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Pick 3 Swap - August

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Pick 3 Swap - August
Swap Coordinator:institches (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Miscellaneous  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:170
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:July 31, 2014
Date items must be sent by:August 20, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

This is a USA swap only. Feel free to host your own international one. ALSO - there are a couple of swappers that sometimes join my swap that are from Canada, but have a USA address too....PLEASE CHECK YOUR PARTNERS PROFILE

This is a newbie friendly swap. It should be extremely easy to do as long as you follow the guidelines below. Experienced swappers are also welcome.

Just choose three different things from the list below and send to your partner before the deadline.

a note on how you came to find swap bot

1 unused notecard with envelope

1 sheet of stickers - none smaller than a US penny

1 unused postcard

3 handmade envelopes

1 foreign coin

1 bookmark

A letter set (2 sheets of stationery w/matching envelope)

5 different sheets of note/memo paper

A handmade item

1 ATC (they are for trading!)

An advertising ink pen

10 used postage stamps

3 book pages

1 piece of fabric at least 4x4 inches

3 - 4x6 decorative recipe cards

2 recipes on decorative recipe cards

3 scrap pieces of decorative paper (at least ATC size)

1 sheet of 30 address labels for your partner

1 small gift bag

1 unused Birthday card

What to do:

Choose three different things that are on the list and send to your partner by the deadline. They must be different - example: DO NOT send 3 bookmarks. This does not count. And no, a handmade bookmark DOES NOT count as 2 items. This is not a profile based swap.

Newbies welcomed, with a well filled out profile (I DO CHECK). No recent/unexplained low ratings. NEW Apparently, I now need to add the following: If you are going to be gone within 3 days of partners being assigned and not able to check into swap-bot then you need to contact me and let me know so I don't ban you from the swap. Frankly, I thought this was just good manners, but apparently not.

Also ~ I live in "Boonyville", Michigan and sometimes our internet connection isn't very good. This is especially true when it rains & in the winter months. So please be patient, partners will get assigned and if needed I will extend the send date.

I am no longer able to angel swaps at this time. There have been some people who have contacted me and offered to angel this swap if needed. If you can angel, please post in the comment section below and I do thank you for doing it!


angelstar 07/ 1/2014 #

What do you mean by 3 book pages? You mean tear apart a book? Or notebook pages? Or what?

notme78 07/ 3/2014 #

3 book pages is from a book, you tear out the pages from a book gently, so the book page don't get destroyed.

angelstar 07/ 5/2014 #

Thanks! But then, doesn't that ruin the book? Anyway, I probably won't do that. Can't wait! I'm already thinking about cool stuff to send! :-)

notme78 07/ 6/2014 #

After you remove the pages from the book, then there's no more of the book left. So normally most only do with books that's already damaged, or doesn't mean anything if it gets destroyed. Can usually find books on sale, so can buy a book or two that don't mean anything and use the pages from thoose.

institches 07/ 6/2014 #

@angelstar - I have a hard time tearing pages out of a good book too, just haven't been able to do it!

I was at the thrift store and while looking through the books there found one with missing pages. The workers gave it to me so I have book pages now. Many people use them in ATC's, smash books, decos etc.

Thanks @notme78 for answering...I'm super busy this month, but will check in when I can.

angelstar 07/ 7/2014 #

Thank you all for answering me. Now I see.... If I ever find a book with torn out pages I will know what to do with it. :-)

KarenLaneWV 07/10/2014 #

Go to any thrift shop and even ask at the library if they have any damaged books. One of the women who works at our local library took 2 damaged books and made mirrors for their bathroom with them...all kinds of fun things you can do with old books that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

TamiTam55 07/10/2014 #

Luckily I have gotten some books from the library with the binding nearly gone and use those for decopage!

AZmom875 07/11/2014 #

I have used books that are damaged, or not postable by paperbackswap.com standards. I have a small area for these few books. I even have a ruined dictionary. Once I went to a book sale and bought for 50 cents foreign books, that were small. Those sure make fun backgrounds.

Angeljewele 07/13/2014 #

Hi everyone, I will angel for this swap if needed. Have a great day and I can't wait to receive my goodies.

TamiTam55 07/13/2014 #

Angeljewele - Your name indicates that you are an angel already! How sweet of you to agree to angel for this swap. You have made me want to pay it forward, so please consider me an angel too.

Angeljewele 07/13/2014 #

That's great TamiTam. I have only recently joined Swap bot but have enjoyed the wonderful people I have swapped with and the items I have received.

TamiTam55 07/15/2014 #

I have never been to swap bot, so I have hopefully 2 swaps to be in. :)

MissChievousNess 07/16/2014 #

Newbies obviously not welcome. Leaving the site because of the awesome warm welcome I received from you. Guess you're right, I don't belong here.

institches 07/17/2014 #

I do wish you well @MissChievousNess but as stated, my swaps require a well filled profile. I do this to protect all the great swappers that are here. I was polite about it and explained why you were banned and also offered some suggestions on how to fill your profile better. This is the response you give? Good luck to you.

LJM 07/18/2014 #

How do I know if my profile is filled out good enough.what info needs to be in it? Is it possible what is good enogh for one swap is not for another? As a newbie I think it is a little frustrating figuring out how the site works. I'll be listening attentively for suggestions.

institches 07/18/2014 #

@LJM - When I first joined swap-bot I looked at several other members profiles to get ideas on how to fill mine out. All you have to do is click on their user id and it will take you to their profile.

As of right now, I would ban you from the swap because your profile is so sketchy. I will leave you in it, but will re-check before partners are posted.

