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Please note that all of my work is © All Rights Reserved - No Usage Allowed in Any Form Without the Written Consent of Cat T. S. aka nightmares n fairy tales (Flickr) aka izohgore (SB).

Tendencies of dark & dry humor; sarcastic; blunt; insomniac; migraine sufferer. Straight-Edge Vegetarian (â“‹egan); Illustrator, graphic designer, tattoo designer, visual artist, freelance mixed medium fine artist. Active in animal rescue and rehabilitation. Obsessions & passions include: photography, creating, cooking; baking; heirloom & organic gardening; knitting; hiking; orchids; on and off road motorcycle riding; sewing; plushies; art dolls; art journals (moleskins); printmaking; block printing; polymer clay sculpting; fountain dip pens & liquid ink; zines (making & collecting); Amigurumi (especially creepy/creepy-cute); video gaming; bibliophile, collecting & reading independent comics; reading: sci-fi, fairytales, fantasy, legends, mythology, true crime, bizarre history, paranormal, and studying many different subjects (especially Ethology); theater: plays & musicals; Anthropomorphism; running with my pack; MTB; Yoga; and horror genre-macabre subjects in art, films, and books. Fave holiday is Halloween/Samhain.

Some fave artistic themes: macabre, dark, fairytales, legends/folklore, mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, horror/gore, mystical, all animals (see pets in additional info section; Particularly fond of Dachshunds, Pugs, All Cats & Persians, Parakeets, Owls, Turtles, Rodents, & Lagomorphs), surreal, realism, retro-futurism, vintage, anime/manga, comic books, bizarre, fantasy, tentacles, trilobites, scarabs, crimson red, geeky, Irish/Celtic, & steampunk. There is one thing I truly dislike: clowns. Never been a fan of overdone soft pastels/pink/glitter (pink e.g. love Nintendo character Kirby & Valentines Day pinks & pink flowers are fine, pastel colored art supplies are lovely & useful but, not a fan of wearing pink socks/hats/scarves). Not a fan of ball sports.

::Geek Out:: Evil Dead, Lenore, Fillerbunny, JTHM, FSc, Dirge, Vasquez, Neil Gaiman, Nintendo (Yoshi, Zelda/Link, Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Onii, Pikmin, etc.), Playstation, Horror Conventions, Studio Ghibli, InvaderZIM, Froud, Dark Crystal (& especially Fizzgig), Doctor Who, David Tennant, Torchwood, Big Bang Theory (Bazinga!), Sheldon Cooper, Redwall, Nivek Ogre, Serena Valentino (N&FT), Steve Niles, Hayao Miyazaki, Totoro; his pals & Catbus, Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service, Assassin's Creed, Squee, Tarantino, Prachett, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Anne McCaffrey, del Toro, Miyazaki, Henson, Warriors, Last Unicorn, The Cat Returns, Shaun of the Dead, Secret of NIMH, Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton, E.T., Darko, The Walking Dead, Greg the Bunny, Dead Like Me, Six Feet Under, True Blood, Dexter, etc. etc. etc.

::Small sampling of some fave authors:: Edgar Allan Poe, J.R.R. Tolkien, Roman Dirge, Jhonen Vasquez, FSc, Neil Gaiman, Serena Valentino, Brian Keene, Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, Jonathan Safran Foer, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Terry Hope Romero, Brian Jacques, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Paolini, Erin Hunter, Kathryn Lasky, Holly Black, Kelley Armstrong, Kate DiCamillo, Aprilynne Pike, Margery Williams Bianco, Suzanne Collins, Alan Alexander Milne, Melissa Marr, Cornelia Funke, Charlaine Harris, C. J. Cherryh, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, Ursula K. Le Guin, Mary Shelley, Mark Twain, Richard Adams, Alexandre Dumas, George Orwell, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, etc. etc. etc.


