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Hello there, Swap bot land!

I am a long time lover of many kawaii things and I adore Swap-Bot!! It's so much fun, and a wonderful way to meet so many great people! A little about me: I am a professional artist, teaching art classes to the masses! At home I mainly focus on graphite portraits and sketches although lately in my spare time I create polymer clay charms and figurines, fan art of all kinds and scrapbooks. I love to create handmade items and share them with people that I know like to receive personalized gifts or drawings or paintings! I love to create things for others. It gives me a chance to use my creativity to make someone happy with something made specially for them! I am looking forward to making some long time pen pals and swap partners while exploring this world of Swap-bot!

Side Note: I know my profile is a taaaaaad long, so here are some cliff notes for the casual skimmer lol My absolute favorite things, that would call for a gigantic super heart instantly are: anything related to BigBang, T.O.P., AFI, Patrick Stump, Ville Valo or the band HIM, G1 Petite My Little Ponies, fairy kei fashion, Bleach's Ulquiorra, Kamisama Kiss and for anything Kogepan! Any of these topics would be forever appreciated!!**

I've also decided to redo my wardrobe with a Fairy Kei aesthetic, so anything cute and pastel, particularly cotton candy pink!, but also soft lilac purples, super soft pastel blues or sea foamy greens would really make me smile! I love socks, accessories like hair bows, clip in cat ears, rings and bracelets. I'm starting over wardrobe wise so I'd be exstatic for anything fitting this theme**

Hooray for Kpop! I am head over heels for BigBang ^_^ Any and all BigBang-ness would be so dearly appreciated and loved!! Instant heart! Millions and millions of hearts to you, my love forever and tons of good juju!!!!!! Bonus points for anything involving T.O.P!! I've also become quite fond of The Rose, BTS, and VIXX


Currently I'm in a DESPARITE search for PEPPERMINT ROSE stickers! (I'm also trying really hard to find one of these bunnies but as a the perfume bottle figure!) I had so many as a kid, most were scratch and sniff, and I cannot find any anywhere! I would be sooo appreciative!

These are my absolute favorite kinds of stickers ^_^

I adore Sakura / Cherry Blossoms, and branches!! I also love various Japanese themed stickers such as Kokeshi dolls , Daruma dolls , lucky cats or tea cup/kettle related stickers ^_^

! LOVE Kawaii stickers!! All brands, especially San-X and any Kawaii Girls stickers ^_^ If you could find any Kogepan or Hannari Tofu stickers, I guarantee you the biggest heart ever! And many virtual hugs of thanks!

I love Skull stickers!! Especially anatomically correct skullies or gothic glittery style ones! Also pink! lol

I also have been looking far and wide for vintage (1980s) stickers of My Little Pony! As well as older Lisa Frank stickers! Any would be very well loved!

And of course stickers relating to any of the topics mentioned below in my favorite things section!


I really can't stand sports related stickers, or things that would be considered 'boy' themes like robots, ninja turtles, batman, that sort of stuff, I just really don't like any of that stuff, and honestly it'll just end up in the trash -.- I don't even like keeping it around to re-gift. Likewise for teacher reward stickers, and holiday stickers. I'm also not a fan of religious stickers of any kind. I just don't have a use for them, and would rather they go to a home they'll be used and appreciated :) Thank you for your understanding!

~AND NOW! My Wish List of sorts!~

A list of my most loved things (not in any particular order). I would love to receive anything at all relating to these things!

BigBang!! Anything and everything relating to my favorite KPop band, BigBang! In particular, I would love anything T.O.P!

He's my favorite squee!

Vintage MLP petite ponies in particular! Sadly I'm unable to collect too many large toys anymore, though I've made space to continue my love of toys, on a smaller scale! Any smaller G1 MLP items would be greatly appreciated ^_^

Anything relating to the band HIM or Ville Valo! Photos or clippings from magazines, album art would make my day! Or anything relating to Heartagrams ^_^ (Also, possibly a far fetched notion, but if anyone is willing to part with a HIM concert ticket from overseas, a guitar pic, or a new or used postage stamp from Finland featuring the band....that would send me over the moon with gladness!) With their final tour coming to an end this year, any HIM mail would seriously make my day! I've been having a very hard time with their farewell. They've been my favorite band since jr high, high school, and have been such a huge part of my life growing up!

Anything relating to the band AFI! ^_^ Millions of hearts your way!

Cabochons (Mostly sweets or foods, hearts or flowers!! Cute girly things!)

Cherry / Sakura Blossoms!! I ADORE these!

