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About Me

Update: 07/31/2018: I know this should be in my dislikes section but that section is really far down on my page and this is an important request so I need to put it up front. I don't know why I didn't think of putting this upfront since it is an important request.

Please do not send me anything floral scented. It incredibly irritates my senses and I end up tasting it for days. Yes you read that correct. If I smell floral scent (sachets, potpourri, perfume, etc) it gets into my tastebuds and I can't taste anything for weeks. I am very sensitive to smells. Also a lot of time floral scents have a musk base and I am HIGHLY ALLERGIC to musk. As in, gasp for air, someone get a epi pen stat, allergic. I had to mention this because I got a lovely gift from a swap partner the other day that ended up covering me in hives from head to toe. It is totally my fault for not posting here my allergy so I hold no hard feelings. It's just better to be upfront from here on out. :) Thank you for reading!!

I'm a self proclaimed craft-a-holic that loves making things but then don't know what to do with them. I thought coming to swap-bot I could find others that I could share my creations with and learn new crafting inspiration from them in return. I love exchanges of all sorts and getting mail is one of my favorite things.

If you swap with me PLEASE READ:


I promise I will always rate you IF I can figure out who you are. HAHAHA. Sometimes at first I will rate you just a 5 with no comment and then when I actually get INTO the mail I will update you to a 5♥ and leave you a comment.

I really prefer that the swap name is on the outside of the envelope, that way I can separate my swap-bot mail from my other mail. It makes it so much easier for rating too because I don't have to hop in and out of each swap rating as I open the mail. I can sort all of one swap's partners into a pile and then open that swap and rate everyone at one time.. I won't rate down if you don't do this so no worries. I just am doubley happy when I see the swap name outside. :) hahaha.

Update 03/06/2018: I do tend to join a lot of swaps. This is my therapy! Most of the swaps have multiple partners so on any given day I could have between 15-20 pieces of swap mail coming into me. If I can't find (or read) your swapID or know what swap the mail is for I can't rate you properly.

Likewise, I always try to PRINT my swapID and name of the swap and usually enclose an Swap Info Card in each swap. If you can't read my handwriting please let me know :)

I Live in Wharton, OHIO 43359. There are 354 people in my town. We have no store, no gas station, no traffic light. We have a post office that is open from 7am to 10 am M-F and 7am to 10:30am on Saturday. That is IT! If I put something in the mail today it will NOT be postmarked for THREE days. All mail here is sent to Cincinnati before it is stamped.

I would appreciate if you are patient and kind. I always send early. I always send when I say. I mark my swap SENT when I put it in the post office box or hand it to Norma. After that it is out of my hands.

Favorite Books

I really like to read books off the YA book list. I find them more imaginative but with less of the over gratuitous sex scenes thrown into random places without it making sense.. (can you say harlequin books... sheesh We are running for our lives from crazy people but lets stop and have sex ..so dumb!) I really like Cassandra Clare and have most of her books. Dean Kootz, Janet Evanovich, Patricia Cornwell, and JD Robb (Nora Roberts) are some of my other favorite authors to name a few.

Favorite Tv & Movies

Anything with John Cusack in it... hehehehe. Thrillers, Mysteries, Anything Sherlock Holmes. Comedies like The Bounty Hunter, I really like Disney and pixar cartoons. I hate "male" comedy like Paul Blunt Mall Cop and Ted... Not a big Adam Sadler fan or Jim Carey's earlier stupid comedy. I do like his more serious (though still funny) movies. I love the Jason Bourne series and I'm a Jurassic park addict. Other favorites are Harry Potter movies, the Mummy movies and The Grinch That Stole Christmas.

