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About Me

I grew up an "oil brat", traveling around the world. I'm married, with two teenage daughters and a medium dog. We live in Texas and love to travel. I've tried to be as detailed as possible in my profile. In each section I have my likes and dislikes. At the end I have some other general stuff on colors, themes, etc.

HOW I SWAP~ I like to put a lot of time and effort into my swaps, and especially like to try to send things that match my partner's profile. I love to send little extras and try to always include a little note because that's our chance to get to know each other! I enjoy private swaps, especially if we can come up with creative challenges for each other. I almost always send my swaps EARLY! If I am running late, I will PM you to let you know what's going on.

RATING: I always ALWAYS RATE, usually on the day I receive (Sometimes I travel for work in which case it would take me a few days. When I travel for longer periods of time I write those details in my profile). I consider myself a very fair rater. I am not stingy with hearts, although extras don't guarantee it. I usually give a heart when I can tell you carefully read my profile, or went the extra mile to make the swap special. Likewise I am not afraid to give 3's or 1's if I don't receive a swap, or it does not fulfil the requirements. I always call out flakers in the forums. That said, communication goes a LONG way with me. If you are running late with a swap, please PM me.

I am looking for partners who have this same philosophy!

GROUPS: I cut down on the number of groups I belong do, removing groups that were inactive or that I wasn't active in. I host two groups: Swap the Planet, and All 50 States.

PM me if you have any questions!

Favorite Music

I love to receive mix CD's! I like Ethnic, Folk, some Country. Specific artists: Dixie Chicks, Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, Patty Loveless, Nora Jones, Ophra Haza, Gypsy Kings.

NO rap, hardcore / acid rock, or Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson type music.

Favorite Books, Movies and TV

I love to read and enjoy receiving books!!!! My favorites are The Red Tent, Cold Mountain, Geek Love, Smilla's Sense of Snow, anything by Isabel Allende, anything by Annie Proulx, The Omnivore's Dilemma, Life of Pi, anything by John Irving.

NO self help books, relationship books, "romances", or diet books please!

Also check out my goodreads.com site, see link above.


I'd love to get a movie you don't want to own any more, along the lines of Amelie, Frida, A Very Long Engagement, Kite Runner, Out of Africa, Dear Frankie, Tender Mercies, Chocolat, Shakespeare in Love, Places in the Heart, Whale Rider.

NOT really into Hollywood movies, definitely no zombie / scary / slasher movies.

If our tastes are similar and you also use Netflix, PM me and we can become friends there too!\


I guess HGTV, I don't watch much television, mostly I get movies on netflix. I know virtually nothing about current sitcoms, drama's, etc.


  • sand from all over the world (please tell me the name of the beach)
  • little boxes
  • tiny nativity sets
  • crosses
  • buddha stuff
  • funky heart shaped stuff
  • anything Frida Kahlo
  • matchbooks--the freebies from restaurants, bars, etc.
  • religious candles
  • traditional looking teacup with saucer
  • mismatched wine glasses
  • mismatched black and white coffee cups

Favorite Crafts

I make and sell jewellry and generally that's all I wear (it gives me an opportunity to tell people "I made it" if they like what they see!

I make "repujado" pieces (Spanish colonial artform embossing on thin sheets of tin/silver/pewter) and like to send this in swaps as it is unique.

I love to take pics (see my flickr site!). I have dabbled in "alebrijes" (fantastical paper mache animals), which is really fun.

If you want to send me art stash, I like getting miniature things I can use in matchbook altars, I also like fun yarns, even if it's just a few feet. NO kits or plastic beads please!


In GENERAL my interests are anything vintage, cultural artifacts, literature, wild west, deep south, things that reflect the local culture, traditions, etc (whether that's Bolivia, Boston or Bentonville).


Colors: deep purple, saphire blue, turquoise, pale yellow, deep red, off-white, gray-pink, black.

Things I really like:

  • anything "ethnic", especially from Latin America, India, Middle East and Eastern Europe
  • books (fiction mostly)
  • organizer stuff (drawers, boxes, dividers, gadgety stuff)
  • natural fabrics (can be brightly colored) such as linen, cotton, silk
  • candles, both scented and unscented, all sizes and shapes
  • lotions and soaps in citrusy scents, also "grass" or "rain" scented
  • funky unique stuff that's local to your area, whether that's candy, soda, artifacts, etc.
  • religious stuff of all faiths (hindu, buddhist, christian, catholic, etc.), not preachy stuff, mostly the imagery (if in doubt, don't send)

I really love anything that's handmade, painted, embroidered, etc.


  • hearts
  • spirals
  • ethnic
  • moon
  • "natural" ie. shells, trees, flowers
  • maps
  • delft
  • asian
  • eye / evil eye
  • circles / dots
  • loteria
  • clocks
  • fleur de lis
  • leaves
  • snowflakes
  • irises


In GENERAL I'm not crazy about animal prints, cartoon characters, patriotic themes, religious themes (except in a cultural way, hard to explain) or anything overly "cute" such as puppies, cherries, etc. (unless it's stationary or decotape).

