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If I did something wrong, and you plan to rate me a 1 or 3, please pm me so we can work something out. Feel free to contact me about anything else too. Thanks

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I really enjoy fruit-related things! I love fresh fruits, fruit juices, Jamba Juice (yum! :D), Japanese/Korean/Chinese fruit candy, fruit scented anythings. My favs. are strawberry, apple and grape. I'm a big fruit buff ^o^ Sometimes I think I'm addicted to online shopping (even though it's not that bad)! Everything looks better online.

I don't feel that I'm adventurous enough, but I'd love to try new things!

I have a big family and our house is usually noisy, in a good way. I love my parents and I love my siblings (most of the time). Generally we are one big happy family and I'd like to keep it that way!

Favorite Music

I usually listen to Chinese, Korean and Japanese music. I also love American (punk/pop/soft) rock stuff (like Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Lifehouse, Linkin' Park, Hoobastank, ect...

Anything in this genre basically. Any music from the bands I mentioned or good bands I've yet to discover would be greatly appreciated! ^_^)

More Likes

More general likes:

-Fruit related things food, candy, plushies, shirts.....ANYTHING! ^_^ - just not coconut pls.

-Food! i love food lol I have a sweet tooth, and love cupcakes, CHOCOLATE (esp. those Lindt chocolate balls!) and other sweets...Love baking too~

-funny/cute/pretty/novelty basically any kind-I like all kinds) t-shirts in dark or neutral colors (L/M in most retail stores) - I'm okay with shirts in mens sizes too (probably a S/M - depending)

-mystery novels. I love to read murder mystery types, but would love to try anything recommended~

-The Simpsons...esp. Homer

-sushi! ^_^

-interesting/unique/yummy candy

-cute bunny/panda related things


-unused stamps

-origami/star jars/crafts/any artwork (I'm not good at arts and crafts, but I love the completed products). I've seen some BEAUTIFUL works from swap-botters...

-Super Mario Brothers (esp. the 1-UP and mushrooms, also Yoshi and Mario)

-pretty things with stars on it

-If you are from CA, those scratch off lotery tickets! those are fun XD

-Favorite colors: black, any shade of dark gray, green, maroon, dark colors.....really, I'm up for any (just not pink XD)

-Things in boxes. I don't know why, but I love getting these kinds of packages.


-I like bold colored kawaii best and not too much into anything too pink.

-I prefer non-sanrio things because I can find them around here, but that's just a small preference....anyways, I love kawaii pandas! My favorite panda of the moment is Monotone Panda. I also like all other kinds of pandas, like Baby Panda, Smiling Panda, Poppy Panda, Pandapple and Pankunchi, Tarepanda, any other kinds of pandas or Tokidoki things

-I also like all kawaii foods: sweets, juice, fruits, milk-kun, bento-chan, onigiri-san, ramen, sushi, ect! I love Hannari Tofu, the milk/milk bottles, cupcakes, ice creams, candies, fruits and fruit juices, ect. I'm am fascinated by food with faces from Crux, Kamio and Q-Lia, but can't find anything here!

I also like things like: -From San-X: Mikanbouya, Nakayoshi Net -From Crux: Baby Angels, Baby Panda, Sweets Smile -From Kamio: Ice Cream-Chan, Sweets/Deserts/Fruits, Obentou Chan Rice Ball -From Q-Lia: Hannari Tofu, Apple Chan, Sweets

-I'm NOT a huge fan of Hello Kitty/Charming cat/Chibi-maru/Keroppi/Badtzmaru/Spottie dottie/Sugarbunnies/Deery Lou/Afro Ken/monokuro boo -I don't really like the older sanrio characters in general (no real people or real animals too).

-if possible, no mini spiral notebooks, wooden pencils or erasers (unless it's the clickable pen/pencil sized kind), as I don't know what to do with them! XD. I think I have too many plushies too.