Please note that all of my work is © All Rights Reserved - No Usage Allowed in Any Form Without the Written Consent of Cat T. S. aka nightmares n fairy tales (Flickr) aka izohgore (SB). Some examples from illustrated OOAK ATCs, Limited hand pulled printmaking PCs, OOAK Illustrated Mail Art, OOAK Jewelry, OOAK Art Dolls, & OOAK Plushies original creations made by me. Get a closer look or to view more, my work is locked on Flickr:

Zombiefied Fred ATC, copyrighted by CTS Bubo - Great Horned Owl - Owls of Ga'Hoole ATC Series, copyrighted by CTS Pud the Cat ATC, copyrighted by CTS Black Cat ATC, copyrighted by CTS 9 Tail Fox ATC, copyrighted by CTS Short Eared-Owl ATC - Ruby - Owls of Ga'Hoole Series, copyrighted by CTS

Red Riding Hood & the Wolf, copyrighted by CTS Satyr - I&PA Legendary Series, copyrighted by CTS Zombiefied Caezar, copyrighted by CTS Fruit Bat, Copyrighted by CTS Unicorn, copyrighted by CTS Zombie Nurse, copyrighted by CTS

Phoenix, copyrighted by CTS Platypus, copyrighted by CTS Gryphon, copyrighted by CTS Stargazer, copyrighted by CTS Dia de los Muertos - Block Prn. 2010, copyrighted by CTS Bone Church, copyrighted by CTS

Hummingbird Mail Art, copyrighted by CTS Tribal Steam Girl, copyrighted by CTS

Beast 1 & 2, copyrighted by CTS Look What the Cat Dragged in, copyrighted by CTS

Petey, copyrighted by CTS Wabbit, copyrighted by CTS

Baby Cthulhu, copyrighted by CTS Zombie Cupcake, copyrigthted by CTS

Demon Cat, copyrighted by CTS Voodoo Doll, copyrighted by CTS

Frogshund, copyrighted by CTS Devil Made Me Do It ,copyrighted by CTS

Teeth & Horns, copyrighted by CTS Anatomical Heart Pendant, copyrighted by CTS

Additional Info..

  • ATCs, Inchies, Twinchies, Rinchies, Skinnies & Rolos; expect illustrated or painted originals (I also have custom Moos printed from my photography/art & if I have them on hand, they are included in my swaps), some of my cards are from series which are numbered, & ALL are signed. I usually use mixed mediums of pen/ink, marker, watercolors, pastels, charcoal, colored pencil, color sticks, handmade natural papers, hand carved/etched/desiged block prints, and/or acrylics. Illustrated cards usually take quite a bit of planning, study, & time to complete. They also present a challenge to an illustrator due to their small size. Some of you that choose not to illustrate, do not realize the work involved in these cards, please take a moment to think about what I sent you if you do have me a partner. Each of my works are a miniature work of art & each of my works are a piece of me, please be respectful. I take critique on all of my work seriously. If I do use photographs/pictures (rare) incorporated into my work, images are from photos that I have taken. I also enjoy producing, contributing, & swapping zines. These cards & zines are my fun between large projects & my work, if someone is disrespectful, I no longer deem this as fun. I am a visual artist, I feel my work should speak for itself in most instances, love notes, extras, or materialist items should NOT be a necessity to acquire bonus points or hearts. I do not believe in black mail, a swapping website is certainly not the place to demand materialistic extras for hearts, those that do should be ASHAMED of yourselves. A quality swap produced from the swap description should be what your committed swap entails. Taking the time to fulfill your swap project to the highest potential, should be what concerns everyone, including greedy swappers. Creativity is a necessity for me personally; put effort, thought, & time into a piece, & you will be reciprocated w/positivity, respect, a perfect score & heart. Artist Trading Cards are just as their name implies, miniature works of art, I think some ATC swappers need to be reminded on this, and positivity & respect for other artists should be paramount, do unto others how you would like to be treated & respected, especially when it comes to your work. On a side note, I also participate in sketchbook & finished art exhibitions around the country (meet me in person @ local area shows).

  • If we swap, expect feedback prompt from me, & I hope you will be kind enough to do the same for me in return. I put effort & love into my personal projects, I'm sure you do the same, & it's nice to hear if someone appreciates all your work & effort. Please read my above section notes about ratings & swap-bot hearts.

  • As an artist the full spectrum is my playground but, I do find myself partial to reds, particularly crimson & deep reds. Also am fond of greens, violets, blues, achromatic colors (& achromatic colors combined w/reds), earth tones & autumn colors.

