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iamnothisgirl on Dec 10, 2011:

I received my postcard for the P.S. Write Back Postcards #16 swap today. Thank you for sending it back!

racheljohnson on Dec 2, 2011:

I just got your sweet snail mail thank you note for the swag pack I sent. You are TOTALLY welcome and I am so glad that you are enjoying Swap-bot. Happy swapping! :)

SecretSquirrel1904 on Nov 30, 2011:

Would you believe how hard it is to find a darn Oklahoma map card, especially now that I promised you one heheh! Im still on the look out, ive seen a few good ones before but of course now they are gone when I shop! :)

LeSillyMe on Nov 13, 2011:

Yay, i'm so happy you are my partner for the vintage pc swap i am hosting! I just sent your card off today. I wonder how long it will take to get there, considering it is just on the other side of Portland? :)

CookieCrumble on Oct 18, 2011:

Hey Kate,

I would totally be up for sending you an Irish postcard. >_< I'll pm you my address. Is there any particular kind of card you would like?

Marian. X

signalflare66 on Oct 17, 2011:

Profile Love ♥ Quick Swap #3

Hello! I checked out your blog, I love the design and some of the postcards you have are really neat! (:

I've taken 2 psychology classes, 1 in high school and 1 in college, it's such an interesting subject! I'm going towards medicine so now I'm taking more math and science classes!

Anyhoo, I hope you have a wonderful evening!

CookieCrumble on Oct 17, 2011:

Profile Love quick swap #3

Hey, I love your postcard collection especially the Michigan - wolverine state one. >_< Do you have any from Ireland?

What kind of things have you knitted? I used to knit back when I was in school. I was terrible though, everything I ever did was always riddled with holes!!! XD I wasn't much better at sewing and I remember that my mother used to always give out to me for never learning to properly sew but I have an amazing boyfriend who can sew and cook and do lots of other stuff that I can't. He completes me! XD

Ah Snickers and Rex are such cute names for your dogs. I'm more of a cat person though. Do you like cats? One of my beautiful cats, Garfield died two weeks ago. She was hit by a car! ='( I miss her so so much she was a great cat and sometimes she would eat chips and lasagne! (like Garfield the cartoon)

Well I hope you have a fantastic day and please don't forget to rate 'cause I'm new here and need the ratings.

Cookie Crumble. X

Vickyen on Oct 16, 2011:

Hi! I am one of your partners on the Profile Love ♥ Quick Swap #3. First welcome to swap-bot and I hope you have a wonderful time swapping! This is a great place to swap postcards, so hopefully you will get bunches of them that work for your collection! Wow, you have to have quite the load with studying psychology! I wish you all the best with your law school future! I love some of the same music that you do, as you seem to like some older artists! The Beatles, Cat Stevens and Simon & Garfunkel rock! I also enjoy Kathy Reich's books! Hope to swap pcs with you at some point! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)

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