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What dreams are made of..well mine are.
girls go: doo doo doo doo

Jackie Treehorn

Proudly Presents...My confessions:

9/3/08 UPDATE: Working on swaps, had stored away all of me craftin' goodies, but I've pulled it all out of storage & everything is working out pretty well :) Trust me, I'm gettin' down and dirty with paint, varnish and all now. Thank you once again for being so patient.

Alrighty folks, things have been a bit hectic for me...working 60+ hours a week has taken its toll...physically and mentally...ah hell who am I kidding? I'm an emotional wreck too ;) Anywho, swaps are definitely being worked on during the weekends. I'll start sending stuff out soon. Thank you to me partners for being so patient with me.


You're about to start on a path to absurdity, so grab 'hold of your seat 'cause this profile's gonna be a bumpy ride..Fortunately I've been adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug regimen to keep my mind, you know, limber.

He paints:

El Buk

I walk with a swagger. But I never never stagger.

I live with a beta fish named Ignacio. He's pissed off most of the time and can be considered rude..His friends call him Nacho.

During my high school summers I attended Math Camp. The Math-Science Honors Program to be exact. It was immature laughing at farts, University Calculus, the occasional snake exhibit and the like. But the best was stealing a 7-foot Ewan McGregor Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi cardboard cut out and trying to run with it as well as 6 other kids across campus back to our dorms. Ballsy? Yes. Infatuation with Ewan McGregor's light saber? Wham bam thank you ma'am!

Your mom goes to college. If I had a nickel for every time I heard this one. She does and she's one hip hip lady.

I respect the privacy of cats. I thought my first cat(RIP Mojo) was a girl, I had her spayed..when the doctor handed her back to me and kept saying "He" when she was referring to my cat, I told her it was a girl. "Oh, honey no...Mojo is a boy." Poor Mojo.

My best friend is a praying mantis. He(yes he's a HE) likes to drink cheap beer like Olde English and Pabst Blue Ribbon. But only Olde E if he's feeling greasy. And I must say he feels greasy all the time.

I sleep with Henry Miller. I try to read right before going to sleep, but my schedule these days wears me out. I read maybe one page and fall asleep to wake up the next morning next to Tropic of Cancer.

I have a strange obsession w/smelling things. Swap packages that have a scent when I open them pique my interest.

I say the following phrases..A LOT:

  • Psh yeah!
  • mos def
  • Oy vey.
  • I can dig it.
  • In your mouth. (this follows every comment my friends make)

"When the building security guard hauls me away for stalking you, please ask him to be gentle, I bruise easily. Hm." -RudeNun

"Hot dogs make me forget important secrets." -RudeNun

Do it:

Smoky Bowl

My hair looks FIERCE!

I'd take a sip out of Benicio Del Toro's margarita. Maybe Joaquin Phoenix's italian soda. Sometimes I walk around barefoot, dressed in peasant tops and jeans. My mom keeps saying she doesn't understand how I can pull off this hippie look with a French pedicure. I tell her, wait 'til you see me in my chola outfit. ;D

I'm proud to say that I am one of two founding members of The Marmots. I have lifetime privileges that allow me to fight nihilists, bowl like no other and drink White Russians like there's no tomorrow. Questions? Inquire within.

General interests in small doses: Speaking Italian with random strangers, red mushrooms, dirty realism, Marxist criticism, politics, Aunt Jemima & Uncle Moses, Ken Brown, Mr. T., Haitian history, cohetes, feminism, sacred heart, anatomical hearts, Marie Laveau, traditional ska shows, Andy Warhol--that includes Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Shrigley, anything with powerline prints, farmer's markets, thrift stores, Downtown L.A.'s alleys, flea markets and yard sales. The smell of copal resin, those few seconds right before you fall asleep, sticking my hand in the bean bin @ El Rancho, coming home after a final you've been studying for days on end and finally getting a chance to sleep, the sound of Lauren Bacall's voice, floating in water, that nice buzz right after taking that first shot of absinthe...then fading into that void.

I'm not easily offended, someone once sent me a risque drag queen card and I thought it was hilarious! Items that make me laugh are especially appreciated :D

They HEART The Pope.


This pretty little thing proudly sits on me collection shelf, right next to my Ramones lunchbox:


Every time I look at this I can't help but burst out laughing!!


On a much more serious note..Rothko is the one: Mark Rothko

Celebrate the bullet

Me likes ska(trad), rocksteady, some punk, and the list continues, but these days The Agents, Alton Ellis, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, Bebe, Billie Holiday, The Bodysnatchers, Buju Banton, Cafe Quijano, Cafe Tacuba, The English Beat, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Frank Black, El Gran Silencio, Hepcat, Inspector, Johnny Cash, Joy Division, Kate Nash, La Mala Rodriguez, Maldita Vecindad, Mana, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Panteon Rococo, Los Pericos, Peter Bjorn & John, The Pixies, Radiohead, The Ramones, Regina Spektor, Robert Gordon, The Selecter, The Slackers, Toots & The Maytals, Wyclef Jean, X, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Zurdok and The 200 Cigarettes Soundtrack strike my fancy.

