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Date Joined: August 31, 2012
Last Online: July 9, 2014

Country: Germany


Open apology:

I lost any interest to live, and with that I was unable to fulfill the swaps I was in. I am very sorry for anyone, that has had negative feelings because of that. I am now recovering and working on the swaps. I will make and send them all, but it will take time, especially since currently I can not craft. I hope that I can make up what I destroyed. I see, that as well some of older swaps have not arrived. I did send all swaps that were marked sent, but of course I will now re-send all unreceived as soon as I can.

Profile is still on progress. Wait, until I figure out what I (am) like ;) It is quite long, and will not get shorter, so look for the points you need ;) I try to point out important things in short. Wish-lists in the end.

I love Halloween, send me all the goodies you have as left overs :D

If you leave me a comment on the side, please do NOT add a moving picture to your message. Thank you.

If you know, in which group Harry Potter -themed swaps are held, let me know :)

I am happy to pass further FB´s and the other little things that are ment to travel the world (not tooys or other hard small items, but paperwork).

(This comes bit early, but no christmas-things please. I will most likely join some christmas-swaps. In case you read this, and I did not make it to message you already, please send the card to my mother(she pities every year how few cards she gets and I would like her to receive mine), it will get rated, or rather send me a card from my wishlist, if you would be so kind)

About Me

Hello. I am 23-y-o woman living in Germany. I was born in Finland, but moved here two-and-half-a-year ago. My fist child was born here in february 2012. Now I am staying at home, and plan to never work again. If I get unlucky, I´ll return to be a chef. But I´d rather move out of the town and produce everything I use by myself, divided from the society.

I don´t feel that being mommy defines me. I still wear corsets and laugh at politically uncorrect jokes. One thing it does; my brain feels blurry. If you like your intelligence, don´t ever give birth. Ok, it affect differently on everyone, and wears of with time. And you maybe get better memory in return. I don´t either feel much like a woman. The expectations world has when they see you as woman... I just don´t fit in. Sometimes, sometimes I am very much woman. But I think like men usually are said to think. I don´t scream when I see a spider. I think the boxes where women and men should fit should be burned, and we all should be allowed to be as we want to, no matter what we have between our legs.

Favorite Crafts

I like to craft. Sometimes I draw. Mostly I make small things, like cards. I like to come up with small ideas to make my home and life better, easier and prettier. I love to create something new out of something old. Often people wonder, how did I see something, when I keep picking usable things when I walk outside. It comes from my father: we are both treasure-hunters. We collect all the "rubbish" people think can not be reused. It can, and it does not look like trash in the end, but like treasure. I hate throwing things away (hmm, that is why my place is so full of stuff;), and I rather try not to buy new things. I also sew, if that fits here. I do lot´s of clothes to myself, because I don´t find what I want from stores. Zines are fun. I am still searching for my style. I like to try out different things.

Random favourites

I love pirates.

Black is beautiful, orange too. Silver.

Old fashioned farm living (if you live like that, please tell me about it)

(Witty) quotes

Something, that makes one feel silence, calmness, tranqulity, something still and beautiful in its very own way (not nature, though)

Kawaii (Yes, I love at the same time cutecutecute themes and very dark stuff. Can you combine this? Would be great.)

I like hot chocolate. Any taste, or just plain. Or choco capucchino.

There are few type of sweets I like to receive. (Rest not, because we are cutting it down.) Dairy Milk -chocolate and Jelly Beans. And licorice and licorice flavoured things.

Second hand is better than first hand. I will not ate you down even if the swap stated "only new items", as long as the things are in good usable condition.


I try to write. I write everything, from poems to shopping-lists to novel-beginnings to opinions to complains about things I have bought. If I just get the inspiration. Yeah, one should not wait for that, if want´s to get pupliched. But I am not in hurry, lot´s of years ahead of me to get The Big Inspiration.

I love to dress up. I like to look as if I was from a story. Lolita from Japan is one of my favorites, but I do not follow it strictly, just take what I like and add to something else. I love old times. Top-hats, cloves, underskirts, corsets...


Of course these do not apply in case the swap-rules ask you to use them

Dislikes: dogs, horses, gold-color

No souveniers please

No make-up, creams, or any other things full of chemicals. I am what they call natural beauty (you know, like elks).

I don´t much use bookmarks, magnets or address books

I don´t drink much tee (but my partner does), and I drink no coffee

I don´t like random stuffed animals and things.