Sherlock on BBC-- Elementary-- Vampire Diaries-- The Shadowhunters-- Pretty Little Liars-- Last Man Standing-- Big Bang Theory-- Fixer Upper-- Rehab Addict-- Lip Sync Battle-- The Originals-- Stitchers -- The Good Witch

Favorite Music

I love all types of music. Anything from Elvis Presley to Aerosmith :) I also enjoy music that if you saw me you wouldn't think that i would enjoy... lol I guess I am the poster child to the old adage, "dont judge a book by it's cover." On my playlist you will find a little bit of everything. Lady Antelbellum, Hinder, Theory of a Deadman, Eminem, Katy Perry, Tim McGraw, Maroon 5, Madonna, Taylor Swift, etc

Favorite Crafts

I love to make interactive mini albums. I've recently started making purse charms which I learned from NurseTara04 on youtube. I love shabby chic but I have trouble creating it myself. I don't like grunge..but I do like Tim Holtz papers. I do NOT like "weathered" items that contain rust or pealed paint. I know that is a popular style but it goes against my nature.. and I feel like I need to "clean and refinish" those kinds of things. I do like victorian style and i love butterflies and sparkly stuff.... lol

10/24/2017: I was recently told that my style I like is chic without the shabby. I like the sound of that!! hahahaha

I crochet, make jewelry, make purse charms, make cards, mini albums, altered art. etc

My newest fun crafting thing is that I am in love with making junk journals. In the past I was intimidated by the whole totally random creative process but now after doing a couple, I am hooked.

Swap-bot Requirements For Swap

I'm using this section to add things as I learn them on swap-bot or to add things that are a requirement for certain swaps... Example: Please have so and so preference in your profile prior to swap..

Postcards: I like them written on and stamped unless the actual swap is unwritten on and in an envelope.

For the Kid Stocking Stuffer Swap(s):

My son JJ is 5yrs old. He loves all things Thomas the train, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. He also enjoys collecting Hot Wheels. I am tryin to pick things that you can get for $1. I know a lot of the Walmarts have the Thomas mini bags for a dollar and I know you can always find Hot Wheels for around .98 cents. We don't want anyone to stress over picking things out for him. If you think a 5yr old boy will like it then we are good with that choice. He also loves stickers. Our dryer is covered in them..hahahaha

Likes and Dislikes

I will add to this as time goes by.


Postcards (see details in postcard section)

Gorjuss girls

Metal embellishments

Bits of lace and ribbon

Purple & Pink

Washi Tape

Markers like Bic Markits or other small tip markers that are good for coloring those small spaces in adult coloring books.

Handmade Envelopes

Swap-bot Swap Cards

Small Journals or paper pads

I love when you share your stamps with me. If you will make me a stamped sample of some of your stamps on white cardstock in either black or colored ink and send it to me that would make my day. I really like Tim Holtz stamps but I don't buy many because they cost dearly!

I especially like unique stamped sentiments that are stamped in black ink on white card stock. That way I can cut them out and use them on future cards I make :)




The colors orange and brown unless it's fall time and it requires those colors. lol

Please do not send me ephemera. I never know what to do with it and it usually goes in a "give" pile until I get tired of looking at it then I recycle it. :( Honestly I usually send these things right back out to my next swap partner. There are always exceptions to the rule like I got a baggie of bits and bobs of paper from a swappy friend for Christmas and there were so many cute things I am going to use. I like to make swap-bot swap cards and things I can use for that are fun.

Drink Likes:

I love tea especially flavored teas like raspberry or mint.

Drink Dislikes:

I don't like peach flavored teas or any form of green tea. If this is all you have that is fine. I will just save it to pass on in my next swap :)

Things I Collect


Salt and pepper shakers

Playing cards with pictures on the back.

Elephants with their trunks up!

Miniatures -- if there is a mini for it, I love it

Best SWAP EVER!! I got this miniature bear in a swap one day and I wish I could have given the person 100 ♥s. Look how TINY it is :) The items behind them are made from marbles, so this will show you the scale of how small the bear actually is. SMALLER THEN A MARBLE!


I also love samples of all things. Hotel soaps, shampoos and etc. Travel sizes are awesome!

Flaked Upon-Say It Ain't So!!!

