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My DaWanda Shop

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My name is Aesa. I lived in France in a place which we call " The End of the World". A quiet place between earth and sea...

I am a big gourmand of the life and the good cooking...

I lived in a wooden house, filled with the colors of the rainbow, with my small family...

Has the house we have 2 cats (a Norwegian cat and an alley cat), 1 dog cotton tulear and 3 hens...

My dream, to have a real cat Maine Coon with origins of United States, they are so magnificent...

My leisure activities are strolls with my childrens, gardening and do-it yourself. I like make objects home-made : jewels, clay, fuwa-fuwa, lightweight, drawings etc...

Please, If you go on in my Facebook page , that would be nice to leave a small comment or a like. Thank you in advance (..^_^..)

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You have heard about Don of Organs, about fabric and about Marrow !!...

But you are interested you for it ??...

For you help to know if you are "for" or "against" the Don of Organs, fabric, Marrow... Or to make a request of donor card of Organs...

Here are two French sites for any knowledge:



If you know the other sites for the other countries, to say it to me...

Why you speak about that ????

Because it is the subject which holds me quite particularly heart...

And why ????.... Because !!!...

There is very, very for a long time, I was against the organ donation, I imagined myself full stupid things of...

Then, we learn that my sister has problems in loins ; that she is going to be dyalise...

There, when we are concerned or when a member of his family is concerned, we change fast opinion...

I thus proposed to my sister one of my loins, that she refused at once because she was afraid and she says to me :

" And if he arrives at you anything during the operation ? And if you too need a kidney one day !!... "

And then, she was not for the transplant, she preferred remained the dyalise...

Further to that, I took an organ donor card and of fabrics, which is always in my wallets.

And I warned my family that I was "a donor of organs" ( Always warned his close relations, so that they too say yes when we shall ask them for it)

Today, my sister is transplanted ; that will make 3 years in May 2010...( édit august 22nd 2010 She lost her transplant and she returned it dyalise..)

And for me, that will make 9 years, in May 2015, I am transplanted...

All this for ??...

To say Thanks, thanks to this person who made me a so precious gift, her loins..

A gift which allows me to live a "normal" life with my small family...

Thanks to his family to have accepted this choice, or to have made the decision of the gift...

To tell you to discuss it around you, with your family for your choice...

Because we do not speak enough about the donation of organs, about fabrics and about marrow,

What makes that there is no donor and a very long list of persons who wait....

Whatever is your choice...

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I like all the music kinds except the hip-hop and the techno...

I listen to, according to my humor : of the Rock, the Hard-Rock, the Blues, the Jazz, the varieties and the classical music...

At the moment I listen to of Pearl and the Beard, the variety of 80's, Brilliant Green, One OK Rock...

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I read especially police novels, thrillers, and sciences-fictions novels...

I like novels on the paranormal, the vampires, the witches and the gosts...

In my library we also find BD, mangas, books of arts, history and cooking...

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  • The grapefruit (I am allergic),

  • white chocolate,

  • The brand lipton, Elephant tea,

  • Tea with grapefruit,

  • The spiders,

  • The characters Disney, Barbie,

  • The character Mamegoma,

  • The characters Diddl,

  • The clowns,

  • The smells of musc, patchouli, lavander,

  • The stickers of teaching reward,

  • The character Hello Kitty....


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  • The color purple and the turquoise blue,

  • The rainbow,

  • The Sakura, hydrangea, roses, peony,

  • The dark chocolate,

  • The smells of cinnamon, monoï, gingerbread, vanilla,

  • The Matryoschka and Baboushka,

  • The rhinestone metal buttons,

  • The embroidery,

  • Altered,

  • The Retro and vintage buttons, crystal and glass buttons, cute buttons,

  • The laces, antique lace, vintage lace,

  • The ribbons cute, velvet ribbons and other ribbons,

  • The crochet ( doily, plaid, amigurumi, bag, carpet, flowers etc...)