G4 Blind bag My Little Ponies!! I love these small size pony figures, they're perfect for the space conscious collector! lol Also I love G4 Luna and Apple Jack in general, so anything relating to these two characters I would love, small or otherwise! ^_^

Ulquiorra of Bleach! Anything Ulquiorra warrants an instant heart and my love forever!!!

Skulls (Cute or anatomical, but NOT scary!)

Kawaii! Foods with faces, San-x, Tokidoki, favorites are Kogepan!, and Hannari Tofu!, also Tuxedo Sam!, Dear Daniel! And any Kyary pamyu pamyu things!

Kokeshi dolls! Handmade or otherwise

Any of J.Michael Tatum's anime characters. Newest obsession is Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss! Would love mini figures or stickers of any characters ^_^

ReMents food items or other tiny toy sweets! Like Barbie sized cupcakes, shopkins foods, or those tiny Re-Ment sweets! Pretty much any teeny tiny sweet type toy food I'll love! Cupcakes, macarons, Milkshakes, coffee, cake slices, bread, muffins, candy, etc. Teeny tiny food toys of the sweet tooth variety ^_^

Wisterias! (I also love the Wysteria My Little Pony!!)

I adore Patrick Stump! Anything Stumpy would be greatly appreciated ^_^

Num Noms!! I don't collect the lip gloss ones (I don't use lip gloss) but any of the other nums or noms I'd love! ^_^

Tea bags from overseas! I love trying teas from all over the world! I really adore the Moomin teas >_< Or unusually or uniquely decorated tea bags!

Kawaii Girls! Like the Q-Lia or Kamio Kawaii girls!

Just a mildly selfish side note.....ESPECIALLY regarding anything related to BigBang, T.O.P., AFI, Patrick Stump, Ville Valo or the band HIM, Instant Heart!!! So much love! Likewise for G1 Petite MLPs, Bleach's Ulquiorra, or Kamisama Kiss and for anything Kogepan! Any of these topics would be forever appreciated!!

My Planner ^_^

I Love My Planner!

I have just retired my adorable Floral Burst Filiofax. We've been through so much together, though lately I've found myself struggling to fit all of my planning into it's small pocket sized pages!

I've finally caved and gotten myself an 'adult sized' planner as I call it, and A5 Carpe Diem Platinum planner that I am IN LOVE WITH! It's so much easier to stay organized with so much extra space ^_^ LOVE!

Things I love for my Planner:

I love pastel colors and expecially PINK!

I utilize tons of kawaii stationary, washi and stickers in my planner.

As well as lots of pastel floral themes, or pastel bows!

I would love to get my hands on those tiny water bottle stickers! I track my water intake in my planner, and the stickers make it very easy on the go!


I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to receiving swaps, it really makes me happy to receive something that shows how much care and thought went into putting it together! So you pretty much can't go wrong if you're doing your best ^_^ Though,


  1. Please PLEASE nothing that smells of smoke VERY IMPORTANT! (I have a very sensitive nose, and smoke or very strong perfumes make me feel ill),
  2. Please no religious items of any kind, I have no use for them and would much rather they go to someone else who would appreciate them!
  3. Please nothing dirty or torn. No junk!
  4. Please no Holiday things unless the swap calls for them
  5. I don't mind unbranded kawaii when swap allows, though I dislike bootleg, knockoff, or kawaii of a very poor quality, stickers that don't stick, bad graphics, etc. That goes for Sanrio/Hello Kitty too!
  6. Please no Dollar Spot (Target), Dollar store, Michaels Craft Store, etc, Hello Kitty items.

Here I'll just indulge myself in some of my favourite images

Thank you to These Special Swappers!!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO @EmJayBe for sending me a lovely pack of Peppermint Rose stickers out of the kindness of your heart!!! I literally cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!!!! I'm literally crying, literally....just crying!!! I'm so happy! It's so hard to explain, but these stickers are one of the most vivid things I recall from my earlier childhood. My sister and I would sit together and scratch and sniff them back and forth, and we scratched them so hard they barely sniffed anymore! But we'd still be sitting there scratching and sniffing!! lol We stuck them all over everything! Absolutely everything smelled of peppermint because of us ^_^ Of course because we had done that none of the stickers were salvaged, and it's been impossible to come by them as an adult! I wish I could form the words I need to express my gratitude, you've given me much more than a sheet of stickers, every time I look back down at them I'm flooded with images of a tiny me and a tiny little sister of mine, wonderful memories that I've held dear for so long, I'm so excited! Probably as excited as the day my mom brought them home for me all those years ago! lol Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!


