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Date Joined: September 23, 2008
Last Online: March 9, 2019
Birthday: August 19, 1964
Country: United States
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  • I've added a profile on FACEBOOK: Crafty SisterLocs for all of my Crafting Friends. STILL searching for the perfect swap to join.

MY THEME SONG: My Soul Has Been Anchored

UPDATE ao Feb 1st, 2019 - HAPPY NEW YEAR



I think I'm back. I finally moved back to Florida from Minnesota in 2014 with my Job. I hope to start swaping again very soon.

I found a house big enough to hold all of my crafting supplies and although my glues and gues are all hardened and worthless, thank Gawd for a Michael's Craft Store that is near by..

Beadeful aka Stefeni

My fairy is called Feather Snowfrost.

  • She is a cleansing force and a peace-bringer.

  • She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.

  • She is only seen during the first snow of winter.

  • She wears pale blue like the sky.

  • She has delicate pale blue wings like a cicada.

If you find one like her, it would make a perfectly heavenly gift.

I use to live to bead. Gosh I sure hope that I can get back into the swing of things easy.. I'm really into Altered Art. I think that that is my new passion. I'd lost my inspiration to do anything crafty, but hoping through some easy swaps, I can swiftly get it back. I'm still really into the rolled paper beads and have all of my old papers. Of course, I'll buy new and improved paper as well. In the meanwhile, here's an old set I made, I call these along with the matchbox carrier - "Sunflower Bee-d"


"Art is what's in the Heart-sch122708"


  • I HATE:

  • black licorice, UPDATE:



also - Rockyournose.etsy (I have nose piercings)


Seinfeld, CSI:Miami, Flintstones, Columbo (basically all of the 70s t.v. shows), The First 48 hrs, Paranormal State, Criminal Minds; Keeping Up Appearences (Gotta luv Hyacinth Bucket - pronounced - Bouquet) .


ALL Johnny Depp, Anything Viggo Mortensen (LOR/HOV), Meet the Parents, Team America, anything with Robert DeNiro, The Anchorman (It's so bad, it's good); Shaun of the Dead (it's so silly, it's something to watch if you need to laugh), Anything with Terrence Howard, The Mummy Series, anything Ben Stiller, Anything Josh Stewart


All Stephen King Novels (including the Bachman Series), Anne Rice (all), History, Beading, Altered Art books, A New Earth. A Course In Miracles; The Urantia Book



*If you haven't received your item within 7days of the tag, please PM me a reminder with your addy info, the GROUP, and name of TAG/WTA. It's really confusing without all the info or the Note.

I send all of my swaps before the mail by date. Please at least acknowledge you've received my package by rating. My swaps always meet minimum requirements, so even if you do not like it, you must rate at least a 5. The following list is a list of the NONE RATERS. If it's been over 30 days since the date I've sent to my partner and they still haven't rated me, they will be listed here:


About Me


I have decided that from this day (5/17/14) I will be mailing packages out once a week following the swaps sign up deadline. I work from home 3 days a week and some Saturday overtime and I still haven't found the Post Office that is near the new house I just moved into. Be not dismayed. I will find it if I have to go to the old one or take it into the office with me for mailing.

Thanks. B

Love the Tampa Bay Bucs (I grew up in Florida - so that comes naturally).

I love shopping at Michaels, Joanns, Walmart, CreateForLess.com, and Crafty Secrets.com.

There will be a monthly theme for 3 - 4 different types of swaps.

I am a comber of the Garage & Estate sales, Thrift Stores and more in search of a special piece of trash to turn into treasure.




Follow me on [Twitter](http://twitter.com/beadeful and at "stefenih")

  • My Flickr Show (UPDATE on Flickr - I may have to create a new Flickr. Can't remember the password to get into this particular account. Will update if needed.)

Favorite Crafts

Matchboxes, Jewelry (bracelets, dangle earrings); ATC's; Rolled Paper Beads; Paper

The FLAKES - got milk?

My Angels for the dreaded Flakers: Watch out for these folks - THEY DON'T SEND:

** I was FLAKED BY:**

Don't Be A Swap Taker/Lifter or Non-Rater of Swaps.



Courtesy of Raven - pic

Courtesy of RyeRye - pic

Courtesy of Raven - pic

               --- THANKS & C R E D I T S ---


Juliajae on Mar 12, 2009:

Beautiful "Ode to Spring" ATC! Thank you Stefeni :)

Wickett6029 on Apr 26, 2009:

Your crafts are absolutely gorgeous!! (I'm so envious!) :-)

Beadweaver on May 28, 2009:

Thank you so much for Angeling me. I love the whole package. Thank you! = )

Notabelle on Jun 4, 2009:

What a wonderful package you angeled for me. I love the stitch markers you sent! And the extra charms was a step above!! You are a great host and a super swapper! Thanks you!!!!