  • I have been asked a number of times the brands & products that I use for some of my creations. Here are some of the products I use regularly.

  • My Etsy.

  • We keep quite the menagerie at this household, a strong love for animal friends, & I love all animals. We have a common red-eared slider turtle named Darwin, an indoor aviary w/a small flock of colorful budgie parakeet birds. And we have a full pride of kitties (fond of all cats, especially Persians) & a pack of small dogs (particularly fond of Dachshunds & Pugs & mixes are beautiful).

  • I make conscious decisions about my health, dietary needs, & environment; organic, fair trade, & natural whole foods w/out additives are the best choices for me. I suffer from adverse allergic reactions to MSG & other food additives & preservatives. Sensitive to oranges & grapefruit, cause severe migraine. Prefer cuppa tea to coffee (never have been a coffee fan), and caffeine free only, (please don't send tea, I cannot have artificial or natural flavorings or other artificial or natural additives due to my migraines & sensitivity to these kinds of ingredients.). Fortunately I have discovered that I can have small doses of vegan chocolate, I'm a huge fan of carob. I also have skin reactions to many topical products, this includes lip balms, fragrances are a problem in most cases w/commercial products, please do not scent your envies, cards, or packages w/scents, I suffer from migraines from most scents. Vegan for life, cruelty-free products. I either make my own or purchase many handmade cruelty-free personal products from Etsy. P.S. I also enjoy making vegan bento lunches, check out my Flickr for some photos, tagged vegan bento.

  • When it comes to music; metal (\m/ Sepultura, Soulfly, etc.), hardcore (Sick of It All, Spudmonsters, Cro-Mags, etc.), industrial (Skinny Puppy, OhGr, etc.), alternative/rock (Tool, Nirvana, Tori Amos, Bjork, etc.), & punk (Fugazi, 7 Seconds, Black Flag, etc.) fan. Not a huge rap fan, well I do like some old school (Sugar Hill Gang, Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys), detest most modern rap, and I can NOT tolerate R&B, country, & most soft rock..

  • I have an entire room (& then some) dedicated to my books, a true bookworm, I indulge myself in many subjects. Besides subjects on animal behavior or about animals in general, my favorite subjects include; horror, sci-fi, & graphic novels/comics (& also enjoy reading children's books), art & photography, & vegan cookbooks.

  • Fan of fairy tales, fantasy, animals, science fiction, horror & gore; faeries (darker varieties are much more interesting than Tinkerbell), goblins, fey creatures, dragons, mermaids, unicorns, enchantment, etc.; & all the usual ghouls associated w/horror... such as monsters (even the cute beasties), zombies, were cats/wolves, vamps, etc. Some fave tales/authors/illus. (list could go on & on) include: A Grimm, Perrault, Hans Cristian Anderson, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Mary Shelley, H.P.Lovecraft, Jhonen Vasquez, FSc, Roman Dirge, Brom, Brom Stoker, Lord Byron, John William Polidori, J.R.R.Tolkien, Serena Valentino, & Edward Gorey; The Last Unicorn, The Juniper Tree, The Tell Tale Heart, The Black Cat, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice In Wonderland, Mrs. Grigsby & the Rats of Nihm, Snow White and Rose Red, Secret Garden, Sleepy Hollow, Spiderwick Chronicles, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Narnia, Warriors, His Dark Materials, Oz, Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid, The Wild Swans, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Rapunzel, Pied Piper, The Adventures of Pinocchio, etc. (& etc. & etc.) Artistically rendered nudity is fine, & language may be foul but, not taken in sexual context, catch my drift? I also have a issues w/things that may be deemed racist, sexist, or pornographic. I'm a horror fan, so faux gore is acceptable (NOTE: STRONGLY dislikes clowns). Though, I do caution, I have peeves about animal cuelty & animals being harmed in fine art depictions (in most instances), and, I'm not referring to the Coyote plummeting off of deep ravine.. Hear me?

  • Preferred trading & swapping: fellow illustrating, printmaking, & fiber artists (contact me to do private custom trade, Also interested in trading my fine art for other artisan mediums that are not of my specialty). If you excel or specialize in collage (besides, I don't do it but, I don't knock it, I've seen some amazing collages in the past) , fiber arts, other mediums, etc., then I'm sure I will love trading/swapping w/you. I'm sorry but, I will not tolerate sticker slapping nonsense, those that sticker slap will never acquire a heart from me (read more about hearts in above description, in bold).