Less plastic is better. Use it in your crafting, send me a item made of it, that is fine. But if you can avoid it, please do. Don´t get me cheap plastic items just to fill out the box. I like other materials more.

I boycot Nestle, so please have a look, that the food you are sending to me is not made by nestle.

Since so may of you are from USA, and since it seems, that religion plays there often a different role, I feel like writing a note about my relation to religion. I respect you all, and I allow you to believe in what ever you want to. I have many believes you would not share, and therefore, who am I to say. Personally I do not believe in any God. Therefore I wish, that when we exchange things, you do not bring out your believes. I try to do this too. Let´s not chat about religion, I believe it will just make us both angry or sad. Don´t quote bible for me, please.

Things I wish for

Ephemera for me too! :D (I finally found out what that funny word means;)

For every extra ATC I receive, I will send one further. It is my hope, that this would spread and the trading would return to ATCs. I tend to send extra ATCs when ever one I have seems to fit better to someone else.

deco/washi tapes, can´t find them here :(

Ex Libris, The library of, This belongs to etc. -stickers and pieces (I will not rate you down when you send some even if the swap-rules are forbidding these) and stickers with text

game pieces (puzzle-pieces, single playing cards, game-money... anything)

Anything that glows in the dark


Paper for watercolor paintings. Just one of two sheets will be fine, size at least ATC

I would like to get ten/twenty "par air mail" -stickers from your country. I know there is a swap about this, but I don´t want to pay the extra postage. If I notice, that you are in such swap, and I am sending you an envelope anyway, I´ll add some.

I need various white yarn-strings (pardon my english, and it does not need to be real yearn, any string you can croket with). Can you spear me piece, about as long you are?

Fortune-cookie fortune-papers

I love to get postcards that mach to my wish-list Maybe you have received cards, you don´t like, but think I would like? Put them into the envelope, I like to get used cards too. . I love stickers

I use postage stamps in my art.

You have a punchie or two? Punch me couple of things with it. Any color, any shape, they will get used.

I like to use book-pages on my craft. New kind of pages always welcomed. If you have book you use, wrap the ATC I am getting to a page for safety ;)

I want to thank everyone who sent me Googly eyes. Now I have several sizes and looks, and can finally join all these Googly-swaps and use them everywhere.

Themes I wish for / Cardwishes

These are some of my favourite things, any medium

Harry Potter (anything from that serie, I love it - this I prefer over everything - the older the better, books even more loved than movies)

Witches or wizards, mythical animals, fairies, vampires, owls and bats, anything magical or mystical

Star Trek, or space-related non-fictional

Pin-up girls

Anne Taintor especially mother/child related, but all are very welcome (also those who copy her style (like half moon bay) are welcome, which means retro-pictures whit some clever words on it. also, if you want to make your own versions, I am happy to receive a hand-made one following the idea;)

Astrid Lindgren(´s characters)

Halloween all around the year

Everything by Hayao Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli

Optical illusions, 3D (any picture)

Medieval times

Albert Einstein


Angry Birds

Sherlock Holmes



Tim Burton(´s movies)

Addams Family


Gothical things

Emily the Strange


Suicide Bunnies


Marie Antoinette

Lolitas (all kind)

Geishas (and Maikos, rather photos)

Alice in Wonderland

Art (classical) especially Mona Lisa, or other single women (best when they are reading in the picture (reading men also welcomed) or having a wonderful, large dress)

Nudity, from XXX to natural

Flags on store-bought postcards where the flag fills the whole card (I have Canada, USA, Finland, Taiwan, Turkey, and Netherlands, Russia)

Trains, locomotives

Books, libraries

Babies a sleep (photos)

World War -propaganda

Cute or weid things (including Johnny Depp and baby ducks)

Lollipops, ice cream, cup cakes (muffins), sweets (also chocolate), shoes (the more feminin the better), umbrellas. Pictures where there is many variations of the same object. Or as well just shoving the same thing over again, like blood cells or balloons.