Yukky Colors: Olive green, orange, chartreuse, anything neon/glow in the dark, most yellows

NO "Collectibles"! ie. wizard of oz, betty boop, sports teams, disney, pez, etc.

NO CLOWNS PLEASE! They've always scared me...

Other DISLIKES: "cutesy" designs with dogs, cats, etc., vintage or real stuff from the 60's or 70's (I was there, it wasn't so great the first time around...), animal print stuff, stuff along the lines of "princess/diva/queen", self-help books



I'm 'into' fresh ingredients and simple dishes when I cook. I don't like using cans, premixes or artificial flavorings. I love all sorts of spices. I'm not a good improviser and generally make menus and use a cookbook rather than improvise. I have a small collection of excellent cookbooks that focus on fresh, easy, etc.

I do like candy, chocolates, snacks etc. especially if it's unique to your area.

I like all flavors of coffee and teas, prefer the teas individually sealed. I love hot chocolate and other drinks such as mate, atole, ovaltine, etc.especially if it's unique to your area.

I would enjoy receiving dry ingredients and recipes for any and all sorts of ethnic foods.


You may be able to tell from the description above what my taste is in clothes and jewelry. Here's some more information just in case.

JEWELRY: please don't send me any! I make all my own jewelry and have more than enough already.

CLOTHING: I am a "big girl"! I wear very simple clothes in neutral colors. The only clothes I can imagine anyone sending me in a swap would be a t-shirt, in which case I am a XL. I don't like a lot of patterns or PR type t's such as freebie shirts. I would enjoy any t-shirt that was embellished, embroidered, etc. tastefully (ie. less is more!). I also use a lot of scarves, but have plenty already, unless you have an extra special hand crafted or ethnic funky one for me.

ACCESSORIES: I LOVE colorful and crazy socks!!!! (not the "toes" kind because they are not comfortable!). I don't currently have a need for warm hats, winter scarves or gloves as I live in a devilishly warm climate.

Angels and Flakers

Someone offered to angel for me and I really appreciate it, and decided to add this section on what I've been flaked on and if it was angelled. If you send one of the flakeage items as an extra I will surely give you a heart!

Thanks Angels!