I don't listen to country(I dig the older stuff--think pre-60ish), industrial/metal, j-pop/rock, opera or rap. I'd add reggae to the list..but I listen to a certain type. I'm more interested in skinhead reggae than modern reggae(very few slip in through the cracks). Relax folks, SHARPS do exist and those I heart.

Currently jonesin' for a rockabilly/psychobilly or old school polka CD mix.

Sendin' to me for a CD mix swap? No need to send plastic cases--they're wasteful. Please do feel free to make an envie out of paper.

Tell me where this comes from, if you get it right I'll send yah a postcard: "I HATE the f&&&ing Eagles man!!" Over two served Okay, just two. sigh

I play records while I craft:

Record Player

IT was a SMASH!



All time fav film: Some Girl

I recently saw Funny Games(2007) ~ Wow, talk about a twisted film.

Annie Hall, The Big Lebowski, Chungking Express, Coffee & Cigarettes, Everything is Illuminated, Funny Games, Ghost World, Gummo, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, High Fidelity, Imaginary Heroes, Mod Squad, Mulholland Drive, Pan's Labyrinth, Pretty In Pink, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Salt of the Earth, Sideways, SLC Punk, Swingers, U-Turn, Where the Buffalo Roam and anything by Don Hertzfeldt.

I'm a big fan of Shaft(1971). I also own Shaft's Big Score AND Shaft In Africa. But the original Shaft is my fav.

I particularly love films that have a cult following. Example? The Big Lebowski. If you have any suggestions, please do drop me a comment.

All in all..foreign films are top of the pops.

Gael Garcia Bernal

I saved Latin

My all time favorite book is Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. I don't dig romance novels, but this one really caught my attention. I'm a BIG fan of dirty realism. So Bukowski is a must have. And boy how I love my ham on rye.

I have many, many craft/project books. I want to learn how to sew and I'm looking for the ultimate sewing book that beginners would find helpful. I've heard this one is the best one, if you have any suggestions, please drop me a line.

Currently readin' Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. Someone recommended Christopher Moore-he's next on the list. If you have any obscure/really cool recommendations, PLEASE drop me a comment! :D

Ahhh Edward Gorey is AMAZING: Edward Gorey

Craftin' Ruka

Altered items are ma' cup a'tea. Shrines(any kind, bottlecap, matchbox, nichos, etc.), felt and sometimes..glitter. I've started making postcards..yeah scary thought. I love bizarre, strange & quirky crafts.

Me goal this year is to learn how to sew..a work in progress.


Color: Reds, burgundy and I've taken a likin' to vibrant teal these days.

Food: Lychee :D, Pomegranate, peach, grapefruit and citrusy flavors.

Please, please, please do not send me chocolate or anything else that melts. It's warm here and pretty soon will be 120 degree weather. Meltables don't stand a chance now.

Scents: lemon verbena, grapefruit, I dream that one day I'll find incense that makes my place smell like a church..'tis a search in progress.

Tea: Please, no earl grey or green tea. I'm getting into loose tea, I finally bought the empty tea bags. Loose tea is mos def welcome.

I lust for:

  • Will you tell me a story?
  • If you could make a Morsebag w/longish handles(they help me carry more than one bag on me shoulder) out of teal corduroy, I would love you forever! RudeNun passes out of excitement Polka dots fetish fulfilled by Courtney :D
  • Delicious recipes you use--must learn how to cook! :) I'm not looking for cookbooks, unless you use a lot of recipes from it.
  • Decorated/filled matchboxes around the following themes: Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Rockibilly-esque, NOLA voodoo, any of my fav films or anything you think I might like.
  • Anything you make :D
  • Mix tapes/CDs.
  • Zines
  • Incense(think earthy scents)
  • Soybean/tofu kawaii paper items.
  • Anything with power line prints. That includes photos.
  • Bento accessories - I have a box, just can't find the little items around these parts.
  • I dig vintage items(think 50s-70s kitsch). I'm big on trinkets and knick-knacks. A jar full of 'em would be amazin'!
  • Matchboxes from other countries(not altered please).
  • Vintagey embroidered ribbon
  • Any old used copies of MAKE. I subscribe to CRAFT, but I'd love to check out MAKE.

