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About Me

Hiya I'm a mom of one son (arrgh! He's fourteen now, where did time go?), and who still likes to indulge the little kid in me that loved finger paints and the freedom to color people purple and dogs blue (not midnight--BLUE (as in have you seen my pastel pup today sky blue.). Psst, never grow all the way up, it's a TRAP!



  • Die Cuts of Pretty Things

  • Die Cuts of Vintage Things

  • Horses

  • Unicorns (fine yes this is a horse too but it has a horn so I am counting on a separate space)

  • My Little Ponies Stuff (the 80's version ponies NOT those skinny odd ones of today).

  • Mermaids

  • Dragons

  • Dolls

  • Seashells

  • Sci-Fi & Horror Graphic Novels

  • Comic Books

  • Peanuts (Especially SNOOPY!!)

  • Kpop/Jpop CDs with extensive packaging

  • Weird Sticky Notes

  • Interesting rubber stamps

  • Journaling/Planner supplies

  • Vintage/Ephemera looking Washi

  • Metal Bookmarks/Journal Clips

  • Key rings

  • Kawaii Stationary Items (fav characters: Little Twin Stars, Chococat, Kanahei's Usagi/Piske, Sentimental Circus (and many more so feel free to ask)

  • Fantasy Stickers/Flakes

In a nutshell, I love anything fantastic and escapist. So fantasy, fiction, happy endings all that wonderfully relaxing stuff that leaves you with a good feeling in your soul I will probably adore. Life is too stressful day-to-day to NOT enjoy anything I am doing or that is not bringing me some kind of joy.

****Note: I believe in recycling and using up crafty things I am sent so you may (scratch that you probably DEFINITELY) will receive swaps from me covered in whatever I had laying around to decorate with at the time UNLESS the swap called for a specially themed envelope art. So expect most of my swaps to arrive in your mailbox looking like a stationary store blew up on them ("blew up" not limited to: Disney stickers, paint splashes, marker testing, transfers, tape/duct tape galore, kid stickers, teachers reward stickers (which I know everyone here seems to hate but I actually LOVE for evie smashing), random gift wrap, weird kiddie stampers, etc !) Please don't take offense or think I didn't "read" your profile--it's just that I live in a "cozy" (translation: small) NYC apartment with my family and I can't have tons of stuff laying about in addition to bins and bins of extras. Decorated envies is a great way for me to keep my supplies at a manageable only semi-hoarding (haha!) state. ****

Favorite Crafts

  • Collage

  • Journaling

  • Painting

  • Silkscreen

  • Photography

  • Paper folding

  • Paper Modeling

Not sure this is a "craft" per se but I really LOVE the "Kawaii" lifestyle brands and products--i.e. the feel good fun "cute" styling of well. . .everything pop media in Japan which amuse the hearts of one's "inner child". Basically I like a lot of cute and color in my stationary and I have been trying to jump into the land of Kawaii journaling and more art journaling these days!

See example below (credit to the journaler "ipukekawaii"):

Favorite Music

Janet Jackson will always be my idol! Otherwise. . .

I love a lot of different types of music. From 80's pop to the millennial-ish kpop (even dabble in jrock/jpop). There are way too many these days for me to list in this small (already becoming too long a read) space but it you want the info for a swap you can always just shoot me a Swap-bot PM.

Favorite Books

Recently I have been really into dystopian/alternate universe fiction and post apocalyptic romance (which are so hard to find in a "non-YA" format--which frankly makes me devour the rare few I find even more). "What ifs" and the "what comes after" have really hooked the claws in my reading mind. So recommendations are always welcomed. I still love my fantasy too, cause far away lands full of fairytale is always fun.

CURRENT MUCH ENJOYED READS (this list will change ALOT because I have ZERO self control in bookstores or bookselling websites). I also Book Mooch:

  • River of Teeth (Sarah Gailey)

  • Tang Dynasty (series) (Jeannie Lin)

  • The Drowning Eyes (Emily Foster)

  • Binti (Nnedi Okorafor)

  • Fire Baptized (Kenya Wright)

Favorite Movies

Love the movies with big budget special effects or even a great comedy (think summer blockbusters). I like to laugh and be happy, but the right "sad" flick is appreciated too. It all in the cinematography and the direction the film takes. I watch horror with my son, especially at Halloween time cause scaring ourselves silly is really fun sometimes.Just have to leave the lights on cause as my son puts it "we're the wimps with the bat."

Favorite Television

Love dramas from Asia. So creative and quirky. I also watch a lot of reality TV (yes I know it's rotting all my brains). Crime drama fascinates me too (so I basically am still watching Law & Order SVU nearly 14 years later haha!) I don't mind fantasy or science fiction either so long as the graphics are on point--None of those SyFy gumbi dragons. This is such a hard section to fill out now because Netflicks and not wifi enhanced TV boredom have suckered me into watching so much online creativity these days I can't eve recall it all without notifications on.