ITSkiaful rated for #1 BTS Profile Decoration - Group on May 18, 2018
foxyfoxy rated for #1 BTS Profile Decoration - Group on May 16, 2018
Comment: I love them all!!! Thanks so much!
sal410cat rated for #1 BTS Profile Decoration - Group on May 15, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much!
foxyfoxy rated for K-Pop? YES PLEASE!!! on May 11, 2018
Comment: Omg..... so amazing! Those stickers!!! I love bang bang bang! That was one of my first k-pop songs! Thanks for joining my swap!
Comment: Thank you for all the kawaii springy goods. I love everything!! :D And the flowers with the bug you draw in the letter are just too cute <3
Comment: This was amazing thank you sooo much!!! I kept saying omg the hole time. I absolutely love them all!!! thank you so much for the sticky notes and erasers they’re amazing! You went above and beyond. I think I need to get you something. I loved your note! So cute. Thanks for swapping with me I would love to do it again!
sebastian122 rated for KSU: Strawberries!! on Apr 26, 2018
Comment: No summer here yet, either. T_T The tissue cut outs were so cute, as I pulled everything out, they rained down. Just like you wanted. And yeah, wonderful variety!!
Comment: Thank you so much for such a cute jar stuffed full of goodies - how did you fit all that in there?! Such pretty packaging too :-)
ccmmsu rated for KSU: 10 Letter Sets on Apr 9, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the great variety of letter sets and all the extras! You spoiled me! :) I have one of the "cat in a box" sticky note sets, so now I have a dog & doghouse one to go with it on my desk. :) Thank you!!!
sebastian122 rated for KSU: 50 Large Memo Sheets on Apr 6, 2018
Comment: Wow. Some I haven't seen in years! Thanks for sharing so much cuteness. XOXO
sebastian122 rated for KSU: 50 Sticker Flakes on Apr 6, 2018
Comment: Ooooo many new to me! Thanks!!
Comment: so cute thank you so much. Its definitely like a little treasure of cuteness. <3
kasini rated for KSU: One MESSY swap! on Mar 6, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful shaker envelope ❤️ I’m glad you didn’t add glitter, I did in mine and kinda regretted it right away lol that stuff is everywhere lol
Comment: Thank you so much for this amazing jar!! I absolutely love everything!! There are so many cool things in here!! This is my first whimsy jar swap but now I am hooked!! I can’t wait to do some more because it’s so much fun to make these as well as receive them! You did an amazing job with the jar and the swap as well!!!
sugabb rated for Kawaii Letter USA #17 ^^ on Feb 15, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the letter and goodies! I hope to reply soon!!
Comment: 1st of all you are hilarious & cracked me up! Did you eat baby food?? :P The quote on the lid is the perfect follow up to my quote, isn't it?! This has got to be the coolest whimsy jar ever created!! I felt like a little kid on her birthday :D I love every single item in there! ...I am also a sucker for everything shiny! I am opening the box right now and Oh, my goodness!!! <3 <3 <3 I will treasure these little fawns forever. Can't thank you enough! Tears (happy) & BIG HUGS to you!!!!!!!! Also, thank you to your mom for searching for them! <3
Comment: Squeeeeeee!!!! What an awesome package! I’ve never seen that sticker sheet before! It’s sooo cute! I love the memo sheets (the Kuromi pirate- ohmygoodness!) And the Bibombl notebook- wow! How amazing to think of me for it! The Spanish teacher always called me Isabella in class so the young girl’s name in the book is pretty cool. Thank you for a fun and thoughtful swap!! Lots of hearts to you!
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful selection of memos, Wysteria! I love them!
tiggerkitn25 rated for KSU: Kawaii Surprise! on Dec 22, 2017
Comment: My Little Pony paper! =) I LOVE the folder and memo pad, thanks so much!

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ITSkiaful on May 18, 2018:

heres my images for the bts profile!

Here are my pictures for the bts profile decoration! enjoy!

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○ # 1 BTS Profile Decoration - Group

Hope you like those pics~

sal410cat on May 13, 2018:

Here are my 3 images for the BTS Profile Decoration #1 - Group swap!!

ladyfluorspar on Feb 27, 2018:

Thanks for those awesome mini memos!! Love them! Your envelope is on its way :)

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From Cheap Postage Group!!


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Happy Holidays from raniheartspaper!

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Artistic on Jul 6, 2017:

Gave you a coordinator star for the Profile Whimsy Jar swap. SO much fun to both send and receive. Thanks for hosting.

sal410cat on May 13, 2017:

Yay kpop pals! Do you know, I can't seem to find ANY groups here dedicated to Korea, or Kpop?! Nuts, right?

Either way, totally check out SHINee, they're great. Look forward to chatting and swapping!

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