  • Veganism * Organic * Pro-Environment * Animal Welfare * Self-Sufficiency * Animist * Straight-Edge *


Neeklette rated for Mail Art #10 - Open Theme & Empty on Apr 13, 2012
Comment: Loved the mail-art, and loved this swap,Thankyou
Response: So happy you enjoyed the mail-art Octi piece & swap, thank you for joining, & thank you for the fab rating & heart! ^_^
TangleCrafts rated for Red Riding Hood Revisited on Mar 14, 2012
Comment: Absolutely awesome Little Red/Wolf art doll - thank you so much for such a unique interpretation. Lots of fun! :)
Response: I'm so thrilled that you are enjoying the little doll, I was partial to her wolfish hood of the 2 dolls that I created & thought you may enjoy the rendering, too. ^_^ Thanks so much for the lovely compliments, great rating, & heart! If you need photos for the project, there are some photos of the dolls here that I had posted on my Flickr: http://flickr.com/gp/nightmares_and_fairy_tales/jS5Y4A
emilyjane rated for Red Riding Hood Revisited on Mar 5, 2012
Comment: I am so thrilled with Little Red Become Wolfish! I am amazed by the detail, and the hard work you must have gone to, to make her look as perfect as she does! She sits proudly in my art room on top of my cabinet! Thankyou!
Response: Aww, so happy to hear she has settled happily in her new home, thank you for the kind compliments, the wonderful rating & heart! ^_^ Both dolls & additional details can be seen here: http://flickr.com/gp/nightmares_and_fairy_tales/jS5Y4A
madcrazy rated for Mail Art #9 - Open Theme & Empty on Jan 23, 2012
Comment: It's always exciting to get mail art from you, Cat. The envie is gorgeous!! Thank you. Kathy
Response: Yay! So happy to hear you enjoyed the piece (& enjoy receiving from me, yay, means I'm doing my job right!) & it was received safely. Thank you for the wonderful compliments, terrific rating, & heart! ^_^
Comment: Wow, what a beautiful ATC! Thank you so much :)
Response: Thank you for the wonderful compliment, so happy to hear you enjoy her. ^_^ Thanks for the terrific rating & heart, too!
Tjrenee rated for Private: Tjrenee & izohgore on Dec 3, 2011
Comment: Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even put in to words how happy I am with zombiefied fred ATC that you made! It is absolutely perfect! I am going to get a frame for it this week. Emily is going to love it! You are so very talented! Thanks for doing a private swap with me (:
Response: Awwww I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying the Zombiefied Fred ATC & excited to hear the update after Emily opens her very own zombiefied Fred! Such a pleasure swapping w/you Tracy, let's do this again sometime in 2012, too much fun! \^_^/ And thank you Tracy, for the wonderful compliments, terrific rating, & heart!
Comment: Just wanted to add my comment for the stocking stuffers I received. I LOVED both of them. The owl ring was really beautiful and the little monster was great! Thanks again!
Response: Yay, glad you received it safely! Haha, you are so cute, like I said, you don't have to wait. There are 2 pieces inside wrapped in wax paper separately among the tissue paper in the holiday gift bag. You could always unwrap one (or both, ha) before the holidays. ~_^ Thank you for wonderful rating & generous heart before opening your package, I do hope you enjoy everything & Happy Holidays!
dobie256 rated for GREAT HORNED OWL: #11 Bubo; ATC on Nov 12, 2011
Comment: Well, once again your work is out-of-this-world amazing. I keep trying to get that light airiness to my watercolors but fail every time. I think this is my favorite of your owls so far. The stance, look in the eye, vibe, etc. is very realistic. Love him -- and the grey winter background is PERFECT for this species. You're da bomb! And I am always so lucky when I get you for a partner! <3<3<3<3<3
Response: So happy he made his journey quickly & safely & joyed to hear how much you are enjoying him! Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments about my work, the wonderful rating, & hearts. Always such a pleasure swapping w/you!
neca84 rated for Private: neca84 & izohgore on Oct 31, 2011
