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shortmommy23 on Dec 28, 2011:

I received the NTG tag notecards today just now. Thank you for everything. I like it all alot!!!!

shortmommy23 on Dec 27, 2011:

I have not seen it in the mail yet, but message me in about a week to check again if I haven't messaged you. It will probably take about that long for the mail to get settled and on track again.

MoonlightingJD on Oct 5, 2011:

Hi Lois, my name is Andrea, I am your partner for the "leave a nice comment #5" I enjoyed reading your profile. I too love reading as much as I can and also have my childhood books by Enid Blyton (which i still read many years on!), It was nice to read about you ~ Happy Swapping

MsMarvel on Oct 4, 2011:

Hi Lois! :) I'm writing you for "Leave A Nice Comment #5". I loved reading your Profile!! Congrats on your son getting into Julliard!! What an accomplishment!! :) I grew up dancing so I can appreciate it! I can't stand cruelty to animals or humans either. I'm a vegetarian. :). You like movies? I HIGHLY recommend 'Midnight in Paris'. AMAZING movie. :). Please check it out!! It was in theatres all summer so probably not on DVD yet. But check your local art theatres if you haven't seen it! I loved the quotes on your profile!! I'm gonna have to steal them! Lol. I see you like to recycle have you ever done a stuffed toliet paper roll swap? They're kinda fun! Have a good week!!! <3 MsMarvel

aNJOiNHa on Oct 4, 2011:

Hi Lois, ---I'm here for the "Leave A Nice Comment #5" swap. I was reading your profile and I remember going to Paris when I was eight .. I went do Disneyland and I just loved it! I hope to go back there again, in a near future. I also love to recycled, I have a shop where I sell some of my recycled wallets ^-^ Maybe we could do a swap one of these days, recycling material and things like that ^-^

hope you'll have a wonderful day w

LizzyJo on Sep 5, 2011:

Hi Lois---I'm here for the "leave a comment on my profile tag". I envy anyone who can grow things. I don't have a green thumb myself. I like your favorite Picasso quote. I have used some of his quotes in the Zentagle journal pages I have done. I see you have 101 hearts. I just got my 100th heart last week....Don't they just make you feel all warm and fuzzy? :-)

Batmamma on Mar 18, 2011:

Tagged you on Leave a comment on my profile :)

I've been to Paris once and totally fell in love, I really want to go back there again. :) I am very impatiently waiting for spring when I can get lots of plants and flowers for my balcony, but today the snow is coming down really heavily so I guess I'm stuck to dreaming a while longer.. Wishing you a lovely weekend :)

djcamp04 on Mar 13, 2011:

Hi Lois! I tagged you from the forum game "Leave a comment on my Profile". I love your profile. You should be proud of your boys, they sound awesome! And Spring is almost here! Aren't you excited about that! I know I am, I LOVE SPRING!!! I have used some of the photos and lace you sent not too long ago. I absolutely loved that lace. I hope to swap or tag with you again in the future. <3

djcamp04 on Feb 17, 2011:

Oh wow Lois! Got my "Quick I need" tag today. The B/W photos are wonderful and the lace!!!! As soon as I opened the package my mind went on the "I just know how to use this" mode. Thank you so very much! <3 <3 <3

jennibek on Feb 17, 2011:

ONE Swap I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated the package I got for the ONE swap! I had a tough time with this one too for my partner. Just so you know...I loved everything in the package but the card was very whitty! For fun/to de-stress etc... I enjoy going to Hallmark and just reading the cards on my lunch break once a week. Thank you again for a great package! Jenny

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