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Birthday: May 28, 1992
Country: United States
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NOTICE: Yes! I have been MIA for about 4 years now. For the last few years my living situations were hectic and after we settled down all my craft stuff was all still packed up and unorganized. I finally have my life in order and am ready to swap again

Hello, my name is Jessica but I also go by Linkk. Im 27, married, & mama to 2 boys, Draco (6yo) and Iroh (3yo). We currently live in Barstow CA and my husband works as a life coach for the handicapped. I'm a homemaker and spend all my time with my sons. I spend my free time (aka when the kids are asleep) doing my hobbies. I love to sew, cosplay, play video games and catch up on my shows. I also love going out; we go to the park often, go see movies, go to comic cons, and go shopping. Thrift stores & craft stores are my kryptonite. Proud iPhone 7+ owner.

  • Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
  • Monthly Zodiac: Gemini
  • Hogwarts house: Slytherin
  • Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie


  • General Favorites: Pin-up, Greek Mythology, kawaii stuff, samurai/ninjas, super heros, comics, anime, manga, video game, movies, travel, nature, & tattoos.

  • Art/Crafts: Scrapbooking, Sewing, Smashbook, Cosplaying, Drawing, & Decoden Phones.

  • Colors: Blue, red, green, purple, gold & black.

  • Animals: Turtles, wolves, foxes, & dogs.

  • Monsters/Creatures: Zombies, & Dragons,

  • Candy/Snacks: Any kind of chewy candy i.e. gummy bears, gummy worms, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, Skittles, etc.

  • Characters: Legend of Zelda - Link, Zelda, Shiek, Skull Kid, Majoras Mask, Ruto, Lulu, Zora Link, Romani, Keaton, Cia, Lana, Impa. League of Legends - Jinx, Orianna, Amumu, Cassiopeia, Thresh, Blitzcrank, Morgana. Sailor Moon - Sailor Mercury Fullmetal Alchemist - Ed, Al, Teacher, Wrath(Envy look-a-like), Roy, Alex and Olivier Armstrong, Winry. Dragon Ball - Trunks, Goten, Goku, Vegeta, child Gohan, Bulma. Avatar the Last Airbender - Toph, Iroh, Zuko. Studio Ghibli - Howl, Sophie, Calcifer, Haku, Chihiro, No Face, Soot Sprites, Arrietty, San, Kodamas, Nausicaä, & Teto.

  • Books: I'm not one much for reading, but I did of course dive into the Harry Potter saga, and the Twilight Saga. Also Ellen Hopkins books are a good read.

Alt text

Favorite Television

  • Animes: Sailor Moon, Loveless, Ranma 1/2, Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell, Chobits, Gravitation, School Rumble, FLCL, Attack On Titian, Dragon Ball series, Inuyasha & Sward Art Online.

  • Non Anime: Avatar the Last Air Bender, Invader Zim, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, Family Guy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Power Puff Girls, X Men, Legend of Korra, Pokemon, Digimon, Bones, all 3 NCIS's, Te Last Ship, Mr. Robot, Jane the Virgin, iZombie, Helix, Faceoff, Heros of Cosplay, Creature Shop, Britain's Sewing Bee Pretty Little Liars, many different ABC family shows like Young & Hungry, Melissa & Joey, & Baby Daddy.

  • Movies: Lilo & Stitch, Mulan, Wreck it Ralph, Up, Toy Story (1, 2 & 3), Underworld, all the Marvel and DC Comic world movies have my approval, the Star Wars Sage, the Harry Potter Sage, the Twilight Saga, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Arrietty, Princess Mononoke, & Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Also any Tim Burton movie.

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  • Favorite Video Games Legend of Zelda, Dead Space, Resident Evil, Overwatch, League of Legends, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Alive: Madness Returns, Pokemon, & Borderlands.

Collector of...

  • Legend of Zelda Merchandise - I love all the merchandise as well as crafts made based around it. I mainly have figures and every shirt from Hottopic so just about anything else is right up my ally.

Things I'd Love to Receive

  • Copic markers
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Thin black art pens
  • 3D stickers
  • Washi tape
  • Sewing supplies
  • Holiday supplies
  • Smashbook supplies
  • Decoden supplies
  • Video Game ATCs
  • Anything gaming or otaku related

Please Don't Send

Alt text

  • Dislikes are: Marijuana or other drug depictions, Tea Bags, Coffee Samples (I don't mind coffee related crafts, I myself just don't drink it), Explicit forms - I am a happily married mother of 2, so as I do find the male physique appealing I do not want any nudity or explicit crafts or gifts (unless otherwise noted for a swap), Butterflies, Fairies, Breaking Bad, Vampires (I like their movies but not them stand alone), Two legged werwolves, & MLP.

  • Craft Stuff I don't want: Yarn, Twine, Feathers, Loose glitter, Confetti, Stickers specific for children (unless otherwise noted for a swap), Rubber stamps (unless otherwise noted for a swap), Paint.


Alt text

I always have the mind set to do and send swaps when I join them. Never have I had to send one late yet, but if for some reason I can't send on time I generally will message my partner first and hope for some leniency with ratings.

In the same regards as long as I am notified before the "send" deadline, that you're sending late, I will still rate a 5 as long as I receive my swap and it meets the swap coordinators requirements.