LJM 07/18/2014 #

Thank you for your reply instiches. Saw your message to me, but can't reply to you. I get kicked out of the website when I hit reply. Please don't add me to your group yet. I'm still looking around on the site trying to take it all in. I'm not sure I want to divulge so much personal information about myself in my profile. Identity Theft has soured me on much of anything social networked anymore. I feel like I need to checkout Swap-Bot just as much as you need to check on users. Again, thank you and have a good evening.

colene 07/20/2014 #

Instructed I love this swap! AS a former newbie you learn real fast. But just ask any of the members for help. They will! They did for me. As for a well filled out profile as a newbie. Look at others and how they describe themselves. That's how I get an understanding of who they are. That way I can send them items tailored to their likes! Thank s for having this swap!

Rocktopus 07/21/2014 #

Why can't I sign up? The join date has yet to pass...

Rocktopus 07/21/2014 #

Omg I am a dummy, I already joined lol

fireyvalkyrie 07/22/2014 #

I was going to join but obviously this is quite a uppity group so un newbie friendly... we were all newbies at once how do you figure they should get their start I've got some of my best things from newbies.. I find that they put their best foot forward... I find a lot of people on here with power trips.. I thought this was all about meeting new people and sharing.. I guess I'll be passing on the swap and creating my own.. that is newbie friendly. filling out of profile usually just mean so you know what you can send them that they like and dont like not to be judgemental on if their profile is sketchy

missxkay 07/23/2014 #

Wow, that's pretty snotty @firevalkyrie You sound pretty uppity and excluding as well in your comment. Note to self: avoid your swaps in the future. I don't think having a well filled out profile is too much to ask for, especially when the description says to check your partner's profile. If you want to please your partner and there's nothing there? Sorry, but I'd rather have a feeling for my partner, and if I need to ask further questions then I'll PM them. But I don't think it should be up to the partner to have to PM the recipient to garner information.

stlouisphile 07/23/2014 #

The defintion of sketchy: adjective

Sketchy as in: not thorough or detailed or incomplete. Ex. "The information they has was sketchy" Although sketchy may also mean underhanded or a person trying to hide something,

paperpusher 07/23/2014 #

Even when a swap says it's not profile based, I still like to find out what my partner likes and try to send things she'll enjoy. I'd rather spend postage on something I feel she'll like.... It's beyond frustrating to have a partner with no information! I don't think it's rude or anything to ask for well-filled-out profiles. I require it for all swaps I host, too, as a courtesy to participants.

fireyvalkyrie 07/24/2014 #

Please do @ miss missxkay all I was saying is judging somebody by their profile really isn't fair calling somebody sketchy you've chased somebody off off of this website by being so we were all a newbie once I just hated it when I first started and was being excluded because somebody didn't like how my profile was filled out.. people learn as they go... having a will filled out profile is one thing but calling somebody sketchy isn't cool. but enough said. I tried to contact that person and now they're not even on here anymore so we've lost a good swapper.

fireyvalkyrie 07/24/2014 #

Paperpusher"" I totally agree with the way you put things...

ladydy5 07/28/2014 #

Drama Queens are about!! Aren't they!

ItsKim 07/29/2014 #

I'm a recent newbie and I joined swaps that were designed for us to get started. I wasn't offended. I'm enjoying this site and meeting new people from all over. Its so much fun! Y'all have a great day :-)

Leistessa 07/31/2014 #

1-isn't bad at all ask for a well filled profile is for the good sake of the Swaper 2-we are were newbies once, feelings are often hurt but writing is very different than speaking to someone, and it really happens all the time, I believe Swap Bot is wonderful when we keep ourselves in the cool layback zone if you feel unsure about disclose too much get a PO box address and with your likes is more than enough I guess, it depends how accurate to your tastes,the items you receive want to be, these were my two cents, is awesome to find so many wonderful people here, enjoy and have fun!

Alisha98119 08/ 1/2014 #

I'm a newbie and was wondering when the partners are assigned.

marab85 08/ 3/2014 #

Newbie here! Probably a silly question but what does it mean to "check in" within 3 days of partners being assigned?

deblac1164 08/ 3/2014 #

Where do you find your partner?

angelstar 08/ 4/2014 #

deblac1164: Look above and click on "See the partners you send to". You can also see a list of all the participants up there and who will be sending something to you. :-) This is fun! I should be getting my stuff out this week, and if not next week for sure. :-)

twobluecrows 08/ 7/2014 #

@marab85 to check in simply means you have to log into the Swap-bot at least once within three days before the partners are assigned. It shows on your profile the last day you were here, so we/the host can know you are still around. Sometimes people have disappeared from swap-bot while waiting for partners to be assigned on a swap and never participated in the swap--thus flaking on their partner. The checkin is just to help assure that you are really here in time for the swap and paying attention. :)

twobluecrows 08/ 7/2014 #

@alisha98119 Partners are usually assigned within three days or so of the last day to sign up. This gives the host time to check out the participants list, looking for folks who may not belong for one reason or another (not enough swaps, too many 3s or 1s, etc) all to try to make the swap good for everyone involved.

Babescraftroom 08/18/2014 #

I am still waiting to get mine. Have not received it from my partner yet.

ladyofunicorns 08/21/2014 #

Sorry all! I sent this yesterday but could not get on the internet (my connection was down!) to mark I had sent this.

tigerlilly0709 08/26/2014 #

I mailed to my partner @xlucky016 on. August 5 and got it back yesterday bc her address changed after I se t. The postal worker wrote "return to sender no forwarding address. So I have to 're-pay the cost to ship. It is being sent today hopefully it makes it this time...

Audrey48 08/26/2014 #

I have not received, I did send....

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