Comment: CAT I Adore it, I am going to frame it, I love love love it thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: Yay, he has reached you safely & is enjoyed, thank goodness! So happy to see this reaction, was a wonderful project, thank you for this fab project, the wonderful comment, terrific rating, & heart!
Comment: Dear Cat- As always your swap is lovely and well thought out & I would give you more heart if I could for this one. I always love your work but I must say that this Banshee is up there with the Medusa you sent as one of my favorite. Just lovely. You do have such a touch for those bad girls of mythology. Thank you for another lovely atc and swap.
Response: Awww you tickled me pink w/your comments, thank you, so joyed to hear how much you enjoy The Morrigan in her Banshee form. Thank you for the wonderful compliments, fab rating, & hearts! ^_^
keylee3 rated for Blood, Guts, & Braaaains Bookmark! on Oct 19, 2011
Comment: I love my bookmark so much! ^♥^ It's exactly what I was hoping for! Brains hanging from the book I'm reading is perfect. Thank you for the bookmark and for hosting this awesome swap!
Response: Yay, so happy you are enjoying your new brains bmk! Thanks so much for participating in the swap, & for the fabulous rating & heart!
Comment: Wonderful close-up of dear Oswald's zombie eyes. I really enjoy your artwork. I also like your card enclosure - simple but protects! Thank you. Kathy
Response: Ran out of my other clear bag sleeves, you received the extra thick plastic card sleeves, glad you like them. Normally don't use these in shipment. ^_^ So happy to hear you enjoyed the card, thanks for the wonderful compliments, fab rating, & heart!
jensquil rated for Mail Art #7 - Open Theme & Empty on Sep 27, 2011
Comment: Sounds like she liked her dragon envelope alot. Thank you so much for taking over for me.
Response: Not a problem, thank you for getting in touch w/me & I'm glad we were able to easily redirect this swap thanks to the clear & quick communication from you, so thank you, & thank you for rating me on her behalf. As quoted from as FarStarr on Sep 26, 2011: "Thank you so much for the fantastic koi dragon envelope! He's fantastic!!!"
Comment: I LOVE the black cat ATC!!! Wow what a great artist!!! 100 hearts for you! xoxoxox
Response: Yay!! Love hearing one someone enjoys a card & when it gets to it's destination safely & swiftly. Glad you enjoyed, thanks so much for the wonderful compliments, fab rating, & hearts! ^_^
mizvicky rated for Little Random Act of Sisterhood on Sep 26, 2011
Comment: Cat, thank you so much for the 3 ATC's you sent me!!!! I love them:) thanks also for hosting This swap...
Response: Yay, they reached you safely & glad you enjoyed the ATCs as an answer to your wish. ^_^ Thanks for the terrific rating & heart, too!
Comment: I just love your work and it always a joy to be in one of your group swaps:) thank you
Response: Happy you enjoyed the card & thank you for the wonderful compliments about my work & swaps, the great rating, & heart! ^_^
LavenderLizard rated for Chesire Cat ATC on Sep 19, 2011
Comment: Just an amazing Cheshire cat! I'm always so impressed with your artistic talents...so detailed and gorgeous!
Response: Yay, so happy you enjoyed him, & thank you for the wonderful compliments about my work, the terrific rating, & heart! ^_^
lilspotteddog rated for LIVING DOLLS on Sep 18, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much, Cat, for a lovely interpretation. Your mad painting skilz are much in evidence here. Lovey her!
Response: Christine, you are always far too kind, such a sweetie, thank you, & you are the one w/the mad paper doll makin' skillz. Thank you! (((((huggles)))))
RyeRye rated for LIVING DOLLS on Sep 16, 2011
Comment: WOW. What is this amazing thing! If I walk across the room the dam eyes follow me. Creepy like I like it! Thank you so much.
Response: To one creepy lovin' sis to another, love creating creepy creations, & thank you! ((((huggles))))
dkay rated for LIVING DOLLS on Sep 14, 2011
Comment: Thanks Cat. As always, your artistry shines the brightest.
Response: All smothered in sweetness, you too are far too kind, thank ya for everythang Donner! ((((huggles))))

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