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Postcard Roulette

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Postcard Roulette
Swap Coordinator:Fullsteampowell (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:26
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.90
Last day to signup/drop:July 21, 2016
Date items must be sent by:August 4, 2016
Number of swap partners:1

This is intended as a bit of a game / social experiment in lieu of the traditional "random post card swap".

Here's the twist: You'll be sending a postcard each to two partners, but you'll only be assigned one. You will choose your second partner from the list of people in this swap. The idea is that everyone will receive at least one postcard, but some people will receive two or more, depending on which people get chosen as partners.

As far as the postcards themselves, you can send whatever you want. Ads, handmade things, pieces of cardboard with an address and stamp... Whatever you have on hand. Just make sure to include the swap name and your SwapBot handle so you can be rated properly. It would also be a good idea to indicate on the second postcard that you're an unassigned partner.

I will angel as needed, but only for the assigned partners. Everyone else is on the honor system.

If you receive one of the extra cards, you can respond however you see fit. I recommend sending a brief "thank you" message, but it's up to you. If this swap works out, I'll do a second one and you can reciprocate if you feel like it.

If you have any questions about this swap, feel free to comment or message me. This is my first time hosting, so I may have forgotten to mention something.

I'm actually really curious to see how this turns out, so feel free to let me know how it went once it's done.


Sammoning 07/ 7/2016 #

I'm in, this is a fun idea!

abbyaguas 07/ 7/2016 #

Well this sounds fun as what @Sammoning said :)

AZmom875 07/ 7/2016 #

The only flaw I see is that we wont be able to see everyone's address only the one person we send to.

abbyaguas 07/ 7/2016 #

@AZmom875 oh yeah, you're right.. Only the host would be able to see everyone's address ~

slamophile 07/ 8/2016 #

Cute idea . Fun.

Margothecat 07/ 8/2016 #

Only the host will be able to see everyone's address. so this means that each person must PM the host for the address of the person they wish to send to, and the host must provide that address.

theaterfan23 07/ 8/2016 #

I'm in, what a great idea!!

tigerlily2110 07/ 8/2016 #

You could also PM the person you want to send the second card to for their address, instead of the host.

tigerlily2110 07/ 8/2016 #

Or is it meant to be a surprise?

LunaMoody 07/ 8/2016 #

I think you should have to get the address from the host. That way it's both a surprise and the host will be able to have a list to check up on to see if the swap rules are being followed. That way if she host this swap again she will know who flaked on part of it. And it make it easier on her we could all post a message here once we get the second postcard.

Fullsteampowell 07/ 8/2016 #

The address problem is indeed something I hadn't considered. I'm fairly new to SwapBot and thought there was a way to find people's addresses through their profiles. Whoopsie!

There are two potential solutions for this:

1.) Swap participants can PM me individually to request the address of their chosen partner.

2.) I can send out a PM to all swap participants with all of the addresses, thereby maintaining the element of surprise.

I prefer option 2, but I can see how someone might object to having their address shared en masse. What do you guys think?

abbyaguas 07/ 8/2016 #

Hi @Fullsteampowell Option 2 is definitely my recommendation. I first thought of compiling all the addresses into an excel file, and then send that file to all our email addresses since hosts have immediate access to that. :)

tigerlily2110 07/ 9/2016 #

I think that I'd rather have the first idea, but it will mean a lot of work on your part @Fullsteampower I don't like the idea of my addresss being sent to everyone.

theaterfan23 07/ 9/2016 #

I am okay with either 1 or 2.

tigerlily2110 07/ 9/2016 #

Maybe have a word with admin to see how they would go about it.

AZmom875 07/ 9/2016 #

I think the roulette part is fun. I would be glad to send a pm to the host to ask for a mailing address.

Sammoning 07/10/2016 #

I'm fine with either option, but option 2 seems the most practical to me, since I might consider sending more than 1 extra card ;) And when you participate in bigger electronic swaps, adresses also get spread to alot of people so I have no objections there.

LunaMoody 07/12/2016 #

I have an idea to make it easier and so there is no risk of anyone not being picked or have to worry about their address. Why don't you number & list the names in a misc. order so that it doesn't follow the listing on the swap page then have everyone pick a number and post it down in the messages here. What ever number the pick is the person they send to. Unless it's either their number or their partners number then you will have to pick for them.

And if anyone whats to do more then one person's they can message you for that persons address.

LunaMoody 07/12/2016 #

By the way thank you for hosting this type of swap. There is never enough swaps for handmade PC's on here

Fullsteampowell 07/13/2016 #

It looks like the only person with concerns about option 2 has dropped out of the swap, so I'm going to go with Option 2 unless there are any further objections.

I appreciate the feedback, LunaMoody, but not having everyone get picked is kind of the point of this swap. Everyone will send two postcards and receive at least one. Some people may receive only one card, while others could receive three or more. It's a swap of chance.

AZmom875 07/14/2016 #

Fullsteampowell, do you think you could post who is sending to you, here in the comments, once we get assigned after the 21st?

And that partner could share your address with any of us swappers so that you will also be surprised by a random postcard?

Was that even clear?

Fullsteampowell 07/15/2016 #

My address will be on the list everyone gets, but I'm not going to ask for extras. I'm really more interested in seeing what everyone else gets. If you hit the jackpot, let me know! :)

MrsSkywalker 07/16/2016 #

I love this idea! I think option 2 makes the most sense and I don't have a problem with that.

LunaMoody 07/17/2016 #

Okay well as long as everyone is aware and understands that then I guess its all good.

SizzixBee 07/18/2016 #

What a neat idea! I'm in, I like option 2, better, but 1 is just as fine with me. I figure, although I do understand privacy concerns, if you don't want your address out on the Internet, you probably shouldn't be swapping, via the Internet. Any one of your partners could be a creeper. Lol

Fabriqueen 07/21/2016 #

2 is good for me also. I had already thought the same as SizzixBee.

tynesha 07/22/2016 #

great idea, but a few things: how will you know that everybody got a surprise card? should I let you know that I got an unassigned card and then PM to let you know I eventually got everything after a certain amount of time? will you have a deadline for the unassigned cards?

Fullsteampowell 07/22/2016 #

The unassigned cards are basically on the honor system. I'm interested in seeing who gets what, but I'm not going to go out of my way to track down people who only send one. This is a social experiment, after all.

Herestweety 07/22/2016 #

Is it okay if we send a card to more than one unassigned partner or will that mess up the social experiment?

AZmom875 07/22/2016 #

I sent more than one unassigned Postcard. I do believe it was acceptable. I mailed today. Thanks for the list of addressess in the email. It came through just fine.

AZmom875 07/22/2016 #

Hmmmm not sure where I got the idea that we could send out more than one extra card. I did re-read and dont actually see that anywhere.

Fullsteampowell 07/22/2016 #

People can send as many cards as they want. That's kind of part of the experiment. :)

AZmom875 07/24/2016 #

Ok that is good to know. I also plan to send one international postcard but havent yet. I might do that today. Surprise!!!

AnitaMac 08/ 4/2016 #

Yay! Today I got a postcard from an unassigned partner all the way from Texas. What a nice surprise! Thank you.

LunaMoody 08/ 8/2016 #

Azmom875. Thank you for the RAK postcard. I love the Owl. So cute. Thanks again


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