florian rated for THREE from ME from HERE on Jul 25, 2009
Comment: thank you so much. i love the thimble.
Response: I'm glad you received everything and liked it!
Josietai rated for THREE from ME from HERE on Jul 15, 2009
Comment: WONDERFUL! I just received your awesome package! You spoilt me with so many goodies. I love the horse hair keyring, magnet, coasters, pop tarts!, postcards and basically everything! I can't wait to try the chocolate mix skittles (not available in Malaysia) and chili kit too. You are so nice to send me extras brochures esp. the shopping spots leaflet ;P Oh my....thank you so much Carla =) It's really worth the wait!
Response: I'm so happy you received, and rather quickly too! I'm glad you liked everything and enjoy!
jnolan05 rated for DVD for Kids Pack on May 9, 2009
Comment: Thanks :) The boys are enjoying their goodies
Response: great! enjoy it all! I'm taking the movie with me for my long flight to Argentina tonight (9hours!).
Comment: Loved the card and saying on the back! Wow, woman! You are busy! Hope you have a safe and fun time in Venezula! I look forward to getting to know you!!! Take care :)
Response: So glad you liked it, sorry for the delay. I'm leaving today! I'll be posting pics on flickr, I'm so excited!
weeatcrayons rated for carladallas and weeatcrayons on May 8, 2009
Comment: Thanks for the yummy cookies, they were all really good!
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed, I've also been lovin' the Asian market goodies!
Muriel rated for See, Hear and Taste My Country on Apr 29, 2009
Comment: Love the cd!! Not to mention the earrings. Oh and the tourist atc and well I like everything you sent and will try some peanutbrittle soon. Thank you for a great package.
Response: Great! I'm glad it made it and that you are enjoying everything! I thought the CD was really special (you lucked out that my cd burner is not working :)
Comment: Thanks for the great Frida Tote and all the other goodies in the parcel! Loved it..! I apologise for not rating sooner.
Response: thanks.
Turquoise rated for Texas - Ireland Swap on Apr 2, 2009
Comment: OMG! I love everything! Thank you so much!!! ((hugs))
Response: it made it pretty quickly! I'm so glad you are enjoying! Carla
sunshinesuperman rated for Handmade America on Mar 27, 2009
Comment: The earrings are beautiful and just my taste. What wonderful craftmenship. I can hardly wait to try the chocolate this weekend. We are to get 10-15 inches of snow! Thank you so much for a great package. Hugs, Mona
Response: you are so welcome! I'm glad you liked them and can appreciate the work! stay warm! Carla
magicjessnrach rated for National Artist on Mar 20, 2009
Comment: I love my package, thank-you! Everything was just great. Pollock is one of my favourite artists and was very important to the cultural growth of Australia. In 1973 the Whitlam Government purchased 'Blue Poles' for the National Gallery of Australia. At the time they paid the highest price ever for a modern painting. It caused a political and media scandal! However, because of that purchase Australians finally began to appreciate the Arts!!! ps I LOVED the cowboy postcards, too cool!!!!
Response: Rachel, I'm so happy it got there safely!!!! and that you liked everything. I actually saw in a book when I was researching this that that Pollock painting was a big deal in Australia but didn't mention it because you must have been a kid back then! Enjoy everything. Take care!
Comment: thank you :)
Response: you are welcome
PaperLadyInvites rated for RETRO Kitchen Swap on Mar 13, 2009
Comment: Thank you SOOO much for this swap! I loved the apron and cookbook. I also loved the extras! The card is so awesome. So pretty! I don't want to use it because its so cool. And, I've worn your necklace a lot. MANY compliments on it! Have you thought of selling? -chelsey
Response: I'm so glad you liked everything, I love the apron I got too, this has been fun. Regarding the jewelry, I do sell but not the vintage stuff. I need to get my hands on more vintage to take apart! I'm glad you're enjoying it.
AsuraKatz rated for Texas - Croatia Swap on Mar 13, 2009
Comment: I just got home to so many sweet goodies! Thank you so much! My bf and I are planning on using the cool bath salts you sent this weekend. Thanks again! :)
Response: I'm so happy it arrived safely--let me know how you like the salts once you use them. Beware that the soap bag hardens if you don't use it regularly (my mom got some and that was her feedback!). Take care!
lunacjp rated for Frida Notecard on Mar 6, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much for the beautiful card and all the extras!! candace
Response: You are very welcome, thanks for rating!
OnMyWeigh rated for what love taught me on Mar 1, 2009
Response: thanks for rating
revolutionoise rated for what love taught me on Feb 19, 2009
Comment: Wow the package was adorable and really thoughtful, so was the list :]
Response: am glad you liked it, thanks for rating.
MuzicChiq rated for what love taught me on Feb 18, 2009
Comment: loved your swap! the pictures and stories were great! thank you so much!
Response: You are so welcome, and thank you for rating!
k9sarchick rated for what love taught me on Feb 18, 2009
Comment: Well thank you first for communicating that the item would be late. I appreciated that. But you went above and beyond! I LOVED IT! I about cried reading the items and the extra special goodies made my day.
Response: it makes me happy to know you were moved, and liked everything. Thanks for rating!
Comment: What wonderful, creative cards! And such a terrific package -- thank you! I wish I could give out more than one heart.
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for rating!
solarts rated for "India Goddess and Gods" Revised on Jan 30, 2009
Comment: Wow! Thanks so much for the extras. I love the handmade cards you made and all the extra goodies. I'm going to have fun with the book. Have a great weekend.
Response: You are so welcome, have fun with the origami, and thanks for rating!

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carladallas on Jan 18, 2011:

Hi again everyone ~ not swapping right now. Lots of changes going on in my life, have to focus on the here and now. I'm still active on flickr if you want to connect there. Cheers!

carladallas on Mar 8, 2010:

Just stopped by to take a peek, still not into the swapping yet!!! I have joined swaptree and am swapping books which is fun!!! Am using all my creative time to make things that are for sale, since I have a kid in college! Stay happy, warm and swapping y'all!

carladallas on Jan 7, 2010:

Hi everyone, am still not ready to swap as things have not slowed down for me. I am going through changes at home and work that take priority. I definitely want to take up swapping again someday, but not now! Stay happy!

carladallas on Oct 13, 2009:

checking in to say Hi again, just not up for swapping yet, too much stuff going on right now on the home and work front. Happy swapping to everyone else!

carladallas on Sep 29, 2009:

still laying low, have not disappeared but "real life" is taking center stage right now. Hope all my swapfriends are doing ok!

LindaRuthie on Aug 3, 2009:

Received the awesome post card from Wyoming today.It was so nice of you to offer to send a tag while you were away. Thank you for adding this beauty to our collection.

carladallas on Jun 3, 2009:

Am back, but not really in the groove yet or back to swapping. Will send out a TAG that I owe and the swap I'm in and may lay low for the summer.

Anniehall on May 20, 2009:

I'm glat to know that you're loving Bs. As, what amazing and lovely city - when I was there I felt so happy, my life changed a bit with that trip. Carla, enjoy every second in Bs. As., especially the noches porteñas, tango, food and handsome men. Saludos desde el otro lado de la cordillera.

aonbelay on May 5, 2009:

Sorry for the late comment, but THANK YOU for the postcard!!!! It was a nice mail surprise

jnolan05 on Apr 12, 2009:

I'm ready for our swap whenever you are :)

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