Also I always give swap coordinators a star for the effort they put into making the swap, its not rocket science but its not stress free either.

Noted Flakers

For swap "Gamers, Nerds, Geeks and Otakus Unite ATC" - Shintoji 9/29/2015


MadLittleCrafter rated for HA: House Color Swap on Jun 11, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much!!! I was absolutely blown away by the goodies! You make me wish I had my sewing machine here at the apartment. Gryffindor to Slytherin somehow seems like more of a jump than Slytherin to Hufflepuff haha Thank you again!! <3
Comment: Thank you for being a good swapper! Now I have lots of new things to play with :)
ncsue rated for Vintage Halloween Pocket Letter on Sep 26, 2015
Comment: nice package thanks
Response: You're welcome <3 :)
Comment: Thanks for the nice ATC! (:
Response: You're welcome <3 :)
Comment: Thank you SO much for my Louise! I love her! I tried giving a heart but my laptop is being funky and old :/
Response: Its okay. Better hope to try later <3 :)
Comment: WOW WOW WOW Absolutely uvin the DR. WHo ATC. TY so much, Putting it my daughters stocking for Christmas. She is a huge fan of Dr. WHo!
Response: Im glad you like it and I hope she likes it too <3 :)
Comment: Hi i must say that I love this pocket letter swap and thank you so much for hosting it, also the Death Note book is amazing and adorable
Response: I'm glad you like the PL. And thank you for joining the swap. I was so nervous to host it, it being my first one. Yes I had a great time making the Death Note book and the whole PL itself <3 :)
katykat87 rated for HD/HP Bob's Burgers ATC - Round 5 on Aug 18, 2015
Comment: Thank you for my ATC! It's a great addition to my Bob's Burger ATC collection!
Response: Glad you like it
Spunthread rated for Washi Sample Swap on Aug 18, 2015
Comment: Thank you so very much, Jessica, for the wonderful pocket letter you sent me for this swap. Please accept my apologies for the late rating. Your letter was a work of art. I am going to pm you also, just so you know I did receive it. Thank you! pobuffy
Response: Yes thank you and glad you like it <3 :)
katykat87 rated for HD/HP Bob's Burgers ATC - Round 4 on Aug 11, 2015
Comment: Thank you for my awesome Gene ATC! :)
Response: Welcome, he was fun to draw <3 :)
SneaselKat9 rated for VU: Character Request Atc on Aug 10, 2015
Comment: Yesss, thank you so much for the Zero ATC! ♥
Response: Glad you like it. I thought it came out well <3 :)
Comment: Thanks for the awesome stuff.!!
Response: You're welcome <3 :)
Comment: Thank you for the cute atc and the extra little things ^-^ 💙
Response: You're welcome <3 :)
TheEput rated for Gay Pride/Marriage Equality ATC on Aug 2, 2015
Comment: I love it! Also, I love your Harry Potter font on your address labels - too cool! Thank you :)
Response: Glad you like it. It was fun to make <3 :)
crb22892 rated for HD/HP Bob's Burgers ATC - Round 3 on Jul 31, 2015
Comment: Haha I love it! Thanks!
Response: Welcome <3 :)
Comment: Thank you so much for my owl post. I love the ATC card it is my first one!
Response: I'm glad you like it, I had so much fun with this swap <3 :)
GypsieMoon rated for Pokemon Dragon Type ATC on Jul 22, 2015
Comment: Ahhhh!! I love this Tyrantrum ATC! Your work is gorgeous, and this is one of my favorites as well. Thank you!!
Response: Awe Im glad you like it, it was fun to draw <3 :) I've only recently started drawing none inanimate objects so thank you
Phish rated for HD/HP Legend of Zelda ATC #9 on Jul 20, 2015
Comment: SO CUTE! Thank you SO MUCH! This is one of those cards that will never leave my collection. ^+^
Response: Awe thats sweet of you, he was fun to make. Glad you love him so much <3 :)
Missykitty rated for Studio Ghibli ATC swap on Jul 20, 2015
Comment: Awe! It's so cute!! I love it <3 Thank you bunches!!!
Response: You're welcome, glad you like it <3 :)

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jakeandnicksmom on Dec 18, 2015:

Merry Christmas!!

lilymonmomma on Jul 19, 2015:

Howdy here is your SM: Sailor Mercury Profile Deco

I went a little overboard cause Mercury is my absolute favorite :)!! Have a great day!!!

jesslynne on Jul 19, 2015:

Hi there! I'm not one of your partners for this swap, but I still wanted to share with you. I hope you like the pictures :)

Happy Swapping!


Wooper on Jun 20, 2015:

Haha, yeah it would be! :D (I haven't ever seen any though). And the triforce-looking one sound cool too! :3

Wooper on Jun 20, 2015:

Haha, little detective-work you did there x) I was really happily surprised about the video she made about the swap! I really love her videos ~ And you're welcome, I'm glad you liked the washi ^^ (although I wish I could have found you some Link/Zelda washi tape instead, haha)

Lizard on Jun 11, 2015:

Welcome to swapbot. I love Disney's Stitch too. Among other pets, I also have a turtle. Happy swapping. ♥

urocyonfox on May 30, 2015:

High Five for being the few people in the world who don't care for Marijuana!

As I sat there reading your profile I though "I don't have children" ha ha we have alot of cool stuff in common

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