Recent things I'd LOVE to receive ♥ :

  • Beanie with earflaps (solid dark color)
  • Cute and witty T-Shirt in a dark color (like those from rabbitcandy or threadless)
  • Whimsy Jars
  • Things food with faces, fruits or kawaii pandas
  • Tokidoki stuff (wishful thinking! ^_^)
  • Beautiful/Amazing handmade things
  • Fruit/Food/Kawaii amigurumi


I don't like pink (or bright colors) in general for clothing, but I'm fine with them on paper, or cards, etc, just not clothes. I just wear dark colors. I have no need for journals either because I tend to slack off and not write. I don't like my ears! hahaha I can only wear in-ear earphones because it's the only type that fits! and it's frustrating. I'm indecisive and hate it! I don't like useless and dull things. Vague and varying, I know.

More general dislikes:

-piggy banks

-coconut scent

-horribly constructed things

-makeup, lipstick - I don't use them.

-too much floral patterns

-I'm not a big fan of pink, but I don't mind it...

-I don't like Charmmy Cat from Sanrio. Other kawaii dislikes are listed in my kawaii likes

-earrings (my ears are weird lol)


-crosses or anything religious

-I'd rather not receive tea/candles...but I don't would mind.

-and if possible, no used things.

-Dolls (I'm scared of them XD)

-I don't like smell of smoke....or strong floral smells...

Swap Info

group I reuse packaging.

I will always send my swaps out early or by the swap date (at the latest!), so if you don't receive your package a couple of weeks later, please let me know before you rate me. thanks. Sent and to hear from:

Reminder to send:

To Receive:



-Kawaii Whimsy Jar - @SadieGunSlinger http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/11351 --angeled by Tillie ^_^ Thank you so much Tillie for being an awesome angel! I really appreciate it~

  • $10 target giftcard - flaked by @Marionsmom - --angeled by rockstar20h~~THANKS a bunch!!! I appreciate you angeling SOO much~ ^_^

  • Kawaii ATC - Angeled by femme: thanks!

  • Kawaii Surprise - angeled by weeatcrayons: thanks!