The Teenlet

The "kidlet" has achieved a charisma unlocking score and been "upgraded" to teenlet (in his own words). His hobbies are still pretty much the same. He likes puzzles and taking pictures. Not much for sports.We watch a lot of superhero shows and cartoons--and his oxygen apparently still filters in through the nearest video game console. Seriously if I let him he'd probably sleep curled up around his Switch and 3Ds. His favorites are (as of this writing): Link (Legend of Zelda, seriously my apartment is full of the little green guy sigh) , Super Smash Ultimate, Fortenight, and Pokemon. Movies are usually "hokey" horror movies, Animated Comedies, or ROBOTS ANYTHING (his current goal in life is to build a robot army one day to do all his homework, take all his exams and clean his room).


I didn't think I had to put a "dislike" list (cause after all swapping is suppose to be a positive happy activity.

However. . .

After one or two recent swaps I feel like I should mention a rather important fact. I have an elderly mother with breathing issues, whom I care for and at times sit with while opening the mail. Please don't send things that may have allergy or asthma triggers (i.e mold, mildew, etc.) AT ALL (if you even suspect it might be triggering just don't send it). Food scents are fine, but you have a smokers home please label on the envelope or write a warning on the package so I know not to open it around my mom. Thank You!


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Clearbrite rated for Christmas greeting card on Dec 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much! Great magical memory! I hope this Xmas and 2020 bring the same
Comment: Thank you for participating in my swap. I am looking forward to opening your card on Christmas Day. Take care & Happy Holidays!!
Comment: Thanks for the postcard. Merry Christmas!
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Comment: Thank you for the card and stickers. Happy holidays!
Comment: Thank you so very much I can't wait until Christmas to open it
Response: Have a wonderful Christmas and joyous New Year!
bstrong rated for Christmas greeting card on Dec 13, 2019
Comment: It's funny how we remember the lights on Christmas trees. The one thing I remember about my grandma's tree is the lights and how they lit up the room! Really thinking of it now it wasn't that big of a tree but the lights made is huge and I loved it. Thank you for bringing it back that memory and placing a warm glow in my heart. Merry Christmas and the best to you in the New Year.
Response: You're so welcomed! Our tree is never big either, but like you said the lights always make it seem like all the love and joy of Christmas come right off the tree in glittery warm colors! Have a lovely holiday and stay cozy.
Comment: Thank you for the card the good wishes... Happy Holidays!
Response: Merry Christmas! Have a bright New Year!
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Response: Have a wonderful holiday and joyous New Year!
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Comment: Thank you for the pretty card.
Response: You're so welcome and a very Merry Christmas you!
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Comment: Thank you for the pretty card and paper and scrapbook items.
Response: You're so welcome! Have a wonderful holiday season!
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Comment: Thank you for the card! I love the illustration on it! And the washi you used on the envelope! Merry Christmas!
Response: I'm so glad! Happy holidays and all the best to you and yours!
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Comment: Thank you, and especially thank you for checking in with me. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
Response: No problem! Thank you for being so kind! All the best!
Comment: thanks for the lovely card! This season has been great so far!
Response: Glad to hear that! I hope 2020 will be even better for you!
Comment: Thank you and Happy Holidays. I will be looking at Christmas light displays soon.
Response: You're so welcome! Sounds great! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
Cicely321 rated for Simple Christmas Card Swap USA on Dec 9, 2019
Comment: Thank You! I really love the candy cane envie you made, can't stop looking at it, makes me happy! The sparkly snowman card is equally as cute! My favorite part of the season is gift giving, swapbot cards, and Christmas Decorations! :o) Thanks again!
Response: Awww thank you! I worried the post office would send it back but I loved the paper so much I had to try! Happy holidays and a joyous New Year!
Comment: Thank you so very much I cant wait to open all my cards and hang them on my wall which should either happen today or tomorrow!
Response: You're so welcome happy holidays!
Response: Thank you happy holiday!
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LilysMama on Dec 3, 2019:

Thank you for the wonderful Book RAK! I love that it arrived like a present, wrapped and all! I am very excited to read the books you sent :) Happy Holidays ♥️

Disneydezi on Mar 25, 2019:

Thank You for the awesome books, what an amazing RAK and such a lovely box they were delivered in! I'm grinning and can't wait to start reading!

Bhindblueeyes on Mar 22, 2019:

I received the box stuffed with books yesterday!! I thank you so, so very much!! My BFFL is also thrilled. Yesterday, I let her know about the RAK and that I'd be dropping them off next week, and she responded, "I love smut!" Your kindness and generosity are so much appreciated by myself and my friend. Thank you for brightening her mood during this trial!


Poohtat on Dec 7, 2018:

Love your profile! Made me smile while reading it.

luckycharms on Apr 1, 2018:

Happy Easter

luckycharms on Mar 16, 2018:

st patrick

Leekoba on Feb 25, 2018:

Thank you for the AMAZING birthday package, I love all of the things you picked out for me, I just adore Gudetama! Best wishes to you!!

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luckycharms on Jan 1, 2018:

New year

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Merry Christmas

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