Unfortunately I get to jump on the bandwagon of those that have been flaked upon. I now see the wisdom of having this section to list the flakees. If you see someone's name here it is because I had to rate them a (1) which is a total bummer!!! I always communicate thoroughly before adding a name here. :(

Kid's Fill My Stocking-April : @KeeKeeKrafts (angleled by @CraftyMommaOnABudget


karenh77 rated for ESG: Shuffle your music #24 on Aug 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the package full of goodness!
Comment: Thank you so much for all the goodies!
reauk rated for CALG: Holiday Destination on Aug 19, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sending me a lovely postcard I would love to go there one day my post been delayed
Comment: Oh wow! Thank you so much for such a generous swap. You made my day! I love the school stickers! My son starts school next week so these are perfect ☺️
travelgirlem rated for SHARED JOURNAL SWAP #18 on Aug 15, 2018
whytewillow rated for Not Gonna Fit #3 on Aug 15, 2018
Comment: Oooh aaah, my interest is piqued, but in the sock it goes till Yule. Thank you.
24Donna rated for PW ~ Monday Mailer -- July on Aug 15, 2018
Comment: Just received the last mail! I’ve enjoyed your letters thank you. A fun swap! I’ve already joined the September Monday mailer, hope you do too!
Comment: thanks for a cute swap. Fun items!! ♥♥
Comment: Such a fun and festive envie full of all kinds of great stuff! Thanks so much!
jazzyheart rated for Swap Card Swap on Aug 14, 2018
Comment: Wow! You spoiled me! I love your envie and all of the goodies inside! Thank you.
Comment: Thank you for some nice items!!
karenc5079 rated for WIYM: Postcard Train #7 - USA on Aug 11, 2018
Comment: Nice.
ariestess rated for ESG: Shuffle your music #24 on Aug 4, 2018
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Definitely some stuff to check out in Spotify!
Barbara rated for Act of Kindness on Jul 28, 2018
Comment: Hi Alicia, Thank you for such thoughtful surprises. I always like new papers and inspiration for my journals. Have a fun rest of the summer.
TraceyHepburn rated for SHARED JOURNAL SWAP #17 on Jul 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much!
shiloh73 rated for Swap Card Swap on Jul 23, 2018
Comment: very cute i love them
LisaWithAKiss rated for CALG: Holiday Destination on Jul 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing your rather sad experience. I hope you get to go bestond the airport next time you go to Illinois xD
ahren rated for CALG: Holiday Destination on Jul 18, 2018
Comment: Thanks for a lovely card!

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CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Jun 12, 2018:

Hello, About this swap Pen Pal Ad, you can do it either way, ISO Pen Pal, or you can talk about yourself, I should have stated that in the swap, so its no BIG deal at all, did you want me to forward your add to my other pen pals? I can add your name and address to it if you want me to? Just let me know, if not I will just stick it in my 2018 journal

yvonne401 on Jun 4, 2018:

Thanks for the awesome May WTA that you sent me for Swaps in the U.S.A.! Thanks for making it such a fun package.



MichelleKemper on May 6, 2018:

Thank you Alicia for thinking of me and sending me the extra recipes you had leftover! I love recipe cards and of course recipes!!! That was very thoughtful of you!!!! Hearts to you! Blessings, Michelle

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Apr 25, 2018:

Hi! I will be writing you back next week, I am working on a 10 page letter swap, as soon as I am done I will start yours. I hope to get my journal swap mailed to you around May 20th

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Apr 17, 2018:

Profile check for Swaps ~ Spring Diary Swap

I hope your diary is going well :)

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Feb 28, 2018:

I am so excited I send to you for this swap Swaps ~ Spring Diary Swap Mail Deadline: Jun 9, 2018

YESSSS!! I been wanting to write to you for so long, now I can write to you 45 times LOL

I hope your well

institches on Jan 5, 2018:

Kid's Fill My Stocking September & October - "I LOVE THESE" was what Ethan said when he opened them. He also says "Thank you so much!"

kfaye on Dec 26, 2017:

Thank you so much for the beautiful crocheted mug rug, cup cozy and the orange blossom candle. I love them all! many happy blessings in 2018!

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Dec 5, 2017:

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Nov 20, 2017:

Sorry I am a little late in sending the post office on Friday was just a mad house and it was an hour wait in line. I mailed today for the Private swap 12 days Tracking number 9505 5104 4426 7324 1746 89
arrival date is Wednesday, 11/22/18

If I forgot to include any days, please by all means message me, and I will send, I am sure I got all the days :)

Have a happy Thanksgiving

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