  • Kawaii PIB - flaked by @mangopassion - angeled by AmelieChev ^_^ thanks~


Comment: This swap was amazing!!! I love all the Pandapple stuff, and the pouches are adorable :) You totally spoiled me!! I had so much fun going through all the goodies. Let me know if you want to swap again!! Thanks so much!!
Misa015 rated for College Pen Pals! 3 on Mar 27, 2010
Comment: Thank you very much very long letter and cute stickers. :)
Comment: Wow so many amazing kawaiiness! I love everything! thank you so much<3 This totally made my day. =) Also, I was wonder how do you make the manju plush vibrate?
Response: I am so glad you liked what I put together for you! To make the plushie vibrate, you have to pull that little bow that's on his head! Enjoy~
Comment: I received my sticker sacks today! OMG!!!! I LOVE THEMMMM!!! *jumps for joy* I had to call my boyfriend and like scream to him how happy I was to get them! He just rolled his eyes and went "oh gosh..." lmao.... XD yeh... THANK YOU! I'm going to the store with the toki doki this week and I'm going to pick up some stuff for you, so we can swap again! =)
Response: Glad you liked it! I just found one more sicker sack so I hope we can swap again cuz i would LOVE some tokidokis!
MissU rated for SSKL Kawaii Profile Suprise!! on Jan 16, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much!!! I especially love the mini food tray!
Euphory rated for I LOVE Kawaii Matchbox ** Edited on Dec 23, 2008
Comment: Thank you sooo much for that wonderful swap ! I just enjoyed every single thing you sent me. The matchbox itself is just kittygorgeous ! I'll keep it forever. Thank you again xoxoxox
Response: I'm glad that it arrived safely! Happy Holidays~
Moni rated for Christmas Card and Surprise Swap on Nov 22, 2008
Comment: Thanks so much for this swap! I just love it!
HKJessica rated for Christmas Card and Surprise Swap on Nov 15, 2008
Comment: Thanks for such wonderful goodies, I loved all of the hello kitty things! The card and deco tape are awesome! =)
yesiyesi rated for Kawaii matchbox-shrine on Nov 14, 2008
Comment: Thank you for the atc and extras! Everything is really cute! I especially liked the little baggie you sent everything in! I felt like I was receiving something from a store or something! :)
AliceInHorrorland rated for Private Birthday Swap on Nov 14, 2008
Comment: Thanks so much^.^... Especially for the mousy Mamegoma...it's so cute.
Response: Glad you liked it! And I was wondering today how long it would take the package to arrive!
MissPickle rated for Kawaii Matchbox x 2 on Oct 22, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome matchbox and such wonderful goodies. I like all the memo sheets and the decotape is really cute! What a pleasure to receive something like this! Oh and thanks for the real stamps!! :)
dreamrains rated for Kawaii Matchbox x 2 on Oct 14, 2008
Comment: Awesome, thank you! I love the cute cute lucky stars you put inside and all of the stickers and goodies! Was that mushroom ribbon once a shoelace?? And thanks for the great kogepan stickers and the scented tissues <3!
Response: Glad you liked it. I don't think it was a shoelace, but not a 100% sure. sorry~ Thanks for hosting great swaps!
Comment: Thank you so much for the whimsical jar. I have 2 now ^ - ^ Thank you and I love everything else you sent me. Everything was so wonderful and so kawaii. Hope we swap again soon.
Response: I love swapping with you! I'm glad you like what I sent~
Drachenfrau rated for kawaii on Oct 7, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the cute Mamegoma and the extras! :) I really love it!
iamjenii rated for PuchiKawaii #6 on Sep 18, 2008
Comment: AWESOME. Left me speechless. I wasn't sure how people would respond to this kind of swap but it looked like you had a lot of fun putting it together. Lovely selection of kawaii goodies!!
Response: I had a great time putting the swap together, and making/decorating the box! I hope you'll host more great swaps~
loveKawaii rated for 40 pcs. Kawaii Stationary Swap! on Sep 16, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely swap, Jenny! I love everything ^-^
Santa rated for Kawaii Matchbox- Profile Surprise! on Aug 31, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the really nice "Hello Kitty" matchbox and all the great goodies you sent. OMG! I loved the stationary, stickers, the moving card ( I'll frame this ) the handmade mobile charm ( so cute! ) and all the rest. Thanks a lot! I got your things on Friday but couldn't log in, sorry.
angeliams rated for Kawaii Matchbox 32 count on Aug 31, 2008
Comment: Thankssssss So much! I love it all sooo much! You deserve more than one heart! TYTYTY again!! I really loved the Panda the matchbox you made was sooo cute!
Comment: What a WONDERFUL package! I came home to a wonderful pile of memo sheets, origami swans and stickers, not to mention a very cute memo pad. Thanks so much Jenny :)

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proudmama on Dec 24, 2010:

Merry Christmas!!

Vblarney on Dec 12, 2010:


SpookySweets1 on Jan 10, 2010:

Come check out the new swap over at Charmmy Kitty! We'd love for you to join!

Erdbeersternchen on May 25, 2009:

An attempt to bring this group back into the life of swapbot!


choke on May 7, 2009:

re: label bags - they're sent by postal mail from person to person until full. Each person puts in and takes out a certain number of address labels and they're used to make friendship books, decos, slams, etc. Once the label bag becomes full, it's sent home to the person it was made for and they also use the labels for the same purposes. Hope this helps, I deleted the thread because they're not allowed in the public forum individually anymore.

Pooky on Apr 19, 2009:

Thank you so much for the birthday card and the awesome stickers! My favorites are the Donald Duck 'Science' ones! Because I am a total science nerd. (: Thank you!

weeatcrayons on Apr 19, 2009:

We have a new Secret Sister's Lucky Parcel up at Rainbows & Rainclouds!! Also some of the swaps will be ending soon, come check us out!!

poeticpaper on Apr 15, 2009:

Thank you for the random envie for my April Wish! It was a fun envie!! And such a surprise! (isn't the Wishlist THE Best?!?)

TeaNi on Apr 14, 2009:

Thank you so very much for the super cute robot addie labels for my CPG wishlist! I was all out, and they are truly appreciated!:)

circularlogic on Apr 12, 2009:

jenny, thank you so much for the lovely envelope of stickers from my april wishlist! :o) it's always so exciting to get special treats!!! xx, jess

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