barbiedarbie rated for RAK christmas cards for my mom on Apr 11, 2013
Comment: Ok, so you sent my card in April, but I totally liked it and I enjoyed everythng you wrote so I think you deserve a 5. I hope you can get your ratings raised.
suepier rated for Christmas Postcards on Apr 3, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the cute postcard.
rngstgstll rated for Christmas Postcards on Mar 30, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the Donald Duck and Daisy Duck postcard! I love the look on Daisy Duck's face -- she looks something like I imagine Bizet's Carmen would look before betraying yet another lover ...
missmuffcake rated for Happiness quote ATC on Mar 21, 2013
kssunlover1947 rated for Naked Christmas Card swap on Mar 19, 2013
Comment: It is almost 3 weeks past send date this has not been marked sent. I will change if I ever receive anything. March 4, 2013 Finally received a naked card and a nice letter about the valentine traditions as the card was sent just before valentines.day.
bytekel rated for Hand Painted / Drawn Halloween ATCs on Feb 25, 2013
Comment: never received anything, never replied to my messages
Pookledo rated for Profile surprise swap #10 on Feb 17, 2013
Comment: Yes! I totally remember receiving this parcel. So sorry for the bad rating. You deserve a full 5. Apologies once again.
Response: Sorry for late answer. I send you a box with a baby-picture on it. In there there was scraps of fabrics and crafting-supplies etc. If it did not find you, please let me know and I will send a new one.
AnneliesV rated for Non-Touristic Postcard #12 on Feb 15, 2013
Comment: Thank you, i love the Ikea cards. Please tell the next time that you are sending later. The swap was in november, now I was angeled already.
smadronia rated for For Postcard Lovers #13 on Jan 9, 2013
Comment: Somehow your postcard ended up in a pile of mail that I thought I had read and responded to, but I guess not :( I'm sorry about that. The postcard is beautiful, and I too wonder who bought it, and why?
Comment: I never received the stickers for this swap. I contacted my partner and she told me they were sent but I never got them.
hlwolfe72 rated for Private: Acceptance to Hogwarts on Jan 6, 2013
Comment: This is sad. You were supposed to make this swap for my son and when I told you I did not get it, you said you would resend; however, we still have not received this swap from you! Will rerate if you decide to actually send and it is received!
peppercat86 rated for 100 stickers swap on Jan 3, 2013
Comment: you claimed you sent a few days late but i never received anything. i messaged you about this in the beginning of december and you said youd resend in the new year sometime. however you never read my newest reply to you dated december 10th and i see others are rating you down so im afraid thats my only choice now unless i receive something.
Pikkis rated for Depp Character Series: Mad Hatter on Jan 3, 2013
Comment: Nothing received and no answer to my message :(!
kgeslab rated for Advent Tea Swap 2012 on Jan 3, 2013
Comment: This never arrived and I did not hear back from the message I sent you. I was so sad to have no tea for this yearly tradition.
BlueBelle rated for The lonely mailbox **Edited on Jan 2, 2013
Comment: Thank you.
bobilani rated for 50 Writing Prompts x 3 on Jan 1, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much! :)
Rhondalea6 rated for Naked Christmas Card swap on Dec 31, 2012
suepier rated for Quote Postcard on Dec 27, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the card of Amsterdam and the 2 great quote. Love the card.
MrsSergeant rated for Dear Fictional Character on Dec 26, 2012
Comment: Nothing ever arrived, and no reply to my messages to you either. If this arrives I will change rating.

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nightrainboww on Aug 4, 2014:

Hello there! Looks like you have been online recently. I just wanted to let you know that you still owe a rating to me, the swap in question is listed on my profile.

TerryF on Jan 8, 2013:

Did you ever receive the Naked Christmas Card swap from me? I mailed it Dec. 4.

uniqueka on Nov 22, 2012:

Thanks for letting me join the tag fourm group. I am the first( second after you ofcourse.) YAY. ANyway, will sent you mother a christmas card in my best german

indychelle2004 on Nov 1, 2012:

I'm glad you got your recipe cards. Thank you so much for the postcard! :)

Vanillacreamteas on Oct 29, 2012:


Welcome to For The Love Of Kawaii Group!
Check out our new swaps up, and take a look in the forums! If you have any swap ideas just pm me! x

Laikley on Oct 25, 2012:

It was a good way to grow up, without the distractions of everything negative that children seem to face these days. although I do feel overwhelmed now with everything I have seemed to miss out on! I wouldn't change it though. :)

Popcornikimppu1 on Oct 25, 2012:

! [name for image] (url for the image)

groovygram on Oct 23, 2012:

Hi from Marilyn in Minnesota, USA. I am your partner for the stamp and bookpage ATC swap.. I loved reading your profile....My swap for you will be in the mail next week !

strawberrymouse on Oct 17, 2012:

If you don't mind my awful usage of tenses and grammar...I stick to English ;)

oreon on Oct 15, 2012:


Welcome to Crafty Witches. Due to your rating, you have unrestricted access to any of the Group swaps.

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