RyeRye on Aug 13, 2009:

Thank you soi much for the envie with ribbon and the stellar vintage jewlery. You never let me down.

S.T.F.U. WTA 1 st honorary winner.

tallysoma on Aug 11, 2009:

oh my gosh! i just got my package for the thrift store treasure hunters tag and it is amazing. thanks so much for the wonderful items. my husband says some of the buttons are from a WWII army uniform. his dad was in the war and helped liberate the concentration camps in germany. the buttons will hold a special place of honor since my father-in-law destroyed his uniform (out of anger) when his oldest son enlisted. once again...thanks so much

cindi tallysoma

macka on Aug 13, 2009:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I got my ASO group tag today and you really spoiled me. The notecards are lovely and all the Asian things are great. The rainbow and mushroom stamps are too cute. You must of read my mind cause I have been looking for a mushroom stamp for a couple of weeks now. You are awesome!! Thanks again, Mary

grimmlynn on Aug 15, 2009:


Thank you so much for my profile surprise package. I was in awe of all the beautiful goodies you sent. It felt like my birthday! I love the earrings especially. The lady bug beads are adorable, too. Everything else rocked my socks off! You put together one amazingly awesome package for me! Did I mention thanks?



jadedmama on Jul 22, 2009:

Thanks so much!! LOVed the book and pattern!! :)

lilychouchou on Aug 20, 2009:

Thank you for all of the amazing old and broken jewellery you sent me for the Happy Swap-bot RAK group. Thanks also for the special little things you added, that Asian pendant is amazing! You are very generous and I so enjoyed going through it all. :D

Starsnow on Aug 23, 2009:

What a perfect TSTH WTA Surprise! The gardening book is a great addition to my collection! Thank you!

RyeRye on Aug 24, 2009:

I just received my RAK of incredible old jewelry finds from you and I am just thrilled! It is gonna take hours to go thru it all. You are so generous and kind! Thank you!

misumisu22 on Aug 29, 2009:

love my rub-on stickers! your goodies are on the way!!

macka on Sep 2, 2009:

Thank you so much for the dotee doll kit from the Kits Club. Sorry I am so late in thanking you. It was very much appreciated. Thanks again, Mary

groundhoggirl on Sep 5, 2009:

Oops...forgot to thank you ESPECIALLY for my groundhog!...Love him, love him, love him...He's going on the wall of fame...thanks again for a super swap!

LomoLover on Sep 12, 2009:

Love the origami papers received for WTG game! Thank you Thank you!

Stefanija on Sep 19, 2009:

Thank you soo very much for the awesome headband scarf!!:) just perfect:)

namesarefun on Sep 23, 2009:

Stef! I received a wonderful package from YOU!!!! For the ASO - WTA Sept. It was oragami papers, and I can't wait to use them! And gobs of chicken fabric!!! I can't seem to find any around my small town, and yet you found different ones that I didn't have! You really go the extra mile for ALL of the swaps that I have had with you! Consider yourself hugged!! I am getting closer and closer to having enough fabric of chickens!! YEAH!! THanks!! Lois

namesarefun on Sep 23, 2009:

Ah! Another package from one of my favorite swappers!! (SBS - Tag) You made me the most wonderfully purple matchbox, and set of inches! Love them! I may try this weekend with the supplies that you sent! Thanks! Lois

loricritt on Sep 22, 2009:

Thanks for your lovely comments on my ATC. Totally made my day!

ButterflyPrincess on Sep 25, 2009:

Thank you for the comment on my profile. Way cute. ;)

plumtoothpaste on Sep 29, 2009:

thank you for the felt and thread from the tag! i love the colors! and i'll have your faces in the mail tomorrow, i think! it'll be my first day off work, since i got back from vacation.

grimmlynn on Oct 2, 2009:

Thank you so much for the ribbon drawers. They are going to come in handy and I have tons of ribbon that is going to fit in there! Thanks again!

grimmlynn on Oct 8, 2009:

I received my AWESOME assortment of plastic fruit beads and you are too generous. They are too cute! Thank you so much!

crystald81 on Oct 17, 2009:

Thank you so much for the beautiful things you sent i love them all.

pthalostars on Oct 19, 2009:

thanks so much for yr sweet comment on my profile :) have a great day!

TAnn on Oct 20, 2009:

Hi Stef

Thank you for the Amazing RAK. I love all the norecards and the notebook is perfect for a project I have in mind. The package was wrapped so nicely, I felt very spoiled. Thank you again.

TAnn on Nov 9, 2009:

Thank you. I wish I knew how to make that big. My son loves the keyring, and I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness. You have made his day.

crystald81 on Nov 12, 2009:

Thank you so much for the adorable Black n white ATC and taking the time to angel it since I never got mine from my partner.