Dislikes, BARF

Think genetically engineered, DISNEY, country themes, patriotic items, overly religious items(unless they're kitschy), pirate themes, skulls, buttons like these--I've no use for them, SANRIO, non-paper kawaii items(I have much more use for the sheets/stationary), denim material(I wear jeans but refuse to sport denim elsewhere), dolphins(any porcelain figurines like it), gel pens, anime, sandalwood, patchouli, princess anything, ATCs, dotee dolls, button fairies, dragonflies, butterflies, pixies(but I love the band!), stuffed animals, lip balm/gloss, glycerin soap and black licorice.

Please, please, please do not send me chocolate or anything else that melts. It's warm here and pretty soon will be 120 degree weather. Meltables don't stand a chance now.

I love actual cupcakes, but not items with cupcake images like stationary or stamps, etc.

I celebrate Día de los Muertos but have more than enough Día de los Muertos items in my home. The same goes for lotería items as well.

Do the Rocksteady

I owe:

  • box o'goodies for Josie ~ in the works
  • "Me fav songs" CD mix for Pinkyrocks ~ in the works
  • Girl Ska CD for keroleen73 ~ burned just need to write letter
  • Box O'Lychee Goodness for Lola
  • somethin' for the zinester
  • wishlist
  • tea for luna
  • Surprise shrine for IcInGsUgarGrl ~ Start May 5th.
  • Set up swap w/gogoringo ~ May 5th.
  • Angel Mrrranda!
  • House for Celia :D

I often reuse packaging--reduces waste.

My favorite

Swapper: Your mom

Food: cheese & crackers

Flavor: lychee

This section is dedicated to the infamous ScarlettNicole


MommaRosita rated for Wild Women Mix CD! on Aug 20, 2008
alicepalace rated for Private CD Mix Ring on Jul 11, 2008
msteidl rated for fantasy 'party mix' CD swap intnl on Jun 7, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the Psycho Beach Party Cd and all the little extras - cool CD, cool extras, napkins, recipe, mermaid and all - lots of fun!
alyssa rated for Mixterpret on Jun 3, 2008
Comment: I loove the Slackers and the last few tracks were my favorites. All the stuff was excellent. My boyfriend is threatening to use the monkey key chain by my face when I'm asleep, so I may have to beat him to it. Thanks so much!
TeaNi rated for Show me your... on May 13, 2008
Comment: wooohooo! My first whimsy! I'm tingly all over;) It looks and smells and tastes delightful! The girls and I were sooo excited with it- my oldest daughter actually got the hiccups- no joke! She said it best; "that is the most beautiful swap I have ever seen" :) Then chaos ensued in the car as we fought like puppies over a can of kibble to divvy up the goods! Oh, the robot- I love her (I think it's a girl, hard to tell)! And the little gnome-man and yummy tea stuff, candies, lychee goodies, miniature lovelies, ah, I could go on and on. Oh! I love the loteria card box! Thank you for everything- awesome first time whimsy experience! (*smiles real big*) :D
Response: sigh of relief! Glad it arrived in one piece! Had a great time choosin' items to send! I loved your art pieces and they're displayed on me desk! Chica you are mos def an artista/crafter! And I'm honored to have your arte! You are definitely one of the most hilarious swappers I've swapped with and please let your girls I said thank you for the compliments! The robot may be a girl, I didn't want to check..didn't want her thinkin' I was invading her privacy ;) :P
kiki rated for Altered & Filled on May 10, 2008
Comment: it truly IS TITillating! what an incredible piece of work...and how you crammed all that stuff up there is unreal! it will be proudly displayed next to all the other amazing things you always do! thank you so much! xxo
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful relaxing goodies. Looking forward to a nice weekend when the kids are off visiting their dad.
Comment: I lovelovelove the box o' calmness and serenity! (((hugs)))
kiki rated for Do Your Thing on Apr 25, 2008
Comment: Oh my god. You are simply amazing! I love every thing in this package!!! I'm thrilled to have my very own cock for breakfast, the most impressive shrine to hotdogs I've ever seen, the BEST tampon case EVER, and the killer 'lujuria' magnet! You really outdid yourself, and I feel so spoiled! Thank you thank you thank you! If I could give you eleventy billion hearts, trust me, I would! xxo
Response: Wahah! Glad you liked everything :D The 'lujuria' magnet & tampon case are firsts. These days, you're the primary person I try 'new' crafts on. Sorry for experimenting on ye ;)
TheLisaBeast rated for Profile Surprise Goodie Box on Apr 15, 2008
Comment: AHH! The SuicideGirls book ALONE warrents a MILLION hearts; A MILLION I say.... but everything else.... SO AMAZING! And my brand-spanking-new Hedwig shrine is on full display for all to see! And a the cig's.... FAB. I could hardly wait to break into 'em! Nat Shermans.... **frothes** Oh, and the lashes... they flaunted their acid green stuff at a killer drag show yesterday! I'm TOTALLY down with a private swap! Hey, I make buttons/badges... want some custome ones? After this treat, you deserve to be shower'd with happy. Haha! I'll stop babbling... but needless to say: I FUCKIN' LUUUUURVE YOU, WALTER! **on bended knee** Haha! THANK YOU! Everything was completely ME. Baby, you got me pegged... I need to pick to up a SLEW of lemongrass insence from around my favorite bead shop and ship it off for you; I know how ya' like it. Okay.... I'm ranting.... but fuck! Best parcel eva'! BEST.
Response: Talk about a relief to know it arrived!! Spent a shitload of time & effort on it and I was about to go off at my post office! I'm really glad you dug everything. :)
msteidl rated for Your Best Mixed CD on Apr 13, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the cool CD and the litchi candies. Very cool tunes, and the candies were tasty - never had before!
MalaYQue rated for Guácala! on Apr 7, 2008
Comment: Girl, you are the QUEEN of Guácala. I bow to you.
Comment: The Dude abides. This package was worth the wait. Holy fuck. And hey! By the time the yarn landed in my (greedy little knitter) hands, it smelled like lavender and chocolate. In short, best. thing. ever. Ok, hi, I'm adding to this rating because this package was full of lovely things like a Burt's Bees kit! And a Gelly Roll pen! And soap! And pretty shiny things! AND OH MY GOD THE MOST AMAZING MATCHBOX. I want to lick it, I love it that much. Basically, you qualify as a fucking loco swapper. And yes. Made of fantastic.
Response: Oh shit! It took what, 6 weeks?? Damn! :D I am ecstatic! The shrine: she's meant to be licked ;)
Moominbrooke rated for Your Best Mixed CD on Mar 31, 2008
Comment: Thanks! And gummi lychees are one of my favorite treats. :0)
MissSarah1930 rated for a toast to CHARLES BUKOWSKI on Mar 20, 2008
Comment: cute postcard, good job!
jan54wil rated for a toast to CHARLES BUKOWSKI on Mar 20, 2008
Comment: GREAT card...thanks for sharing!
indygirl rated for Create a Secret World on Mar 19, 2008
Comment: J- You have no idea how special this is! I have a long history with the little prince. I love, love,love the secret world you created for me. Thanks so much:)
Comment: i absolutely loved everything!! especially the tenorikuma cookie jar!!! thank you for choosing such perfect swap items!!!
Nela rated for Tea Galore III on Mar 6, 2008
Comment: Thank you, Johanna, for all things that you have sent me. Mints are mňam, mňam and teas are delicious. Thank you again.
Response: Thank YOU for swapping w/me, I love the Apotheke tea! :D
CrystalY rated for FUNKY Postcards on Mar 2, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the funky postcard....made me laugh....

