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sweetnsassy75 on Sep 22, 2008:

CherryBlossom on Sep 22, 2008:

Hi to all who's reading, Jamie sweetnsassy75 is listed in the not so nice swappers group....please please please go check out the public forums before you do this. She is a notorius bad swapper in yahoo groups and has stole thousands of dollars from people. She is listed on many groups over there as a bad swapper and I'm really sorry to see that she has come over here in hopes of doing this same thing to people who she thinks won't catch onto her. She already made that mistake and can be found here




I am to the point I could careless people believe what you want. My friends know I am a good person as well as I do so could careless people want to play childish games. Here it is believe what you want cause so many heartless soles out there don't care of what had to deal with and the pain am facing now cause no one bothers to email me and ask how I am doing. There was one swap i just mailed out and wasn't because she emailed me like asked everyone was cause I emailed her looking for pals. If these so called swaps I owe, and truly owe people have a heart and email me. I am a person and tired of the bashing. I did nothing wrong. I lost a baby and a few years ago moved. I could be losing this baby cause of my cramping due to my sister BS and emailing me and this BS. People tell me not to worry and let people get to me but kinda hard. I have kids and to old for this childish games. so email me personally like mentioned or grow up If no answer on email am in the hospital cause been cramping really bad

AuntieM on Sep 16, 2008:

Welcome to the m-n-m swap :)

AuntieM on Sep 11, 2008:

Thanx for joining my Favorite Authors Swap!!

debbiespoms on Sep 11, 2008:

Thank you for your message and letting me know you are mailing out coupons to me. Thank you very.

tatah on Sep 10, 2008:

Thanks for the invitation :) The weather is most of time hot, but with a fresh air. Today for example is great, not cold nor hot, a fresh time. And in your country?

dukiegal on Sep 10, 2008:

it looks like a fun swap :)

winktwice on Sep 5, 2008:

No problem--I rate very promptly, I swear, so as soon as it gets here you'll know =).

winktwice on Sep 5, 2008:

Who was my other swap partner, so, no, I have not received your stickers yet--are they already sent? Our mail person gets confused sometimes--I'll peek in the mailboxes for the other people in the building.

winktwice on Sep 5, 2008:

Uhm...I received stickers from Kelly Lasch...

Dibrittain on Sep 4, 2008:

thanks for the mom fbs. Just make sure you sign up for swaps you can do only here. Ratings count big time. I must spend 200.00 a month on swaps and postage.

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