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About Me & Important Stuff:

Update 8/29/19: MY 11.5 YEAR RELATIONSHIP JUST ENDED. I could use some help getting back on my feet. I need to destash basically EVERYTHING to make space and raise money. It would really help me out in a profound way if anyone could buy my supplies. I will be posting more for sale as I go through my things.

Scrapbooking embellishments, papers, vellum, brads, fancy paperclips, etc.

Beading/jewelry supplies

Journaling cards

Notepads, sticky notes, page flags


Greeting cards and postcards

Deco/washi tape


Hi, guys!

I'm Abbey! (Nice to meet you!) I'm a 31-yr-old crayola-haired lady.

alt text

I am an art major in college. Hopefully I'll have my BA by the time I'm 32. Better late than never, right?



~ I have never flaked and will never flake. The USPS now provides tracking on basically all packaged mail, so I'll share the tracking number with my swap partners. If you notice I've marked your swap as "sent" but I haven't messaged you with a tracking number yet, feel free to remind me!

~ I only mark swaps as "sent" after I have delivered the swap into the hands of the Post Office. If I have marked your swap as "sent" you can be assured that it is on its way!

~ If for some reason you think your package should have arrived and it hasn't, please talk to me before giving me a 1.

~ If I haven't rated you, it's because I haven't received the swap yet. I always rate as soon as swaps arrive! I respectfully request that others do the same.

~ IF I OWE YOU A TAG/WTA/RAK and it has been more than two weeks since you tagged me AND I have not messaged you to say it's been mailed, PLEASE MESSAGE ME TO REMIND ME. This semester has been absolutely insane, and I would hate for something to have fallen through the cracks. Please let me know!

I'd be happy to receive:

alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

~ Planner/stationery/fun office supply goodies!! Things like pretty or cute sticky notes, memo pads, journal cards, cute paper clips, page flags, etc. Stuff like Target Dollar Spot items, Hema items, Girl of All Work, Japanese and Korean sticky notes, etc.
~ Ephemera and embellishments.
~ Stickers and sticker flakes.
~ Craft supplies: brads, mini brads, wood veneer embellishments, metal charms, etc.
~ Alphabet stickers (but no cartoon fonts)
~ Washi tape!! Or other kinds of decorative tape, as long as it's not duct tape.
~ Pretty label stickers and envelope seals.
~ Drawing pens and watercolor paints! ~ I'm a broke art student, so these items (or other art supplies) would be really deeply appreciated. Pens like Pigma Micron, Rotring Tikky Graphic, Copic Multiliner, Faber-Castell Pitt, Copic markers or Prismacolor markers, watercolor markers, etc. Watercolor paints are also greatly appreciated, even if they're the cheap "kiddy" kind, because I can still use those in sketchbooks.
~ Tarot cards or interesting playing cards.
~ Pretty or interesting polaroids and instax photos of things like leaves, trees, the sky, pretty scenery, interesting street art, balloons, etc.
~ Instax Mini supplies like film, frames, albums, or decoration stickers.
~ Writing & fun pens. Especially fine-point metallics and gel or "chalk" pens that can write on dark papers. Or kawaii pens or Coleto pen bodies/refills, any color.
~ Stamps, ink pads, or acrylic blocks would also be really amazing! Stamps: I'm currently most interested in geometric shapes, planner stamps, or lacy/doily stamps, right now.
~ Deco runners/deco rush
~ Adhesive tape runners
~ "Xyron® 1.5" Sticker Maker" adhesive refills.
~ Die-cut shapes or confetti that's big enough to use as stickers/embellishments.
~ Nature's collectibles!! Pressed flowers or petals/leaves/clovers/etc, natural (not dyed) feathers, beach glass, beach pebbles, crystals/mineral samples, leaf skeletons, cicada husks, pretty beetle shells, animal bones or skulls (ethically sourced only), porcupine quills, tiny pinecones, etc.

General interests:

~ Nature!! Leaves, vines, flowers, cactuses & succulents, grass, woodgrain, mushrooms, moss, pinecones, stones/rocks, crystals/gems, oceans/rivers/streams, etc. My favorite trees are jacarandas and pink magnolias.
~ Cosmos/galaxy/space! Constellations, moons, stars, planets, nebulas, galaxy prints, telescopes, comets, shooting stars, aurora borealis, etc.
~ The sky, weather, and things that travel in the sky! Clouds, suns, rain and umbrellas, lightning, birds, airplanes, hot air balloons, sunrises, sunsets, etc.
~ Magic themes! Whether kawaii, pretty, or even a little dark. Sparkles, wands, crystal balls, tarot cards, magical tomes, brooms, cauldrons, runes, potion bottles, planchettes, witch and wizard hats, etc.
~ Bottles! And bottled "specimens"! I collect pretty/unusual bottles, and I love things like potion bottles and captured "specimens" within bottles whether magical/fantasy or science-y.
~ Undead & supernatural. I like vampire, ghost, zombie, etc., themes.
~ Gardening and houseplants. Potted plants, trowels, rain boots, fruits and veggies, bonsai trees, etc.
~ Travel/road trips. Roads, tire tread patterns, suitcases, maps, street signs, airplanes, world globes, state silhouettes (especially California and North Carolina!), etc.
~ School stuff! Books, backpacks, pencils, pens, pencil cases, schoolbuses, math symbols, rulers, scissors, math compasses, chalkboards, notebooks, art supplies, laboratory equipment, etc.
~ Sweets/tea/coffee! Donuts, sprinkles, cupcakes, ice cream, teabags, teacups, coffee cups, teapots, to-go cups, etc.
~ Fruits/veggies and slices: Pineapples especially! Strawberries, bananas, lemons, watermelons, and kiwis are also nice. Veggie themes are also really cute.
~ Favorite animals/bugs: 🐌🐞🐰 Frogs!, snails!, bees!, earthworms, moths/butterflies/caterpillars, birds and bird nests/eggs, bats!, flamingos!, chameleons, axolotls!, llamas/alpacas!, hyraxes, cats, ALL "woodland" animals, octopi, cuttlefish, jellyfish!, narwhals
~ Fantasy animals: unicorns, flying horses, mermaids, centaurs & fauns
~ Watercolors. 🎨 I love watercolor paintings, swatches, effects, prints, etc.
~ Favorite colors: I love almost all colors! But I do gravitate towards bright "spring"-y colors like chartreuse and pink, and jewel-tones like cobalt, violet, emerald, peridot green, etc. My "safe bet" color families are greens, violets, and pinks! I'm NOT really a fan of orange, though, unless it's Halloween or autumn related.
~ Completely miscellaneous stuff I like: gorgeous anime scenery, polka dots, paper airplanes, anchors, "sprinkle" patterns, feathers, bubbles, light bulbs, lanterns, balloons, fences, fancy street lamps, wrought iron

alt text

Characters I like/Fandoms:

I'm afraid that I'm pretty picky about characters. I'm not really into many of them. It's probably safest to ask first if you'd like to send me something character-specific if it's not on the list below.

Characters I like:

~ Studio Ghibli: I love all Studi Ghibli characters and creatures (kodama, etc). My favorite Ghibli movies are Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Kiki's Delivery Service. Totoro is also good!
alt text alt text
~ Pusheen
~ I LOVE Harry Potter, but NOT the movie version. The book illustrations and cover art or quality fan art is best. My favorite HP characters are Severus Snape and Harry Potter, but I also like Dumbledore, Luna, Hermione, and Draco. All "wizarding-world" related stuff is good, including snitches, brooms, potions, Hedwig, Hogwarts castle, magical creatures, etc.! I was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore, so my house colors are bronze and blue.
alt text alt text

A bit about holidays:

~ Please only send holiday items when they are relevant! By that I mean, please don't send me Christmas stuff in June or Easter stuff in November, etc. If the holiday is coming up within the next 6 weeks or so, holiday themes are welcome!
~ That said, Halloween stuff is welcome all year round - especially bats and cute ghosts! alt text alt text alt text
~ Please keep all holiday content non-religious:
- Easter: bunnies, eggs, carrots, general spring themes
- Christmas: reindeer, snowflakes, stockings, Christmas trees, winter themed items like sweaters and mittens, Christmas cookies/gingerbread
- Etc.! =)

Planner swaps:

The planner I currently use is:

~ A MAMBI Happy Planner:

alt text

This is the planner I have started to use for school stuff, mostly. Each day is broken into three segments that are 2.25 inches x 1.5 inches.

~ I also just ordered a Webster's Pages personal size planner.

alt text
(Stock photo.)

It will be my first "personal" size planner! Up until this point I've only had size A5 and the Happy Planner, so it will be interesting to see how I like it.

~ Planner Wishlist: ~ ~ Pretty paperclips
~ Heat laminated dashboards/dividers
~ Webster's Pages scrapbooking transparencies (to make dividers out of)
~ "Highlight" stamps - stamps that come in solid geometric shapes
~ Doily-style stamps
~ Recommendations for inks that won't bleed through the page!
~ Coleto pen bodies or refills
~ Hema items!!
~ Stickers, stickers, stickers!

~ Please don't send: ~ ~ Paperclips with super huge decorations

Edibles & Skin Care:

~ Please enclose anything that may melt in a ziplock baggy! I'd just hate for it to melt all over everything else, or all over the poor mailman's bag; Los Angeles gets pretty hot.

~ Chocolate: I love almost all chocolate, including white. I prefer dark chocolate to be no higher than 75% cacao. I LOOOVE dark chocolate truffles. I prefer my chocolate without nuts, but they're not an absolute no-no.
~ I have a fervent and abiding love for chocolate and "yogurt"-covered pretzels.
~ I also like chocolate covered espresso beans.
~ Other candy: I really like anything that has a liquid center. I also really enjoy gummy candies and gummy "fruit snacks."
~ Jelly Belly jellybeans are amazing!
~ Coffee: I like most flavored coffees. Hazelnut, vanilla, toffee, mocha, etc. Plain coffee isn't really my thing, though.
~ Hot chocolate: Individual packets are welcome!
~ Nuts, dried fruits, & trail mixes: I love cashews and pistachios. I also love sweetened dried mango slices, and dried apricots. Ideally, trail mixes would have no raisins and lots of chocolate or dried fruit bits! Haha.

