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i'm nosy email question swap-newbies welcome

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Last day to signup/drop:August 30, 2011
Date items must be sent by:September 4, 2011
Number of swap partners:5

1) what's your middle name?

2) have you ever traveled outside your country?

3) what's your favorite song this week?

4) if you could change your name, what would you change it to?

5) ever have a broken bone?

6) what celebrity would you like to play poker with?

7) have you ever felt an earthquake?

8) ever see a tornado?

9) did you ever find waldo?

10) what time is it now?

11) if you could be on a game show, which one?

12) if we colonized the moon, would you go live there, if you had a choice?

13) some pet peeves.

14) some things you like about summer.

15) some things you dislike about summer.

16) some things you like about autumn.

17) some things you dislike about autumn.

18) some things you like about winter.

19) some things you dislike about winter.

20) some things you like about spring.

21) some things you dislike about spring.

22) some favorite television shows.

23) some television shows you dislike.

24) some favorite movies.

25) some movies you dislike.

26) some favorite songs.

27) some songs you dislike.

28) some favorite books.

29) some favorite actors/actresses.

30) some actors/actresses you dislike.

31) ever get into an argument with a postal employee?

32) ever lose something belonging to the library?

33) what was the most you have paid for postage on a single package?

34) did your parents ever walk in on you when you were doing something you shouldn't have been doing?

35) what are some things you like to collect?

36) what are some things you like to swap?

37) something you got into trouble for, but it was well worth it?

38) ever feel like you'd lose your head if it wasn't attached?

39) favorite charity you donate to?

40) ever drop a water balloon on someone?

41) most exotic place you would like to travel to.

42) have you ever gone skinny dipping?

43) do you have a favorite swear word?

44) do you remember life before cell phones?

45) do you remember life before the internet?

46) have you ever milked a cow?

47) have you ever skipped school?

48) how did you discover swap-bot?

49) ever lock yourself out of your house?

50) when you were younger, did you ever have to sneak into the house?

51) ever get into a food fight?

52) favorite subject in school.

53) subject you hated in school.

54) have you ever eaten chili that had sauerkraut as an ingredient?

55) did you belong to any clubs in school?

56) what would you do for a klondike bar?

57) some favorite cartoons.

58) do you still live in the same city you were born in?

59) ever purposely fart on an elevator?

60) how do you feel about thunderstorms?

61) ever get stuck on an elevator?

62) what are you afraid of?

63) ever have to laundry by hand?

64) do you have a favorite artist?

65) some favorite scents?

66) ever have to hide a hickie from your parents?

67) favorite "tourist trap" near where you live?

68) are you smarter than a 5th grader?

69) do you have a dirty mind?

70) what would your dream job be?

71) ever quit a job in the middle of your shift?

72) ever work in a fast food restraunt?

73) ever babysit?

74) some favorite boy's names?

75) some favorite girl's names?

76) some good names for a pet?

77) how do you feel about major winter storms?

78) ever make a prank phone call?

79) how much is that doggie in the window?

80) who let the dogs out?

81) worst color combinations?

82) can you solve a rubic's cube?

83) do you play computer games?

84) favorite wild animal?

85) favorite kind of pet?

86) do you have any reletives that should be living in a zoo?

87) do you like jigsaw puzzles?

88) while you were still in school, if given a choice between taking home economics and wood working class, which would you have prefered to take?

89) favorite teacher?

90) teacher you hated?

91) ever work in a motel/hotel as a housekeeper?

92) greatest amount of money you found?

93) favorite magazine?

94) if you could go back in time, which year/era/event would you like to visit?

95) do you believe there's life on other planets?

96) how long can you keep plants alive?

97) do you read in the bathroom?

98) ever have braces?

99) ever lose your car in a crowded parking lot?

100) do you have a favorite type of soda?

please remember to put the swap name in the subject line (some people will delete things that aren't titled without opening) and don't forget to check your spam box.

since this an e-mail swap, there is no reason to flake or send late


Megbomb 08/22/2011 #

Made the top ten!!!!

sammybongo 08/22/2011 #

I am so joining sound so much fun.

MsPanda 08/22/2011 #

Already have all the answers saved a word document just waiting for my partners! :)

auntjudy 08/24/2011 #

well I have a problem that I working on fixing but if someone would like to do a private swap I have mine all done. Kind of fun because it made me thing of things that I have thought of for a while

Toupti 08/24/2011 #

On the watchlist to see if I can answer all these questions by the sign up date ;-)

AmoAngelus 08/24/2011 #

Alo, don't forget to include your username. If there's no username people can't rate you.

Megbomb 08/24/2011 #

I have mine saved and ready too! Good reminder about the usernames =)

draco 08/25/2011 #

i usually put my user name on the topic line with the swap name

nashka 08/25/2011 #

Got it filled out already, also remembered my username and what swap it was :)

littlegoldwoman 08/26/2011 #

Mine is ready to go. Γ’β„’Β₯

aladyde 08/26/2011 #

Do you only answer with yes or no or do you explain why?what? how? etc?

GypsieMoon 08/26/2011 #

No way! I just finished super detailed answers on all of them, saved it, and now it says the program I used can't be opened, so it's been eaten? SNIFFLE!!!! Guess I'll have to try this again....

GypsieMoon 08/26/2011 #

Wahoo!! It saved in the wrong program, but I can still access it by sneaking it through another program. Phew!! =)

Megbomb 08/27/2011 #

@aladyde I would certainly want more detailed answers where possible =)

JohnnyDingo 08/27/2011 #

Yeah. I'm in. Never done an e-mail swap before but I've already done all the answers. I copy / pasted the questions into WORD, and answered in a different color. Might be a good idea to include the questions with your answers so it will be easy to sort out exactly WHAT you are answering. Just Sayn'. LOL

Raychillie 08/28/2011 #

I have never done the email or any of this before.. but already done with my anwsers too :)

caitychu 08/28/2011 #

I would like to join please. : ) Waiting for my partner while working on my questions

amorvincitomni04 08/29/2011 #

My first swap but.. answered all the questions and saved them until it's time to send.

medallminkarlek 08/31/2011 #

My first swap - completed. Yay! :)

MsPanda 08/31/2011 #

Sent all my e-mails out and even got my first one YAY!

sayux3 09/ 1/2011 #

sent mine and got all of the swaps already - it was so good! My first swap and its awesome!!

masito 09/ 1/2011 #

I'm currently ill and can't stay long time on my computer, not sure if I can respect the limit date for sending. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Bonlee 09/ 3/2011 #

Day late dollar short! Would've LOVED THIS!

sonaa 09/ 7/2011 #

I forgot to click SENT XD LOL

tiffanymarieMA 09/ 8/2011 #

forgot to click sent, but sent it more than a week ago.

shortmommy23 09/ 8/2011 #

still haven't received a rating from one of my partners but have from the rest and sent to all partners on the same day. Should I contact the person about this or no? Thank you! I've never ran into this issue before which is why I'm asking.

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