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The Way it IS!!

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PLEASE dp not ask me to rate you, I may be a bit slow at times but I promise you I will get it done and it really grinds my gears when people harass me for ratings

Firstly and most importantly of all

I am truly sick of flakers and people who do not send on time and even people who somehow "forget" to send tags etc, so from now on... Friend or Foe if you are late sending to me with out any communication BEFORE the send by date, not after, I WILL rate you a 3. If I dont receive anything I WILL rate you a 1. and that's the way I am going to play this game from now on.................... AND I expect the same from others as well.


Also lets not keep using the age old excuses oh my computer died or I had no way of getting in touch, RUBBISH there are many ways to get online these days. Also my Granny died (for the third time) and I had to leave town for her funeral...... NOPE like I said NO EXCUSES

This may sound harsh but I can only take stupid excuses for so long. I have only sent late on 2 swaps in 3 years and I let my partner know that I was going to be late BEFORE the send by date. And yeah, "LIFE" happens to me too !!! ........................................................................................

About Me

Empty Nester and hating it, I love my kids dearly and they have grown up and left home, which is wonderful but I miss them so much. TEGAN is 25 and living in Queensland, (looking at the map of Australia, I am on that little island down the bottom and she is waaaay up in the top state) She has given me my first Grand Daughter Frankie in Aug 2019 RYAN is now 27 has married Brighid and moved a little further away than Id like but we see them regularly, they gave me my second Grand Daughter Hannah in April 2020. Both my kids are giving me another Grand Child R & B in Feb and Tegan and her partner in April 2022, how exciting


The Head of our household, PUD Sadly we had to have our darling Pud put down on 31st August 2015, he was severely injured and the vet could not guarantee painless living for him.

we still have Tinky who misses his mate a lot p We have another Cat Turbo who Tinky hates and hisses and spits at frequently, we thought they would get on eventually but Turbo is now 5, may not happen

Hubby and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary on November 15th, 2021 we will have been together 19 years.

Swap bot has proven to be a life saver for me, while suffering from depression I find making things an ideal way to "deal" with the crap. I have made many friends here and have met a few "in real life" I know the friendships I have made here will last a very long time. Luv ya's You know who you are xxx

One of my favourite people hubby and I met then later stayed at her home was @Jannikinz I classed Jan as one of my dear friends until she sadly passed away late 2013 RIP dear friend

My Favourite Colours are :Purple bright dark, Bright Red, like Scarlet and Bright Yellow, canary Yellow

I really dont like pink or green much or fluffy fibrey stuff


I should mention that if I receive something from you either as an extra or part of a swap, and I cant use it, I do re gift so if this is a problem to you please let me know. I just think its better to pass things on to people who can use them rather than just let things fill up my drawers etc or even end up thrown away, because I cannot use them. THANK YOU


Music, Books and Television

I enjoy pretty much any music except Rap, and those new songs that you cannot actually understand a word they are singing lol, love the 80s music the best I think


I love any Dean Koontz books but my favourite of all time is "Watchers" it is such a great book, has horror, love and animals. I have 2 copies and have read it at least 10 times and each time I laugh and cry.

I also LOVE Lee Child's Jack Reacher Books, Tegan bought me one for my birthday last year and got me hooked, I am always looking in the library for more. I think I am in LOVE with JACK REACHER. I am going to marry him when I grow up !!!

I just read the most recent book , Worth Dying For, well worth the read, and I still love Jack Reacher !!!

Rachael Treasure is another author I love, she is Tasmanian and writes about women on the land. Love her books


Well I don't watch a lot of television but I like Dr Who, Australian mini series like Anzac Girls, I loved. Winners and losers, which is another Aussie show and my "Can't be missed" nightly viewing is "Home and Away" Aussie Soap.

What my Fav People Like


Neville (Husband) Likes

  • Holdens

  • V8 Supercars

  • Explorer Socks

  • Top Gear (Eng and Aus)

  • Ice Road Truckers

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Tink and Turbo (cats)

ANY cat treats

Favorite Crafts


Oh Oh Oh I just got a second hand embroidery sewing machine and I love it dearly, its just so much fun making things on it :) UPDATE Hubby said I could have a new machine in 2020, my Covid lockdown machine I love it

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: My Favourite Crafts include:

Card Making
Scrapbooking, little girls mainly
Journalling, both arty and wordy
Beading ( when the mood hits) Button Jewellery making Sewing
Knitting and Crochet (cant read crochet patterns because I dont know what stitches are called but I can do it)
Occasional Letter Writing

I am sure there are many other crafts I enjoy but will not pop into my head at the moment

I am working on an altered book/ journal which my daughter covets and hopefully will one day become a loved heirloom.


Please Don't

  • Please do not send me anything Halloween, I live in Australia and although some people celebrate it..... we don't. Thank You

  • Please nothing frilly, fluffy or girlie, I'm just not that kinda gal.

  • Nothing scented as I have Asthma ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Things I Love

I know this list is long but I have joined a few profile specific swaps and thought I would try and make it easy for my partners :)

Anything from my Ali Express or Etsy Favourites

  • card stock,

  • Nescafe Flavoured Coffee not chocolate flavours

  • Chocolate especially WHITE

  • Whimsy jars

*Something from my etsy favorites

  • Anything handmade

  • Owls ornaments under 2inches high

  • Fox ornaments under 2 inches high

  • Black and white together

  • Purple and Black tog

  • Purple and Silver

  • Vintage sewing supplies

  • Felt, wool or acrylic, plain or patterned, all will be useful especially

  • Sewing thread in black and white Gutterman please my machine chews anything else!!