                --- E N D    THANKS & C R E D I T S ----


Comment: Thanks for the card... I love it! :)
Reesie271 rated for Asian Theme ATC on Jan 28, 2010
Comment: thanks!
amytheist rated for Yep, I failed Home Ec....! on Jan 28, 2010
Comment: "Fishy Tale" is so cute! It's currently hanging on my bedroom door weeeeeeeeeee.
TAnn rated for Alphabet Twinchies A -C on Jan 22, 2010
Comment: I really do love the style of these. Many thanks.
TAnn rated for Alphabet inchies A-E on Jan 22, 2010
Comment: These are so gorgeous. I love how they all match, thank you
PDXyogini rated for A Hole In One! (CQ) on Jan 20, 2010
Comment: Fun card, especially with the button suspended inside of the hole. Thanks!
Comment: Thanks for the cute stuff. I especially like the bookmark. The little children are so cute.
Comment: Cute card and thanks for the nice extras
toni rated for Asian Theme ATC on Jan 14, 2010
Comment: Lovely atc and wonderful extras!
savvygal rated for After Christmas Discount Shoppers! on Jan 13, 2010
Comment: girl, you really outdid yourself on this one!! it was like Christmas all over again! thank you so much for all the wonderful things! (hugs) ♥ share
aguasulis rated for What A Girl Likes ATC on Jan 13, 2010
Response: Thanks for rating.
ThePinkPosy rated for A Hole In 1! on Jan 11, 2010
Comment: So clever........I love it............thanks.
Response: Thanks for the heart. I'm glad you like it.
saara rated for 5 High Quality New/Est FB Swap on Jan 11, 2010
Comment: thanks!
Response: Thanks so much for rating.
amytheist rated for beadeful and glaeken swap on Jan 7, 2010
Comment: I love all the ribbons! They are all so pretty ... can't wait to start using them. You are one amazing swapper Stef, thank you so so so so so verrry much!
Response: Thanks for the heart. Everytime I go to the craft store, I find myself thinking of you and have to go to the ribbon section. LOL...I'll send more when I can.
leeler rated for 5 High Quality New/Est FB Swap on Jan 5, 2010
Comment: thank you, these are great, can't wait to pass them on.
Response: Thanks for the heart. Yes those were some nice ones.
Comment: Thanks for the fbs and the cute homemade bookmark and crafts you sent!
Response: Thanks for the heart. I'm glad you liked everything.
Comment: Thanks so much for the extra stuff. Have a wonderful New Year!!
Response: Thanks for the heart. I'm glad you liked everything.
Comment: Oh my Goodness!!!!!!! What a wonderful parcel!!!! I LOVE everything!!!!!! Thank you so very much, appreciate everything you sent!!!!!!!! Wish I could give you more hearts!!!! Merry Christmas, Debbie
Response: I'm so glad that you like it. Thanks for rating and for the heart.
Comment: Beautiful, Thanks!
Response: Thanks for rating and the heart. This ATC is very special. It was created based on what was happening on the day it was created. I'm glad that you like it. I was hoping that it wouldn't be too disappointing for you. Thanks again.
OnTheMove rated for (USA) Stuff My Stockings on Dec 6, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much. This was a wonderful package. Your was the first ATC I've seen I think and now I know I can do them too. And I love all the little thingd in the small bags. Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas! Peggy
Response: Peggy you are so very welcome. I call that ATC the UnATC, as it was suppose to be just a regular size card that happened to be the same size as an ATC, so you can call it an ATC if you want. The red and green ribbon and bling dots on the white of the boot are removable for reuse. Hope that you can use the other stuff too. Thanks for the rating and of course the heart. Have a Merry Holiday.

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CurlyTea on Aug 23, 2018:

Last online is over a year ago.

CurlyTea on Aug 20, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

CurlyTea on Aug 21, 2017:

grimmlynn on Apr 1, 2010:

Happy Easter!

slewis234 on Feb 17, 2010:

hi beadful, hope you are haning in through life's twists and turns. i know you said you were going through a rough time, let there be light in your life, peace in your heart and angel wings to lift your spirits!

snowqueen1426 on Feb 14, 2010:

Happy Valentines Darlin...! Love ya bunches ! HUGS.. cj..

grimmlynn on Feb 11, 2010:

Hey Stef,
Haven't seen you on here for a bit. I hope things are okay for you. {{Hugs}} Jeni

RyeRye on Feb 11, 2010:

amytheist on Jan 28, 2010:

Stef, I got two lovely packages from you today. The Fishy Tale is really cute, now am kinda insecure with the one I made [waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol] and the lovely papers for the needy tag. Thanks much! Definitely a wonderful addition to my stash.

trishgray17 on Jan 4, 2010:

I love your profile! Especially the little box.

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