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stacirose on Oct 19, 2009:

Sign up for this swap ends on Thursday! Please join me and the Jewish Swappers for a repeat of this fun swap! :D

Hanukah Harry

Thanks very much!!

PS...you could ask for a spitting nun with a yarmulka. heretic...too funny. And, it would be easy to paint the cross into a star of david. :P

PPS...don't tell my grandpa I said this. :D

Alphenquilts on Sep 26, 2009:

Due to the fact that you haven't been active here on Swap-bot for a couple of months, I will remove you from the Viva la Frida group. You are always welcome again :-)

electrogeek77 on Jan 19, 2009:

Holy crap, I am TERRIBLE with keeping up!

The wedding was a success. And cheap, too, by New England standards, thanks to my handiwork. It was aviation-themed. My dad made airplane chocolate lollipops, and I made seating cards that looked like boarding passes.

Now I'm getting ready for my honeymoon. We're taking an Eastern Mediterranean cruise in March.

Josietai on Nov 9, 2008:


Have a Smashing Birthday!


LynnA on Nov 7, 2008:

The answer is Big Lebowski. I want a prize!

That nun has a very shiny, dazzling smile. What gives?

patabear on Sep 15, 2008:

school is getting crazy. I hope you had a good break before school started again. I bet things are hectic for you too. (sigh) I haven't gotten your letter yet, I hope it didn't get lost in the mail.

kiki on Sep 12, 2008:

i suck so much! i hope you still love me, even though i STILL haven't sent the journal writing swap. you can beat me up if you want! xxo

Banshee on Sep 10, 2008:


Just to invite you to All the music I have swap

join us, please! =)

TeaNi on Aug 29, 2008:

hey, yo, where you be? Haven't heard from yous in a looong time and was jest thinkin bout ya. Hope all is well in nunland;)

electrogeek77 on Aug 12, 2008:

I haven't written you in a long while! So solly! I've just been so busy getting married and crap!

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