~ Raisins: I hate them!
~ Please no licorice or "red licorice" flavored items.


~ Charcoal Peel-off Mask
~ Sugar scrub. Organic or homemade would be awesome!
~ Konjac sponge
~ Yes to Tomatoes! facial cleansing wipes
~ A nice light body lotion. Organic or homemade would be awesome!

Please do not include:

~ Household items like hand towels. Towels, washcloths, scrubbies, cooking utensils, etc., are all lovely, but I currently live with relatives and would not have the opportunity to use any of these sorts of items.
~ Anything lavender scented.
~ Duct tape, even if it's decorative. The adhesive on duct tape is too strong and too messy.
~ Baby themed things. I don't have or want kids.
~ Pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, or other "kiddy-crafts" type items. (I already have a lot!) Except for googly eyes! Feel free to sent those.
~ Sports themes. Not interested in sports.
~ Hunting themes. SO not my thing!
~ Military/camo themes.
~ Religious-themed items.
~ Dog stuff. I don't like dogs, EXCEPT for Dachshunds (no photos, though; just illustrations).
~ Magazine clippings, unless they're specifically allowed by the swap or you're including them as an extra above & beyond the swap requirements.
~ Pretty please no Marvel/DC/etc. comic book stuff. No Loony Toons, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Disney, My Little Pony, or Diddl items. Check out my "characters I like" section or feel free to ask me if you'd like to send a character item you think I'd like. =)
~ I'm typically not a fan of orange-colored stuff unless it's Halloween related.

Flakes & Angels

I was really hoping I wouldn't have to make this section, but here we go!


~ @monteee - Flaked on me for the Ten for Ten Goody Swap

~ @Nikkitahoe - Flaked on me for the June Mail Art Swap #3



~ @artsynerdgirl very kindly angelled the June Mail Art Swap #3 for me!

~ @samjowers surprised me with an angel package for the Ten for Ten Goody Swap!


Comment: Thank you SO much for the sweet package! **I love it all**. The parrot sticky page flags are so cute and the pigment pens are greatly needed right now!!! I love the aqua hexagon notepads & sticky notes, too! ♡ ~ Cari
Response: Yaay! I'm so glad you like everything! ^_^ Thank you for rating + the heart!
Daneen rated for Pens! Pens! Pens! on Mar 16, 2016
Comment: YAY!!! I love love love my new Pens!! Thank you sooooo much!! :)
Response: Awesome!! I'm so happy you like them! Enjoy!! Thanks for the 5 & the heart!
Chromia rated for FLMP- Love me some pens on Mar 14, 2016
Comment: Fully obsessed with stabilo & le pen! Don't have the other kind yet... But looooove 0.3!!! Thanks so much! :)
Response: Awesome!! I'm glad you like them! Thanks for rating & the heart!
Comment: Cute stickies! Thank you!
Response: I'm glad you like them!! Thanks for the 5 and the heart! ^_^
Gdoodle rated for FLMP- Magnetic Bookmarks on Jan 26, 2016
Comment: You did a GREAT job! I love all the magnetic clips! <3
Response: I'm so glad you like them! I had a lot of fun with this. ^_^ Thanks for rating & the heart!
bluephoenixvt rated for APDG ~ Pusheen! on Jan 3, 2016
Comment: Sooo Cute!! We had one that was the same, the artist, so I took her out of my line up so as to not duplicate. Not normally a fan of these type of pics but you gotta love the Pusheen!!
Response: Pusheen is the best! Thanks for rating & the heart! ^_^
vivicaxx rated for APDG ~ Pusheen! on Jan 3, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the cute images! Best wishes
Response: Glad you like them!! Thanks for rating & the heart!
imaisha rated for APDG ~ Pusheen! on Jan 3, 2016
Comment: Thanks a lot for hosting this fun swap and for all the cute gifs on my profile 🐱 Aww, those pusheens are too adorable! 😻
Response: Thanks for joining the swap! I'm glad you like the images I chose! Thanks for rating & the heart!
Comment: Thank you so much for the planner items. I can use them! and i like them very much! 2016 can start!!
Response: I'm so glad you like them! Thank you for rating & the heart! Happy New Year!
Mugsie rated for APDG ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS! on Dec 28, 2015
Comment: Abbey ~ thank you so much for the awesome Christmas APDG! Merry Christmas and Happy Year! Kelly :)
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Comment: Thank you for the Christmas decorations for my profile. I enjoy them all.
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Comment: Thank you for the images. Merry Christmas!
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Comment: 🎎 🎁 🎄 🎅 ❆ ☃💩😄❤️Thank you so much for the lovely Profile Pics! :-) ❤️ Merry Christmas! ;-) Blessings, cc
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Thank you for the wishes from my FLMP wish list. I appreciate the purple planner goodies. :)

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Thank you so much for the great washi samples from my FLMP March wishlist! I love the tulip tape the most!

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