodies. Did you make that cute clip with ribbon? It's gorgeous, I've never seen anything like that but I absolutely love it. The rest of the items are amazing as well, and they made it in perfect time! I loved the handmade card and your handwriting! For Halloween I usually celebrate my cat's birthday during the day hehe and then have a costume party at home with my family and I love handing out candy to my cute little neighbors :) I am still deciding what I'll be wearing this year for Halloween, hope you find a fun party, or have your own, either way, have a super fun Halloween! See you again in our Christmas swap <3
Response: Oh yay! I’m so happy it arrived safely. I’m always a little worried when it comes to international mail. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I made the clip ❤️ Your Halloween plans sounds perfect! Have fun! P.S. I’m so excited for our Christmas Swap!! 💕
Comment: Thanks for the gummies - I'm excited to try the sour caramel apple gummy bears, yum! Not so much the Bernie Botts, but my nephews will like those!
Response: Lol Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thank you! I find myself very intrigued by the jelly beans :)
Response: it’s always fun to swap with you :) Thanks for the rating and happy swapping 💕

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From CPG!


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Happy Birthday!

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Thank you so much for all the awesome Easter gifts! You really made my day more special :)

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MisplacedfromPA on Aug 9, 2017:

Happy birthday. I am not a few days late, just prolonging your birthday celebrations.... Michelle (hope you liked the birthday box I sent)

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Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

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I love how you spelled out your rating system in your profile! Good idea!!

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Profile Check for Spoil My Valentine💖 swap! Welcome to the swap. I hope you will enjoy it! Happy swapping😊Tesha

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There are so many negative things on TV & everywhere you turn,.. esp on this election day!
I want to share this with you lovely ladies today!!!

Blessings, cc

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