  • The objects and ornaments retro, vintage, shabby,

  • Shabby chic style,

  • Farmhouse style,

  • Zakka vintage style,

  • The Fabric deco tape and Fabric Lace deco tape,

  • The ephemera vintage, retro, shabby and cute,

  • The brooches, hat pins,

  • The vintage jewelry,

  • The fabrics flowers, hook flowers and velvet flowers,

  • The Tin Box vintage,

  • The fabrics with motives woodland, Asian, kawaï, Owl, matrioshka, retro forest, ect..,

  • The K. Fasset, Pip Studio, Tilda Fabrics and others,

  • The vintage toys and the vintage plastic toys,

  • The art toys, a cute little mascot,

  • The vintage book for childrens and other,

  • The charms, goodies and cabochons,

  • The rubber moulds for the polymer clay and fuwa-fuwa,

  • The material to make Jewels,

  • The Whimsey Jars,

  • The old forks and soup spoons with sculptured handle

  • The Rubber stamps, plug,

  • The Lucky charm of Asia,

  • The Kokeshis, Kimmidoll and Momiji,

  • The Maneki-Neko,

  • The Japanese Washi Masking Deco Tapes

  • The cute tape dispenser,

  • The stickers and adhesive tapes kawaï and Vintage,

  • The figurines, toys and stationneries of 80's years ( koeda chan, Candy Candy, Rainbow Brite, Albator, Cobra, Little Poney, Creamy magic etc),

  • The Kawaï objects : letters set, pencils, sharpener, memo, box, pencil case, magnets, mug, accessories, plushies, figurines, toys etc...,

  • The Japan Craft Book and Magazine,

  • The Craft Book and Craft Magazine,

  • The Cotton Time Magazine,

  • The Ghibli Studio animes,

  • The Japanese animes,

  • The figurines and dolls mangas,

  • The J-Dolls, Pullip, Pinky Street,

  • The dolls Volks, Azone, PetWorks,

  • The Wonder Frog and Fortune Wanda Friend,

  • The Figma doll,

  • The Clothes, re-ments, accessories for dolls,

  • The origami, Paper Stars and Origami paper,

  • The objects Handmade,

  • Look at my favorites on Flickr to see what I like :)

  • The objects style of the shop "Zakka", "Cath Kidston", "Lapin & Me", "Pip Studio", "K. Fassett", "Wu Wu", "Paperchase", "Janet Store" etc...

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I'm a big tea drinker (tea bags and loose tea) and I love everything about tea :

  • I drink white, black, green and red tea,

  • Tea with bergamot, blueberry, rose, cinnamon, almonds, pears, vanilla and other,

  • I love and prefer the brand tea : "Le Palais des Thés", "Kushmi Tea", "Karel Capek", "English Tea Shop", "Ahmad Tea" (Detox),

  • The cookies and sweets to tea,

  • Postcard,

  • The dessert tea,

  • Tea infuser,

  • The beautiful tea box,

  • The cup of tea,

  • The Tea for one and the Tea pot,

  • Album Tea &..

PLEASE do not sent me the tea brand Lipton, Elephant and the tea with grapefruit (I am allergic), thanks.

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  • Birds, Blue bird,

  • Matrioshka + Babushka,

  • Little Red Riding Hood,

  • Deer + Woodland Kawaii and Vintage,

  • Pictures Vintage,

  • Cats + Neko club + Maneki Neko,

  • Kokeshi + Momiji + Kimmidoll,

  • Babie Deer + Deery Lou,

  • Karel Capek,

  • Takochu,

  • Manjus Onsen + Maruneko + Kiiroitori,

  • Kireizukin Seikatu,

  • Pandapple + Panda,

  • Hamster kawaii + Hamtaro,

  • Bouddha,

  • Characters Ghibli,

  • Frida Kahlo,

  • Candy Candy,

  • Koeda Chan,

  • Rainbow friends,

  • Albator,

  • Cobra,

  • Zakka vintage style,

  • Shabby chic style,

  • Farmhouse style,

  • Hatsune Miku,

  • Ruby Gloom,

  • Fujiya Milky Peko Chan,

******************************Alt text****************************



Especially, hesitate not to contact me if you have a question...

I always send my swaps in time. But do not forget that they are posted in France, thus little to take time to arrive...

Happy Swaps....

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  • From - PLAYKONSTANTINE - for the "International Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap #5"
  • From - STARRYCAT - for the "WTA 3 - May Round" - Group Harajuku Girls -
  • From - AMARA 0702 - for WTA #1 - November 2011 - Group Swaps for Europe New -
  • From - SPROET - for WTA #1 - November 2011 - Group Swaps for Europe New -
  • From - ANARYAWE - for the "Profile surprise swap #1" - Group Swaps for Europe New - Angeled to MichelleWillow (Thanks) -