  • Christmas

not snow cards

  • personalised swap cards

  • personalised address labels

  • cat treats for the head of our household, Tink and his brother Turbo

  • Card making supplies

  • die cuts, not tiny ones but large use on cards size

  • Stickers

  • Little Girl Scrapbooking Supplies

  • Cellophane Bags ( A5 card size

  • 12" Zippers

  • cute FQ ( fun prints Cats etc)


Private Swaps

  • I am available for private swaps anytime, if you want to try something new I am always game to try something new too.



what I pledged


I will always rate you for your received swaps although sometimes I am as bit late I do get there :) , please give me the same consideration


I always respond to your rating, I believe that if someone takes the time to rate me I can make the time to say thanks !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Net3811 rated for decorated tea towel on Sep 30, 2022
Comment: I love my towel Carol! It suits me perfectly and I enjoy a seasonal towel at Christmas so it will be well used!
Response: I am so glad you liked it, I love using Christmas themed things at Christmas as well <3
teddygirl rated for Blind Envie #32 on Sep 22, 2022
Comment: Thanks Carol for the lovely papers, I especially enjoyed the double sided floral papers...so so pretty 😍 😊 ❀
Response: so happy you were happy
Wuzzel rated for Get Ready for Christmas on Sep 11, 2022
Comment: Oh how lovely I got happy mail today and loved it all. Yes I am thinking of joining the advent swap.
Response: so glad you liked it and happy you are thinking of joining
Net3811 rated for Notebook Cover on Aug 25, 2022
Comment: Carol, I just LOVE my cover. I use a notebook at work and this will be perfect! Found it in my letterbox today.
Response: so they could leave it on your letterbox today and couldn't deliver it 2 weeks ago, grrrrr I am so glad you love it x
Net3811 rated for Die Cut Swap on Aug 18, 2022
Comment: Love so many of your dies Carol!
Response: so glad, thanks for the great rating
mymerakidesk rated for Blind Envie #31 on Aug 1, 2022
Comment: Thank you Carol for the swap and goodies. I love the die cuts. They’ll be put into good use in my journals. ❀️
teddygirl rated for Blind Envie #30 on Jul 15, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the pages Carol, they're great πŸ˜€
Response: hope you can use them, thanks for great rating
yvonne401 rated for APDG~Animal Series #4-Fox-May on May 16, 2022
Comment: Such a pretty creature! Thank you!
Response: thank you
Shellyr rated for APDG~Animal Series #4-Fox-May on May 15, 2022
Comment: Cute foxes
Response: thank you
Response: thanks
teddygirl rated for Blind Envie #27 on May 14, 2022
Comment: Thanks so much Carol 😍
Response: thank you
Comment: Carol! I love the coasters! 🀩 How adorable! I wear my "I stand for Ukraine!" Badge at work every day and hope and pray that this madness will end soon! Thank you so much for the lovely gift! Happy swapping! ❀
Response: I am so glad you love them, thank you
Net3811 rated for Use paper scraps on May 6, 2022
Comment: loved that birthday card!
Response: so glad you did, thanks for the heart
Comment: Thank you for the Cottontail pictures.
Response: thanks for the kind rating
iolair rated for Blind Envie #25 on Mar 24, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the great collection of letters, they'll come in very useful! Love the cute little mouse card too :)
Response: glad you can use them, thanks for the heart
Comment: I know about the Australian rabbits and their overpopulation of them was featured in a cute but poignant art installation that tours the US. Loe your selections,as do our bunnies, one who sits at my feet as I type.<3
Response: oh how lovely, My Son used to breed rabbits for us to eat, New Zealand Whites, very big meat rabbit but his breeding pair were part of our family, gorgeous animals
Comment: Thanks for your awesome swap. I loved the pics as well as all the interesting information.I used to have one. He loved hopping around the house. My son was young at the time and kept bothering him so we put him in the basement which was a mistake. It was too cold down there and he died. He was a big white rabbit that I found wondering the hall at our last residence after someone moved out.
Response: thanks for the great rating, such cute little animals but extremely destructive as well
Net3811 rated for Mug Rug Swap on Mar 8, 2022
Comment: Thanks Carol. Your machine does really well. Thanks for the drink mixes too.
Response: thanks Annette, it wwas a covid gift from hubby , thanks for the heart
PrincessLeia rated for Blind Envie #24 on Mar 6, 2022
Comment: Hello. Carol, Thanks for the journalling cards. Im about to use them now in another swap - ill be writing on them!
Response: I am glad you can use them, thanks for the great rating
Net3811 rated for Blind Envie #23 on Feb 26, 2022
Comment: Thanks Carol
Response: thanks for the great rating

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Foxtales on May 28, 2022:

Hello! This is for the APDG~Animal Series #4-Fox-May swap. Hope you like the foxes!

Shellyr on May 15, 2022:

Fox #3

Shellyr on May 15, 2022:

Fox 2

Shellyr on May 15, 2022:

ADPG animal series Fox Sorry you will be getting these as 3 posts. Worked for hours to get them to post together but can't do it.

mysmashbooklife on May 14, 2022:

Hi! This is for the swap: Animal Series #4-Fox-May from the group Artistic Profile Deco Group πŸ˜‰

Fox Fox Fox Fox

nancylee on Mar 29, 2022:

APDG ~ Animal Series #2-Cottontail Rabbit - March

Krochet4Life on Mar 15, 2022:

APDG ~ Animal Series #2-Cottontail Rabbit - March



yvonne401 on Mar 14, 2022:

APDG ~ Animal Series #2-Cottontail Rabbit - March

Here is some information about the Eastern Cottontail:

Eastern Cottontail info



KSENiA on Dec 25, 2021:

APDG ~ Christmas - 12/25

Happy Holidays!

nannycat on Dec 23, 2021:

Merry Christmas.........................

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