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cynaemon on Mar 23, 2018:

Easy Profile Quote #23

The humans kidnapped and drugged me. I awoke to find myself on their private yacht, heading south to an unknown destination.

The human says she is glad the rains are over. He lawn looks beautiful.

cynaemon on Mar 23, 2018:

Quick and easy profile message #21

As I told you in my last message, we got jobs as models. The humans for which we work are the ones for whom we have searched. We have successfully infiltrated their operation. Who knows what will happen next. Etele

Oh, and the human says 'Happy Spring.'

Lucine on Mar 23, 2018:

Greetings from the Netherlands. It's weekend! Hope you'll enjoy this weekend. Wishing you lots of fun in whatever you do:)

xtheechox on Mar 23, 2018:

Hi there! Hope You're doing well! Easter and April fools is almost here! What are your plans? ~Tomi (Quick and easy Profile Message #23)

bluecrayons on Mar 21, 2018:

Quick and easy profile message #21

Hello. Can you believe Easter and April fools day is on the same day? I keep thinking it’s a joke. Haha

What’s your opinion?

Poohtat on Mar 21, 2018:

I love to go hiking with my husband. We get some of our best photos from the mushrooms and things we find along the trails. Quick and easy profile message #21

angelasunshine3 on Mar 20, 2018:

Have a nice day

Quick and Easy Profile Message #20

Tigra18 on Mar 19, 2018:

Quick and easy profile message #20

Hello to you from tennessee,

       it is a beautiful day out and a perfect day to go out and take in all the blooming flowers or weel thats what im about to do. im a photographer and i get to go take photos of beautiful children and families with the easter bunny. i enjoy seeing the world through the eye of a camera. to me you seem to see more of the world that way. well im going to leave this here. if you would like stop by my profile. i ove to make new friends and write letters.
Lucine on Mar 19, 2018:


It's very sunny today, with a cold wind:) I like it! Welcome to swap-bot! I hope you enjoy swapping here. I like scrapbooking, art journaling and playing with paints too. I hope to meet you in an art journal swap;)

atcdesigner on Dec 2, 2008:

Carolyn, This is a great ATC! Thank you so much. I love the painted over text background. Everything is very nice. (and you don't have to send another one--this one is great!) Thanks for swapping. Happy Holidays, Vee

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