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renate on Sep 20, 2011:

you were my partner to send to for the Colorful office supply scavenger hunt I have never recieved annything from you. Send you e-mails about it last year. I hope we can get this sorted out.


Laynie on Jan 13, 2011:

Hi there. Your Ratings have fallen way below Group standards, for the "Treats and Sweets Swappers Group", so I will have to remove you. Hope your alright. Audra.

MorgenSter on Dec 14, 2010:

Hey Mandy! Your kitty kat postcards haven´t arrived yet.. It has been over 2 months since you have marked it sent. is everything ok? I have seen you haven´t logged in a while. Let me know, ok? Byeee

raspberryrose on Oct 13, 2010:

Thanks so much for the envie of stickers for the October wish list on Aussie Swappers :)

thehappyhoneybee on Oct 9, 2010:

As a fellow postcard lover, I thought I'd invite you to check out * Postcard Confessions: animal familiar ...hope you'll join if you can!

sweetypiedie on Sep 27, 2010:

Thanks for your comments Mandy. Much appreciated. :) I am hoping my next Chiro visit on Thursday will help.

sweetypiedie on Sep 22, 2010:

thank you cat

Thanks for the great Sept wishes you sent me for the Aussie Swappers group! I love the cat post cards and the cute pieces of ribbon. You really cheered me up when I was having a painful day! Thanks. :)

Amoredilibri on Sep 3, 2010:

Hiya mandymoo! I'm here through the "Read My Profile and Leave a Nice Comment" Swap! I've just gotta say, I love that link for "What NOT to send to Australia." Incredibly useful, and inadvertently hilarious.

My favorite forbidden item?

"mooncakes containing meat" \o/

I have to admit, I really am more of a fantasy fan but my best friend of 11 years is a mystery fan and she's the one who got me to read Laurie R. King's mystery series based on a fictional assistant to Sherlock Holmes. The Beekeeper's Apprentice is the first in the series, if you're interested.

Another Burn Notice fan! YAY! Have you been keeping up with the latest season? I'm totally in love with Jesse. ;D

Your furbabies are absolutely adorable, and it's so great to see cats who are loved. My friend rescued kittens in the area for a bit, and it just breaks the heart a bit to see how little some people care. They look gorgeous, and their names are so great. I can't believe you've also got dogs, a turtle, guinea pig, and chickens!

When I was a kid I saw the Rex Harrison version of Doctor Dolittle, and I was so jealous of the Doctor because of his home overflowing with animal friends. It looks like you've got a bit of that going on. :D

xshootingstarsx on Sep 3, 2010:

Hello :)

Nice to see a swapper from Australia. Where to do you live in Australia? I have parents who in live in Newcastle, NSW and I also lived there for 6 months. It's really a nice country to live in :)

Crochetninja on Sep 3, 2010:

What a lovely profile! I'm here for the 'Leave a nice comment on my profile' swap. Your cats are so pretty. I have two dogs also, but no cats. I see you enjoy journalling - I wish I could be more disciplined and write more in mine! I love doodling and zentangling too, and I'm a little bit obsessed with Facebook :-)

![http://www.flickr.com/photos/thecrochetninja/4950496975/" title="cuteninja by Thecrochetninja, on Flickr](http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4083/495049697545d1aa80ebt.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="cuteninja")

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