noname13 rated for TLE: Mug & profile based drinks on Sep 23, 2016
Comment: Thanks a lot for the mug and the teas. I'm sure I'll like all the teas you chose.
SwissChallet rated for SIE ~ Select 5 ~ #3 on Feb 17, 2016
Comment: Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces jolies choses, Séverine! Quelle belle surprise dans ma boîte aux lettres ;-) Je te souhaite un doux hiver sur la presqu'île de Crozon et à bientôt peut-être
Lindor1770 rated for Happy Birthday - February on Feb 12, 2016
Comment: WOW! Most perfect gift ever!! It came in the mail yesterday and my grandparents had it on my place setting this morning at the breakfast table! perfect timing, it just so happens to be my actual birthday today! I am so impressed how perfect the gift is! you are AMAZING!! thanks so much, I wish I could give you another heart!
Comment: Happy Birthday to you too. Thank you for the beautiful card. I really did like it. Have a Happy Birthday too! Kathy
Response: I'm glad you like it and thanks for the heart..
Comment: I don't know if I can wait until my actual birthday to open! Thank you for sending it express! Got here this morning!
Response: I am happy that you like it and thanks for the heart :)
Comment: Merci beaucoup pour ce petit assortiment de thé qui m'a beaucoup plu. Bise
Response: :)
Comment: Thank you for the GORGEOUS handmade card I received last month from you for this swap! It was beautiful and one of my favorites that I received. Your craftiness is awesome and I loved the little pocket you created in the card that you filled with goodies! Great swap and great swapper! Again, please accept my apologies for my late rating. I did receive this last month. :)
Response: I'm glad you like it and thanks for the heart..
Comment: Bon jour! I like everything you sent me for the swap! Especially the stamps and all the butterflies and the tea! Most of all I like your letter written on this special squirrel paper!!! Thank you. All the best for you in 2016! Jana
Response: I am happy that you like it and thanks for the heart :)
sonja rated for Christmas Secret Santa - Europe on Dec 16, 2015
Comment: thank you
Response: Thanks for the heart..
Comment: I love the card and the goodies! Thank you very much!
Response: I'm glad you like it and thanks for the heart..
Lolcw rated for Christmas Mail Art - Europe on Dec 10, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much! I love it!!
Response: I am happy that you like it and thanks for the heart...
Zefaniya rated for Follow me #18 on Nov 19, 2013
Comment: Thanks for stopping by my blog.
SwappingSan rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 24, 2013
Comment: Thank you!
N1ght0wl21 rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 23, 2013
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Comment: Thank you Severine!
Shlamoof rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 21, 2013
Comment: Thanks for checking out the blog :)
juliewasson rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 18, 2013
Comment: Thanks for visiting tidbitsnscraps.blogspot.com
Response: Thanks...(..^_~..)
uniqueutopia rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 17, 2013
Comment: I loved your furniture redo. LOVED IT! You've inspired me to finally tackle that lazy Susan table I have on the front porch that I salvaged from the dump. Thank you for visiting!
Response: Thank you, I just finished a table makeover I color the wood shelf and the rest I peind white, soon I would put the pictures on my blog ... Have a nice day ! (..^_~..)

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Stellaerrans on Mar 8, 2016:

Dear Severine, thank you so much for angeling me when my swap partner literally disappeared from the scene... The envelope is a wonderful piece of mail art and you have been very generous in filling it with lots of little things based on my preferences. How special, you made my day!

daichki on Dec 30, 2015:

Thank you for the postcards, maps and a tea bag from MM group tag.

sugaraddict on May 27, 2013:

Hi Hi!! I'm hosting a Foodie Pen Pal Swap which I thought might interest you :) Do swing by and check it out yea.. We would love to have you swap with us! :) Thanks!!

MissSwapp on May 1, 2013:

Alt text

Wishing you a beautiful Spring Group: European Swap Diva's. Many Greetings

Anaryawe on Mar 8, 2013:

Hi! Did you receive my package? : )

Anaryawe on Feb 16, 2013:

Hello! I sent you a PM asking for your address to re-send an really old profile surprise swap. I hope you answer it, I'd really like to make it up to you! Thanks and have a lovely early spring, -A

SabrinaDeeBerry on Dec 11, 2012:

Wishing you happy holidays and a fantastic new year!!

HeatherNicole18 on Oct 11, 2012:

No problem! :) Im not looking for any postcards at the moment but if you want we can swap something else instead? Just let me know :D


HeatherNicole18 on Oct 2, 2012:

Hello there i stumbled upon your page, and i was looking at your Flickr photos and you have some amazing things! You also make some great things.(:

ladyaries7 on Jun 26, 2012:

thanks so much for the mystery baggie from the theme in a ziploc group

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