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Littletiscrafty on Jan 25, 2013:

Hang in ther girl! If you read my profile it reads "happily divorced". You too will get there!

KogeLiz on Jan 25, 2013:

Hilarious profile!

leecytx on Dec 24, 2012:

Hang in there, life does get better after divorce.... remember "This too shall pass"... sending HUGS (I know I appreciated every one I got when I was in that situation)

marthy on Nov 19, 2012:

Hi....Love your profile; love your humor! Sorry you're going through such a rough time just now. But I'm happy to be sending you a Christmas card for the "merry christmas: 1 card to 5 partners" swap....just one question. You say you "....just really hate Christmas looking stuff." Um. That kind of lets out most Christmas cards...shall I send you a cat wearing a wig instead? Or maybe fruit? Would fruit be good? Just askin'. Or maybe I'll send a really really christmassy card you'll hate...you could always throw darts at it. Might relieve some of the tension! Seriously. I'll try and send something you'll like...and thanks for giving me some chuckles (wry though they may be!!)

marthy on Nov 19, 2012:
citygirl1107 on Oct 31, 2012:

Happy Halloween! I noticed we're both in the "Just a Happy Note" swap. Great minds think alike! Lol


naturenerd3 on Oct 31, 2012:

naturenerd3 on Oct 31, 2012:

Happy Halloween! Did you ever get my Halloween card?

naturenerd3 on Oct 24, 2012:

I was out walking at night and saw someone scary looking so I started run. Now my legs hurt. I feel fat. The only solution of course is cheese.

naturenerd3 on Oct 24, 2012:


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